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Cambodia General Information

Things are, or have been, very HOT in Cambodia, particularly Phnom
Penh, which is just about the ONLY place you'd dare go right now.  My
"source" is Asia File Newsletter, and they report several things.

However, keep in mind that going to Cambodia is reportedly somewhat
like going to the old "Wild West".  Nothing is certain, nothing stays
the same, and you might even get shot.

In PP there are several ways to score.  First, there are the brothels
of which Tuol Kork (a collection/area) is the largest..  The last news
was that it was "closed" by the government, but there was still some
activity inside it's walls.  Either sneak in, or bribe the Cambo guard
with a  pack of cigs.  Gals are 50/50 Cambo/Vietnamese and YOUR price
is probably double what a local would pay.  Last check it was about
$5-$7 but they'll ask for $20.

The second brothel area requires a trip (taxi/motorbike) out of town
to the Svay Pak Brothel Village about 11 Km North of town.  DONT go at
night!!!!!  Same deal as above.

There are coffee Shops along the streets which in the back are kept
several gals.  Price is about $5-$10.  Since the crack down, the gals
are kept out of sight....  You have to sit down, talk etc.

Also, there are some Disco's where one may dance with local gals--
just about ALL of them are available for some $$$.  Entry is priced
for the foreigners as are drinks etc.

Cambodia is NOT thailand or the PI.  Westerners are not as prominent
and some of the gals do NOT go with them, or have not gone with one
before.  Seems like you have to "court" some of them a little.

Reports indicate that over half of the working gals are Vietnamese as
they find it easier to work in Cambodia instead of VN.  However, you
should be aware that there is a significant problem with "selling" and
"buying" of girls for the houses/coffee shops in Cambodia and let that
affect your conscious in whatever way it will.

In total.....if you're looking for an adventure.....Cambodia's IT
right now.  However, if you're just looking to get laid, then Thailand
or the PI is a LOT easier, more comfortable, and you have a smaller
chance of getting shot/hassled/jailed.

Date: August 1995 The "Eastern Express", an English newspaper published in Hong Kong, wrote in August 1995 that child prostitution is moving from the Philippines and Thailand to Phenom Penh in Cambodia, were a six year old is available for US$3. The Philippine and Thai government try to get rid of child prostitution and the image associated with it.
Date: March 1996 The "Economist" reported on March 2nd, 1996, that a campaign to end child prostitution is gaining ground, a law against trafficking in humans was passed in January, and that recent convictions of foreign paedophiles in Thailand, the Philippines and Cambodia itself were well publicised. They further report that Svay Park, a brothel village located 11 km away from Phnom Penh, has been newly refurbished after a fire last year. They sport brick and concrete shacks now. Hundreds of girls between 12 and 20 work there, almost all Vietnamese. The total number of sex workers in Phnom Penh is estimated to be 15000; 31% are under 18, about half have been sold into prostitution by parents or friends, 33% are HIV positive.
Subject: Update on Cambodia Date: Sat, 14 Mar 1998 20:46:29 -0500 I've been going to Cambodia regularly since soon after the July 1997 coup. Since the coup there has been an increasing level of cracking down on prostitution, particularly in Tuol Kork (Rue de la Petite Fleurs) and Svay Pak, and particularly aimed at the Vietnamese girls. In September 1997 all was normal. By November 1997 there was an attempt to close down Svay Pak, which is populated by Vietnamese girls. Most of the brothels were operating, but behind the closed security doors that each has. My most recent trip, in late February 1998, was the same. Svay Pak was operating, but behind closed security doors, although a few of them were padlocked. If you go to Svay Pak during the day, or a at night, you may have to knock on the brothel doors to get a response. Sometimes the girls are peeking out of slightly opened security doors, and sometimes the male touts are hanging around to beckon you in. In November 1997 Tuol Kork was fully operational. In the last week of February 1998, however, the police raided. They closed all the brothels, and actually hauled away many of the Vietnamese girls. That week you couldn't even get laid in Tuol Kork!! I am speculating, but Tuol Kork is probably operating a little more discreetly now, much like Svay Pak. I also discovered another very interesting area of brothels. It is called Kin Svay. It is a large collection of brothels perched on the banks of the river. It is uncrowded, and in an absolutely lovely setting, but the girls are very shy with foreigners. It is also possible to lounge around little floating covered barges right on the river. Lovely.

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