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Buenos Aires, Argentina

Date: Sat,  8 Apr 1995 10:06:37 UTC

Here are some precisions about sex in Buenos Aires

Argentinan girls are incredibly pretty. It's due to the mix of Italian
and Spanish inheritance. They behave very well and are very hot.

Sex in newspapers:
the most important newspaper, called Clarin, and another one called
Ambito Financiero have class-ads referring to escort services
category : 59 "servicios varios p/hombres y mujeres".
You can find a lot of ads with phone numbers.The girls comes to your room.

 I would recommend to go in the so called
"microcentro", near "el obelisco", in the San Nicolas zone.
in Calle Lavalle, Calle Corrientes, Calle Esmeralda.

I recommend especially the Teatro ABC, Esmeralds 506, tel: 322 95 06.
ask for Vivente  open from 13h to 04h in the morning.Pay 7$ to go in.
It's a strip club with very nice girls, making very nice strip tease.
Here you can find Noemi, Gigi, Valeria, Mikaela, and especially Carmen.
She has impressive breasts "tetas".
She with another girl is making a porno show, making love on the stage.
These girls are 'coperas' they drink with you for 50 $ and you can touch
them everywhere and they touch you at the right place. For 100$ you can go
to a "telo", or in our hotel. I especially recommend Carmen. Ask for her.

Other place : Paradise Av Corrientes 827. Strip show with "passes". There are
individual rooms where you fuck with the girls ; 110 $

You have also a nice place to go and find nice girls in the Recoletta zone:
El Black  and El pequeno Black. All taxi drivers know them. You pay your drink
for 20$ and you go to your hotel for 2 hours with a splendid girl for 200$

Subject: carmen Date: Fri, 19 Apr 1996 18:50:56 UTC The Teatro ABC is closed.
Date: Thu, 4 Jul 1996 10:39:59 UTC July 2, 1996. The strip-tease joints such as ABC, Paradise and the one that used to be the best, the Teatro Florida, have all been closed. However, this type of joint was never good for sex and the same applies to many places in town that promote "Drinks & Girls" or "Drinks & Company". All you can get here is a very expensive drink and the girls will ask for "whisky"which is actually cold tea on which they get a percentage. The best thing to do is to look at the ads in the Clarin newspasper (the same ads are repeated in the Ambito Financiero) and make phone arrangements to have the girls come to your hotel or meet in an "Albergue Transitorio" which is a type of hotel where you pay 20/30 pesos for two hours (1 peso=1 US dollar). The normal rate is 50 pesos for a 1 hour complete service but some only ask for 30 pesos. Due to the crisis, many women that normally would not excercise the "metier"are doing it now so you can get very good value for your money. The best place in town is probably the bar "Cutty Sark" in the corner of Reconquista and Tres Sargentos. Girls are outstanding and charge 100/150 pesos for a full service. You can take them to your place or go to a hotel called "Horizonte" located 100 metres from the joint. Good luck and enjoy it.
Subject: news from buenos aires Date: Sun, 12 May 1996 19:56:12 UTC One year after, I came back to Buenos Aires. A lot of things have changed since my first message. Teatro ABC has closed But you can still find Carmen in the "boliches" of the center of BsAs She is still doing strip tease , "pases" and "salidas" in a lot of bars : "Estrellas" in Corrientes y Maipu "Lolas" in Maipu y Lavalle "Amazon" in Esmeralda y Corrientes. She is still very good. You can now find Noemi in "Karim", in Pellegrini y Cordoba. She is doing strip tease and salidas there.
Subject: Buenos Aires/ Argentina Date: Mon, 13 May 1996 00:45:36 UTC The real pleasure came when we went back to Buenos Aires. Our hotel doorman turned us on to several clubs that were the most mind altering pleasure domes I have ever visited. The first club was call Playous Women. The girls were absolutely gorgeous in a disco environment. They would go back to your hotel for about two to three hours for $125.00. Once at the hotel they performed like skilled surgeons. Beautiful women delivering every ecstasy I could imagine. Night after night I toured the clubs and found nothing less than more beautiful women ready to please. Several of the girls took me on day trips to Uruguay. I felt like the proverbial King. Several of my friends went back with my directions and reported the same. Only time and distance keep me from going back immediately.
Subject: Prostitution in Buenos Aires Date: Thu, 05 Dec 1996 10:14:41 -0800 I see your information about prostituion in Buenos Aires is slightly out of date. There are currently many possibilities of picking up a girl here. It all depends on how much money you want to spend. So starting at about $30, you can go to a 'massage parlor', where you can get a quick lay with a girl (there are lots of brazilian girls 'working' here). You can find the phone numbers reading the classified ads of Clarin or Ambito Financiero. Not every ad you read will get you a girl you can fuck, some offer more discrete services, like a massage by a young girl and a final 'relax' (hand job). You have to call and ask what kind of services they offer. But if you are looking for nice and fine girls, there are two ways: you can either go to the Reconquista street (downtown, near Retiro, every cab driver will take you there), and visit 'Morgan' or 'Cutty Sark'. There you can have a drink (from $8.- to $16, depending on what you drink), look at the girls, invite the one you like best (drinks for the girls cost exactly the same), and then for around $ 150.- take her to a hotel by the hour, or to your hotel. A fine hotel costs $40 for 2 hours. Rooms are nice, air conditioned, and clean. The thing I like best about these places is that you are not pestered by the girls. They won't come to you except if you invite them. The other way to spend a nice moment is to go to a men's club. Presently I only know two of them, they charge you $ 180, and that gives you the right to spend as much time as you like, choose a girl, and spend half an hour with her in a room right there. It's relaxing, sometimes funny, you can have your drink and look around, sit down with a girl you like, get 'in the mood', and when you're ready, ask her to go 'inside'. Most of them really know their job. The club I like best is 'Partenaire', Av. Santa Fe 1130, it's open Mon-Fri from 1pm to 5am, and Saturdays from 1pm to 4am. I don't recomend going there a Saturday, I always found the place empty, few girls, and it was a bore. Fridays, instead, can be really fun. The other place is called 'La Saison', it's in Av. Pueyrredon and Cordoba, sorry but I don't have the exact address. It's open the same hours as Partenaire. Of course, these are not the only chances of spending your time here in Buenos Aires, you can pick up a girl in the street, there are escort services, but I never tried one of those. One last recomendation: stay away from our 'night clubs', they tend to be expensive, when you buy a girl a drink they charge you fantastic prices for the coloured water they serve them, you don't get a chance to appreciate the girl you are with, and when you finally get to be alone with her, you'll discover that the bright lights show you a not so pretty girl, or not so young, or both. So, please excuse my english, and don't hesitate to contact me if you want adittional information. I'll be glad to help. Best regards from Buenos Aires
Date: Thu, 29 Jan 1998 16:25:26 EST Subject: Buenos Aires (7/97) I have the good fortune to visit B.A. about once a year. As the others on the page have noted, the women are fantastic. Morgans/Cutty Sark is a small bar and the women have class. There is no show, but you can order a drink and catch the attention of a lady who will sit down and talk with you and have a drink. They do not push for drinks and will usually wait for you to suggest a refill. After a while, you will think that you are on a date with a friend. You can suggest leaving to go to a hourly hotel (many with excellent facilities) and it will cost about $40 for the room (credit cards OK). The ladies will charge about $ 100 for an hour in the room, but they do not spend their time looking at their watches so it is more or less an hour. You can also have all night for about $200. All night can include dining and dancing. The ladies at Morgans are in their mid 20's and generally intelligent and fun to be with. They know how to dress, act and talk to make you feel comfortable. They also have skills that will make you enjoy their company in or out of bed. There are a couple cheap bars the other side of Cordoba from Morgans, about a half block on the left and another on the right. Most of the girls are 3-5 but the prices are lower and the bars are sleazy, as are some of the girls. Last year there was one working in one of the bars who was an illegal from Peru who was a 10, but she was not there this year. The girls in these bars tend to be young and ugly or old and ugly. South of Morgans on Paraguay is a bar named Aramis. It has music and dancing. The ladies are also in their mid 20's and as good as Morgans, but the house rule is only 1 hour tricks and they have to report back. Aramis is also open on Saturday night when many of the other establishments are closed. Most ladies work only 5 days. If you have a good time with one and she enjoys your company, you can date them on the days when they are not working. This can be a fantastic day and night. I met a beautiful 27 year old blonde at Aramis and spent a Saturday-Sunday with her that included every romantic and sexual experience imaginable from food to sex. Many of the B.A. ladies are divorced and prostitution is the only way to survive well in the high cost city. If you begin to develop a relationship they will begin mentioning marriage. They would prefer to be married and not working. Many also have the education and social skills that would make you seriously consider the option.
Date: Fri, 20 Feb 1998 11:23:59 EST Subject: Review - Argentina, Buenos Aires Avoid at all costs the Candelas Bar at Sulpicha and Corrientes. Unlike most of the other clubs in the area, it is an uncompromising anachronism, a living cliche of over-priced (and unsollicited) drinks, complete with simians on the door. A rip-off of the first order, with women of a seemingly canine persuasion.
Date: Sat, 14 Mar 1998 20:54:29 EST Subject: Prositution Update in Buenos Aires as of 3/98 I am in Buenos Aires, Argentina and prostitution is in full effect here, The 3 best places to pickup these women are in the following establishments: 1. Cafe Orleans, Av Cordoba and San Martin 2. Cafe Florida, across the street from Cafe Orleans 3. Le Monde Hotel Restaurant, 839 San Martin. The women are very exotic and sexy , they give great head and like to do threesomes and other things, they are open to anything you desire, It will cost you $300 for 2 women for 2 hrs.
Date: Sun, 15 Mar 1998 21:39:36 -0600 Argentina - Buenos Aires The best prostitution is found on newspaper adds. They have some joints on the main streets, but be careful, they will ask you to come inside and charge you after 10 minutes for the "entrance fee" that was supposed to be free... Most hotels will allow to take a girl to your room, if you "tip" the appropriate person - ask the cab drivers at the hotel for the procedure.
Date: 18-MAR-98 Rules have changed and the police is no longer allowed to arrest prostitutes on a mere suspicion. They can only be arrested if they are caught having sex in the streets.
Date: Thu, 09 Apr 1998 16:38:36 -0700 Subject: Buenos Aires Hi Atta Spent a week in Buenos Aires. Found a new club called Club One 100 block of Chacabuco. Here's the details: One drink minimum ($20 for a beer) the lady a drink (another $20) and discuss business. Quoted $140 for a half hour, $170 for 45 minutes, $200 for an hour. They take you to a series of rooms on the other side of the club. Shower in the room...she changes in a different room. I had a talented gal named Liliam. Broken English at best, but we managed. A little pricey, but I'd do it again.

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