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Bradford, United Kingdom

Bradford: the action appears to have moved away from Lumb Lane. The
story is that concerted vigilante action by the local residents
forced the girls away - the interesting twist in the tale is that it
seems a lot of the irate local residents had bought their properties
cheaply because the properties were in the red light area. I believe
the area is now Thornton Road and Sunbridge Road.

Subject: Bradford UK Date: Sat, 06 Jun 1998 11:08:35 PDT My recommendations (based on extensive testing of the street girls) Michelle, about 18/19, tall skinny blond (dye) stands on City Road between 8 - 11pm, best currently available Marylyn, about 22, dark hair, nice figure, stands on Water Lane/Listerhills Lane between 6-9pm Claire Sutcliffe, about 18, is nice, gives shit blow jobs but otherwise acceptable - stands on City Road/Sunbridge Road Vicky and Bridgette are also worth a try if you can find them. Usually at far end of Thornton Road. A young looking girl is Catherine who stands at the junction of Listerhills and Thornton road - beware she has a reputation (well deserved!) for ripping punters off. Unfortunately the two best are currently out of commission - Alana Hardy (23) is pregnant (7 months) and Amber Hardy (22) is a guest of Her Majesty!
Date: Thu, 11 Jun 1998 21:18:43 +0100 Bradford In spite of attempts by Fascist Muslims and the Police Bradford still has a huge red light district. It is now centred on Thornton Rd. but includes City Rd, Sunbridge Rd, Rebecca St, Preston St, Listerhills Rd, Longside Lane and Richmond Rd, as well as most of the smaller interconnecting streets. That dosn't mean that there will be girls on all of these roads all the time but if you are looking around you really need to cover all these streets to be sure that you havn't missed anything. The action starts at around 7pm each evening and in fact many of the girls have told me that the police tell them that they mustn't work before 7pm. Having said that I have been hassled by the Police well after this time, but they didn't take it any further, so I don't know what the agenda is. The whole area is industrial so there are no residents to consider. As with any area there are good and bad girls but I have found quite a few who suit me and are honest, and I think with a little care and attention anyone else should as well. Had my pocket "dipped" once and had one girl do a runner with #5 I gave her to buy condoms. A few tips to anyone thinking of picking up a girl in this area (or any where else for that matter) 1. If a girl you are interested in is working watch her DISCREETLY, if she is picked up by a punter and returned to the same spot after a reasonable time she is probably OK. After all a punter isn't going to return a girl when he has just been robbed by her "boyfriend". Equally if you visit the area on a regular basis see which girls always work from the same place, they are usualy honest (may not be your type but that's a different matter) 2. If a girl offers sex without a condom don't go near her, why does she feel the need to put herself at risk in this way? (Quite a few girls do bj without but this seems less risky) 3. Cheapest genuine street price seems to be #15 for bj in car with many charging #20, if a girl suggests less than this why is she undercutting the other girls? so don't bother with her. 4. When you do find a girl who is OK treat her decently, The decent ones will respond to being treated as a human being! Also make sure you are clean. 5. Do it in the car the first time with a girl, and try to choose the place yourself, get to know the local geography and have a few places in mind before you even go out looking at the girls. (I know this flies in the face of the advice given to girls by various advice organisations but this is written from the male perspective) 6. If you are going back to a girls place or going to do it in the car check if you are being followed. If you are is it Police or Pimp? Either way tell her you are being followed and suggest a detour. 7. If you do get problems try "The police station is just at the end Thornton road which is where we are going now (and turn round and head that way, see 5), or you could just get out of the car without a fuss and con someone else" I used this approach once and it worked! 8. Trust your instinct, if you are not happy when a girl approaches the car make a polite excuse and drive off (not with squealing tyres etc!) e.g. "Sorry I thought you were Sandi who I met last week"
Date: 13 Jun 1998 07:49:35 -0000 Bradford, England The Manningham area of Bradford was once the main red light district, with the infamous Lumb Lane being the key street. However, activities are now centered around Lister Hills and to a lesser extent, Girlington. The Lister Hills area is near the University and only 10 minutes walk from the city centre. The main road running by Lister Hills is Thornton road, along which there are always a number of girls strutting around after dark. Also, there is high police presence in the area - so be warned. Behind the main road are a web of dingy little back streets. I cannot say that I have explored them but I suspect that there are many more girls there. The massage parlour that I have visited is 'Honi Massage', located about 10-15 minutes walk from the centre, along Thornton Road. It is a large detached 'house' by the road side and is hard to miss since there is a lit up sign outside advertising massage. I have to say that I have been disappointed so far by Honi. On my first visit, all the girls were busy and booked for quite a while and so the receptionist agreed to give me fast hand relief. Unfortunately she meant it - she slipped on a plastic glove and gave me rapid (and un-inventive) masturbation. Worse still she charged 25 pounds for it and she never even took her clothes off. My second experience there was with a mature lady known as 'Tiffany'. She was about 40 years old, plump and not very sexy at all. It was her first day at Honi and I felt as though she had not worked the business for long. She gave me a very boring and un-erotic massage for about 5 minutes and then proceeded to give me a basic hand job. I asked her to to get out her breasts which she did, after charging another 5 pounds and having me root through my jeans for the cash. All in all I paid 40 pounds and left feeling rushed and cheated. The only good point about Honi is that it is open until 4am in the morning which makes it a nice stop off on the way home from a club or the girlfriends, etc.

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