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Buffalo, New York

Subject: A report on police activity in Buffalo, NY


One of the hot oil massage establishments in Buffalo, NY was raided by
the police yesterday, 2 March 1998.  Apparently there had been reports
of prostitution taking place which spurred an investigation and the
raid. This is not new or remarkable but there is an interesting wrinkle
to the incident; the establishment had been videotaping sessions with
the girls and customers and the police siezed some tapes.  The newspaper
reported "Cameras hidden inside an intercom system in each of the four
rooms at Tender Touch, 1872 Niagara St. recorded sex acts ivolving
employees and clients, according to Lt Kevin Kelly of the Buffalo Police
Department's Narcotics/Vice Bureau.  The taping was done without the
knowledge of the rooms' occupants, Kelly said; six tapes were siezed
from an upstairs office"  (The Buffalo News, 3 March 1998)

Apparently one employee was arrested on prostitution and sexual abuse

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