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[Forwarded from a Brazilian lawyer]

You might be interestd in the situation in Brazil.

First, the law. Prostitution of any kind, over 18 is not a crime. Pimping or
being middle men is a crime. Sex with anyone younger than 14 is considered
statutory rape. Rape is also a crime in any age, but persecution is minimal.
Usually the authorities look the other way, with some grease. Some
persecution exists, mostly when the women gets pregnant. Marriage cancels
the accusation.

The curious fact on Brazilian Law is that everything related to
prostitution, as owning or operating a brothel, being the middle man,
transmission of venereal decease, etc, is a crime. But prostitution, itself,
is not a crime.

Of course, as everywhere, the prostitute is mostly a victim. She can hardly
refuse a client, she is attacked by pimps, protection selles, she pays a
higher taxi fare, a higher bill at the bar, a higher rent on her housing, etc.

Practically speaking:

Sauna baths are advertized on everyday's paper, and one can get one of the
attendants for a "massage" for about $50,00, negotiable.

Call girl and call boys business is also advertized in the papers, at about
$100 a full date, also negotiable. One can also call for couples.

In the papers one can also go to "health clinics" where you can chose from a
variety of live esteticists and use a cubicle.

Clubs where you can meet prostitutes are very popular. About $30 minimum
charge for a drink. Prices for the girls that you meet there, from $100 to
$300, tipping allowed and expected. From the club you can drive to the girls
apartament, but most commonly to a motel, charging from $30 to $100 for six
hours, but most clients leave before that.

Child prostitution is rampant, as well as street walkers. Prices vary,
usually beginning at $20 for a treat. Also prowling the streets are many
transvestites for its special market niche.

There is also the docks zone, what they call "low" prostitution, at $10,
negotiable, more or less.

Video clubs rent phornographic videotapes and films, most made locally.
Cable television also show quite a few explicit sex.

Phone sex is advertized in the papers, mostly from foreign countries,
charging about $4 a minute. Also advertized in the papers are some local
phone operators, charging about the same, payment by credit card or by
special cards that one buys in the newstands.

A lot of action, as you can see. All that not to count the amateurs, about
130 million adult practicioners in the country as a whole.

Date: Fri, 03 Jan 1997 13:37:15 -0200 Subject: About Brazilian Prostitution Reading the messages about Brazilian prostitution, I've noticed that no one is telling one importante thing. Sexual deseases are not very common in Brazil, but they not rare either. Condom use IS mandatory in Brazil. Thanks for your great work.
Date: Tue, 18 Feb 97 00:17:47 -0800 Subject: Brasil Hi, I am from Brasil and just went to a prostitute bar. It was called Musa's and the place was near Monumento do Ipiranga (right by it). It cost $100 for an hour and the women were ok. The drinks were like $10 per each and the entrance was $10. I had a blonde girl who was magnificent. She was around 20 and beautifully built...the best by far. They are so affectionate it's incredible. It is definitely worth the experience. Just go to any "casa de massagem" (massage for men) and it's a bordel. Actually the best place used to be Cafe Foto where the women were high class and charged $250-$350, but they were playboy material. It closed but reopened somewhere else in Sao Paulo with another name. Not sure of it but everyone knows. Another place is Patropi which is a strip bar where you can agree for a price.

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