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>Has anyone ever used the services advertised in the Adult section of
>the Boston Phoenix?  If so is there any that can be recommended, or
>to avoid.

I have availed myself on a number of occasions and have been very
disappointed -- every single time.

Every one I have tried is significantly different than described --
including a 250 pounder who described herself as "petite".

I've seen some interesting tattoos though.................

Date: 7 Jan 1995 10:26:02 GMT >* Olde English Health Club >I've been here twice in the last 3 years, and on neither occasion did >the women offer anything other than a straightforward massage. In >one case the woman went out of her way to tell me (over and over >again) that massage was all they offered. But other posters to this >group have said otherwise in the past. What's the story? Is there >some bit of magic that I'm missing here, or were they afraid of a >raid that night, did I just pick the wrong women? I've been here a number of times, and hand/oral/full service is routinely available. I've never had it not offered.
Date: Wed, 8 Feb 95 14:47:34 -0500 > BOSTON (AP) -- The 20 men used coats, legal pads, bandanas, even >parking tickets to hide their faces from a hand-held video camera, >the city's newest weapon against prostitution. This is absolutely true. They have continuous sting operations in Boston, and they are making it well known to deter any potential johns. This also takes place in other big cities in Mass, particularly in Lawrence, MA. In Lawrence, people in the community were videotaping potential johns and prostitutes out in the street and turning them all in to the police. The police are making the names of public record. It is impossible to tell the police from the johns, if you are coming to Mass., don't pick up streetwalkers, because there are more police out there than you think. Be very weary of the escort services provided in the Boston Phoenix section, there was also trouble with that.
Date: 3 Mar 1995 06:04:59 GMT Get the Boston Phoenix which has an Adult Section. Most places with a 1-800 number are pretty good according to a friend. Going rate is $160 to $180 according to a friend. Beware of a description that says the lady is 29 and weighs 129 pounds. That's a cue she is mid to late 30s and last saw 130 pounds 10 to 20 pounds ago. Ask for younger and lighter than you really want.
From: (JayHawk) Date: Thu, 27 Apr 1995 04:39:31 UTC Boston used to be a major sex capital, but most places, especially the notorious "Combat Zone" have been shut down. The Yellow Pages list a few massage places, and the only one I found that was not legit was Old English Spa. There is a $60 entry fee that entitles you to a shower, then you walk into a large room where 10-15 girls are hanging around watching TV, most wearing one-piece bathing suits. The girls range from plain to pretty, I would rate them at 5-8, but no knockouts. When you see a girl you like, you hand her this ticket you are given and she leads you to a private room. These rooms have no locks on the doors and have a small window in the door! They will turn down the lights real low and do pretty much anything extra for a tip. It cost me a $70 tip ($130 total) for a mediocre blow job, so given the high cost and poor surroundings, I don't recommend this unless you are desperate. I was there in 1991 and the girl told me the place might be closing soon, so I don't even know if it is still there.
Subject: My Pro B/D Experience in Boston (Was LA Pro B/D Experience) Date: 4 Jun 1995 02:48:17 -0400 A month ago, I had a session with an independent Mistress in Boston. My interests are mostly bondage and discipline, and we scheduled a session. I met her at a coffee shop before the session and she could have been the girl next door. She was pretty much as she had described herself to me (I had seen her ads on alt.personals.bondage and we had exchanged email). She was a tall brunette with a very nice figure and a pretty face. We then went to her dungeon, which was close by. It was well equipped, with a rack and lots of whips and paddles and so on. I've never been to a dungeon in NY or LA, so I don't know how it would compare with one of those, but it seemed pretty good. We chatted inside the dungeon for a few minutes (she had changed out of her jeans and sweater, into an eye popping leather corset). We discussed marks (she couldn't leave any, I'm married), limits and safewords. And then the ball got rolling. She had me undress and then cuffed me to the rack, and then began to tickle me. I could barely stand it, so she began to whip me with a nice soft whip. She really got into it, and after a few minutes she changed whips, to something a little heavier. This also felt really good. I got really hard, and she then took some rope and tied my cock and balls to a hook in the floor. This made being whipped *very* interesting. Later, she brought out a candle and lit it right in front of me. This was the most terrifying moment . And she seemed to notice how nervous I'd become, but she just smile and began to drip wax on my cock. It didn't hurt two much. Eventually, she took me out of bondage, and asked me just how naughty I was. I'd been *very* naughty, of course so she took me over her knee and began to slowly spank me. Eventually, she had me kneel on the floor and she spanked me while I stroked my cock. I was told not to cum without her permission. And after a couple of minutes of this torture, I was given it. What impressed me most about the session was how relaxed and unhurried the woman was. I'd heard stories about hours that lasted only 20 minutes, but that wasn't the case. I was in the dungeon for almost two hours and really got my money's worth. We chatted and played and enjoyed the scene a lot. Also, she didn't ask me for her fee up front (which was 200/hour - though I only got charged for an hour). Over all, it was a excellent experience, and I plan to repeat it soon. My only advice is do your homework. I asked a lot of questions beforehand and I told her some of my fantasies and interests. She seemed very honest and trustworthy, so although I had some worries initially she really reassured me.
Subject: Re: New England Cat Houses ? Date: 12 Dec 1995 18:29:18 GMT Portsmouth NH or Kittery ME I forget which but it is advertized under Massage in the Boston yellow pages and is off 95.
Subject: Re: Finding girls in Boston area Date: 30 Dec 1995 02:00:14 -0500 I reccomend the Premiere Escort Agency. I saw Lisa who was very sweet, pretty, and had a beautiful shaved pussy. Price was $170 for full service and was very well worth it. I can't wait to get back to Boston and try them again. :) :) :)
Subject: Re: Boston locales... Date: 12 Mar 1996 04:13:34 GMT > With the closing of Naked I and the Pilgrim, where is a horny boy to > go in Boston? Do you want to pay or do you want it for free? If you want to pay, the hookers still hang out at the Playland bar, around the corner from the (now closed) "I". The women there aren't top shelf, but if you want 'em, they're there. Chinatown in general still has streetwalkers, although with the cold weather and the police crackdowns, you see less and less of them.
Subject: Re: Looking For Boston Action Date: 30 Mar 1996 13:21:14 -0500 >Get a copy of the Boston Pheonix. They have a whole ad section for >escorts and escort services. Literally hundreds of ads. I'm sure you >can find someone interesting in there. Regrettably over the last week or so the cops have busted multiple escort services advertising in the Phoenix. Our tax dollars at work.
Subject: Warning!!! Date: Wed, 3 Apr 1996 12:45:31 UTC Your readers should know that the Boston Police are currently performing their "Right of Spring", AKA busting Johns who are too stupid to recognize and obvious setup when they see one. They have police women in Halloweenish "whore costumes" and subsequent sting operations in Downtown, the South End (Harrisson Avenue and Washington Street), lower Blue Hill Avenue, Dorchester, Mattapan Square and East Boston. The local TV stations and papers are being especially ruthless this time publishing and displaying names and pictures in print and on TV reports. A word to the wise: If you see a good-looking, hot hooker on the streets of Boston, it's either a cop or a man.
Subject: Boston Prostitution Date: Thu, 6 Jun 1996 09:34:59 UTC Someone said to go to the Playland bar for prostitues? Pretty bad advice since this place is known for TVs & TSs. A guy picked up a TV there and took hit home. He murdered the TV. In the papers it was said that this bar is predominately frequented by TVs & TSs. Also mentioned was that street walkers are still there. This is dangerous since there are decoy cops busting johns and they put your name and pic in the news. They also allow news photogs to take pix of the johns when they clean the streets as part of their sentence to clean the streets in area of Chinatown and the combat zone. This is on the news constantly. There are many busts of whorehouses in the suburban areas in the news also.
Subject: delucking: A report for Booooston Date: Tue, 11 Jun 1996 21:13:44 UTC Since there aren't many experience report from Boston, here's mine. All the following happened within the past 2-3 years (in chronological order).
Christine: =========== She worked out of an incall joint in Allston/Brighton (near the VideoSmith). She advertised, in the Phoenix's line-ad section, as a blonde having the body of Anna Nicole Smith. Of course, she was way shorter and bigger, but did have the big 38DD, which was what prompted me to call. So I called and made an appointment during the evening, and was instructed to call from a payphone next the VideoSmith/CVS. I got there, called and She asked me to read the payphone number back to her; then was told to go to an apartment on Royce Rd. She let me in and asked "So, did you bring the money?" I was very nervous (my first time doing this), so I gave her $150 (should'd been more careful though, should'd asked her to show me her tits first). She was about 5'4", 135, early 20's. So she told me to get comfortable and left the room with the money. You could tell the place was only used for business. It had a big three-piece mirror on the wall facing the bed. A radio on the floor played music to cover the possible noise from our room or from the other room which her roommate was also working (I think they worked for an agency). She came back, I asked her if she could take a shower first, before I can say "together", she said no, but I could take one by myself, I declined. Then she took off her long evening gown and everthing else, revealing her fat tummy, and huge tits. we got on the bed, made small talks, said she was studying business at my alma marta (not likely), from Penn. Then she got down to business, put a condom on and started blowing. I started playing with her big real tits. I asked to change position so I can get a good feel of her big ass while blowing me, she didn't like it when I tried to finger her ass "cause it hurts"; she has a loose pussy though. After awhile, she mounted me, facing me, she wouldn't mount facing away from me said it hurts. but i wouldn't mind, I started sucking and massaging her tits (they are the biggest I'd ever felt), and noticed she has a cute face. After awhile we did doggie style, then missionary. one problem, I COULDN'T cum because I had jerked off earlier (a technique taught by a friend so one can last a lot longer). she noticed this, offered to jerk me off. that didn't work. so I suggested we wait a while, we made some small talks. then she got another condom, blew me till I was hard, we tried again, i banged her hard, but after an hour (I checked my watch) had passed I was still hard but no juice. So I said "Looks like it's not gonna happen tonight." and gave up, took a nice shower and left. throughout the session she closed her eyes and didn't make a sound, but she did nicely pinch my nipples, my back. (I don't remember part of it because she used 3 different condoms). In summary, she's pretty, very patient, nice real big tits, but a bit too fat in the middle, bored, loose. I would go back and see her again, but she said she was quitting; But in the lastest issue of Phoenix, I saw an ad that says "Remember me? Kristine, 38DD....499-####", maybe she's back ;-) Jessica: =========== Same setup as Christine, the line-ad said "toned blonde, 36D...". So I called from a payphone one block from where Christine was. She asked me what I was wearing (made sure I was the one calling at the payphone, watching me right across the street). I was instructed to go across the street to a first floor apartment. I went in she greeted me. She was wearing a tank-top type, and really tight jeans and high heels, had curly blonde hair, a thick southern accent, a turn on; but she has bad teeth, and a tummy, (couple of other negative things which i shall describe later). She's about 5'5", 115, really late 20's. her roomate (who sounded really stoned, has her own line), also was working in the next room, watching TV (again I think they worked for an agency), could see us through the blinded glass doors, so she offered to dim the light down really low. Anyways, she asked me "Yaw are not a cop are you?". Not much of a help if I was one, but that put me at ease so I didn't asked her to show me any part of her first (actually you should always do that to make sure). I gave her $150. When she came back I asked her if she can take a shower first, she said yes but that would be part of the hour time. I said ok and didn't ask to join her, Should have had, doh! she came back wrapped in a towel. when she took them off I noticed she has really ugly tits, triangular pointing downward. she got a condom and started blowing, but I felt like peeing, doh! first she said she doesn't have another condom but then as I pressed on she said she will ask her friend. So I went, came back, and back in business. As she was blowing me, I felt her body. She has the softest, smoothest skin I'd ever felt. Then I asked her to mount me facing away from me. after rocking a good few mintues, I almost cummed, she was just tight enough, even though I had just jerked off before I went over. I asked her to stop, cause I wanted to last longer. Suddenly she let out this fart sound from her pussy- my first encounter with pussy fart. she blamed it on the jell. Then we changed position, from behind, I admired and played with her fine ass. Then we changed position again, missionary. Her faking techniques were very good, breathing hard and moaning just the right amount. Finally, I couldn't hold it. and she let out another pussy fart. Afterward, I took a shower and left. Total time: one hour. By the way, she said she had clients such as cops, priest, etc; and she attends Harvard (absofuckinlutely Not!). She was very popular cause her phone couldn't stop rining. Unfortunately she's not working anymore. I would see her again otherwise. Kelly(Karen), Kim =========== First, Let me say, this was horrible session. Her line-ad seemed very interesting, long blonde, silk stocking, etc. I tried several time to made an appointment but she was always busy or not in. When I finally got through, she sounded very cute and nice on the phone. I thought, jackpot. I was instructed to go to Symphony, I called from the phone in front of the supermarket (It was busy for awhile, so I got a coffee from donut shop next door and waited for 1/2 hr). I finally got through and instructed to go to an apartment near the other end of Western Ave. I went and was greeted by a 5'7" skinny dirty blonde. The apartment was totally unfurnished, looked a bit like a crack house in the movies. her roomate Kim, "don't mind me I am just cleaning up." was also there. I was led to a room with a bed with a matress, that was it. and no light and smelled bad. She said we can get some light from the street by lifting the blind, doh! So, I gave her $150, then she said for $20 more her roomate would join us, "more fingers to work with". Well, I thought with my other brain, a threesome, and gave her another $20. I got naked and onto the nasty looking bed. She came back undressed, NO tits!, started a hand job. I started to feel her, uhh she was hairy, pointy stubs all over her legs. So I was totally turned off, hariy legs, no tits, no ass, boney. then her roomate, Kim (her real name, said she's attending Mass School of Fine Art). Kim was nice, plumb, nice tits, short hairs 5'4" 125, early 20's burnett, but bad teeth. together they proceed to give me a hand job. I started exporing Kim, fingering her pussy, nice and wet. Then she left, apparently the $20 extra was just for Kim to join us for the hand job portion. Doh! I knew $20 extra for a threesome was too good to be true. I wanted to bang Kim but didn't ask if it was possible to switch. So I was stuck with Kelly, she put a condom on and started to blow me. I couldn't get it hard enough because I was totally not turned on, and the fact that I jerked off earlier didn't help either. But she tried to mount me anyways. After awhile, she suggested jerking me off, I got one of the worse painful hand job I'd ever gotten for 1/2 hr. that didn't work. during that time, some guy, I think the pimp, came to the apartment then left. I suggested get another condom and bang her from behind but she said the lotion would break the condem (maybe, maybe not). She said I could come back next time, ask for her (real name Karen) and she would give me half price. I didn't want to see her again, and finally convinced her to let me jerk off myself and cum on her chest. I washed (nothing else in the bathroom was working) and left disappointed. well, one tiny point I liked was that she kept talking dirty, telling me to cum all over her, what a big cock I had (5.5" is hardly big). Kim is no longer working I think, I would bang her again though. But Kelly(Karen) is still is, I accidentally met her while going to see Cherri (see below) at another location; she didn't remember me cause it was over a year ago. So, You've been warned (her new number begins with 617-738-####, she's very soft spoken). Deanna: =========== Another disappointment. Anyways, she was located in the same apartment as Jessica. She was about 5'6", 115, late 20's, bad teeth, small tits. "Are you a cop?" she asked. I asked her whether she wanted to take care of the business first, then handed her $150. she gave me a nice blow job I almost cummed (even though I jerked off earlier). Then proceeded to bang her missionary style. her fake loud moan was really distracting, all the while rushing me. I smelled something fouled, I think it was her saliva. I noticed that she had a tatoo rose on her chest, and semi-shaven pussy. Then I asked her to roll over, for doggie. But she said she had to go! that's right, she had to go home to her family in Rhode Island, for Thanksgiving (it was the the day before thanksgiving). But I hadn't cummed! But she insisted on calling it off. Well, being a nice guy and it was thanksgiving. I said ok and asked to wash myself. But No, she really has to go! Doh! she apologized and said come back next time - no fucking way. I left, should have asked for my money back cause the whole thing lasted for less than 1/2 hr. Fortunately, I don't think she's working anymore. A black lady: =========== (sorry I forgot her name, but anyways, I don't think she working anymore). It was summer, and naturally, my hormone level was sky high. I called a line-ad (forgot what it said). Was told that all kinds of girls were available, and could go there and pick the one I want, a first for me). I jerked off and went. I was instructed to called from a payphone in front of the Berkeley Performing Art. I called there, told to hand on (I think she could see me from the apartment) to verify me. Then she told me to go across the street to an apartment next to the Boston Beat Record store. I was greeted by the black lady. I went in but saw only One oriental girl available. She was not my type at all. But I was horny and already there. so I asked her to show me something to make sure she's not a cop. But she wouldn't! I was about to leave when the black girl said, "come on, damn, show him your tits. oh! here!"; She popped out Her big tits, so I asked Her if she was working (I thought she was only the "madam"). she said yes, and gave her $170 ($160 was the price). The oriental girl was pissed I didn't picked her; hey her fault. then she led me upstair to the penthouse; a very nice room with a very beautiful bed, a nice dresser, a soloflex. This place actually looked like people live there, not just for the girls to work. Anyways, she was about 5'7", 36D 125, short short hair, nose ring, nice big round firm bootie, but her tummy is kind of ugly, it looked like she was pregnent, but it wasn't fat, in fact I think it was firm. But anyways, I asked her if we could take a shower together. She said yeah and got a condom "just in case we decided to have fun in there". (it was not the first time I took a shower with a lady but the first time I had sex in the shower with a lady). So, we soaped each other. She wouldn't let me finger her caused "finger nails contain germs". well, after some playing around, she put the condom on, kneeled, and started blowing me. After getting me hard, she turned around and slid my cock in. I started banging and almost slipped couple of times (sex in the shower was alot harder than I'd fantasized). She was tight though. Ya know black girls got'em booties going on. Nice big round ass. Anyways, after awhile we decided to dry off and proceed to the bedroom. So we got on the nice bed, she blew me to get me hard again, then she mounted me. I squeezed her tits and told her how nice they were, she mananged to utter "thank you" amist the moaning, it sounded really funny. so after awhile, I banged her from the top, she was tight, so I cummed soon after that. I showered. She urged me to come back next time. I would have but by the time I decided to call again, she was no longer working. All in all, very nice, so was the place. And it was the first time I was with a black lady. Amanda: =========== It was October, I was on vacation. Haven't gotten laid in awhile, so I grabbed a copy of Phoenix. A line-ad caught my eye, "36D... Red head", I forgot the rest, but it must'd been really good, cause I called and made an afternoon appointment (a first for me) and then jerked off (as usual). I was instructed to call from near Fenway Park on Boylston St. I called from the McDonald nearby, and was told to go to an apartment on Greensborough St. I got there and was greeted by a 5'3" 120, 30's or really late 20's medium length red head in very sexy underwear. She led me to a very nice room with a very nice bed. She asked me if I were coming from work; apparently a lot of guys do that. Tried to be careful, I asked her to show me something so I could make sure she was not a cop. She said, "how about these?", and popped her nice big Tits out. I immediately handed her $160 (though the price was 150). she said since I am a first time customer, I could have her roomate join us for $50 more. having felt for it before, I asked to see her roomate first. she left and her roomate came in and said "Hi, wanna party?". "NO", I said to myself. she was an unattractive thin hispanic looking woman. I said to her "uhh, I think I'll try one at a time this time", and ended that. Then, Amanda came back in and proceeded to undress seductively, a nice touch. she climbed on top of me and said, "I like my breasts sucked and massaged softly". I started to suck and play with those big, real, tits, very nice indeed. She then climbed down, put on a condom and started blowing me. After achieving the 90 degree effect, she mounted me, started moaning, rocking. After awhile she expected me to cum, so soon? Well, she got some baby oil, unwrap the condom and gave me a nice tit fuck. But I really wanted to cum inside her, so I requested if that was possible. She was nice enough to get a hot towel and a new condom; Cleaned me off, got under me, I started banging. Then we changed position to doggie, (she got nice ass), I cummed, took a shower and left. In summary a very nice experience. a definite repeat but unfortunately she's no longer working. Cherri (Shanti?): =========== A total disappointment. I called on a Saturday afternoon in August, instructed to called from the payphones near VideoSmith/CVS on Commonwealth Ave (surprise!). I was told to go an apartment one block from the phones. I was greeted by an Indian/Hispanic looking lady in business attire. She led me into the bathroom because another customer was finishing up with her roomate. Their phone kept ringing, so I wasn't the only lonely horny guy that day looking to get laid. Anyways, I waited until the guy left, and I saw him through the mirror on the medicine cabinet. He didn't see me. He looked like a tall, blonde, sea captain type, in uniform too I think, and good looking too - not my image of a patron of this service, nor am I. So after he left I was led into living room (totally empty, with a phone on a chair), then into the bedroom. Whew, it stank!, just a bed and a matress (hmmm the setup looked familiar). anways, Cherri came in, she's unattractive, about 5'4" 120 early 30's or late late 20's. she said I could have her roomate join us for anther $20, hmmm sounded familiar. I asked for a look, in come Kelly(Karen)! I remembered her! she said I looked very nice and cute; yeah, I did look very handsome that day ;) But I said maybe next time, and the fact she just been with Mr. Captain there made it worse. she has grown though, bigger. Cherri came back in. I wanted to back out, but my other brain said "go for it!". So I handed her $150, got onto the nasty bed. I asked for new sheets but she didn't have any so we just pulled the cover off and used just the matress. I asked her where she was from, she told me she was part Indian, Hispanic, etc, etc. That struck me, she look a lot like the chunky version of that girl I met when I went to see Amanda. Oh no! Anyways, too late. So she thought I just wanted a hand job! no lady, "I wanna fuck". so she went out, got a condom, started blowing. She started to hurry me. Well, I wanted to get out of there too. So I banged her doggie style. What a flabby ass. she was talking dirty all throughout. I asked her to turned over, she wouldn't put both legs on my shoulder. She also wouldn't let me cum inside her with the condom. I didn't ask why. She was squeezing my cock to achieve the "tight pussy effect" ;) I came after that (even though I had just jerked off earlier) cause I wanna get the heck out of there. I couldn't wash myself because nothing in the damn bathroom worked. She apologized for rushing me, and gave me her beeper # to call for direct access. I left and threw the number into the trash can. Anyways, she/they still working, their number begin with 617-738-####; so you've warned. Taylor =========== Taylor =========== again ;) Let me say this first, She's one in a million. a true rare find. Anyways, I was really tired that day, long day at work. I almost didn't want to go. But summer really drives my horemones level up. I called, asked for Renee, a 36DD chick. But she no longer worked there. The girl who answered the phone told me that there were 3 girls working tonight. I asked her for a description but her phone kept ringing so she didn't have time, but said I could go and pick the one I like. Figured I could always back out, I first jerked off, as usual. Then took the good old T to the phones next to CVS/Video Smith. From there I got the address, #### Comm Ave. Apt #. It's about a ten minutes walk; I was surprised because the last 3 escorts that I had in that same area were about a minute or two from the phones. Anyhow, I got there; a nice tall blonde opened the door and let me into the living room where a black girl, a burnett, sat on the couch. I asked for the price, $100, with a two girl special of $150. So I asked "does the $100 include everything", she said no; that would be $200. A little steep I thought; but I was already there, horny, and the burnett and the blonde were knockouts, so I opted for the $200. The burnett was in a bikini top and bottom, tan and busty; very nice. I almost picked her. But picked the blonde instead cause she looked alot like a girl next door type (and I am so glad I did picked her). She was in cut off jeans; I saw she had perfect legs, nice blonde hair. 5'7", 120, early 20's. Her name, "Taylor" - a name forever etched in my heart and soul. So, I was nervous and she knew it. She decided to get me some ice water, lite a candle on the floor, put on some music, gave me a few minutes to myself to "get comfortable" and to relax. It was a very nice apartment; a little barren. so after I gotten naked on the bed, she came in a black T back type lingerie, which accentuated her fine breasts, and perfect legs and ass (oh my lord were they fine). I knew she wasn't a cop. She asked me why am I so nervous; have I been to any other "houses"; she said there were couple more houses up the street. wow, what a town I said to myself. She then asked me what turns me on, being the dork that I am, I said the "usually stuff". She then got next to me and took off her lingerie. Man, she had a hard body, and I meant hard; it was tone, just so in shape, and very nicely porportioned. She wanted me to lie on my stomach and give me a massage first. I didn't want one, Dummy! she asked how did I find them, and other small chit chat. Then she slowly kissed my body all over. s.l.o.w.l.y. and skillfully, kissing licking, touching, rubbing, allllll ooooover me. She moaned and kissed my neck, oh that felt so good. I can still feel her kisses on my body now. And she pressed her body, tits, hard onto my body, that was great. She brushed her hair on my face, body. "Does my hair bother you", "No, I love it". At the same time, i ran my hands all over her body, which confirmed that she did indeed had a Hot Bod. I ran my hands through her hair; man she has beautiful blonde hair. I traced my fingers around her pretty face, she then surprised me by sucking my fingers; that really turned me on. Her mouth and tongue felt so good. Then she shocked me-she kissed me on the lipps, and wanted to tongue me too. The only thing that held me back from opening my mouth and stuck my tongue down her throat or let her stuck her tongue down my throat was that I had a cut inside my mouth and I didn't want to take the risk. maybe next time. Instead she kissed my face all over, wet kisses. that was such a turn on. While mauling her, I confirmed that she had perfect legs and asses. but her tits were too firm. so after further investigation, I concluded that she had Fake Tits. I didn't mind because there were other parts that I wanted to spend time on. Anyways, she was kissing me, etc, for a long time. it seemed like it was gonna go on forever. I almost wanted to ask her to start the main course (Can you believe it, I was the one who was rushing!). She then skillfully put on a condom and started blowing, while I was fingering her. She was tight, I put my middle finger in her, and it felt kinda tight. Her pussy felt really nice. She then slowly mounted me, all the while moaning, sweating, kissing. I then asked her to turn around, played with her ass, fingered her, she rode me some more. everthing in slow mode. Then she surprised me again, got off and blew me again (from pussy to mouth). Then I finished it by banging her from behind, squeezing that perfect ass. She said, "You are so quiet". hehehehe. (I heard another "customer" was coming in). Then I took a shower, gave her $40 tip, asked her schedule, she kissed me goodbye. (The other guy was already inside the living room; but I couldn't see him). I had never tipped escort more than $20. I had the best time ever. with most other girls I always felt a little rushed, and felt kinda stupid afterward when looking back seeing how much I spent for a quickie. But this time I feel it was well worth it, even tough it was about $100 more and for a good full hour. So I went back to see her again (a repeat, a first for me). I decided to went back, tried to match her schedule and mine. The second time, I made an Saturday afternoon appointment. I jerked off, went there and she was the only one working. I handed her $200 without saying anything. we got undress, this time I got a good look at her with the sun light outside, Yes! she layed beside me asked me to tell her a story. we felt really comfortable with one another, so she started telling me a bit about her past, present, and future, where she was from, her real name, etc. she sounded very articulate, intelligent, and confident. I told her about mine, and about the Internet, she was delighted and surprised to hear what goes on here, especially about all the advertisement of sex, even from agencies. She was so pretty laying beside me. After a long chat, we got down to business. She stuck her tongue in my ears this time, felt really nice. after rocking for a long time on top of me, she said "wow, she sure got me wet down there", uhh, not likely. Well, to make a long story short (too late), I was in heaven again. Before I left, she asked for my # (hmm a first), I gave her my work #; but I had changed job since then, and she never did call when I was still there; hope my old colleagues don't get any weird phone calls, hehehe. In summary, all my previous ones were not this intimate but Taylor was different. she never rushed. seemed like enjoying it too. On a scale of 1-10, I gave her, an unprecedented 10. She's pretty. and her body was definitely playmate quality. and most of all, her "close to making love" techniques were the best. My fear now would be that, from now on, no one will be able to give a performance like this; and i will be disappointed forever. But then, some of things she done or let done to her seemed kinda unsafe. Anyways, I would rush to the nearest ATM, grap $200 and spend it on Taylor right now. But she had quit her agency, became an independent; Unfortunately she's unobtainable for me now because according to her voice mail box, she's only looking for "gentlemen who are traveling to Boston, over 35 year, $250 is within your budget". though money is not a problem, I am about 8 years too young, and from boston. *sniff* Well, she is still working I think near Newbury St. Her voice mail # begins with 446-####. and If you see her, tell the the consultant from the internet who told her the story (about the bird who refused to fly south) says Hi. Some general comment about Boston: Boston has undergone a transformation for past decade or so. While the non-sex industries had gotten a lot better in the past several years or so, the sex industries went the other direction, to almost extinction. To some that's great news but for horny guys like me, it's bad news. Boston wants to turn into a convention/tourist town. Thus all the cleaning up and new constructions. I have no first hand experience with Massage parlors or street actions, but curious about them, but am afraid to. but I am curious as to where have all the street actions gone in Boston? I remember when I was a kid, early 80s, the combat zone was alive. but before I knew it, they were gone. Then when I was a teenager, the area near the Legal Sea Food, Wang Center, Don Bosco School, and the Mass Pike Tower had alot of actions. There used to be a traffic jam every day around afternoon rush hour, when the girls were all out. Some of the girls were really pretty and unfortunately also really young. Then everything was gone, I forgot when. two years or so back, when my buddy and I were driving through ChinaTown, the girls were out around 11pm or so, no pretty ones. But now, they are gone too. Lately I heard that there were some arrests in the South End area, a bad ass part of town. So I guess they moved there? anyone know? It seems that in the last year or so, most Incall places had moved From Boston/Brighton/Allston to surounding suburs, especially, Revere, Somervile, Chelsea and those areas. And alot of Big Ads had appeared in the Phoenix; they used to take over only half a page, now two pages. I heard some of them are ripoffs, one called Blondes on Wheels where a girl come to your room does nothing but chat for the $150 agency fee, some will dance for a lot more, but still no sex; so be warned. A lot are coming from Dominatrix now (not my cup of tea). And alot of line-ads are from males, transexuals, they used to be only a couple each. And the rest are from Outcalls which I don't trust (I don't want them coming over to my house); only a couple are from Incalls in Boston; sigh. My only source of info is from the Phoenix, which I buy about once a month. So If anyone has any info about Boston, or any reliable Incall place, preferably reachable by the T, let me know cause summer is already here, and I need relieve. As you might guess, I prefer ladies with big tits, and some meat on their body, but not fat in the middle, young and around 5'5". happy hunting and always use a condom, but you knew that.
Date: Thu, 11 Jul 1996 22:21:18 UTC BOSTON: I recently tried to hire an escort in the Boston area. The Pheonix has many listings for escort services and independent escorts in it's Adult section. I called several. As far as services go, the base fee seems to be $175 to $200. The escorts expect a substantial tip on top of that. For example when I told one escort that I only had $250 for the fee and tip combined she lost interest and suggested I get another girl. The independent escorts seem no cheaper. One I called quoted a price of $400 and when I suggested $200 she laughed at me. I assume $400 would have gotten me full service but that's too expensive for me. Talking with one of owners of an escort agency, he said the police had been harrassing escort and agencies. This may explain the high prices. In general MA seems to be a lousy place to go for sex.
Subject: Boston Masseuse - Aura - Date: 10 Sep 1996 03:51:36 GMT Had an encounter with a cute little red head, 19 years old, tight body, pierced navel, she claimed to be an ex-submissive escort. Gave a great nude massage, told stories about her affairs with other women, but nothing else. She said she is trying to find another girl to work with her. Her "Phoenix" name is Aura 617-490-[censored]. Post if you've had more success with her.
Subject: Boston Escort Info Date: 10 Dec 1996 09:48:48 -0500 I've noticed that the quality of the escort services in the Boston area have deteriorated considerably over the years. The ones I have direct experience (that are still in business as of my most recent business trip, 12/96) are "All Occasion", "Finesse", "Copley Square", and recently "Boston Sweets". The latter advertises on the net and sounded very good. All prices you will be quoted over the phone run between $160 and $190, with $160 being most typical for cash. Although a few years back this would actually cover full service and a full hour, now-a-days my advice is to get the real price ahead of time. I've never had a really bad experience with "Finesse", and have in fact had some of the best sex ever but "Copley Square", has some of the rudest, ugliest pigs to ever grace the world's oldest profession. As I found out recently, "All Occassion", seems to use some of the same and I would definately avoid them. They are late, send a different person than described, and then demand outragrous tips (given their mediocre level of attrativeness). Never, never, give them any money before you make clear what you want (head, 1/2 & 1/2 etc.) "Boston Sweets" sounds very good on the phone but after making an appointment the night before and expecting a call from "Audrey", I received no call and when I contacted them, they admitted they had "forgotten" about the appointment, but would have her call me in about an hour (probably out on a call). Still no call. When I called back they mumbled something about being so busy that they didn't have time to call and said they weren't interested in my business. Avoid!!! My general advice is that one can judge the quality of the escorts by the quality of the management (like any business). Lateness, rudeness, failure to send a girl approximating your requests are all signs that repete business is not desired, and a good reason to avoid them. Boston's escort scene currently sucks (and unfortunately I don't mean in a good way). N.Y.'s has similiarly deteriored (probably, I'm told due to police harassment). (More on that scene in a later report).
Subject: Massachusetts Date: Mon, 16 Dec 96 02:31:06 -0800 Boston: I have recently discovered the Web and the W.S.G. Very interesting. I was inspired to contribute by a negative posting that could have been written by me. Like that party, I will recall some experiences over the last 2 or 3 years. Julie(Kelly,Karen)- Feb. '94 I contacted Julie through an ad in the Boston Phoenix and made a date. My next move was the Boston Two-Step, which involves going from street to street and making calls, all the while trying to find parking spaces. After a long walk, near the Symphony, I arrived at a barren apartment and was just as disappointed in Julie/Kelly as was the other writer in this section. Julie apologized that they didn't have the porno movies up and running as well as other amenities.Another girl (Shanti) was there sitting on the floor of the living room, talking on the phone. I gave Julie $150 and she took me into the bedroom.Julie was tall, Homely, and chestless. I went for it anyway. BIG mistake. After a few minutes of half-hearted machinations she asked me if for an extra $20, do I want Shanti to come in and "Suck your cock a little?" I liked Shanti better than Julie, so, I said yes. Shanti came in, put a condom on me and sucked me VERY little. About 2 minutes and then she disappeared. Shanti looked like she was from india and about 5'1", thin and had nice little breasts. I probably would have enjoyed her more than Julie. Julie returned and sucked my cock for 2 more minutes and then started a vigorous handjob. I asked her twice to stop as I was close to orgasm and she was hurting me. She said not to worry, she would take care of me. I came with 35 minutes left in the session at which point Julie left the room only to return sometime later to tell me to leave. Julie said she knew that I didn't have the greatest time and that the next time I called I was to use her real name (Karen) and I would get a good deal. Right! Sounds just like the other story, huh? Big-time ripoff! I was more of a sap then. Not like reading the stories of people who have been to South America, is it? Live and learn. Stay away from this one. On a scale of 1-10 this experience was a 1 CONDUMB Miranda- April '94 Even after the Julie experience, I again tried an ad in the Phoenix.Miranda quoted me a price of $175 which was steeper than I wanted to pay, but, most advertisers require you to leave a message and they'll get back to you, maybe. I was making calls from a pay phone, most of which do not allow incoming calls these days. Since Miranda answered the phone herself and was available now, I made the date. Again, the Boston Two-Step,culminating in meeting a go-between girl at a chicken joint in Brighton. She checked my I.D. and walked me around the block asking me questions.Paranoia in Boston! We finally arrived at a below ground apartment that had a large steel rod bolted to the floor and attached to the back of the front door to prevent unwanted entry. This was where the first girl lived and Miranda was in the back bedroom. I was told to go meet Miranda and then return naked to give the first girl the money. How demeaning! Welcome to Boston. Having said all these negative things, so far, Miranda was great! Miranda was a black girl about 5'5", 140 lbs., with medium length hair in tiny braids. She was pleasant, educated, accomadatind and had an awesome set of 44D's that were pretty firm. The room was lit only by candlelight while soft music played. I really liked the atmosphere. Miranda removed her robe to reveal a slightly overweight, but, still magnificent body.I started by exploring her body paying most attention to those glorious boobs. Miranda had protruding nipples which I love to suck on and to my surprise she was lactating. Now, this is a dangerous proposition, but, I was so turned on by this I went to town on them! Miranda put a condom on me and sucked my member expertly. She had a way of nibbling the underside of my cock, up and down the shaft, that drove me wild! I turned her over on her hands and knees with her ass in the air and her head on the bed. I squeezed that magnificent ass, slapped it,and teased her pussy with my fingers. She responded nicely to my hands and I eventually entered her from behind. It was heaven! In fact, that was how most of the hour was spent, with me ramming her from behind and then taking it out so she could nibble the underside of my cock. We ended with her draining every drop of cum in her mouth, with condom. The only thing she wouldn't do was lick and suck my balls which I REALLY enjoy. On a scale of 1-10 this experience was an 8 CONDUMB Deniece- Oct. '95 I got her number out of the Phoenix (a Southern Peach) and set up a date through an intermediary. She was located east of the Tobin Bridge in a rundown apartment building. The price was $125. The intermediary described her to me as a Dolly Parton look-a-like. I was more disappointed than I had been with Julie. Deniece was about 5'1", dressed in a dirty, raggedy slip and had rotten teeth. Worst of all however were her tits. She was described in her ad as being a 42DD. My guesstimate is more like 60 or 70 FFF. They were two giant balloons on a small fat body. Simply grotesque! No matter what position or activity I suggested, the answer was "No, it's too painful for my tits." She would only give me head, halfheartedly, while lying on her side. ( I guess to relieve pressure on her basketballs) She wanted me to fuck her breasts. " Y'all look like a titty-fucker to me!", she said in a southern drawl. I settled for the BJ and was uishered out in 35 minutes.I was surprised I even came, as the girl repulsed me. In the short time I was there, she was constantly answering the phone and setting up dates an my time! I never said boo. I was still a sap at this point. I guess the part about Deniece being a "Georgia Peach" was accurate because this girl was certainly the PITS! On a scale of 1-10 this experience was a 0! CONDUMB Taylor- Feb. '96 In a testament to my perserverence, I answered an ad in the Phoenix for an incall operation. It was located in the suburbs west of Boston and promised "Heels and Lingerie". I was greeted into a very nice luxury apartment run by a pretty madam, in her thirties, that I'll call S. She had only two girls working for her, Taylor and M. I had chosen Taylor on the phone and she met me at the door. We went upstairs to meet S. and had a nice chat during which I gave S. $150 and she gave me a drink and Taylor. We went downstairs to a very nice bedroom, two walls of which were mirrored. (A real turn on) Taylor removed her denim dress to reveal a bra, panties,heels,stockings and garter belt, all in black. I love the look and really eat this shit up in more ways than one. Taylor was 5'8", 34B 20 32, and just over a 100 lbs. She had a wonderful elegance anf I found myself real hot for her. I disrobed and sat on the corner of the bed. I asked Taylor to sit between my legs with her back to me. I rubbed her back and slowly caressed her neck, shoulders, arms, and hands. She seemed very appreciative of this. I undid her bra, fondled her breasts and rolled her nipples between my fingers, all the while still sitting behind her. Taylor seemed to really enjoy this and suddenly she turned her head back around to me and French kissed me deeply and passionately. I was surprised, but, loved it! Risky behavior, but, I went for it, heavily! We now lay down on the bed together to continue kissing and caressing and a lot of breasts suckling on my part. I reach down to fondle her pussy through the panties and find they are soaked through and hot to the touch! I thought to myself that she either loves her job or she genuinely likes me. Either way is okay with me. I just about ripped off her panties and went down on her. Now I'm really headed down the road of risky behavior. It's not that I'm turned on by the risk, it's just that the things I like happen to be risky. Taylor says, "My turn to go down on you." She proceeds to suck my cock, expertly. After a time I say, "Taylor, will you lick and suck my balls?" "Sure thing", she says and does that expertly, also. This is just getting better and better. As far as I'm concerned i've finally hit paydirt after several tries with other women. Next, I ask her to sit on my face and she agrees eagerly.ith a firm grip on the headboard she bucked and rocked, grinding that pussy into my face. While she's riding, I'm reaching up to play with her nipples and fingering her anus. WOW! At this point Taylor says, rather vehemently, "Put your finger in me, now!" I inserted one, then, several during which, I believe she achieved her second orgasm. She had her first when riding my face, with her face pushed against the mirror behind the headboard. Taylor is thin and very flexible and I had gripped her high heels and bent them back so that the spikes were touching the top of her ass and this seemed to really arouse her. Taylor goes back to licking and sucking my balls and cock, still, with no condom. I'm dreaming of fucking her doggie-style, my favorite position. There's motion lotion here and I ask Taylor to put some on my cock and stroke me with her hand.I figure I'll let her get me as hard as possible, slip on a condom and finish up a la chien. Taylor does as I ask, long slow strokes and I'm enjoying the shit out of it. Suddenly, I realize that, oops, I'm beyond the point of no return. I yell, "Taylor, I'm going to come, stroke me hard!" She takes the cue and does so, very vigorously. Among men there are dribblers and there are shooters. I'm a shooter and boy, I'll tell you the sperm was flying! It was on the bed, it was on my legs, it was on her chest, on her neck, on her arms, on her face and in her hair! She never said one word about it. Now, you might be thinking, "Hey, this guy got ripped off again. A $150 hand job?" It wasn't like that. She only did exactly what I asked her to do. I firmly believed this girl would have done ANYTHING I asked. Afterwards, while dressing and preparing to leave, she continued to kiss me deeply right up until the time I walked out the door. On a scale of 1-10 this experience was easily an 8! Note: A few months later I tried to arrange another date with Taylor only to be brokenhearted to find she no longer worked there. Taylor had short, thick, brownish hair in a rounded cut that looked like a winter cap from a distance. Her main hobby is clay-target shooting and hopes to be a champion. She is a staunch Republican who voted for Bush. If anyone out there knows how to contact this girl I would like to hear about it. CONDUMB Katie- July '96 As I said in my last posting about the girl Taylor, I contacted S. again, only to find she had moved on. Nuts! My experience here being so good, however, I decided to try another girl. I was given the choice of M. or another girl. I chose M. I arrived at the apartment, but, before I could knock, the door to the next apartment opened and a slender blonde in her mid thirties ushered me in. She informs me that she is not M., but, is Katie. She says she had an appointment with a client in the other apartment, but that he likes to play rough and she doesn't so, she switched clients with M. I'm miffed, okay,but, I don't get to see S. to express my displeasure. This girl seems pleasant enough, though, so I decide to give her a try. I pay her $150 and she removed her tight-fitting black evening dress. Katie is dressed just like Taylor was , except, she had that hosiery that stays up without support. I'm sorry, I find the old-fashioned garter belts a real turn on. She also had a 4" square bandage on her right hip. She says she has sustained an injury, and I'm wondering what the hell is under there. I start the hour with exactly the same routine as I did with Taylor. Katie is sitting between my legs on the corner of the bed. At the same point in the session, Katie turns her head back around and French kisses me just like Taylor did! It makes me wonder if they have a "book" on me and what I like. When I get her bra off, she doesn't have enough to fill an "A" cup and had no nipples to speak of. Big negative. On the plus side we alternated between Frech kissing and her licking my balls and sucking my cock, without a condom. Hey, I guess I blew myself by proxy, if you think about it. When the "moment" came, being a gentleman, I politely iformed her I was about to erupt. Katie never hesitated and took my full load directly into her mouth. Despite all the negatives, the final act earns some credit. On a scale of 1-10 this experience was a 5 CONDUMB Jen- April '96 Jen's number came from the Boston Phoenix. Surprise. Her ad says she's located "very south of Boston and worth the trip". She greeted me at the door of her apartment in a short, silky Chinese robe. Very sexy. She immediately put her arms around me and rubbed my back and shoulders. The apartment was one big room with a small bathroom. there was a kitchenette and no furniture other than a chair at a computer station and a bed in one corner. There was a T.V. and a VCR along with a bicycle and some exercise equipment and that's it. Jen's price was $160. Jen pulls me over to the bed and tells me she's watching the end of a movie on videotape and that if I agree to let her watch the rest of it, she'll let me stay extra time and take care of me twice. Jen is middle of the road pretty, but, has an aerobics instructor type body. She is 36C-24-34 and firm everywhere. I disrobed and sat on the bed with my back against the wall. Jen removed her robe and snuggled her backside between my legs. While she watched the movie, I rubbed her back and kissed her neck. Soon, I was reaching around in front and was squeezing, teasing, and fondling those lucious melons. Once the movie was done I turned her around and started dining at the dairy. I used all my techniques on those nipples, but, they never responded like I thought they should. They looked like they would distend a lot when aroused. Jen told me she was bi-sexual, but, suspect she was a straight lesbian. Next, I went down on her and what a perfect little pussy she had, too. Jen was flat on her back with my face grinding her groin. She had her eyes closed and was moaning and building to a climax when she bolt upright and yelled, "Stop!" I backed off and she said pleasantly,"Men just don't realize how sensitive that area is!" I think she didn't like the idea of a man making her cum. Jen started French kissing me and playing with my cock. On came a condom she administered an excellent BJ bringing me almost to release. Jen then removed the condom, applied lubricant, and stroked me into such ecstacy, I shot all over usespecially on her great tits! WOW! While resting, we discover we have an activity in common and we go to the computer so she can show me the way to the deep, secret levels of a computer game called, "Wolfenstein." Jen says she wants to show me another videotape. This one is an amateur, made by a male friend of hers, that depicts him and another working girl, whom I recognize, her name is Y. She is someone who I have spent time with on several occaisions in Rhode Island. Small world, huh? Jen likes Y.'s 38D breasts and comments a couple of times how well built she is. Y. is a B&D queen, maybe I can get them together. Watching the video while grabbing Jen's tits has rekindled my manhood. We kiss a little and then I lay her on her back. I straddle her stomach and start fucking her breasts while reaching behind me and playing with her snatch. This is great! After a few minutes of this, she pushes me over, slips on a rubber and gives me head for the second time. Again she removes the condom and jerks me manually into Nirvana all over her body. In all I spent 80 minutes there and was very satisfied. On a scale of 1-10 this experience was an 8 CONDUMB Jen- June '96 I visited a second time and it was a disappointment. Sixty minutes, no kissing, 1 orgasm and she seemed manic. Chemically induced? I won't call her again unless I see Y. and see if she's interested in getting together with Jen. Maybe I can play cameraman and get a little something non-gratis for acting as middleman. Doesn't sound bad, huh? On a scale of 1-10 this experience was a 4 CONDUMB Kim- May'96 I will now relate a most distasteful experience. I called an ad in the Providence Phoenix that said "Special nights". I made the date with Kim. She was located in a large down at the heels motel in southeastern Massachusetts. I pulled up to the room number indicated (mine was the only vehicle in this huge place) and knocked at the door. After a few seconds the door opened a crack. I waited a moment then entered. A blonde girl in her twenties was sitting on the bed. She was dressed in a ragged T-shirt and ragged sweat pants. UGH! Her attention was riveted on a television bracketed high on the wall. She didn't take her eyes off of it even to speak to me. She said I needed to give $125. I did and she put it in the drawer of the nightstand, near the bed. She actually went back to watching the T.V. I asked her to turn off the T.V. She reluctantly agrees and, then, just stares at me. A minute goes by and I'm getting a real bad feeling, you know? I tell her she doesn't seem into this and why don't we call it off and give me back my money. Kim says, "No, why don't you give me a backrub?" Finally a response. I say okay. She undresses. Now, even being a young woman of normal weight, she is very flabby with no muscle tone at all and to my shock she's wearing a giant maxi pad soaked in blood! In earlier postings I have said, "I was a sap, then." No more! Enraged, I demand she return my money. I yell at her that she should never made a date with me and that she should have the decency not to work when she has her period! She says it's too late, that once she takes her top off, that's it! Like hell! I opened the drawer and retreived my money. At this point, she goes berserk. She yells, "That's my money! You can't take my fucking money!" She tries to wrestle the money from to no avail, so, she grabs my jacket, rolls it into a ball and surrounds it in a fetal position. She sort of looked like an armadillo, all balled up. It took a couple of minutes of vigorous yanking to get my jacket back. Kim runs to the door, opens it up and yells for her pimp. I think, uh-oh. She closes the and splays herself across it spread eagle. I'm thinking, yeah right, I'll push out of the way and beat feet out of there. Now, in the interest of fairness, when I first retreived my money, I had put $25 on the bed for her time, she,however, wanted it all.I can't seem to budge her. She has one hand on the doorknob, one hand on the curtains, one foot around a chair, and the other foot hooked on the radiator! I've got my jacket, most of my money, but, I can't get the fuck out! I eventually get out with her right behind me screaming for her pimp. The pimp and his bodyguard finally see what is going on and they zoom over in his car. He jumps out of his car and says nothing, but, his posture is demanding an explanation. I tell him exactly what happened. She doesn't contradict me and only keeps saying, "That's my money!" The pimp looks at me and says, "Yeah, okay buddy, go ahead and take off." Kim, now enraged beyond all sanity, stalks into her room and slams the door. Mercifully, I leave. Don't even think about a rating! CONDUMB! Brandy- Sept. '96 I can follow up the preceding horror story about Kim with a story about the single best escort experience I've ever had. Like always, I got Brandy's number from the Boston Phoenix. She's an independant who works out of a sprawling second floor apartment located somewhat north of Boston. Brandy was very nice on the phone and her description was my cup of tea, so, I eagerly anticipated this meeting. My heart was pounding as it always does when meeting someone new for the first time. You know the feeling I'm talking about? Will the reality finally coincide with my imagination? I reached the top of the stairs and the door opened before I could knock. Standing ther wearing only slightly more than a 1000 watt smile was a girl who could have stepped off a page of Penthouse magazine. Or, possibly one of those pictures on the Web of those unbelievable California babes. Brandy was 5'5" tall, 36DD-22-36, with long blonde hair that was pulled into a topknot that hung down to her butt. She was wearing a flimsy black, see-through teddyand white high heels. Brandy was Jessica Rabbit in the flesh. Despite her voluptuousness, she is in her early twenties and very firm. I stared for a moment as one would when confronted by a wonder of the World. I tried to take it all in, the gorgeous face and electric smile, the perfect, firm, pendulous breasts with protruding nipples that pointed to the ceiling, and the powerful athletic legs that I'm sure could pop a man's eyes out of his head if she gave him a serious squeeze during oral sex. We exchanged a few pleasantries and then in a melodious, angelic voice said, " Follow me." I did follow her through her maze-like apartment with my eyes affixed to her magnificent behind as it swayed and satcheted. Brandy led me to her nice 4-poster canopy bed.I lay my $150 tribute on thedresser. She put some music on, came to me and we began. So far, I've only touched on Brandy's physical attributes. She was also very bright,witty,educated and treated me like a king. We quickly developed a good rapport and made each other laugh throughout our time together. I'm not going to write about most of what we did, out of respect for Brandy and my genuine affection for her. I will touch on a couple of things. When I applied my oral administrations to her nipples, they shot up like little soldiers at attention. I would play with one and she the other with her long fingernails. Brandy relayed to me how much she enjoyed my squeezing and caressing her ass with my hands. She asked me if I found that most women liked that. I didn't know. I had never heard that from another woman, but, I certainly enjoyed doing it! Once, when I had her in a doggie-style position on the bed I buried my tongue deep into her sweet nectat and then gave the first rim shot of sexual career. I would do anything this girl asked. The Piece de Resistance came when she was telling me how she had been a gymnast in school. While lying on her back on the bed,Brandy proceeded to demonstrate how she could get both her heels behind her head! You can imagine the effect this had on me and shortly thereafter she was pumping a Herculean load out of me! Brandy told me she also works as a domina and a submissive. I think I would like to explore her submissive side, which will be soon! Suffice it to say this was the best sexual ropm of my life. On a scale of 1-10 this experience was a 10+! CONDUMB
Subject: [ASP] Beth - an independent in Boston Date: Wednesday, 18 December, 1996 13:02 I saw Beth (277-xxxx), an independent in Boston. She advertises in Phoenix. Age: 35+ (maybe 40s), white, brunette, 5'6", 115 pds. She quotes $100 for half an hour and $150 for an hour. She operates at an apartment in Brookline. She said that she took only one customer a day, and that she had a full-time job at a certain well-known public place in Boston. I chose $150 because she looked busty and was friendly. However, when she stripped herself, I saw saggy boobs and an ugly hairy pussy. Her belly was also wrinkled. She was wearing very tight clothes. She tried to make me feel as comfortable as possible, which was nice. She even said that I could come twice. But it was a trick. She gave me some body massage with some smelly lotion, which she said would not leave any odor. (She lied.) She then asked me whether I cared for oral. I said yes, and she gave me a fairly good blow job. She kept telling me to relax, and even said that I should not hold off because I might not cum at all. I wanted to come twice so I got on top of her and came rather quickly. Her cunt felt good with lubricant. She managed to fake appropriate moaning. She cleaned me up with some wet tissues, and said suddenly: "Thank you. That's it." I was obviously surprised because I came only once. She said that oral was counted once, so it was twice in total. She made up that rule, and did not tell me beforehand! I felt cheated, but didn't argue.
Date: Thu, 2 Jan 1997 22:49:40 +0800 (SGT) Subject: WSG contribution Since there was little information about outcalls in Boston I thought I'd add some of my experiences. This happened last year (-95) so it's probably a little out-of-date. I hear the prices are up since then. I was visiting Boston for a while and after some time I was feeling that it was time to get a close encounter with a woman again. The place I was staying wasn't good for having visiting ladies so I got a hotel room close to Harvard Square (I was lucky, the last one). I bought a Phoenix (the local paper were escort services have their ads), a bottle of wine and started studying the ads. There were several girls that looked very interesting judging from their ads. I like big breast and nice bodies. I finally decided on a 22 year black girl with 42DDD tits. Her answering machine said she was busy and I asked her to call back asap. I waited a while, but there was no answer so I picked another place to call. The advertised girl was unavailable (typical, isn't it), so I settled on a different one since I was getting impatient and horny. She arrived after half an hour or so. She was definitely older than the early twenties that was promised, her breast weren't particularely big and she was kind of skinny. In short, I didn't like her much. She also had an attitude problem. We had sex were the best part was that she gave rather vigourous head. The price was about $250. Definitely not worth the money. After she left I went out (it was only about 9:30 pm) for something to eat and I went to The House of Blues for some beer and music. When I got back to my hotel room at about 1am I was horny as hell. The half-hearted fuck earlier had not satisfied me. I decided to be a little crazy and I tried calling the black beauty again. The same very sexy voice gave me the same message. Now I was drunk and horny so I called a few places until I finally found someone available. She arrived promptly. She was in her early thirties, but still had a very nice young body. Nice and curvy (not fat, but no bones sticking out). I guess she had a 36C, not as big as I like them, but very nice tits anyway. This was a really nice woman with a great personality and we had great sex with a lot of hugging and tit-licking. Afterwards we talked a little and she left. I fell asleep satisfied. I woke up at about 10am with a real boner. I had planned have business as usual right after getting up. But here I was in bed in a hotel room that I got just for fucking and with my cock as hard as it gets. After a short deliberation I called the black chick again. Same answering machine again, but after a minute she called me back. With her sexy and slightly sleepy voice she promised to be over in 20 minutes. After about 45 minutes she finally showed up. She blamed the Boston traffic for being late (which I can easily believe). She was in her early twenties, pretty cute, and under her sweater I could indeed see two enormous bulges wanting my attention. She disappeared into the bathroom to slip into something more comfortable. It turned out to be a luscious, see-through lingerie that covered her from breasts to pussy. Her boobs turned out to be DDD, very loose, and droopy, but they were BIG so I had no real complaints. When she got into bed she was rather quiet and submissive. After feeling her wonderful breasts and pussy for a while I had her turn her cute ass towards me. I folded her panties aside (no time to take them off :-), and fucked her wet pussy in doggy style frantically for a few minutes before coming. I checked out with a silly grin at about 11:30 feeling rather satisfied despite one bad experience. I also felt considerably poorer :-) But still, three different women within a day is not something I've experienced outside Thailand before (were two a day is the norm rather than exception). I actually did this kind of thing once more (by some weird coincident in the same hotel room!). That time I only did a "double feature" instead of triple. I had one good and one bad experience that time.
Subject: [ASP] Boston Date: 8 Jan 1997 13:44:03 GMT After reading Jayhawk's suggestion in his report regarding searching the member directory of AOL for escorts, I gave it a shot last October. Since I travel so much throughout the US and Europe, I did the following in the AOL Member Directory menu: Sex: Female (unless, of course, you have a different persuasion) Occupation: Escort or Call Girl (if you use prostitute, you get too many people trying to make a point or being funny) Location: Whatever you want Since I was going to Boston, I searched there and got back a few different names. I used a non-AOL e-mail address to write one of the women. She sent me a GIF and her pager number (and her picture was exceedingly accurate). (I am being intentionally secretive about her AOL name, since I would prefer that she not get flamed. If you do the member search, I think you'll figure out which one is best.) When I arrived in Boston, I paged her, and she very quickly called back. We arranged a meeting at my hotel, in which she charged me $200 for an hour (but she actually stayed for about 1 1/2 hours). She provided full service twice, and was very excellent in oral techniques. She was about 5'1", 100lbs, nice breasts, and very pretty. She was about a 7 in looks and about 8 in technique. I hope that this helps. Random One
Subject: [ASP}Boston street scene Date: Mon, 20 Jan 1997 14:57:32 -0800 The daytime street scene here in Boston has been dismal for the last several months but has shown some signs of life the last week or so. The best stroll in terms of quality is the block around the parking garage behind the Park Plaza hotel. You can find 6 through 8's with an occasional 9. Recently Tina has returned to the area. Twenty one year old Spanish girl, young looking, long black hair, slender with a nice ass. I have dated her off and on for the last couple of years and now she has a added benifit of her own apartment. If she trusts you after acouple of dates she will let you meet her there for a hour session. Her abilities are average to good but not great. The pricing is very reasonable, usually not more tha $100.00. You will see her sitting on the little wooden fence opposite the pizza shop. The stroll on Harrison Ave between the Boston Herald newspaper and Boston Medical Center Hospital has also been picking up. Unfortunatly most of the white girls in this area are junkies (70%) and crackheads so be careful.
Date: Tue, 18 Feb 1997 22:57:09, -0500 Subject: Boston Encounter I had read about looking up independent girls in the Boston Phoenix, so I bought one at the airport upon arrival. It was a Sunday night and I don't think many girls were working. But on my last try I called Anna Marie. She answered and said it would be fine to come over for $150. She lived in Lynn, just north of Boston. Anna is very friendly, and quite beautiful. She is 5"7", 120, auburn hair, and wonderful breasts. She is shaved down below, and it looks great. She is very affectionate, and likes to finish doggie style. After we were done, she was very confortable wathcing part of a movie with me, while I waited for the cab. She was nude, but in a bathrobe that was quite loose, and I found it very nice to sit with her. I recommend her highly.
Subject: boston sex scene Date: Fri, 7 Mar 1997 09:27:50 -0500 (EST) With the essential demolition of Boston's combat zone, one would think Boston's prostitution scene to be a thing of the past. Luckily one day when in Boston in feb 1997 i was approached by a Peruvian streetwalker named Cindy, and seeing how it had been a long time since id seen any action, i thought what the hell. I was pretty nervous, as id never paid for sex- but i have a fetish for buxom hispanic women, and cindy fullfilled this to a T. I took her to my nearby apt, and she turned out to be a very friendly and funny person. I talked to her for awhile, to get a feel of her as a person- somthing i think she appreciated. She said she would spend the night with me for $150, and do anything i wanted. This was too good to be true- my ex girlfriend was a sexual pruide; and this was dream come true. Cindy agreed to shower with me, and she seductively encouraged me to take off her clothes. Jesus, this woman had enormous breasts, with large dark sanddollar size niples! i have a hair fetish, and couldnt get over the thick treasure trail of hair that extended from her black pubic triangle up to her navel. In the shower i slowly lathered her breasts..She french kissed me, and was amazingly passionate! After the show, Cindy took my hand, let my into my bedroom; and dried me off with a towel. She then gave me a sensual full body massage, and gently rubbed her 42 double Ds against my back.When she turned me on my back, cindy deeply kissed me, then passionatly kissed my neck, chest and stomach, then slowly slid my cock into her mouth(without condom).Cindy proceeded to give me the best blow job of my life, and let me cum in her mouth. Cindy then moved up to french kiss me, and she french kissed my cum from her mouth into mine..then back into hers, then she swallowed. God, was i turned on. I then proceeded to eat out the hairiest pussy ive ever seen- for the horny guy who loves a trimmed bush- Cindy is not for you- but if you like a bush to be a BUSH; cindy is a dream come true. Her pussy was surprisingly very clean, and she became very wet in record time. After eating her out for awhile, then she slid on my condom, aftwerwhich i slid my cock inside her. She had a very tight cunt, and we had sex all night. In the morning we had breakfast, then i said goodbye.Cindy was AMAZING!If you're in Boston and can find a 5'1 dark haired Peruvian prostitute named Cindy, definatly check her out! I haven't been able to relocate her, but i hope to god i do. march 1997
Date: Tue, 01 Apr 1997 17:38:37 -0500 Subject: Boston, MA Experience- ASIAN Hello- I've read a lot of postings about bad experiences with escorts found thru the Boston Phoenix- I wanted to share my experiences with one that is actually worth the money, and then some!! Lily (she calls herself Anna now in her ads, for some reason) is half-chinese, half vietnamese and grew up in Hong Kong. She's about 25 but looks even younger, 5'5" or 5'6", has long black hair and a voluptuous, but firm body. She is very warm and kind and enthusiastic about her work, and very attractive. She will do pretty much anything except intercourse. She will gladly kiss on the mouth (including tounge-kissing). She loves getting her pussy eaten, and blowjobs are w/o condom. The normal price for her services is $100 but I've seen her for as little as $60, but I'm a regular customer and she knows I'm a broke college student. Lily is strictly incall, and her place is located a short walk from the Ruggles T station (orange line & commuter rail). Despite the less-than-glamorous neighborhood, her apartment is surprisingly large and pleasant. Her English is decent, but not fluent. She'll treat you like a human being and a friend, not just a "john". Her Phoenix add starts with "Anna- full body massage by a gorgeous china doll...." Good luck.
Date: Sat, 5 Apr 1997 20:37:37 -0500 (EST) Subject: Updated info I just read the "Massachusetts Streetwalker's Guide", and I noticed that the author only identified the primary location in Boston. There is, however, another active location in Boston that should be included in the next edition. For the past 20 years, the one-way section of Hemenway Street that runs from Westland Avenue north to Boylston street has always been very busy. Since it is a one-way street, the ladies always stand on the right (passenger) side of the street. Numbers and quality is always better during the warmer months. I do not have current data on fees. This infor is being provided to you anonymously.
Subject: [ASP]Review - Boston - Tia Date: Tuesday, 06 May, 1997 1:01 AM I have had the pleasure of enjoying the company of Tia. Tia is black, 19, slender but not skinney. She has small breasts with perky nipples, great ass. smooth lovely skin, carries herself elegantly and has a great smile. She charges $125/ hour. The first time you date her she will go the the bathroom to freshen up during which she will ask you to get comfortable i.e take your clothes off. When she returns she will get very close to you at which time you should touch a appropriate part of her body. after those preliminarys are out of the way its off to bed. Although not on the first date she now allows kissing. She gives good oral sex and will let you return the favor. She has not been a clock watcher during the three times we have dated. Overall she was fun to be with and while not the most passionate girl I have been with, definitly worth the money. I discussed this news group with her. One last thing, she has never done anal, neither do I so it made no difference to me but I asked for the record.
Subject: [ASP] Boston Date: 14 May 1997 04:59:36 GMT I called an escort service today. The women on the phone was very polite and accurate in her description. Telia knocked on the door 25 minutes later. She was attractive (about a 7), young Mexican brunette with blonde streaks and nicely built (36C-22-34 I'd say). She checked my ID, I paid by credit card ($200). She laid down the rules, no mouth kissing, no anal, no oral on her, one shot. After getting undressed, she messaged and rubbed me, paying particlar attention to the lower organs. After a while, she put on a condom and was very skillfully oral. After a while, changed the condom and finished full service on top. She was unrushed, but not very warm. She usually works after 9PM and can be reached at Sweet Tempations 617-464-XXXX.
Subject: [ASP] Boston-report on recent visit Date: 13 Jul 1997 01:10:48 GMT Just spent an overnight in Beantown and am pleased to report that my favorite escort service: Premiere Escort (see Boston Phoenix or Yellow Pages for #) is still alive and well staffed. The Boss Julia and her assistant Rachel are very nice and very helpful in helping you find that special someone. They screen their women as carefully as they screen the clients. Don't be put off if they require the usual background info: name,address,home tel#, or picture ID etc. The women I have seen are always very pretty, articulate, sweet, sexy, and very accommodating. Their rate is still $170/hr, which is a complete price for full service. This has to be one of the best deals in Boston or the Northeast for that matter. I saw Heather on 7/11 and was a very happy camper. She came on time, as described: Blonde, Buxom, pretty, great smile and very eager to please. By all means check out the Phoenix when you come to town. Shop the agency and individual ads as I always do. In the end though, the nicest, best run, best value for this New Yorker's money has gotta be Premiere Escort.
Subject: Boston Date: Thu, 21 Aug 1997 08:02:39 PDT The Boston Scene (occasional home base): Paranoia abounds. At least once a month the Boston P.D. runs operation clean sweep with decoy officers out arresting Johns. The risk is very high. Check the Pheonix or for in/out call in and around Boston. In call/out call services are also somewhat paranoid. All require a verifiable phone no. to call you back on. No cell phones, no dial in direct at work, and no unlisted numbers. One agency even insisted on calling the switchboard at my office and asking for me by name. Too often, you read about services being busted with computers and lists of clients seiaed by prosecutors. I just don't need that hassle.
Date: Mon, 17 Nov 1997 18:31:27 -0500 Subject: Update on prostitution in Boston, MA In the recent month I have been to Boston twice and had two different experiences. After crusing around for a while I managed to pick up a hooker at Washington Street. This girl was black and not really a beauty (not more than a 4). We drove to a nearby quiet street and I was able to negotiate a half and half for 80 $. However for some reason I did not get into the right mood and even after fucking her for quite some time I did not cum. I ask her if she could finish me with a blow job, without the rubber ? She said yes for extra 20 $, so this is what we did and I finally did cum (but it was hard work). Later on she told me that when I picked her up that just a few seconds before the cops were passing by in a neutral looking car, so I guess I was lucky not to appear in the Boston Globe the next morning. I don't think I will ever try a street hooker in Boston since the risk is just to high. The next time I tried an escort service named Boston Companions. The price was 200 $ on redit card for the hour and they sent me a real good loocking white girl (I would say an 8). She said right away that she would only give a blow job unless I pay an extra 200 $. That was way to much for me and I offered 80 $ which was all I had left. First she denied and started me off with a massage (real nice) and then put a rubber on and started me blowing. While performing I asked her if she really wanted to refuse the extra 80 $ which would be easy money for her. She then said OK, she would blow me and I had to tell her to stop just before I cum and then I could stick it in for the rest of it. Of course I cheated a little (and I am sure she knew). I told her that I was about to cum just a little early to have more fuck time. I then climbed on top of her and finished it off real nice. Overall I have to say that I prefer the escort service. Of course it is way more expensive but it is also less stressfull.
Subject: [ASP] Boston four Marlinas Date: 1998/01/15 Even one who is pure of heart and says his prayers by night . . . After howling at the moon for the last few days I focused on making my dreams come true. Alas, they were booked for the day. I reluctantly began searching the ads. I called a few numbers and got a lot of 'leave a message' or 'call me at this number' type messages. A couple of the messages referred me to the same number. Hummm... at that number I got a lady who gave me an address across town. I zipped my pants and headed for the orange line. J and K greeted me at the door. K was on phone duty and J was servicing. I was shown to the only bedroom and invited to get comfortable. The basic was a massage and manual release for $110. J told me that she didn't offer intercourse but oral was $60. Apparently four girls work out of this place including K who greeted me at the door. All offer intercourse except J (damn!). Preliminaries out of the way J came in and took off her shirt. She was a voluptuous 5'6" about 125lbs with medium length blond hair. This girl had a great pair of big gravity defying boobs which turned out to be (you guessed it) fake. As the massage commenced I started stroking and sucking her tits. I was a little disappointed in that this lady was not very responsive - no kissing and minimal accomodation to my groping / sucking / etc. But when the time came she proceeded to give me the best blow job of my life (no condum)! Your humble narrator is quite well hung but not once did I feel the nick of teeth. This girl has a talent. I had her pause several times to prolong my bliss (I couldn't jerk off before) and she obliged. After a fine walk in the clouds she brought me to the brink and finished me manually ("sorry about the curtains!"). During this session I was allowed to grope and suck as I wanted and she did as I asked (like hang her tits in my face as I lay beneath for the ultimate suck) but she did not participate - or even fake it. And no fucking! I would have bonked her in a minute. Anyway, lady J didn't have much to say, made very little eye contact, and her manner was very passive and detached as is not uncommon in her trade but her oral technique was great. My visit lasted 30 minutes. J's looks: 7. J's oral: 9. Overall for $170: 7. K, who was on phone duty, was quite fetching and I may be back to see her or one of these other four Marlinas . . . but first . . . my dreams await. (I have been very descrete I this posting. How much information is safe to disclose in a forum like this?)
Date: 1998/01/24 Street action in Boston seems to have shifted from the "zone" to other areas. Depending upon the night, weather and police activity the girls seem to be in the following areas Dorchester on Dorchester ave between Columbia Rd and and Fields corner and sometimes on Columbia Rd between Dorchester Ave and Uphams corner--girls usually range from 2-6 Roxbury Grove Hall area, Dudley Street to Uphams corner, Mass ave from City Hospital area to Columbia Rd--girls usually range from 2-6 South End Police activity is less than the zone but still around, usually find some girls on Harrison ave from City Hospital to Chinatown--girls range from 2-7 East Boston once again this area depends on the level of Police activity, usually on Meridien St from Central Sq to Chelsea (if you see a girl on the Meridien St Bridge thumbing or hanging out late at the gas station by the bridge it is a good bet that she is working) also sometimes in Maverick Square and also by the project near Maverick Sq (this is usually only in the early am hours) girls can range 2-6 outside of Boston but still close Chelsea Chelsea Square are just over from East Boston and also sometimes on Broadway between the square and and Revere, girls usually range from 0-6 and be careful some girls are not girls Everett Sometimes on the main streets and in and around Everett Square, girls usually range from 4-7, very sporadic Lynn Various streets around the downtown, be careful a very scary area with even scarier women 0-5 I've also heard that girls have also been seen working in Melrose, Malden, Revere, Cambridge, and Quincy. This report is based on being out late with a friend of mine who is a cab driver and we cruise around to see what is going on.
Subject: Re: [ASP] Boston Rev - Blue Moon Agency Date: 1998/02/06 Spent time with Courtney of Blue Moon (from phone book). Rate for cash is 160, 200 for credit. She arrived exactly on time, and had a great personality. A little heavy but had nice 38D's which I enjoy. Didn't ask for a tip - what a difference from what I hear in the Boston area.
Subject: Re: [ASP] Boston Rev - SweetTemptations Date: 1998/02/06 Called Sweet Temptations (in phone book) based on a decent review in WSG. They sent Gianna. Arrived a little late, Pretty 34C firm, a few tattoos. Never took her boots off. She mentioned before she started that they work "like to be tipped" - which surprised me, so I asked how much and she said she usually gets 40-50. Got right down to work and was excellent. Not into talking but wasn't rude Looks 7 Attitude 6 Ability 9 Phone rate is 160 cash/200 credit.
Date: Sat, 11 Apr 1998 13:03:01 +0100 Boston, MA This trip actually happened last year (1997) around August. I was there on some business for a few days and decided to get some action. While the old Boston "combat zone" is long gone, there are enough places to look for some great sex. The local rag to check out is the "Boston Phoenix." It comes out every Thursday and it is filled with numbers of escorts and massage services. Like all advertisements, you read comments in the ads like "18 years old" or "young and trim" and even "busty blond." I always take those ads with a grain of salt. Many times I have been disappointed because they say young 18 year old with a killer body and they end up being 34 year old 160 pounds and flat chested. So I took a gamble and called one of the numbers listed. There are some girls that advertise they are NOT with an agency. These are the ones you want. Many of the ads I saw advertise for 4 or 5 girls but who knows what you get. The number I called was for an agency and they advertised an 18 years old blond, killer body escort. I left my number and "Darcy" called me back. We talked for a while, I asked her about her looks and measurements and he told me she was a blond knockout (they all say that) with a killer body and she was 28 years old. She sounded fine and I was really horny so I said sure, come on by. Around 7pm I heard a knock on the door. I peeked through the peep hole (typically if they are butt ugly, I just don't answer the door) but to my surprise, she had put her hand over the hole! She knew I was there and said "don't worry, you won't be disappointed." I was kind of pissed off but then a little concerned, thinking that perhaps there was an army of cops waiting for me to answer the door. But, I opened the door and I almost fell backwards. Darcy turned out to be the most beautiful, gorgeous babe I've seen. I almost felt like she had the wrong room! Think of the most beautiful blond on Baywatch. That was Darcy. She was nicely dressed in a short dress, very nice makeup, no tatoos, body piercing, or purple hair. She was a knockout! She came right in and proceeded to make herself right at home. We discussed money (turned out to be only $200, which at this point, I was willing to go much higher) and I asked if this was "all inclusive." She said yes, this covered everything. Now I started thinking that this was too good to be true, she was either a cop or as soon as things got "hot," she was going to ask for more money. She took off her dress and my god, I almost fainted. She had the most perfect body I have seen. Obviously she worked out. Really nice tits. Fake but nice. Small waist, she had G-string bikini panties on and a perfect and I mean perfect ass. I could not believe my luck. She was excellent in oral, straight and when I did her doggy style, I thought I would come in a second. Watching that perfect ass move back to my cock (ok big black cock if you must know) was the biggest turn on. She did the moaning and groaning, never rushed me and even let me come on her beautiful tits. Afterwards she took a shower and came out and we chatted for a while. I thought she was going to stay the night! I really liked her. She was sweet, warm, sexy and hot. She gave me her private number and asked me how long I was staying in town. I said a few days and then I thought it would be nice to spend some time with her. She said we could have dinner one night. So that is what we did. The next night she came by around 8pm. We went to a nice Italian restaurant, had a nice, relaxing meal, a few bottles of wine, nice conversation, then back to the hotel for an hour or so of real raw sex. The whole night cost me about $500 plus dinner, which in my opinion, was a real bargain. Earlier this year (1998) I was back in Boston, called Darcy (she remembered me!) and got together again. She still looks beautiful!

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