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Calcutta, India

Date: 01-15-1998

I've seen nothing about Calcutta, so here's my bit.

Calcutta is the biggest transit point for India's prostitutes. Girls
from Nepal, Bangladesh etc. come through this city before moving on to
other cities like Bombay of Delhi.

There are well known red light areas in Calcutta; the most famous are
Sonagachi, Kalighat, Watgunj etc. (there are at least six more).
Police interference is minimal (probably paid off to keep
off). Sometimes they raid the places - well if you are unlucky. It's
not a very serious crime but getting picked up by the police is a
costly and demeaning experience.

The best kind are available at Sonagachi. You can have good facilities
and the prices range from 30Rs - 10000Rs depending on the girl/woman
as well as the facilities provided. It's down Central Avenue and any
taxi driver will take you there. Other places are relatively down
market (50-200 Rs.) 1USD = 39 Rs (25.01.1998).

Plus a lot of street walkers. You can spot them on Theatre road (near
A.C. Market) or outside the restaurants of park street. You have to
pick them on a car etc and have a drive around. may cost you between
200 - 1000Rs. ( absolutely negotiable). The street walkers are mostly
willing to blow jobs.

Most boys on hotels will help you provided you are generous.

Bringing/Buying your own condoms is a good idea, as the condoms
carried by the women are of poor quality.  Nowadays without rubber is
usually no no. Carry less cash when going to such places as you always
stand a good chance of getting ripped off.

Avoid Nepali girls - They are very good looking, nicer and also simple
- but are usually on drugs/somewhat unsanitary.

The info here is certainly not exhaustive - I'm just an of and on
visitor to Calcutta. Hope you will put Calcutta on the map and the
Calcuttans themselves will provide more detailed info.

Good luck.

Date: 03-19-1998 How could you not have entries on Calcutta city in India? I am a hot-blooded Indian male staying in Calcutta and there are all types of action suiting all kinds of budgets, available all over the city.Prostitution is not legal here but there are at least 4-5 major redlight districts eg Sonagachi, Watgunge, Kalighat, Bowbazaar, Free school street, etc. English speaking (anglo Indian girls) can be found on free school street/ Eliott road area. Cabbies and Rickshaw pullers are reasonably well informed about such activities but people should exercise all caution and try to check-out the joints before entering them. Some hotels near the Howrah Station (hotel ashoka) offer good accommodation and a wide choice of girls. To get a good fuck, the cost varies between $ 2 - $ 75. But white foreigners will usually end up paying more. Reasonably high class chicks will do incalls for $ 25-$ 100. Mostly they are uninhibited and will give blow jobs and fuck well. Most girls do not permit men to come in their mouths and ejaculate only once inside them- unless they are staying the night.
Date: 04-26-1998 Subject: Calcutta, India I found no posting on your site about this wonderful city I was born and brought up here and felt obliged to provide this information to everybody as I have taken advantage of this site with respect to Amsterdam, Bangkok, Angeles City, Singapore, Hong Kong etc. In fact by both "headcount of women" as well as "square miles" deployed for the "oldest profession" there is probably no city in the world which could come even to 50% of the size of operations in BOMBAY. However, I am a native of CALCUTTA and let me share with you the details of things going on here. Prostitution here is centuries old and i know of at least 4 areas which are easily accessible outside of the ESCORT and STREETWALKER deals. 1) sonagachi (golden tree) - really great the top of the line stuff here with lot of tradition and class 2) free school street - mediocre these are left overs from the angloindian traditions from the colonial times which do not compare well against sonagachi's range and class - u may find some russian and european girls here in addition to the locals and the dingos (slang for angloindians) 3) munshiganj - cheaper 4) Harkata Lane - cheaper Sonagachi ---------------------- Can be reached from anywhere in Calcutta by taking a taxi to the Chittaranjan Avenue and Beadon Street crossing. From the farthest points in southern most tip of calcutta (ie behala) the taxi fares are just Rs70 ($1.5). Chittaranjan Avenue is a long north - south street and Beadon Street is a very well known cross street. Metro (underground railway) and buses are other options for transport - not advisable unless you are a local. There are cheaper girls available standing on the side walk who are not the best looking but cater to the budget conscious local Johns. Better girls can be reached ONLY by going thru the PIMPS who can be found standing by the side of Chittaranjan avenue itself near the couple of petrol pumps and all over. It is essential to use these pimps for your own security. Once you get to the Beadon Street crossing these pimps will definitely accost you and it is the best to get hold of the first one who approaches you always ask him his name and always get hold of him during you subsequent visits and this will really work very well for everybody. These pimps will take you up into the 100's of 4-5 storey buildings which mushroom this area known traditionally as the golden tree as you reach each floor on every building the girls will come out of their rooms to standaside while you can eye them some of them will make eye contact and touch you and joke with you. These girls come to calcutta from all over this vast country and include girls from both northern upcountry as well as the mountains as well as some of the locals. Believe me - on display is such an awesome variety of natural flesh that it will be a mindblowing experience, ie - girls of Mongoloid (china?) race mainly from the mountains with their lovely light skin and nice shapely tits and tight moist pussies - golden hued doe eyed north indian girls with voluptuous breasts and tremendous sensitivity and beauty - fair and lovely Bengali girls with their lovely eyes and undescribable softness - white girls (what modern Europeans look like) descending from ancient bloodlines from the horse riding invaders from the north (1000BC) in form of immigrants from Kashmir Valley. The girls observe good health and hygeine and generally are taken care of by an older woman who maybe their mother or aunt or just a mamasan. To negotiate rates you have to use the good old negotiating table skills and u will have to be on your own for that one - being a local i generally dont pay more than Rs300($7) for 1 hour of leisurely sex including a blowjob, pino-vaginal sex in any imaginable position with condoms and as much tit sucking, kissing and fondling as you may desire after you have paid your initial sum you will be asked for another Rs20(50cents) as a tip for the person who cleans the room. For these low rates i generally go there at around 2 or 3 in the afternoon when the business is slack and the girls are sleeping and resting as business gets brisk after 9pm you could expect to pay closer to Rs1000($25) for the same deal. The girls range from 2 to 10 and some of them are really pretty - they have their own clean and sometimes not so clean rooms where they take care of the action. You should go into at least 10 buildings and have seen 100 girls before you make your first selection. You could pay the pimp Rs100 ($2) if you are happy with him and ask him to wait to see you off else you may have trouble getting a taxi on your way back he gets commission from the girls and will be ok even if you don't give them anything but it is smart to keep your channels going smoothly. Feel free to enjoy as many women as you can and you can often find sisters working out of the same room and you could have both of them. Indian girls are generally very sensual and sexy and will give you the greatest time of the life but most of them will probably not be able to give you anal sex -like the oriental gals they are just not big enough in that part of the anatomy (my feeling). This is really the Rolls Royce of old time prostitution in the old world Free School Street ---------------------- Ask any taxi drive to take you to the crossing of Free School St and Kyd Street To make your job easier you may even ask the taxi driver about where you can find the girls This area is in the heart of the city and Jamuna movie theater is a landmark. This area is likely to be expensive and you could encounter russian babes who in the post Perestroika crumble can be found anywhere in the world. Munshi Gunj Road ---------------------- Ask the taxi to take you to Khidderpur Crossing and then onto MunshiGunj Road This is an L shaped road with lot of local bengali girls as well as girls from the mountain state of Nepal. The brothels are dirty but the Nepalese girls can be quite a good fuck The services here are dirt cheap - $1 perload for roughly whatever time it takes you to get it shot I did not like the bengali girls - they always want more tips but you maybe lucky. This place is quite filthy so probably you are best advised to pick up a beautiful nepalese girl and take her away to your hotel room for a day/night of enjoyment and still keep the damage under 50$. Harkata Lane ---------------------- Identical as the deal at Munshiganj only the location is different This time near the Sealdah Railway Station. As a slight contrast - the local bengali girls here are more polite and of a slightly better quality. CONCLUSION: I would advise the sex tourist to try out Sonagachi but I hope I am not driving up the prices for myself for my next visit. Remember be smart in your negotiations and don't drive up the prices for all the locals else you will end up creating trouble I am just being generous and sharing with the western world the bounties of the South Asian subcontinent. I might give more details about the night action in Bombay and Delhi where things are quite hectic also In fact Bombay should probably be hailed as the nightlife capital of the world ahead of Amsterdam and Bangkok.

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