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Broward County, Florida

Date: 31 Aug 1995

Places on Pembroke are nice, but a little expensive... lady will help
you do yourself, but she can't (won't) touch you "there" .  Depending
on the generousity of your tip, she'll be pretty hot... verbal
suggestions, titty sucking, hands on your nipples, table bath,

But you won't get laid or a bj.....

Subject: [ASP] Broward / Dade County Sex Date: 6 Feb 1997 02:05:58 GMT I've visited several places and 'had' several ladies in both of these counties. My observations are below. Suffice it to say, you can't act like an ass when you talk to these ladies and you've got to ask the right questions and be prepared to prove you're not a cop; a couple of the establishments have been raided lately and Broward County is cracking down on the sex trade by threatening to publish the names and ages of girls and clients. So everyone is a little on edge. Be smart and you'll be satisfied! Lingerie Studios 1. Images (Dade, near SW 72nd Ave & Coral Way) - I dealt with a girl here called "Jade". She's been around for a while and is VERY CUTE (on a scale of 1 to 10 she is a solid 8). Probably about 23, 5'5", HUGE breasts, nice tan and nice bush. However, she's a hustler. You can get a nice hand job or tit job in the place if you're willing to pay the price. She will try to continue soaking you for more tips. She will see you offsite for full-service for $200/hour. A little high by my standards. 2. Sensations (Dade, SW 8th St & 58th Ave) - Stay away from this place. The best in the house was a 4 on my scale and they don't speak english, don't seem to bathe and are just trying to hustle you. Bad spot. 3. ??? (Dade, 305-262-5080, 7070 SW 9th St) - Fairly new establishment, as these places go...I've seen two different girls here, Danielle? & Spice. Both rate about 5-6's. They are eager to please. Rates are a little cheaper than the studios in Broward. You can get a combo hand job / tit job / blow job for about $80. Full service will run you between $120-$150 but you can do better, looks-wise, elsewhere. 4. Sweet Things (Broward, located on Hallandale Beach Blvd just east of State Road 7) - Located across the street from Crazy Jim's club you can pretty much get what you want if you approach the ladies right. Ask for Ashley (an 8), Sherry (a 7) or Cyndi (a 6). All of these girls will give full service. The session is $30 for 30 minutes plus tip. Figure between $100-$140 depending on which girl you get. Ashley is GREAT...go for her. Cyndi not great looking but loves to fuck and I think she really gets off. Sherry is nice but is a little too business like for me, although she gives a mean blowjob. 5. Oasis (Broward, 954-792-XXX1, located at State Road 7 and Sterling Road) - I was seeing a girl by the name of Roxy (a 7) here, but she's now moved on. Watch the local papers for her name. She claims no full service but you can pretty much do anything else and in my opinion she's worth it. She's got this great exotic look about her. Steer clear of Felicia (6) and Beth (7) who are both hustlers. Haven't met the others there. 6. South Florida Models (Broward, located on Federal in Deerfield) - Not worth your time; great looking girls (7-9) but are aggressive hustlers with steep "menu" prices. Another "menu" place. 7. Golden Eye (Broward, 954-784-XXX7, South of Atlantic & East of Dixie) - If you try this place be sure to ask for Heidi. Very cute (8-9) blonde, shaved, pert little tits and very nice personality. She'll do a lot of stuff, and more once you get to know her. There are a couple of other cute girls here but I haven't been with them yet. Figure to pay the typical session price of $30-75 plus tip. You decide what you want...she'll give you a hand job for a nice $50 tip and you can do a lot to her in exchange. For $100 you'll get a blowjob and can reciprocate, and she is sweet. It'll cost you $175-200 for full-service. Massage 1. Tokyo (Broward, 954-429-1530, call for directions) - the only Asian place worth going to in Broward or Dade. Ask for Coco or Yoko (both are 7-8); the others are 5-6 at best. Great massage, hand job at the minimum and more if you act cool. They really know how to make you feel good and the shower, oriental attention and cum job are worth the $60-80 price. In Call 1. Taylor (Broward, 954-402-XXX6, she'll give you directions) - the absolute best I've had. This girl is gorgeous ( a 9.9 on my scale), 5'8", 125#, 36-24-36, long beautiful blonde hair, blue eyes, great tan, shaved smooth and she loves to fuck. For $160/hr she'll give great conversation (very intelligent), massage, wonderful head, you can do her as well and she'll fuck you in any position(s) you want. She loves her work. The problem is scheduling time. She recently went back to office work (more as a facade for her boyfriend then anything else) and has only a certain amount of time. She has a small list of regulars, so you may have to wait your turn. But, believe me, it is worth the wait. 2. Cindy (Broward) - mentioned in the World Sex Guide from August 1996. I've seen her twice with mixed results. She is older, but firm and is willing to talk and take her time. You don't get the impression there's a clock running somewhere. Be sure to schedule in advance as she has a number of people she sees. Try to get her early in the day as she is fresher, livelier and more "juiced" if you know what I mean. 3. Melissa (Broward, met through Escort Agency 954-563-4649) - If they give you this girl hang up. She's a head case. Okay face, very nice body but coked up or something. She'll try to scam more money out of you other than the agreed upon price of $150/hr. She tried to get me to cough up $500. Steer clear. I'll list some tips and tricks on successful hunting in a future post. "Perry"
Date: Wed, 19 Feb 1997 03:09:10 -0500 Subject: Update for locations in Broward County, FL I use to frequent Goldeneye, after reading your review. This last week it changed ownership. Brandy and Addison (two girls that would give their work that extra touch) have left. A week ago when Addison was stil there she told me that Brandy is starting her own place. Addison was thinking of joining her, she must have. If anyone hears about where they are I would appreciate you posting to the Sex Guide. I check for new posting weekly. The place now, well, sucks ( and I don't mean that in a good way) no touching on either side of the couch, and only toppless. Goldeneye, once a thumbs up, now in the shitter. Another one to watch out for. In Excitement Magazine there is an ad for a Cindy at Action Escorts 978-9616. The other night she took my money said she had to check in with her Bodyguard and left, money in hand. When I called they were very responsive. They got my money back, however before they could locate Cindy and my money they were giong to send someone else out at no charge. She also is nothing like the ad shows. I talked to a very understanding young lady, she works the phones as well as working as an escort. She was ever so polite to my repeated call backs, and even offered to come out herself. I'm seeing her tomorrow, I'll ask her if I can publish her name here, and report on the experience.
Date: Fri, 21 Mar 1997 10:57:24 -0500 Subject: South Florida Reviews Here are a few reviews of the Broward/Palm Beach County South Florida Scene: Massage ======= Deerfield Beach-Tokyo Spa- This is by far the best Oriental place in South East Florida. Have visited them on many occasions and have always had a great Oriental massage, as well as some extra action. Hand jobs are automatic, and oral will be performed once they get to know you. Full service is not available. Price: $80 1 hour steam, body shampoo and massage. Tip: $20 handjob, $40 oral Hours: 10am to midnight 7 days Location: Federal Highway, Deerfield Beach Phone: (954) 429-1530 Ask for: Yoko Lauderhill- Kays Therapeutic Massage - This is a Swedish relaxation spa. You are ushered into a private room and the door is closed and locked. The girl asks if you want one of three sessions. Clothed, topless or nude. She will rub you down with powder or lotion, and finish with a handjob. If you want a quick release, this is the place. No other services were made available, and when I tried to touch the nude girl's pussy, I was told NO. Tits and ass touching was OK. Price: $30 1/2 hour clothed, $40 topless, $50 nude Tip: $20 handjob Hours: 10am to 10pm 7 days Location: 441 and Oakland Park Blvd. across from Hooters Phone: (954) 749-9884 Ask for: Forgot, ask for girl from New Orleans Lauderhill- Shogun Health Spa- This place claims to be Oriental, but not. It is staffed by anything but Orientals. New facility that offered steam, shower, body shampoo and massage. Have been there a few times all with good results. All girls are large busted. You are taken into a private room and massaged for 45 minutes. At the end of the session the girls will ask is there any other area that needs attention. Just place her hand on your cock and she will perform a handjob. One night Darleen just striped to a G with no request for extra tip. Nice quick and cheap. No oral or full service. Price: $35 1/2, $49 hour steam, and massage. Add $15 for body shampoo. Tip: $20 handjob Hours: 10am to 8pm 7 days Location: Oakland Park Blvd & 441 Phone: (954) 741-7411 Ask for: Ramada, Darleen, Terry Tamarac-International Massage Another Oriental massage place. Very nice, but the girls aren't as nice looking as the ones from Tokyo Spa. They do a nice job with the Oriental massage, steam, and body shampoo. One thing about this place, they ask for your birthday. If you say you have been there before and your birthday isn't on file with your first name, you will get nothing extra. Be honest your first time. My second and subsequent visit I got some nice extra attention, including a prostate massage, and oral action. Again no full service though. Price: $80 1 hour steam, body shampoo and massage. Tip: $20 handjob, $30 prostate and handjob, $40 oral Hours: 10am to 10pm 7 days Location: West Commercial Blvd., Tamarac Phone: (954) 724-8555 Ask for: Coco Boca Raton- The Shiatsu, Inc. - Another great Oriental massage place. Better massage than Tokyo but the lack of attention to the sexual aspects makes me place it on the bottom of the list. Tried many times for extras, but no luck. The attendant places a sheet over you during the massage. Great massage if that is all you want, but extras aren't possible. Price: $80 1 hour steam and massage. Tip: NONE Hours: 10am to 10 pm 7 days Location: Federal Highway, Boca Raton Phone: (954) 393-0045 Ask for: Doesn't matter Escorts, Incall and Dating Salons
Hallandale-Sweet Things- On premise massage and dating place. Very nice clean facility. After collecting house fee you will be taken back into a private room which locks. Once you are there it is pretty much whatever you and the girl negotiate for. I got 1/2 and 1/2 with very little resistance for $100. The gal, Ashley, really was into her stuff and tried to please as much as possible. Asked for anal and she said no, though. All in all a great time. Price: $30 1/2 $50 1 hour house fee. Tip: $75 oral, $100 full, Hours: 10am to 4am 7 days Location: Hallandale Beach Blvd, 4 miles West of 95 Phone: (954) 989-6669 Ask for: Ashley Pompano Beach-Roosters On premise dating, massage and body scrub facility. Very nice. The body scrub girls work on tips only. Forget about the massage girls. Saw a fine assortment of attendants (7-9's) choose Lori, a stunning blonde. Gives a great body shampoo and negotiated $100 full service. Have been back a few times and each time have left satisfied. Highly recommended. Price: $65 1 hour house fee. Tip: $100 full service Hours: 10am to 4am 7 days Location: 3685 N. Federal Highway, North of Sample, Pompano Phone: (954) 786-8680 Ask for: Lori, Dianne Hollywood- Oasis - On premise dating club. Nice clean facility offering whatever you want. After paying door charge was attended to by Page (7). Went back into a private room and negotiated $100 for full service. Very oral. Go back often. Price: $30 1/2 house fee. Tip: $100 full Hours: 10am to 4am 7 days Location: 4485 Sterling Road #110 (Sterling &441) Phone: (954) 792-3111 Ask for: Page Kitren (escort) Ft.Lauderdale - Read a long long review here on this girl, so I thought I'd try. Gives credence to you can't always believe what you read. Review claims this girl is 28....NOT try, 35....5'9 115...NOT, try 130..."unrushed full service"....NOT, this girl actually stopped in the middle of fucking to answer her pager. Also she said she was just busted for prostitution, so you never know if she will turn you in as part of her probation. Price: $180 hour. Tip: none Hours: on call Location: outcall only Phone: (954) 537-3132 Ask for: wouldn't Pompano Beach-Golden Eye- This is an on premise dating club. In a bad area of town and pretty dirty facility. Walked into a session after paying house fee and sat on a couch in a dark room. Girls work on tips only. She asked what I wanted and I said 1/2 and 1/2. She said $200, talked her down to $150. She performed a ho hum BJ (with condom), then took off her panties and laid on the couch and said Fuck ME. She really want into it, and it is most difficult on a leather couch. It was even a bit sticky (gross). After 15 minutes it was clear she wanted to finish, and kept asking me to cum. Over and over. It was very disturbing. Finally just blew and left. Not a great experience. I have since read others have been ripped off here by Heidi, Jasmine, Cinnamon and Allison. Price: $50 1/2 $65 45 min, $75 1 hour house fee. Tip: $50 handjob, $100 oral, $125 full, $150 1/2 & 1/2 Hours: 10am to 5am 7 days Location: S Dixie area, Pompano Phone: (954) 784-9337 Ask for: I wouldn't! Ill keep posting as I get around!
Date: Wed, 14 May 1997 00:44:01 -0400 (EDT) Subject: Posting to Broward County, Florida A set of experiences in Broward County (or you can't always believe the net) from Early May 1997 Day 1 Taylor, incalls only Called her upon arriving and tried to find out if the Taylor presently adertising in several magazines is the same as the Taylor currently posted in this sectoin. She doesn't sound quite the same. Quite nervous and protective and never able to strike up a deal. The new Taylor just moved here from LA. Not recommended because she sounds close to paranoid (Also this Taylor says she has only been in two for two and one-half months) Day 2 Oasis, parlor on Stirling south of the airport Page is gone (sigh). I am greeted by Sherry who takes my money (60 house) and then comes in and tells me that she is having her period. We agree upoon 60 for a handjob, which ends rather abruptly when she demonstrates total spermatophobia. Not recommended Day 3 Incall, arranged by Melissa at 450-XXX3 I can't say enough good things about the two people who I met or talked to there. Had a wonderful incall with one of Melissa's acquiantances, Terry for 150. Totally highly recommeneded but treat them right or don't call. Highly recommended Day 4 Parlor, Sweet things, note that its three not four miles west of 95 as given in the recent posting. Had wonderful time with gal names Beth, 60 for the room and 120 for her; she is sublte and doesn't like to discuss money. The only thing I can really say though, is that I would have given her more money if I had it. Truly wonderful. She is empathetic and a good choice when Ashley isn't there. She is an "8" for looks but is one of thos gals that deserves to move up three or four points of being kind and caring.-a"10" in my book. Highly recommended Day 5 Roosters II on Federal HIghway, north of Ft. Lauderdale Disaster Don't believe any postings you read about this place. Stay away. The prices are up to 100/hour for body scrub and 250/hr for "romance special" There is no longer any difference between the body scrub girls and the massage girls, that I can tell. I did see Lori and she looked quite nice, but stupidly I saw a girl who chose to call herself Mindy that paticular day. Took me in the room and I have her 100 for session. She then indicated that we could have a very good time (wink, wink) for 150 more. At this point she was playing pretty filly, and I wasn't thinking with my brain. Always, always ask what they will do before you give them the money. By the way, it wouldn't have helped here because I am very sure she would have just told me full service. This was followed by every trick in the book including a) she wasn't wearing a wedding ring when I first saw her but she had a very, very large one on which she returned to the room which she repeatedly held up in front of my face 2) An insistence that this was her first day and she was told she couldn't do anything (!) and 3) a reference to the poorly photocopied sign on the wall pertaining to prostitution when an attempt was made to carress her legs (Not even that close to the sweet spot folks). If you walk into a room with one of those signs always be wary. Below not recommended and perilously close to fraud. Try around the corner at the Romance Club, it at least looks intriguing. Saving for another year Ace in the hole
Subject: ASP: South Florida Stings!!! Date: 14 Jun 1997 05:35:17 GMT From an article in the Miami Herald 6/12/97: Broward County Sheriffs have teamed up with Hollywood and Dania police to clean up the streetwalkers in those 2 towns, along US1. They put a policewoman in the 1300 block of US1 (also known as Federal Hwy.) in Dania (just south of Ft. Lauderdale) for 4 hours and arrested 8 "johns" for soliciting a prostitute. They also did the same thing a few months ago in Hollywood along US1, a few blocks south of Hollywood Blvd. In nearby Pembroke Park, the owner of a strip club called Dynasty was arrested on prostitution-related charges. (they also discovered that one of the strippers worked as a typist in the State Attorney's office!). Just a note to warn anyone coming down here to be careful....
Subject: Broward County Scene Date: Wed, 21 Jan 1998 00:57:49 -0500 (faq) Broward County Scene 01/20/98: 1) Massages I have read and been to most of these places and I can tell you from experience that they are tourist rip-off spots. STAY away from 'ON PREMISE DATING SERVICES' or 'ROMANCE BULLSHIT PLACES' or 'MODELING STUDIOS". Once you get inside kiss your money goodbye... Everything is a tease and just when you think you MIGHT get something they say that's not allowed.. The girls so called tips are equal to the door charge, you are better off staying home and pulling on junior for free because when you find out what's not allowed is when you find out how much you just spent to get a bullshit massage. 2) Escorts Expect to be disappointed ALOT. If you are going to use an escort service go to an adult video store an pick up an escort guide. Don't bother with the ones in the newspaper their looking to rip-off tourist bait. BE very careful.....a lot of she-males are escorts...don't call when drunk....Oh yeah they always lie about what the look like so if your looking for a 10 and would settle for a 4 - 6 then use an escort agency, otherwise drink more. 3) Prostitutes Most of the places pointed out in the guide have since long dried up or been hassled to the point of no return. 4) Advice If your looking for free pussy the Lauderdale strip (especially the Beach Place) on any night is full of horny tourist broads looking to get laid. If you can't score here try an escort. Overall I have had MUCH BETTER luck with massage places that charge 45 for the hour, here at least if you don't get lucky you didn't waist over 100 to find out you got hosed, and you may even get a decent massage. I have been here for over 2 years and I don't want anyone to spend the money I did.

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