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Date: Sun, 10 Mar 1996 00:49:29 UTC

Brussels, Belgium has a lovely scene unlike what I've found in the
other Benelux countries or the US.

Check the local classified ads in La Soir or Vlan (both in french only)
under massage.  Only three ads mensioned 'english speaking' about
January 1996.  Most do not have telephone numbers, simply show up at the
address mensioned during the hours indicated and ring the bell!

It only took a couple phone calls to find an english speaking lady.  She
wouldn't discuss business on the phone but told me "it is best if you
come over".  I did.  We did lovely protected full sex (cuddle, nice
foreplay, suck and fuck) for an hour for 6.000BF.  I probably paid too
much but well worth it for a fun time in a nice apartment with a lovely
lady.  Easily one of the loveliest, friendliest ladies I've found in the
business in ten years!

This is one place where treating a lady with the respect, kindness and
consideration she deserves was really returned many times over!

Subject: Sex in Brussels, Belgium April, 1997 Date: Tue, 15 Apr 1997 23:55:09 -0000 Here is updated info on Brussels. Streetwalkers are prominent along Avenue Louise in one of the city's main upscale shopping areas. I didn't try any of them because I did not find them attractive. There are numerous clubs in that area that have working women in them but the two I visited just off Avenue Louise did not have the quality of women I desired. The red light district is located at one of the entrances to Gare D'Nord (the North railway station) on Rue D'Aerschot. The area is definitely on the seedy side with the women generally not as attractive as those in Antwerp or Amsterdam, but there are enough attractive women to satisfy anyone. Prices range from 1500-2500BF for a quick blow or fuck. To my surprise one of the women I negotiated with asked me to leave when she found out I was an American. I don't know what her problem was with Americans. Maybe she was from France because she sure had an attitude. As in many European red light districts the working women sat in windows with red lights. There are several streets next to Rue D'Aerschot that also have women in windows. Don't waste your time or energy exploring these streets. The selection there is the worst I have ever seen. The Champ
Date: Wed, 5 Nov 1997 13:52:06 -0500 (EST) Subject: Brussels, Belgium The last entry is incorrect. OK the whores near the Rue dAeroschot may not all be great lookers, but if you're lucky, they GO!!! 1,000 BEF is minimum ($30). 3,000 BEF and you get treated like a king. You have to pick the less agressive ones, the ones who look cheery, but don't depend on you ie. they have regular customers. The best ones will constantly have the curtains closed. And say you live in Brussels, they like regular customers. The best house I know in Brussels is "Domin's School"...Rue Mont Blanc, can't be sure of the number, maybe 60, it's at the top of the street. Only open 12-20.00 hrs weekday, 14-16.00 hrs Saturdays and closed Sundays. For 3,500 BEF($100) you get a choice. If unlucky you'll get girls experienced in domination and are great straight. If lucky you get very, very hot dominant and submissives, who really go for it and come time and time again. As a general tip, don't bother with any of the streetwalkers in Brussels, they are all rip-offs. Check out Rue Mont Blanc and post with your view.
Date: Sat, 13 Dec 1997 21:31:32 +0000 Subject: Report from Brussels, Belgium Hello, I'm Ben, I live in Brussels since 2 years. Sorry for my english but It's not my native language. BEWARE : The girls stay only about one year at same location, all informations are good on Dec 1997, 5th. Please find enclosed my best address and tips & tricks. At first you will find here only appartment girl, the prices in Brussels for full massage (suck + fuck) is between 3000 BF and 5000 BF ( 85 - 135 USD). Sucking is with condom. If you come to Brussels, buy the DE ROUCK this is a guide with all the maps of Brussels, it's easy to find his way to go on the address under... I present always my address like that : A) Name of location B) Name of girl C) Address D) Phone # E) Opening hours F) Price (complete service) in Belgian Francs G) Quotes : Kindness/20 Beauty/20 Work/20 H) English spoken /20 If work N.A. that mean that this location was not tested (only viewed). ---------------------------------------------------------------------- My favorite one : A) LAURENCE & Co B) LYDIA C) RUE JULES LEBRUN 2, 1040 Brussels (near television head office) D) 027056736 E) Weekdays 10-20 Sat. 12-18 F) 4000 G) 19/19/18 H) 6 ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ A) VIRGINIE B) SANDRA C) BOULEVARD METTEWIE 312, 1080 Brussels D) N.A. E) 11-02 F) 4000 G) 18/18/18 H) 8 ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- A) AMBRE B) AMBRE C) AVENUE LOUISE 181, 1050 Brussels D) N.A. E) Weekdays 11-21 Saturday 12-19 F) 5000 G) 18/18/N.A. H) 12 ------------------------------------------------------------------------- A) NINA & LINDA B) DUNIA C) CHAUSSEE DE VLEURGAT 157, 1050 Brussels D) N.A. E) Mon-Sat 11-23 Sun 14-22 F) 4000 G) 18/16/16 H) 8 ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- A) ESTELLE B) ? ? C) RUE FAIDER 38, 1050 Brussels D) 025440343 E) Mon-Sat 12-19 F) 5000 G) 18/17/N.A. H) 14 -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- A) EVE B) JOELLE C) BOULEVARD BELGICA 26, 1020 Brussels (red bell) D) 024270897 E) WeekDays 12-18 F) 3500 The location is not luxury at all but the girl is very, very friendly. Locations to avoid : OCEANE Bd MACHTENS 109 1080 Brussels Beautifull girl but real rip-off, it's better with a plant.... NITA 13 Place Princesse Elisabeth 1030 Brussels CINDY 32 Bd Reyers 1030 Brussels 50-60 years old, not really ugly but not really beautiful.... ? ? ? ? (they change everytime the name) 144 Chaussee de Vleurgat 1050 Brussels Stupid girl from morocco, rip-off. MASS 126 Boulevard Machtens 1080 Brussels Girls not so bad but service.... zero... I look for reports about apartment girls in others locations in Belgium : Antwerp, Hasselt, Gent, Brugge, Leuven, Liege, Charleroi, Namur, Mons.... and also more information in Brussels, South Netherlands and North France. Thanks, Ben
Subject: Prostitution in Brussels, Belgium Date: Fri, 16 Jan 1998 07:34:07 PST The last entry is correct, the whores near the Rue dAeroschot can be quite good. I would warn anyone from using any of the women actually on Rue D'Aerschoton as generally they are a complete rip-off. Their favorite trick is to go into a sulk if you do not give them extra money for extra 'services' such as full strip or extra time. Also all the rooms here seem to have a small sofa rather than a bed making sex extremely unconfortable as they insist on the missionary position. Off Rue D'Aerschoton they will ask for extra money, but will not insist. They also tend to be equiped with decent beds. However I would recommend anyone in Brussels with the time to visit Antwerp which is only 40 mins away. The women there are half the price and twice as good.
Date: Tue, 28 Apr 1998 16:54:24 +0100 Update on Belgium/Brussels. Hi, I hope this information is of use. Agencies. A number of agencies now appear to be working without interference from the authorities. Some appear in an annual publication called the Erotic Guide, although GSM phone numbers can be out of date in this (recognisable in Belgium as they start 075 or 095). The magazine which I would strongly recommend checking is The Bulletin, this is a weekly magazine aimed primarily at all the Eurocrats in Brussels but the entertainment section usually has a page or so of adverts for Escorts (private and agency), saunas, and massage. Most of the agencies are okay, although prices can vary. The first hour is usually around 7,000 to 8,000 BEF and time after that should be at a reduced rate. If you use a credit card all of them will apply a surcharge and do a check before sending a girl. The girls can come to your hotel, or to a private residence but the latter can be slightly difficult if the phone number is not listed in your name. The private adverts are normally for girls who will only visit hotels, some will accept you at their place where they could have a few surprises in store! (Pleasant of course). These independents can be lower priced than the agency girls but you may find it difficult to get hold of the popular ones. I visited two girls at their apartment just off Ave.. Louise and had a great time with an American and an Italian girl. Obviously they specialised in slightly more kinky games than I was looking for as their loft had been converted into some sort of S&M room. Despite this, I was made very welcome, they took their time (about 45 minutes) and the price was only 10,000 BEF for a pair of really attractive women. The advantage of checking in The Bulletin is that all the girls you can get in touch with speak English reasonably well, the agencies can be hit or miss on how beautiful the girl is but the descriptions they give over the phone are pretty accurate. A group of us used the Exquise agency (Brussels-based Tel: 02/721 20 20) to book a stripper for a party. The girl we got was called 'Angel', a stunning Brazilian who really got into the spirit of things and was also available in private. A list covering a number of private escorts in Belgium can be found at, and detailed below are the telphone numbers for several agencies. Cosmo: 03/272 32 31 Exquise: 02/721 20 20 Elyth: 03/237 69 69 Perla: 03/257 07 75 Exclusive: 03/257 13 15 Most of these are based in Antwerp but will happily send girls to Brussels or surrounding area.

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