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Subject: World Sex Guide - Bulgaria

Hello, I am writing you from Germany. I found out that Bulgaria is missing in
your Country list that is why I must help you to abolish a "Blank Point" in
your data. I am travelling frequently through Bulgaria so I can give you a
certain survey about the sexual situation.

Prostitution is illegal in Bulgaria but tolerated and controlled . You will
very rarely find girls working on the street , there are no advertisings in
the newspapers (and you cannot read it either because of cyrillian letters).

Mainly you find the girls in the age from 16 (they tell you that they are 18)
up to 35 in the bars and nightclubs of the big hotels in the bigger cities.
The clubs are opening around 11:00 p.m. up to 4/5:00 a.m. Before that time
they are already in the hotel sitting in the cafe or in the lobby.
Approaching the girl is very easy, one click by you eye or smiling and she is
sitting at your side. 80% are from Bulgaria, 20% from Russia, Ukraina or
Belorussia. Normally the girls have their pimps who are not hesitating to
contact you and negotiating the price.

If you do not see any girl contact the bellboy, give him 2 $ and he will find
a contact.

Sometimes a girl is contacting you by phone when you have just arrived in
your room (." Do you need a lady ...")
You are not requested to pay room charges to take the girl into your room.
This is all organized by the pimps.

If you want to go with the girl to your room, he will bring the girl to you
10 min after you are leaving the club, takes the money from you and is
calling after 1 hour depending on your negotiations. The prices are between
100-150 USD in the capital Sofia and the big cities like Varna, Burgas (Black
Sea), also depends on the hotel. In smaller cities you have to pay about
50-80 USD for 1 hour. Fucking with a Bulgarian girl is great, but according
to my opinion, Ukrainian or Russian Girls are more open and giving more great
feelings. Do not expect that they are speaking english. Normally the girl
knows only some words.

Some girls are ready to meet you outside the hotel to a lower price and more
service, even in their homes which is normally not dangerous. But pls. be
careful and do not discuss this in front of the pimp because this is very
dangerous for the girl, please protect her !

All kind of "normal" sex is natural up to anal sex and further technics which
are not accepted. Sex only with condoms, blowjobs sometimes without. Very
good experience to take 2 girls at once !

All kind of your actions shall be followed by some caution, Bulgarian
and Russian Mafia is strong and aggressive in this country, but
normally you as a foreigner have no problems. But pls. be careful
about taking a girl from outside the hotel (street) or even a gipsy
woman (dangerous !).

The main interesting hotels (price for 1 hour)  I found are:

SOFIA	Hotel Rodina		USD 100,-
	Hotel Moskva		dto
	Hotel Sheraton		200-300 USD	(best hotel in Bulgaria)

Plovdiv  (exhibition city)

	Novotel			USD 100,-	(during exhibitions 150,-)
	Hotel Mariza		USD   60,-  (during exhibitions 80,-)
	Hotel Trimontium	USD 100,-	(during exhibitions 150,-)

Sandanski	(near Greek -Macedonian) Border

	Hotel Sandanski		USD 80,-

Burgas (Black Sea)

	Hotel Bulgaria		USD 100,-
	Hotel Cosmos		USD 100,-

Varna	(Black Sea)

	Hotel Cerno More	USD 50,-
	Hotel Grand Hotel	USD 100,-
	Hotel Imperial		USD 100,-

In the tourist centers at the Black Sea you can also find more and more girls
on the street.


	Hotel Riga		USD 50,-	(in the bath room there are
						condoms available provided
						by the hotel !!)


	Hotel Balkan		USD 50,- (by chance to find a girl)

There are coming up some hostess agencies and bordels now but very secretely.

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