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Brasilia, Brazil

Date: Sun, 14 Jul 1996 08:37:45 UTC

Brasilia (last visit in june 1994)

great girls here too, if a little hard to find.  great success at a boite
(nightclub) called Queen.  verry pretty (7-8) small slender girl asked
for US80, i told her that i would only pay $50, she said she needed more,
i said ok I'll find another girl, she said $50 is fine which i gave her
plus a tip to the $80 in the morning when she was leaving.  (i had to
chase her to give her the money - this could only happen in brasil!)  we
went to my hotel, spent the night, made love once with a condom, and the
second time with us both half asleep without to the surprise of both of
us.  i am sure she completely enjoyed it as much as i did - something
found in brasilian prostitutes and almost nowhere else.  we had breakfast
in the morning and she left after giving me her number.  i tried to call
her a few weeks later, but she had moved. too bad - Claudia stole my
heart.  if you meet her give her my love!!

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