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Bratislava, Slovakia

Bratislava, Slovakia:

From around 11pm at America Square you will see many ladies of the
night hanging around street corners. Most were pretty young and fairly
good looking. The one I approached said 1,000 krowns ($35) "für alles
im hotel" and offered to do it behind a busstop for much less when I
looked uncertain! Moral of the story: get a hotel without an
eagle-eyed concierge or Christian American tour groups and pick up one
of these dyevooshkas for a bargain. I wish I did.

Date: Wed, 03 Sep 1997 21:51:13 +0200 Subject: Bratislava, Slovakia The area where you can find the girls spreads from the the TESCO supermarket till the crossing of Vajnorska and Bajkalska streets. This includes the streets Spitalska, Steinerova (could have been renamed), and Vajnorska. It is a straight line (arc), so you cannot miss it. The area is good for cruising but be careful (see below). The scene starts at the usual hours, around 10p.m., but may be you can find some girls even earlier. The best choice is aroung 11 p.m. On a warm night you can find 20 to 30 girls on the street. The best looking girls in my oppinion can be found between the American square and the big crossing of Steinerova, Krizna, Vajnorska, and Trnavska streets, better known as Fr.Zupka square (ancient Central Market Square). If you are not familiar with the area, look on a map first. The girls are mostly young and good looking. They charge 500 slovak crowns for a blowjob, 1000 for sex without bj, 1500 with bj. The current exchange rate is ~30 slovak crowns for one US dollar. After you accepted the deal, the girl jumps in your car and takes you to a quiet place. I speak slovak, so the conversation does not pose a problem to me, but I suppose that the girls speak some english and/or german. I have been told that sometimes you can find junkies proposing a bj for 300 without rubber. Definitely REFUSE. I had in August a slender 22yo 1m80 (= 6') tall blond girl with long hair named Andrea. I opted for half and half and it was worth every penny I payed. She sucked very well and her pussy was tight. She told me that she had been swimming (competition) for eight years and studies sociology at the university now. She has a good attitude and if you are respecting her, she will be an excellent girl for you. She can be found just on the Fr.Zupka square on the right-hand side when you arrive from Steinerova street at the crossing in front of the red light. There are two or three problems. The first one is the tramway (streetcar). You must cruise on streets where also the tramway is running. Usually, you run in parallel to them, but there are two bottlenecks. The first one is when you turn from Spitalska street into Steinerova street, in front of the hospital. The other one is in the opposite direction on Spitalska street in front of the building called Two Lions (former police headquarters). Remember that the tramway has ALWAYS the right of way! Second problem is that you should keep in mind that you cannot make a U-turn wherever you wish. Be careful, you cannot do a U-turn at the Fr.Zupka square. Instead, engage into Vajnorska street and do the U-turn there. A U-turn in front of the TESCO supermarket is not forbidden but not allowed either. In all cases when doing a U-turn, look out for the tramways. The third problem are the cops. Definitely, prostitution IS ALLOWED in Slovakia and neither you nor the girl can be busted for engaging in sexual activity for money. The cops will either wait until you do an unallowed traffic movement or stop you to check your identity and whether you are not DUI. So, have always your papers with you and be totaly sober. The problem is that there is no tolerance margin in Slovakia. When you have drunk and have less or equal to 0.3 then you will pay a fine. From 0.3 to 0.8 you loose your driving license, and when you have more than 0.8 you are imprisoned. Good luck and have fun.

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