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Bremen, Germany

Subject: prostitution in Bremen, Germany

There are several good and cheap and good and expensive ways to get layed
in Bremen. Here are the highlights:

1) There are illegal streetwalkers in the Humboldstrasse area. Some of the
girls look really fucked up but some (the ones who just started with drugs)
might look quite decent. Prices are around $ 30 for a blow job (mostly
without rubber, some swallow) and $ 50 for a lay, both in the car.

2) Go to the Helenenstrasse only if you are willing to spend $ 300. The
girls are gourgeous and you might find an 8 - 10 but the price... (and
everything with rubber).

3) In the seaport there is a long street called Holzhafen were you find a
bunch of legal streetwalkers. Some look quite nice, some are not as
pleasant. Prices are $ 50 in the car and $ 80 in their room (I recommend
the room). This area guarantees some relative safe exitement.

4) Some girs work out of appartments which are actually more whore houses.
Here you might find the best looking ones but you don't know before. The
best bet is to ask if there are more girls working, this increases the
odds. Phone numbers are listed in local papers and prices are around $ 100
but it is really worth it.

Prostitution, Prostitutes, Escorts, World Sex Guide

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