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Brevard County, Florida

Date: Sun, 17 Mar 1996

There are several places in Brevard County (Cocoa Beach, Melbourne,
Titusville Area) that you can have fun.

The Boardroom, Cocoa, Florida
Between US1 and I95 on SR520.
Essentially a hand job place, some girls are drop dead gorgeous, most
aren't and the quality of the girls here has appeared to be declining.
They used to have nothing but gorgeous ladies, but I guess times are
tough all over.  Generally 4-6 girls working at any time.  Fees are
100 for half hour to 200 for a one hour jacuzzi.  The standard price
will get you a very nice rubdown from the nude attendent and manual
release.  Some of the girls will do "extras" for a tip, but generally
it will take a repeat visit to get an extra.  If you can get an extra,
expect to pay an extra 100 for full service.  Some of the best looking
ladies are Stephanie, Angela, and Charlie.  My fave is Stephanie,
because she's got great tits and is very erotic.

Melbourne, FL
There are two places on US192 between Target and Sam's.  One is the
Executive Men's Club, the other is Paradise Men's club, I think.  Both
offer full service, but Executive is more forthcoming with the full
service.  Expect about 125-150 for full service.

Cocoa, FL 1700 SR520
The name of this place is also it's address.  This is a scrub joint
where the girls get naked for a tip and you can jerk yourself.  No
choice of girls, you get the next in line.  About 75 for this rather
lame service.  It's just down the street from the Boardroom, I'd
suggest the extra few $ to get the hand job there.

All of the places in the area are all-american girls.  I have never
seen any asians.  One place between Melbourne and Cocoa on US1 was
called Xanadu, but it has closed.  It has opened and closed several
times in the last few years.  They offered the most reasonable full
service in the area. Around 80-100 for full service.  The girls were
inconsistent though.  If you check for a few days, you could find a
good-looking one.

Date: Sat, 15 Jun 1996 02:25:18 UTC I just read your article about Brevard County -- I agree, the Xanadu club was great. I'm sorry to hear that it closed down. Its cost was reasonable I once paid the $45 for the room (20 mins) and the lovely cherry blonde must have been new.... She had no oil, and she took $25 for a handjob.... But then without the oil she realized that it was too harsh, so she kindly give me a wet pre-blow job. Just before I came she removed her mouth. It was heavenly. Thanks for the thorough report. Let me know if Xanadu reopens....
Subject: Streetwalkers in Titusville Date: Mon, 15 Dec 1997 23:13:33 -0500 I would like to tell you of a fun time I have had. One was with a girl in October. Her name was Heather and I found her walking in the north area of town. Heather is 5'7'' and about 100lbs, she told me she is 20. Anyway we went to a secluded spot and talk about prices. Heathers prices are very resonable. 12 for a BJ and 20 for sex. I decided to go for the 20 dollars and she procedded to give me a great BJ followed by rough sex. All in all she is a great lay. Heather is hard to find she only comes out a few times a week. Heather can be found on Main Street in north T-ville in Brevard County FL.

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