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Calgary, Canada

There are two main areas and one is where all the herion addicts
hookers hang out.  I'll assume you want to know about the higher
caliber girls.  Actually, Calgary has some extremely good looking
street girls between 18-30 and maybe younger.  The going rate seems to
be 100-200-300 and that is probably negotiable to 50-100-200.  They
hang out after dark only in the downtown area one block south of
Auclair Market.  I believe that it is 3rd  or 2nd  Street SW between
1 st avenue and 5the avenue SW.  It could be the reverse between
streets and avenues because the city is so confusing.

Date: Sat, 23 Nov 1996 11:13:19 -0800 Subject: Calgary Massage I had an occasion to visit the 14th street studio in Calgary last week. The session fee was $20 for 30 minutes. I was taken back to a very nice room with a table shower and wicker furniture. Soon after undressing, Joanne came in and asked if I wished powder or oil, I chose powder and hopped up on the table. She was in her 30s about a 36DD and very pretty. She sprinkled powder over my back and started a very gentle light touch. That was definatly a signal that i was not getting a very deep massage. She brushed my balls a couple of times and asked if I minded that her hands wandered. I took this as a clue that we should talk extras. not having that much money in my pocket, we negotiated a tit fuck for $80. I rolled over on my back and and moved over to the side of the table. She poured oil over my cock and gently started to give me a handjob to get me erect. Once ready, she put my cock between her firm breasts and gave me the best erotic tit fuck I had had in a long while. When I came all over her tits, she moved over to my mouth and let me suck on her nipples while she gently jerked my cock dry. We cleaned up together and started chatting. turns out she will do full service for $200 and more for a longer session. When I am feeling more finacially healthy, i may have to return. There is another small studio downtown (South Seas) where the models will do full service for $140, but that was about 4 months ago
Subject: Calgary Massage parlours Date: Sat, 11 Jan 1997 11:42:16 -0700 I have visited every massage parlour in Calgary except a new one that just opened. I will list a few that i remember my experience with. 14 St Studio Very clean try body shampoo 60 for handjob 80 for topless 150 for Bangkok (titfuck) C.E.O. Massage Fairly clean. Saw Haley. I think I know her from high school. Prices as above. Used a whole bunch of hot oil. Liked it. Mt Royal Massage Upstairs 932 17 Ave S.W. Can't remember name. Blond tall beautiful NICE breasts prices as above. Typical Oriental Massage Clean Smells oriental inside (no duh!!) very nice premassage only cost me 45$ for everything massage-handjob and to rub her tits. More bang for your buck. Marlborough Massage Clean average prices. Very nice younger girls. Girl next door. nice technique. I have got to go. I hope i put this to the right place and hope it gets to where it should belong. I'm not the best surfer but I do hope this info is useful. If i see it posted up I will complete my list. Give me time to research more. Thanks.
Date: Sat, 22 Feb 1997 15:02:54 -0700 Subject: calgary,alberta,canada update all massage parlors that offer extras advertise in the daily newspaper 'the sun'. see massage in classified section. generally 20cad for half hour massage. extras run 40 for handjob 60 topless handjob 80 nude handjob 100 reverse (you get to massage her). some not all girls will offer more usually 80 for titfuck 100 blowjob 150 full service. street scene a little risky now as politicians are gearing up for elections and threatening to crack down on child prostitution. threats of charging johns with child abuse if caught with hooker under 18. this has made some of the girls edgy so dont be surprised if they seem a little reluctant at first.
Date: Thu, 13 Mar 1997 09:54:57 +0800 Calgary, cold and dark, is sometimes visited by business people. Go to the French Maid to warm up, throw your foreign coin into/onto the girls pussies (they don't like foreign coins). That's a cheap nice place, they change their girls every sunday (sunday: amateur night, monday starts the new batch, check out their web site for details). They have all mostly or totaly shaven pussy, some wear naval rings - haven't seen any nipple or labia rings in the two weeks I've been there this time. Leaving the French Maid you cross the street and go two block left and/or right, there are all the street hookers. Most are ugly, like anywhere in the world, but I saw one very beautyful girl, early twen, but I was too tired that night to take her home. They ask for 300CN$, but 100 is enough. A better choice is to open your yellow pages in the hotel and call an escorte. They charge like 100CN$ for half an hour, 150-200 for an hour. Comes after half an hour - you don't need to go through the -40 deg. Celsius like I did.
Date: Sat, 22 Mar 1997 00:25:25 -0700 Subject: Re: Scene in Calgary Alberta Canada Over the last few month I have had the chance to try various massage parlours in the city of Calgary. These are all very clean and safe places and there are no police hassles. My first experience was at CEO Relaxation Centre. I went in and was greated by Haily. She is about 5ft 6in with shirt brown hair and a trim figure-about 30 years old.The basic fee was $20cdn but it was reduced to $15 because it was the Xmas season. We went to a nice room, lights down low and warm. I was offered the chance to shower first but I did`nt need to.After I stripped off my clothes she returned to the room and began to massage my back and legs. Nice massage but not for therapy. After about 20 minutes the talk turned to whether I was looking for anything else. I decided on topless with a blow job. $100cdn. There was no pressure to do anything extra but I`m sure she would have been disappointed if I had left without taking advantage of the chance. And I hate to disappoint a lady. Most enjoyable time and I returned to see her twice more. BUT....I did return and ended up with another girl whose name I forget and it was a miserable time and I have not returned. A lesson about customer satisfaction in the service industry. My next adventure was extremely short. A place called Carries VIP. I am a 37 year old male and if I want to fuck well dressed 40year old women who are so high that they are constantly giggling like 15 year olds I can find that on the street or in some bar. Needlees to say they didn`t even get a penny from me. My next stop was Kneaderbodies. A very nice place. Unfortunitly the women I saw was in her 40`s and somewhat overwieght. This studio has a very attactive women who greats you and shows you to your room but she`s not the one who does the massage. After paying $20 dollars upfront I was disapointed to say the least. A very good massage though. And I got a great tip on someone to see. This tip led me to Mount Royal Massage. I was told to phone and see if Denise was working. She was supposed to be about 5ft 8in with brown hair and very curvey. This was great because I alway found blondes in this business to be a little stuckup and maybe a little too plastic looking for my taste. To my surprise when I arrived Denise was now a ash blonde. What a looker, a 9 maybe 9 1/2. I pay the house fee of $30 for 45min. and was escorted to the room by this beauty. After I undressed she returned and started a excellent and semi-proper massage. The conversation soon turned to my interests and desires. I am a very verbal animal and am particularly interested in domination. After discussion the price that was agreed upon was$150cdn. Soon she was naked and slowly stroking me well I vebally humiliated her. I was a little slow at first. worried about her reaction but she seemed to be getting into it and soon things hotted up. I had my hands in herhair and she was on her knees blowing me as I came. A great time. I`ve since been back three more times and to my surprise the tip price went down. She explain that she had overcharged the first time because she did`nt really know what was going to happen and I had`nt been as had on her as she had planned for. I was stunned, a honest lady in this business is rare and if you go so her, treat her with the respect she deserves. A couple of last notes. All prices in Canadian dollars{$1cdn=.65us} Condoms required for BJs and intercourse- no expections. Check in the Calgary Sun for ads on both massage parlors and outcall escorts{very expensive $300-and up} A LAST NOTE ABOUT STREET PROSTITUTION. A NEW LAW IN ALBERTA NOW DEFINES SEX WITH A MINOR{UNDER THE AGE OF 18} AS CHILD ABUSE. THE POLICE AND COURTS ARE VERY HARD ON THE MEN CAUGHT IN THIS SITUATION. SO DON`T GO OUT AND TRY AND PICK UP A YOUNG GIRL OE YOU WILL GET WHAT YOU DESERVE. AND THAT IS TIME IN JAIL PLUS THE JOY OF HAVING YOUR NAME SPREAD ALL OVER THE PAPERS.
Date: Sun, 03 Aug 1997 15:04:43 -0500 Subject: Calgary Alberta Canada Massage I recently read in your sex guide about the massage industry in Calgary, so I gave it a try. I went to Marlbourgh Massage Inc. Located at 920 36th Street N.E. The girl who attended to me was Named Samantha. She is flat out totaly hot! HOT!. I bought 45min jaccuzzi and massage for 40.00. Being Shy I did'nt braoch the subjet of sex right away. Later in the session she offferd a "fun" massage. For 100.00 she gave me a full massage in the nude and a hand job. Be nice to her guys she going to be one of my favorites. Ps. I was allowed to touch as much as I insertion of course!
Subject: Calgary Update Date: Tue, 14 Apr 1998 23:13:50 PDT Hi Atta Thought you would like an update from Calgary, Alberta, Canada. There are bargains in Calgary if you know where to look. Recently I picked up on the street someone named Karen. I'd rate her face about a 6 and her body a 7.5. But her performance and attitude rate a 10. I picked her up and she asked me what I was interested in. I mentioned a half and half and she quoted $70 Cdn (about $45 US). She then directed me to her appartment, which was just a couple of blocks away. Once in she mentioned that for another $20 she'd blow me without the condom. I agreed and instantly was given the most incredible blow job I have had. Not only that but Karen asked me to finger her while she was blowing me. She must have liked what I was doing because before I knew it she was moving into a 69 position and asking me to eat her out. It didn't take long for me to blow my wad, which she took in her mouth (another turn on). The best part was that she said that I had paid for a half and half and if I was willing to stay a bit longer she would see to it that I received all (wow, honesty in this business). After a while of sucking on her tits she blew me hard (sans condom). Only when she was ready to ride me on top did the rubber come on. She then asked me to finish doggie style (her favorite position). As I left, she gave me her phone number. Needless to say I have returned many times, and the price and service has remained the same. For her regulars she is willing to dress up and role play. Like I said, bargains are out there. Have fun. I hope this helps in your research.

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