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Cabo San Lucas, Mexico

Date: Mon, 20 May 1996 21:37:23 UTC

I would appreciate it if you would not print my name but I'd like to
share a little information regarding Cabo San Lucas, Mexico.  It is a
small community so it doesn't take too long after you are there to
know all the spots in town.  Two places where they have strippers and
private dances are Boleros and the Mermaid.  They all charge about $5
US to come in and $20 US for a private dance.  Boleros say they have a
policy of you not touching and say that doesn't matter because they
touch.  When I heard that I returned to Mermaids because there you can
touch kiss feel etc for your $20.  Many beautiful girls walking around
to see and talk to that are almost nude.  There is one other bar in
town called Toro Bravo that has straight working girls and a motel a
few blocks away.  They charge 500 pesos  about $70 US.  All seemed
clean - girls were 6 to 8.

Subject: CABO SAN LUCAS/MEXICO Date: Thu, 17 Oct 1996 18:15:26 -0700 I read some of the stories in your guide to different countries. Very informative. Read one of the stories regarding CABO SAN LUCAS Thought I would add a CABO story, as I was just there. In respect to the working woman there. Briefly......Two strip clubs, Bolero and Mermaids. One decent sized whorehouse, Todo Bravo and a couple of smaller inside town. The majority is marginal, but a few tasty Spanish girls can be found. $50 to $75 for a quick hop in a local $10 motel room $100 - $150 to take them back. Probably a little less for the smaller houses. Went to Bolero on a Sunday night - Mermaids was closed. Some excellent looking girls very few guys....probably a slow night in Cabo. Great looking dancer agrees to come back with me and my friend, she speaks English and had a great attitude. We only asked for a one hour private dance for $200.00, after she get's off work. She meets us in the parking lot and we agree that it will only be a private show (no sex) for an hour or so. Of course we we're hoping for more but we were Gentleman. Got back to our place, put on some nice CD's and got a great treat. After an hour of going back and forth from one of us to the other, with some awesome sexy dancing, she started grabing my friends cock out and started blowing him. I was right behind grabbing her ass, tits and puss. She must have really gotten in to turning us on because she was wet as lake. Anyway she gets my friend off and he goes to crash in the other room. I continue right on with her and she sucked me and fucked me for another hour or so. Woke up next to her and she probably could have gone another round but I had to go. Quite a treat from the girls we pulled out of one of the smaller bar/houses right next to Todo Bravo for $40 two nights prior. Those two were 4's and had bad attitudes. My suggestion should you visit CABO, is that there is an excellent talent pool of vacationing girls to choose from, but if your not into working hard......Hit one of the strip clubs late around 1 in the morning, I think they close at two, and try to work that angle as described above. Otherwise go to Todo Bravo, have a drink or two and work the room. The girls are not pushy (Mexican woman as a rule aren't) so you can ferret it out. Not that it should take too long as there are usually 3 out of 20 that are nice and another 3 that would work. Hope this is some help to another traveller.
Subject: Re: [ASP] REQ: Cabo San Lucas Date: Thu, 03 Apr 1997 19:57:17 GMT Just came back from three wonderful days down there. There is an all-nude strip bar downstairs from Mermaids called the Underground. If you treat the girls right, they will arrange to meet you after work. The top shelf girls go for $150/hr, full service. Most work the club called "Squid Row" when they get off. Unfortunately, they don't get off of work until 2:30-3:00 a.m. If you want a little earlier action, just go to the little restaurant to the right of Squid Row and ask for "Martin." He usually has 3-5 girls sitting there waiting for work. These are not as high a quality as the dancers in the Underground but not bad and can be had for an average of $80-100 for the hour. Be careful and be sure to ask Martin if the one you like is "all girl." Unless, of course, you're into that sort of thing. One very beautiful blond, leggy girl I almost went with had a fully functional 8 inches as I was later told.
Subject: Cabo San Lucas report 10/20/97 Date: Tue, 21 Oct 1997 18:40:06 -0700 Spent a week in Cabo armed with the Cabo posting from this site - here's my spin: General: Cabo is all about sin, if you have an open mind it can be a lot of fun. All dances were 20 bucks or 150 pesos. Hours were from 8:30pm to 3am. they love Gringos and a little Spanish will go a long way. Bolero's - Best looking girls, cleanest surroundings, least likely to get busy later. But let me tell you there are a half-dozen 10's in here are there are some amazingly provocative dancers. Definitely worth a stop. Megan & Alison (could they be 19?) are particularly nice and if you know even the slightest bit of Spanish and show them some respect you'd be surprised how extra-curricular the dances can get. Mermaids - Place isn't nearly as nice as Bolero's and there's a couple 4's knocking around but 8's a few 9's are ready to take your pesos too. Must be thirty girls in all. Talked to a few girls about getting together after then closed and though they agreed verbally, when the time came (3am) they all seems pretty passive. A buddy of mine that's fluent in Spanish really worked it and ended up staying at the dancer's pad the whole week. Anything can happen if you're not a dick. Splash - Kinda cramped but very aggressive and nasty girls. They get right to the point and my buddy mowed box in a private booth upstairs. Again some very young girls and their were a couple of moose but a good time was had by all. Unlike the others, they take it all off right away here. Be careful if you don't want to get your pants dirty because they have this thing about biting your peeny through you pants and of course they are wearing lipstick - you get the rest. Toro Bravo/ Other - If you don't want to wait til 3am - and don't mind some lazy passive germ warfare this is your place. I'm not saying the girls aren't clean but the bar is definitely a pigpen. You gotta pay off the house then buy the girl a drink before they cart you off to a little motel. Truth is you'd be better just to walk the main street because on any given night there are 10-15 ladies working the street and they'll gladly retreat to your hotel. Prices range from 40-60 for a BJ and 60-100 for the whole cabana. There are also three guys (probably more), Gama, Dorillio and Carlos, who walk the main street seeking spry Americans - they usually start by saying simply, "Hey man, what you need?" They have a laundry list of options: pot, coke, UP's down's, Percodan. morphine, estrogen [sic] and of course they each pimp 5-6 ladies too. Their motto is "make tourists happy" and besides a cut form the sale often they'll try and get you to go to a meeting about a timeshare, Fairly innocuous but a waste of time if you aren't really interested in the first place. All in a fun place and four to five days is plenty - hasta lluego!
Date: Sat, 13 Dec 1997 13:20:26 +0100 CABO SAN LUCAS Splash Cover 50N$, beer 30N$. Only 5's and 7's. Lap dance is expensive (150N$ approx 20USD) and more US than Mexican style. This is understandable knowing that 90% of Cabo's turists are from US. So, almost no touching, just slap ass, fondle tits (not too much). Mermaids (next door to Splash) Little bit cheaper than Splash (one owner operates both). Cover 40N$, beer 25N$. 7's and 8's. Lap dance similar to Splash. IMHO Cabo San Lucas caters mostly to US citizens, so sex is sly.
Date: Sun, 21 Dec 1997 11:31:18 PST Hi - I just wanted to let you know that your info in was quite helpful so I wanted to return the favor. I went there by myself in December and I had a blast. Met a few girls. At one point, I thought I was gonna get laid but that fell through. General tip about money: Bring tons of single dollars, you'll thank me. Best club: El Squid Roe. Bring boots when trekking around, it gets very dusty. Bring a sweater/light jacket, it gets quite chilly at night. I went to Bolero's and there was hardly anyone there. The girls seemed to be adamant about the no touch policy. I didn't see 20/Twenty club posted here but I have one recommendation: Go there! Again hardly anyone there but Jennifer convinced me for a $20 private dance when she squeezed her nipple and licked her breast milk. She let me do just about everything short of having sex. Yes I was stupid and chowed box! December looked like a slow month for tourists and the girls were probably more desperate for money. Didn't go to Mermaids or splash. I wanted to save my money. Went to Toro Bravo. I had my eye on this girl that looked like Madonna but prettier. She got snatched up by another guy. I acted too slow. I decided to buy a drink to another girl that caught my eye accross the room. We then sat together on a corner table. A little advice: You're better off approaching the women first and having a close look. I bought the girl an expensive and drink turned out to be older looking than I thought. It turned out to be an un uncomfortable situation. What was I gonna do, tell her that she was too old and insult her in front of all the other girls? Anyway, she started to negotaite and told her that I didn't have enough money. She went as low as $50 then I told her that I was nervous because I had never done this. Ironic, but I WAS nervous! Eventually it became so awkward that she went to the ladies room. That's when I scooted outta there. I have a question: When you have picked a girl how do you change your mind without insulting her? There were other girls there that I would have approached but I somehow would have felt guilty had I done so. OK so I'm silly I admit it, so I'm a nice guy yaddah yaddah yaddah. At this point I thought I wasn't gonna get laid. I then passed a building right next to Toro Bravo at the corner of Morelos Ave. It's on the 2nd floor so when you look up you see a bunch of girls looking out the window. There was this guy on the stairs that whistled me over and started speaking spanish to me. The guy looked like a real druggie and I said "me gusta chocha(I want some pussy)" and he immediately led me upstairs. I pointed out young looking girl red dress and the three of us sat together and the guy started talking to the waiter. It turns out that he ordered a round of drinks and stiffed me with the bill. Hmmm... I then asked the waiter if the guy worked here. This guy was just an Alcoholic Druggie bum that would have sucked the life force and my money out of me if he had a chance! I immediately became obnoxious to him and told him to go away. All this while I was trying to communicate with the girl. Before he left he says "What about my tip?" I quickly responded "The beer was your fucking tip!" Well back to Anna who hardly spoke any english. In spanish I asked her how old she was. She said she was 19. The conversation was going nowhere and she walked over to her girlfriend who knew better english. I made sure I was gonna get full service and agreed on $100. It was odd but the other girl asked me if I brought a condom and I said yes. Take note, always bring one with you. Anna led me downstairs through a locked gate to a little shack in the back made from cinder block. I was a bit leery about it at first but the bed looked clean. When I was with her she didn't look like she was reaching for a condom. It was dark upstairs and I finally got a good look at her. She had nice full lips and light brown eyes. When I undressed her, you can tell that she was not lying about her age. It seems that a lot of these women have that little tummy from givng birth. She was the exception. She looked like a young version of Barbara Feldon from the old Get Smart TV show if you remember. I got on top of her and gave me nice blowjob(sans condom). I slipped on the condom I brought and started to fuck her. She then started to gyrate her hips and oh did I cum. Too soon unfortunately! I forgot to negotiate for the full hour. I tried to stop her but she just kept going. I wished my ex-girlfriend knew how to gyrate like that! Maybe I'd still be with her.
Date: Sat, 11 Apr 1998 13:03:01 +0100 Cabo San Lucas, MX All of the reports are true, Cabo is a great place for relaxation and sex! Not only are the topless clubs fun, but you can pick up no-pro women at the local clubs like the Giggling Marlin and Squid Row. There are a few topless clubs that stand out. One is the Hideaway (across the street from Cabo Cabo). A real small place but the dancers are excellent=2E Last time I was there I met a dancer named Maria from Brazil. She had a knockout body. For $20 US they take you to a room upstairs where they perform a totally nude body-to-body dance! You are able to touch them, suck tits and sometimes more. I went there with a pair of shorts on. She proceed to take out my dick and give me a blowjob. All for $20! Not bad. The other local hangout is a place called Los Toros and this is where the local women and guys hang out. Be prepared to speak Spanish there. On the weekends they have a local band. The women sit at the bar together and all you do is walk around and pick one up. Well, you tell the waiter which one and he brings her to your table. You can buy her a drink (really cheap beer to. I mean, 85 cents for Corona) and discuss money. 50 pesos (not dollars) goes to the house and 200 pesos for her. There is also a motel near by for 20 pesos. I picked this rather attractive 18 year old (me yes, she was 18). The range there goes from 1 to 10 so take your time. The good ones are always busy. She took me to the motel, took a shower and came to bed. She gave me head without a condom and then we did the nasty. She was ok, nothing spectacular. Did not rush me or anything. When done we walked back to the bar holding hands like we were dating. The only thing I was afraid of is if her father came out with a gun to shoot me or something.

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