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Breezewood, Pennsylvania

Date: 30 Dec 1996 23:09:55 GMT

I first saw the place driving down I-70 toward Baltimore.  It is just off
of the PA turnpike at Breezewood. The base prices there are 55 for 20 min,
85 for 40 min (mutual) and 110 for 1 hour (mutual w/jacuzzi).

The first girl (and the best) I saw there was XXX.  She is XX, blonde
about 5-6" and a very nice body.  I chose the 40 minute session because I
really wanted to touchl her body.  She took the money, told me to disrobe
and left.  About 5 minutes later she came back, stripped nude and began a
very sensous massage.

We were both kind of nervous since I had never been there before but after
a few minutes of her gentle touch, we were off and running.  After a while
she asked me if I wanted to massage her.  Of course I said yes and she laid
down on her stomach.  I rubbed her back for a couple of minutes and then
had her roll over.  She complied and spread her legs slightly.  I wasn't
sure what the ground rules were so I lightly traced my fingers around her
upper thighs for a while and she spread her legs even further.  Now I could
see that her pussy was wide open and I made my move.

I made a bold move for her cunt and she reciprocated by mashing it into my
hand and grinding hard.  I fingered her wet snatch for about 10 minutes and
I didn't want to stop.  She really got into it moaning and telling me that
I was going to make her come.  It was definitely time to get down to

Now I have been to a few of these places before but I would not call myself
an expert by any means.  I asked her about tipping and she just kind of
stared at me.  We went on like this, neither one of us wanting to say
anything wrong.  Finally she used hand gestures to let me know that oral
was 60 and full service was 100.  I asked her about facials (my personal
favorite) but she said no way.

I chose oral and she proceeded to give me the best blowjob of my life.  She
did use a condom of course and even uses latex gloves.  She said that the
prices were standard and non-negotiable, which is the same story I have
heard from the three other girls.

I went back a few weeks later because I was dying to fuck this girl.  I got
the full hour session.  We played around in the jacuzzi for about 20 min
and then went into the room for some very hot fucking.  She sucked me for
about 5 minutes and then did every position I could think of.  She would
not let me reciprocate the oral sex however, which was a bummer.  Finally,
I couldn't come because of the raincoat so she brought me off with her
mouth while I fingered her asshole.  The next time out I want to see if
she'll do anal, something I have never done and my wife refuses to do.

I did go back a few more times and sampled a few of the other ladies.  They
were all nice but didn't even come close to XXX.  She works M-Th 10-6 and
fri 10-11.

Please post any other experiences from the Atlantiis Spa.

Prostitution, Prostitutes, Escorts, World Sex Guide

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