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Bucharest, Romania

Subject: Info on Romania

I see your great site has only "bits and pieces" and no real info on
Romania. I was last year in Romania and it was very enjoyable.

In every hotel room you will find a tourist publication (in Bucharest
the capital only) advertising 5-6 escort services.
Prices: 1 hour 100US$ ///3 hours 150 US$ ///24 hours 200 US $ ////these
are college students 19 -24 years old really clean and good looking .
In every disco you can find pros who would accompany you to your hotel
for 100 US$ for the whole night.

In the lobby of Intercontinental, Bucuresti , and Sofutel hotel you can
find ladies as well for 100US $

Beware of taxi drivers ///when you come aboard ask how much they charge
per km and then figure out how much the fare should be. From the
central Bucharest to a not far away strip bar (named Sexy Club) I was
charged 20,000 lei instead what should have been less than 2,000 lei. At
that time the exchange rate was 3,000 lei to 1 US$ ///now its about
8,000 lei to 1 US $

Cash is king, credit cards are rarely accepted (only at major hotels) and
you should carry US $ when visiting Romania.

Date: Mon, 26 Jan 1998 20:49:54 +0200 Subject: Re: prostitution in Romania Let's start in Bucharest for today. You can pick up girls from these places: *Victoriei str., "Casa Armatei" zone (a main boulevard in plain centre of Bucharest) Rules: - Drive slow speed with your car or cab. - Some guys from street will sign you. - take them into the car and they'll show you the hottest girl in town. - prices 50-150 USD/ night for all stuff *Aristocrat Night Club 25 Republicii St (near Cismigiu park) Nice girl there. Nudie Bar, strip-tease, dancing nude on client leg. Roules: - just ask girl if... - price 100 USD/ night all stuff Don't go there: *Dracula's Sexy club (all over the Bucarest advertising) - very expensive!!! - nice girls, starving, taking your money!
Date: Tue, 10 Mar 1998 19:01:22 -0500 Subject: Rumania Atta, I was in Bucharest September '97. I stayed at the Bucharest Hilton. There was alot of female company available at about $70-120. Although very nice and I had two lovely shaggs, they were abit expensive. I tried the railway station but no women. I asked one of the locals who spoke a bit of English where I could find some street action, he led me to the main road going east out of Bucharest and just before you leave the city as you go up a hill on the left is a small market. Stop your car and look carefully and you will spot the action. It's cheap, first women I had was a Gypsy of about 29yrs hardly spoke any English, but we got on, she cost me UKP 6. Later a stunner for UKP 7. The street girls offer full and ALL services, from French to anal with or without rubber.

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