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Brooklyn, Illinois

Date: Sunday, 15 December, 1996

As a word of advice stay away from a girl named DeeDee.  Cost me $40.00
for a half hour plus $100.00 tip.  She ain't worth it could have gotten
more satisfaction with my own hand.

Date: Tue, 23 Sep 1997 05:01:37 -0500 Subject: St. Louis sex scene I live in St. louis and if you want sex, Brooklyn, Ill. is THE only safe and reliable place to go. There are several strip clubs, massage parlors and video and magazine stores there. Fantasyland offers everything, strippers, video arcades, xxx rated movie theater, books, mags, toys, etc. Roxys club offers the sluttiest strippers anywhere, they go fully naked and stick it right in your face. You definatley get your dollars worth, but don't even think about touching! You'll be lucky to just get a red welt on your face. They also have shower dances there, 2 girls get in and do anything and everything 2 girls and running water can do and are highly visible if you are close to the all glass stall. The more money that comes over the stall, the better the show. $6.00 cover, $4.50 for a beer. As for massage parlors, i recommend Free Spirit. It's right behind Roxy's, usually a large number of ladies, mostly attractive (6's thru 10's), black or white. I recently went in and selected a very beautiful black girl named "Dominique". She was about 22, 5'7" and around 110lbs with long wavy hair, big dark eyes and an unbeliveable ass! Anyway, she led me to a private room, explained that the fees were $60 for 1/2 hr., $90 for 1 hr. Tips were $100 1/2 hr, $135 1hr. A little pricey i thought, but the room actually wasn't bad, there were mirrors all around the bed, a TV in the corner showing some hot porno movies and it even had it's own bathroom! Kinda like a low budget motel room. So I went for the 1/2 hour for $160 total, she told me to get comfortable and that she would be right back. A few minutes later she returned to have me sign some disclaimers about me not being a cop and not paying for sex etc. She left again and returned a few minuted later and asked whether I wanted a massage first or should we just get down to business. I indicated the latter and she promptly lost her hot pink mini dress that clung to her like static and kneeled over me on the bed and started to massage my cock and balls with her hands, smiling and seemingly enjoying herself. She then reached into her bra and pulled out a condom, un wrapped it and expertly placed it on my half hard cock with her mouth in such a way that made me almost instantly hard! I can't quite explain it, but that was wildest sensation I ever felt through a condom. Anyway, she proceeded to give me a completely professional blowjob and i reached over and started feeling her ass, occasionally sliding my fingers along her asshole and pussy and i will say that that pussy was wet and very hot! After a few minutes of this she asked me how i would like to start fucking her and I said doggy style. She smiled and immediately got on all fours and spread her beautiful pussy lips apart with her fingers. As I started to mount her from behind she reached back and grabbed my cock and guided it into her tight hole. Yes, believe it or not that ho had quite a tight pussy! I fucked her hard for about 5 mins, spreading her perfect ass with my hands and kneading those lucious ebony asscheecks. Then i turned her over for some missionary and fucked her hard until I got tired and then slowed it down. The whole time she seemed to be really enjoying it, watching in the mirrors and fucking me back, telling me it felt really good and smiling from ear to ear. Finally I shot my wad and collapsed on top of her, she then started rubbing my shoulders and told me I really knew how to fuck! I really don't know if she meant it, but it was nice to hear her say it anyway. I then kissed her and rolled off, and she jumped up and got a warm washcloth for me to clean up with. She then left and told me to get dressed and she would return to escort me to the door which she did. She thanked me for comming and said to be sure to ask for her again if I came back. Believe me, if you ever go to Free Spirit, you want Dominique! She was very attractive (i'd say at least a 9) and even more important she was enthusiastic. I don't care how good a bitch looks, if she has a bad attitude, she's not worth it. I had been to this place one other time about 4 years ago, and had a simialar experience except that lady was white and i was a little buzzed so I don't remember it very well. One more thing to remember about the Brooklyn scene, you don't have to worry about any busts or raids over there, because those places practically finance the whole community with the taxes and many charitable contributions to the churches and funds for public parks (not to mention probable police payoffs) so there is no interest in closing down any of it because when and if they ever do, that place will literally die. The red garter is permanantly closed down and this is a good thing because it was nothing but trouble. There used to be a massage parlor in a trailer called St. Louis Rub or something like that, if you see it, STAY AWAY!!! Don't put yourself in that kind of situation, you may regret it. Stay on the main drag in Brooklyn (actually about 1 square block) and you will have no problems. Outside of this area you may see local prostitutes or drug dealers walking around, you are better to just stay away from those people because you just never know what might happen. Don't worry, just use common sense and you will not have any problems. To get to Brooklyn from St. louis, just take I55-70-64 over the river and stay on 64. After a mile or so I55-70 will split to the left and I64 will go to the right and you will immediately see an exit sign saying Illinois RT. 3 Stockyards. Take this exit and turn right at the end of the ramp. Just keep driving straight for 2-3 mi and there is no way you can miss it. Make sure you obey all speed limit signs and any other traffic sign you see. Wear your seat belt! You may see prostitutes along the road at this point, ignore them. They are almost all very ugly and dirty black women and some of them are men. If you go ay night, you will think you are in the middle of nowhere before you get there, but if you keep going straight you will make it.
Date: Mon, 10 Nov 1997 03:59:39 -0600 Hi I just visited The Free Spirit Massage Parlor in Brooklyn Illinois and Found the Girls there to be fairly average except for this one blond girl I forget her name as I was Pretty drunk at the time but I Had the best time there. I was shown a line up of about 8 girls the sign outside said 50 girls all the time. I picked the most attractive one this little petite blond and was taken into a room with a bed and TV. she said she had some paper work to get ( a releases saying I was not a cop) and I paid her for 1/2 hour this set me back $60 bucks She told me her tips started at $100 and if I wanted to have a really good time I had to pay her that now then we could negotiate from there. I was left alone while she checked to see if my friends were going to stay and she told me to get as undressed as I wanted . When she came back I asked what I got for the $100 and she said a good time. I asked for some specifics and she told me that she would not do anal but we could discuss anything else. I have used some escort services (cherry escorts ) in St. Louis and had a great time for $200 so I determined not to pay more than that and asked her what she would do for that amount, I was told I could do anything I wanted for that except anal. She started stroking me to erection and put on a condom then said she would suck on it for me. I stroked her pussy While she blew me then I ate her pussy while she continued to suck me. Finally We fucked in about 6 different positions. all in all I had a great time and recommend going three if you get the chance

Prostitution, Prostitutes, Escorts, World Sex Guide

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