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Bristol, United Kingdom

Subject:       Report on Bristol, UK
Date: Fri, 15 Sep 1995

Bristol is situated about 120 miles west of London. It used to be a major port,
and grew wealthy on the proceeds of three trades: Tobacco, Wine and Slaves.
Only the Slave Trade has been discontinued, but transport for the others is
now usually by road or rail, not by sea.

There are many fleshpots in Bristol, in fact it is quite notorious for them.
There is still some bottom-of-the-market street prostitution in the St. Paul's
area centred on the City Road, but excessive publicity a few years ago caused
a bit of a crackdown.  Serious sex in Bristol happens mainly in massage
parlours (of which there are many) and private enterprise advertised in
newsagents' windows.

First the massage parlours.  Mostly they are openly advertised in the
classified columns of papers such as the Western Daily Press and the Evening
Post, otherwise reputations (good and bad) spread by word of mouth. The
situation is, as always and everywhere, changeable. One of the first to open
(I think it *was* the first, in about 1977) is Topaz, at 352a Stapleton Road.
It still likes to think of itself as the best, and probably is because it looks
to maintaining its standards. The nearest parlour to the town centre is City
Centa Sauna (ouch!) in Stokes Croft, which has a high reputation with some.
Said to be a bit pricey now, but try it out.

The real problem with Bristol massage parlours is that there are so many of
them that there simply are not enough girls to go round who really know what
they are doing and can give the customer a good time.  The result is that too
often you get a beginner with little experience who is as likely to turn you
off as on. I have found the best approach here as almost everywhere is to
go for the girls who smile at you and seem to be really pleased to see you,
they almost always show their pleasure in a practical way on the bed.  If I am
greeted at the door with a deadpan expression, or worse a scowl (which does
sometimes happen) I make my excuses and leave immediately - there are enough
other places to try in Bristol.

Secondly, the cards in newsagents' windows.  As in other towns, these vary from
the single scrawled word *massage* and a telephone number to more elaborate
offerings that do look as though the girl is trying to sell herself. These are
the ones to go for.  It is very important to assess the quality of the verbal
welcome you get when you telephone for an appointment, it is similar to the
smile or otherwise at the way in to a massage parlour.  If the girl sounds
enthusiastic and pleased to hear from you then she will be good in bed
(usually).  If not, then beware.

My worst experience, in London as it happens, was when the telephone was
answered by a maid who was offhand to the point of being thoroughly rude. I
made the mistake of carrying on and making an appointment, and when I got there
I had the worst rip-off of my life.  My best experience in contrast to this
was a window card that looked intelligently written and interesting; the girl
sounded friendly, and turned out to be the sexiest piece of female flesh I'd met
for several years, she really did know her job.  I went back to her several
times until she moved to another town.

In Bristol, start at the sub Post Office in Stokes Croft, about 100 yards up
on the left past the City Road traffic lights.  The window usually has seven
or eight cards, one or two of which turn out OK.

Pegasus (

Date: Wed, 31 Dec 1997 14:01:46 +0000 (GMT) Subject: Bristol, UK Bristol is quite a seedy place, and although a good place to go shopping, is quite unnerving at night. There are many massage parlours around the city, and you are really spoilt for choice. Check the "Evening Post" for a list of places open. Quite a number of places are open 24 hours apparently, and upto 20 ladies, but this is stretching the truth a little. I have been only to a few and wasn't that impressed. Prices are expensive, with a half-hour massage (15ukp) and 45 minutes (20ukp). Personal services range from 30ukp (hand relief) to 65-70ukp for oral and sex. And it doesn't garantee a good service. CitiCenta Sauna (Stokes Croft) - you enter from the main A38 road, so things aren't that conspicuous. They have a sauna (okay) and a jacuzzi (it was cold!) on the reception floor. I can't say that it was good - the girls (I went twice only) were like robots and gave perfunctory massage, oral and sex). The one up the road (can't remember the name) has a front and back door, so there is some discretion. Everything seemed cramp in the rooms, and the choice of ladies were not inspiring. There was a lovely girl called Charmaine there, a gorgeous long-haired dizzy blonde, who was very funny and enthusiastic, but I don't she is there any more. Central Massage in Old Market Street is situated next to a pub(!) of all places, so not much discretion there. Standard prices as above, and only two ladies on show when I went (Sunday evening). Again, standard massage, but the sex was terrible. She didn't want to be on top, as she had an infection down below which hurt. Great. Overall, I wouldn't bother with Bristol, unless someone can tell me different. There are just too many, making it difficult to choose.

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