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Bridgeport, Connecticut

I went to a place in Bridgeport, Connecticut called Fantasy Modeling
Studio.  It was located in sort of an industrial neighborhood, and is
staffed by Koreans.  No steam, sauna, or showers.

Basically, you get the girl who answers the door.  The girl I had was
named Angie.  She was about a 7.  She brought me downstairs into a
large room with a decent sized bed on one side and a large mirror on
the other side.  I then gave her the $40 for the house charge, got
undressed, and layed down on the bed.

We chatted while she started rubbing my back and thighs for a few
minutes.  While she was straddling me, she rubbed my cock and balls
with her knee.  I then asked her for full service and we negotiated a
price of $100.  She left the room with the money, came back with a
condom and got undressed.  She began by blowing me.  I felt myself
starting to come, so asked her to stop for a moment.  She then layed
down on her back and told me to fuck her.  So I did.  We fucked for a
while until I came.  She had good control of her pussy muscles.

We then spent about 15 minutes or so talking bullshit.  Somehow, she
told me her favorite number was 69, I said that was one of mine, and
that she should prove herself.  After getting another condom, she
proceeded to give me one hell of a blowjob, while I kissed and licked
her pussy.  I shot my second load and felt totally drained.

If I'm ever in the Bridgeport area again, I would definitely stop by
again.  The phone number is (203) 330-8467 and they are located off of
Exit 4 on Route 8.

Subject: Ct Update Date: Sat, 16 Dec 1995 06:45:24 UTC By far the most consistent quality massage parlor is American Spa on Main Street in Bridgeport. It costs $55 for the hour and tips for full service should be $100 to $120. On the whole the girls rate a 6-9 on the beauty scale and most rate 8-10 on the sexuality scale. One girl was even given a great write up in a NY sex paper. Highlites include CoCo a pretty black girl with a great body,who likes it hard and fast and loves to finish with a titty fuck leading to a nice "pearl necklace". There's a girl Monica with red hair and big tits and a good fuck. Sabina is German and enjoys having guys cum on her. (sorry no facials) Ginger is another light skin black/hispanic girl. She's college educated and also very good. Ashley is a California blonde type. She is a very exciting and very vocal when she cums. I can't recomend Jordan, she was not very exciting. Carly was not that great either but had a very wet pussy. What sets this place apart is the enthusiasm some of these girls have. It is best to call ahead if you want try one of the girls I mentioned, as they are often booked. I recommend you make an appointment. The madame of the house can be unfriendly at times but she is ok. The best thing is to treat the women there with respect and they return that 10 fold in pleasure. There is an article mentioning Stamford, I haven't found a very good place there yet. There seems to be nothing in the Danbury area. One place named Picasso was busted and police revealed that they had even video taped some customers. New Haven has no massage parlors.I do not have any first hand knowledge of other areas in CT so I have not mentioned them here. Another article mentions Oriental Modeling Studio in Bridgeport. You do not have to take the girl who greets you. You must very kindly but firmly ask to see the other girls. They don't seem to staff more than 2 or 3 so the choice may be limited. The girls come and go there. I have found some 10's in this place. The prettiest girls don't stay there long so the advice "strike when the iron is hot " applies. $100.00 will suffice for full service but an extra tip to a very pretty girl will yield great results.I have found a few girls there who are just plain fucking incredible With this place if you don't see what you are looking for, leave and come back in a week or 2 or 3. There is a place called Hawaii Spa on Fairfield Ave. Its potpouri there. Sometimes great sometimes not. The key to Asian places is to shop around. There are a number of Escort Agencies available. They tend to be the same. Prices range from $200.00 and up. Noteable ones are Hot Chocolates featuring all black girls in the Fairfield/Westchester/ Manhattan area. They are expensive and you must book well in advance. The girls are gorgeous and anal and fetishes are available. Pale Godiva's was ok. Tried 2 times there. One girl was great, the other wasn't. There is one girl who advertises as a sweet sexy and friendly fox. She is. Not gorgeous, but attractive and truly enjoys her work. She is picky and really screens her customers.There is a place that advertises as a place for men to get away from it all. It is a rip off. $150 for a half hour. There is a realy good looking blonde there but it has a hurried atmosphere and not worth the time. A girl form Samantha's never showed, never called. Deb's escorts was run of the mill. For those of you who like something different there is a Transexual escort agency, and several dungeons in the New Haven area, and it seems Hartford has a lot of male to male escorts I am not into these things but I thoughtI should include them for those who are.Street prostitutes are available on Howe and along Chapel in New Haven. Almost all are crack or heroin addicts. I would strongly suggest you save your money toward a visit to American instead. The best way to locate what you want would be thru the New Haven or Hartford Advocate. Check out the adds in the back. You certainly can find something there. The Fairfield Advocate (now under a different name) will have listings for that area.
Subject: Connecticut Date: Wed, 22 May 1996 10:43:51 UTC Greetings: Highly recommend Hawaiin massage is Bridgeport. They have a 10 blond and a 10 oriental women that really enjoys her work. Fantasy massage is marginal, girls change to often. Yoki Turi is also okay, again women change often. All cost between $140 and $160 including tip and house fees. Best place is Lee's Oriental in Norwalk. Gilrs all 8+ and very service oriented. Same price. Street sex in Bridgeport is marginal, all druggies or deadbeats. Stay clean, go to the houses.
Date: Fri, 27 Jun 1997 01:18:20 -0400 (EDT) Subject: Massage parlour in Bridgeport,Connecticut MAY 1997 CHATEAU HEALTH SPA, 2662 FAIRFIELD AVE., BRIDGEPORT, CT I had actually driven past this place a few times and never new if it was an Asian place or not, but given the fact that there are about 6 Asian parlours within a square mile of this place, I kind of had a feeling. It was about 1:30am. Once inside, it was clear that this was an Asian place. I didn't really like the woman who greeted me, a 30 something Korean with big silicone tits, but not much of a face and an ass as flat as a board. I asked if anyone else was available and another girl walked out. She was pretty cute and very Japanese looking. I was going to walk, but decided to stay. The charge was $40 half hour, $60 for the hour, including the body wash. I had never had the body wash before so I opted for the hour. I paid her my $60. She came back and I asked her to help me undress (I find it very erotic.) She led me into the wash area, lay me down on the table and began to wash me with the shower head and wash cloth. When she flipped me over, I was hoping for some more attention to my dick, but she was very and methodical. It wasn't erotic at all. Once back in the room, I got my massage, for about 5 minutes. Then she asked what else I wanted. I told her it had been only 5 minutes since my massage started and that I would like a little more massaging before we discussed extras. (I mean c'mon!, 5 minutes!) A few minutes went by and it was time for the extras. She said it would be $60 handjob, $80 blowjob, and $100 fuck. I offered $50 for the handjob and asked if I could touch her as well, she said yes and agreed. She left with the money, came back and took off her clothes. Her tits were nice, but she had a bit of a belly. I then noticed her panties were still on. I told her to take them off and she said that if I paid the extra money she would do anything I wanted. I decided to let her keep them on. She poured some baby oil on her hands and began massaging my cock with great care ; it felt great. The best part was, that she wasn't using a condom and that was fine by me. I told her to move into the 69 position so that I could see her ass. She did. I pulled her panties aside and began to rub her pussy and asshole. She told me not to put my fingers inside and I didn't, knowing this was extra anyway. I was getting a decent handjob, but couldn't stop rubbing her asshole. We swithched postions and I gave her a titty fuck and asked if I could come on her tits. She said fine, but I decided to switch back to lying on my back. I then shot my load into the air like Old Faithful. She cleaned me up with a warm wash-choth which was a nice touch. I then got dressed and left. Not too bad. The body wash was disappointing. The whole experience was about a 6. Furthermore, there are simply too many places to check out in Connecticut to warrant a return visit.

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