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Bolton, United Kingdom


Street prostitutes use the area just off the main A666 which goes to the
east of the town centre, turn off onto A579 and one corner of red light area
is opposite you as you come up the slip road, but you have to go round a bit
of a one way system to get to it. Look for Bridgeman Pl, Shiffnal St. &
Breightmet St, and the streets that interconnect them. This is an industrial
area. Some police presence but doesn't seem overpowering. Girls charge from
#15 - #20 up depending upon what you want. Some of the older girls are good
value, and give good service, the young ones often look druggy and some no
doubt run scams, no different from anywhere else really. Action starts from
6-7pm each evening.

A few girls also work around the Chadwick St, Castle St & Radcliffe Rd. area
just the other side of the A666, dont know anything about them though, this
is a residential area, so police may be less forgiving.

Prostitution, Prostitutes, Escorts, World Sex Guide

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