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Bogota, Columbia

Date: 06-04-01

Hello Jackson,

Here`s what I learned: The city center & red light district is too dangerous especially at night. However I've seen some nice looking girls hooking.

The north is safe and there`s plenty of places to chose from. On cra. 15 there`s some corners where the girls hang out. They are okay looking and they`ll go with you for 20,000 pesos. There are also clubs that have strip shows and you can rent a room. The room and girl are separate bills. I was told that it`s 60k for room and 80k for girl. Some are nice looking. Those places are pretty much together. Porkys cr.15 cl.75. Extasia, Casanova, and Copacabana are located at cr.15 cl. 86a

I`m off to Cali.

See you!

Date: 05-26-2001

Just took a tour of the red light district here and was nearly robbed. The area is located in Santa Fe, Ave 19, Carrears 13a, 15, and 16. Saw one or two fairly good looking ones. I didn't talk payment because I was only walking around looking when a thief snuck up behind and tried to rob me.

The other places on your list, like Carrear 15 and Ave. 91 are closed. IŽll send more info on other places and cities soon.

Date: 11-18-1995

Hrs. US Dollars Address Phone
1 $ 18 N/D 311-5554
1 $ 19 N/D 217-7494
1 $ 19 N/D 2129929
1 $ 19 Calle 66 con Cra. 22 2495887
1 $ 19 Calle 51 con Cra. 16 3107179
1 $ 19 Cra. 24 con Calle 68 2557954
1 $ 19 Av. Caracas con 61 3127153
1 $ 20 Cra. 20 # 75a-35 2173710
1 $ 20 Cra. 16 # 57-39 2497430
1 $ 20 Calle 67 # 16-15 3103927
1 $ 20 Calle 72 con Cra. 41 2252575
1 $ 25 N/D 2526712
1 $ 30 Calle 52 # 17-19 Int. 2 2126196
1 $ 30 Cra. 15a # 56-41 2178886
1 $ 30 Cra. 15 # 22-35 Apt. 101 3421650-3411352
1 $ 35 Cra. 32 # 72-09 2405511
1 $ 35 Av.Caracas#70-85 Apt. 301 2353786
1 $ 35 Cra. 17 # 64-16 2o Piso 3127454
1 $ 35 Calle 43 # 8-00 2322274
1 $ 37 Calle 62 # 3b-78 2493510
2 $ 40 Calle 44 # 8-92 2856595-2320719
1 $ 40 N/D 2847299
1 $ 40 Calle 76 # 20-74 2173850
1 $ 45 N/D 2812191
1 $ 45 N/D 2840734
1 $ 50 Calle 57 # 16a-20 2117784
1 $ 50 N/D 2404917
1 $ 50 Calle 54a # 16-10 3125601-2498405
1 $ 50 Calle 90#13a-20 Apt.303 6164683
1 $ 60 N/D 2555667
1 $ 70 Calle 54a # 16-10 3125601-2498405
2 $ 70 N/D 933318269
2 $ 75 Calle 90#13a-20 Apt.303 6164683
1 $ 90 Calle 69a # 17-37 2172914
2 $ 100 N/D 2506414
2 $ 110 Cra. 15 # 88-33 2188987-2361338
5 $ 150 Trv. 43a # 100-40 Int. 2 271-8046
3 $ 150 N/D 932101326

Date: 08-29-1996

An AP story reported that a top government human rights official proposed to sterilize prostitutes to curb the number of street children.

Prostituted staged a demonstration against the proposal and opponents claimed that it violates human rights.

It was just a proposal, nothing was actually done.

Date: 08-18-1997
Subject: Bogota, Colombia.

I recently (june '97) had the opportunity to travel to Bogota Colombia on business. O.K., I was forced to go. My ignorance of the country made me expect to be kidnapped or killed in minutes, so at first I wasn't all that pleased. Strangely enough, since I was going to be insanely busy, I didn't even consult the WSG before going, as I didn't expect to be "sampling" any local flavors.

The first 5 days of my trip were spent trying to overcome my fear of the place, so much so that I didn't leave the hotel at night. On the 5th night, however, a Colombian colleague and two other "gringos" were heading out to the clubs the way they said it, I could tell what kind of clubs they were going to. I said "why not" and joined in.

Our first stop was a place they called "Leedo" (sorry, spelling and address n/a, since I had no idea where we were going). The cab driver seemed to know where we were headed. This place was DEFINITELY upscale. Doormen in tuxes, looked like a resort once inside. There was a noticeable difference though : a strip show right in the middle of the club, and TONS of mouthwatering babes walking around. Then, my Colombian friend told me this place was a bit overpriced, and that we were just here for the "freebies" and then we'd go to a no frills place wher the girls were just as cute, but less costly. It took a lot of nerve to believe him, since I was ready to pick one right there. So we sat down at a booth, and "Carlos" (my colombian friend, not his real name) comes back with three of the sexiest women I have seen. They sit down with us, and I get a stunning blonde (yes, a blonde! in South america! who'd have thought...) nuzzling up to me. I'm having a hard time taking all this in - I've been to Rio, but this is something else! I wasn't sure what was ok to do, so I watched the others. Soon, I had my hand around her waist, on her breasts, in her pants (hard to do, they were so tight), it seemed anything goes (and no charge!!!). Aparently these girls are the strippers, and they also pick up customers for paid fucks as part of their job. My girl was 22, tall (5'8") and very skinny yet curvy. In the U.S. she could easily pass for a top model. She was very nice yet erotic at the same time, even when we said we had to go. Ever the good businesswoman, she gave me her cell phone number in case... If I had time, I would have definitely tried her out. Not sure what her price was, though. I will always remember the unexpected kiss she gave me as we left. I'm no dummy, I'm sure it was just to get me to call her, but let's just say a gorgeous latin girl you've known a few minutes giving you a hot french kiss (and finding out midway through she wears braces) is a unique experience worth savoring.

On the way out, another culture shock : In front of the bar patrons, the doormen, cab drivers, EVERYBODY, this girl comes out and grabs my hand. Unlike the doll I had just been talking to, this girl left nothing to the imagination. She looked like a really pathetic porn slut : too much makeup, clothes that were degrading, not sexy - not my cup of tea, but still reasonably hot. She grabs my dick and says "fucky fucky?" and starts licking her lips and moaning. After shaking off my disbelief, I came to my senses and caught up with my friends with a new bulge in my pants. What a newbie!

We took off for the true destination of our trip, an unnamed club the likes of which abound - just make friends with a colombian male and you'll find them no problem. Anyway, it's late (1:45 am) so I'm very worried all the cute girls are gone. We walk in, and my fears seem justified : there are only about 7 - 10 girls, all of which are pretty, but not in the caliber of the girl I passed on. But sitting in the corner was this little woman who was immediately my choice. She was light skinned, about 5'4, and nice & curvy yet very skinny. She looked about 16, but she swore she was 18, so I took her word for it.

Her name was Clarissa. She came in and sat in our private booth, and got a drink. Unlike other girls I saw in other booths, she wasn't all over me, trying to get me to pay. Instead, she was quiet and shy (I'm pretty sure genuinely so). I expressed my concern to Carlos, but he said "don't worry! Doesn't matter what her personality is when she's in bed she'll be a tigress." Still unconvinced, I tried to get a read on her as we talked price. After some coaxing, Clarissa allowed me to kiss her. That convinced me. She was so quiet, but as soon as our lips met her tongue was doing circus tricks all over my tonsils. Now I felt no fear at talking turkey. Clarissa started at $150 for an hour, but Carlos talked her down for me. When he got to $80, I said as long as she was committed to being extremely hot in bed, I would pay that. Another $40 for the room, and we were off. "see you in an hour" I said to Carlos. He laughed. I mistakenly thought he was laughing because he thought I'd blow my load in well under an hour with this doll, but he was actually laughing at me because I had no clue what would happen next.

The rooms were a shock - a pull-out sofa, another "make-out" couch, and a shower. That's it. Didn't matter, though. Once the door was closed, Clarissa was on me like a bat outta hell. I have never in my lifetime been kissed as passionately or as expertly as this woman could do. Since she was so much smaller than me, she stood on the couch to kiss on a level playing field. We must have just hung there together, kissing and feeling each other, for at least a half hour or more. Afraid my hour would run out long before I got near her pussy, I started to remove her bra. "No worry" she said, "kiss more." I did as the lady said. This was even more of a "girlfriend fuck" than a rio girl. We kissed in so many new ways it was enlightening. She had this amazing technique she does where she makes you stick out your tongue, and then she does oral on it as if it were a cock. Amazing. By now things were getting pretty steamy. She being so small, I picked her up and put her up against the wall as we kissed like lunatics. Finally, she motioned for me to sit down on the couch, and she dropped down to suck me. I tell you, this girl should teach courses! I don't know how an 18 year old can be that good at sucking dick, but lord, she was. After some of the best oral action I've had, we headed to the bed for what was supposed to be a good ol' bang-a-thon, but we got carried away. As I was kissing her passionately and removing her jeans, I saw her spandex undies. I started rubbing her pussy through the thin spandex. She responded well, so why stop? She grabbed my hand and guided it under her panties so no spandex could come between my fingers and her clit. She was fairly wet already, so I removed her panties and started finger fucking her hard. She wrapped her legs around my arm in a vise grip until she came all over. We got a towel and waited a bit, since she lost interest momentarily after getting her "O". Once she was ready, she gave me yet another great blowjob to get me hard again. She did everything but anal (not into that anyway) : at least seven different positions maybe more. Seemed like we fucked for days. Finally she sat on me and rode. Bad idea. I'm no super hung stud or anything, but for a tiny girl like Clarissa, sitting on my regular sized thing got painful. I apologized, and she allowed the session to continue. What a doll - tiny little waist, c-cups, beautiful face, brunette, VERY hot ass. A wet dream come to life. After another full 20 minutes or so of very intense fucking, I started to get tired. I decided that although (thank you lord) I could have stayed hard for her a lot longer, I was in danger of collapsing from exhaustion. So I got the vixen to do my favorite position : doggystyle, but on an incline so you can kiss her and grab her boobs. I had one hell of an orgasm, after which I promptly collapsed and could barely walk.

I walked out to the stares of the other three guys. They were quite annoyed. Seems that for the "hour" I payed for, Clarissa had given me 3 hours and 20 minutes of ecstasy. They had been waiting quite a while. We got back to the hotel about 4am.

I left the country the next day, and have been dreaming of my next visit ever since. My abs and back were sore for two weeks after I got home, just from one night of humping "colombian style" I've been to rio, and never anybody this good. Hell, no girlfriend I've had was that loving and passionate in the sack. If this is the norm (and from what I hear it is) then Holy Shit! I need to get back there!

Date: 12-05-1997
Subject: Colombia: Bogota

I had high hopes for this town, but it has proven to be a big disappointment. Most likely I did not know where to go, and my lack of local contacts and a limited duration of my stay had managed to defeat me...this time.

The traditional source -- taxi drivers - had proven to be useless (and I tried at least 5 different ones). The only places they would suggest were various ripoff bars in zona rosa. Half of these bars did not even serve beer, just whiskey by the bottle (I did not bother to inquire for the prices). The other half -- that did serve beer -- charged USD$5-10 per glass. Most of them contained a small bar, a couple of tables, and a small dance floor with an occasional strip tease. There were 5-15 girls per place, looks 3-6, no really good looking ones, which contrasts with general population, containing many beautiful girls. Most girls would just sit and talk among themselves, with no attempt to get your attention, they often would not even establish eye contact. Most were chain smokers. The quoted rate was USD$100 for a night, plus some "exit fee" for the bar.

Police patrols armed with machine guns would often burst into these bars, spoiling the mood (already gloom). Supossedly the mayor is trying to destroy these places, and police is sent in to harass and intimidate.

Streets in zona rosa contain a fair number of street walkers, however the taxi drivers caution that most of them are men (at least genetically...)

Overall -- a very negative experience.

Date: 01-30-1998
Subject: Bogota, Colombia

It was my first time in Bogota and I was not familiar with the city. I can speak and read Spanish, so it is not as difficult as it would be to most Anglos.

I was staying in a small hotel near my companies agency and I went out for my first night to "look around." I first went into a "club" with doormen and taxies pulling up with young ladies. There was no "cover" but drinks were about $10 for me and about $20 for the girls. Most of the girls were about 20 and a long eye contact would bring them to the table. Most were in the 8-10 range in beauty and they alternated stripping on stage.

You could get a room upstairs for about $ 50 and the girls wanted $100 for an hour.

At the table they did not push for lots of drinks, but wanted to get you upstairs quickly to get it over. There was not a lot of contact in the bar, the most touching the girl gave was a couple light touches on the knee and I did not see any fondling in the club. I took a girl upstairs and noted that she was not very good with oral technique.

The next night, I went on exploring the city. I saw several places called "Video Bar", which had loud music and assumed that it was MTV on a TV for music. Not so, a "Video Bar" has a TV which may or may not have porno movies. It may or may not have a show- which in a Video Bar tends to be one girl stripping then a break of a half hour before another goes. It also has music at ear splitting volumes. The girls here range from about 20-35 and rate from 4-9. Everybody has different tastes. I finally took a girl upstairs to a really crappy room with a mattress and 2 sheets, which I couldn't tell if were clean because the light was so bad. Again, oral technique was poor.

The girls are more agressive in Video Bars than the big Clubs, especially the ugly ones. Prices were somewhat lower for drinks. Rooms upstairs were about $ 30 and the girls were in the $ 40-75 range for an hour.

The next night, after visiting several Video Bars, I found Margarita who was a solid 9, 23 years old. We talked about an hour and had a few drinks before going upstairs. I learned that she was a university student who was "working" for a semester to pay tuition. The room was shit. It had a vinyl covered padded table and a mattress on the floor with 2 sheets. She took out a bottle of baby oil and asked if I wanted a massage, I agreed and we both stripped and I got onto the table. The massage was nothing special but I was relaxed, but stimulated. When I became more stimulated than relaxed I took her to the mattress and fucked. After that we continued talking and touching and I made arrangements to meet her the next day after work and spend the evening/night together. A knock finally came at the door and I found that 2 hours had passed.

She arrived at my hotel at 7:00 p.m. and I paid the taxi driver. She was dressed well- she looked better than she did in the Video Bar, as if she was on a date with a friend. We had dinner, went to a non-hooker bar with music, then returned to my hotel where the room was clean and had a great night. We had the same arrangement for the next two nights before I left, one night we went to a movie, the other we went downtown and I bought her a dress that I liked for her last night. During our nights together, she was very willing to try different things (except anal) and improved her oral technique. We made love and she never mentioned money. In the first two nights I only gave her taxi money, about $ 20. The final night I gave her a "gift" which was more substantial. She left the final morning at about 9 am and I left for the airport a few minutes later. My friend , the bellman, asked me if I wanted to come back soon- with a wry smile. I returned the smile and told him that I wished I didn't have to leave.

Date: 03-03-1998
Subject: Bogota girls

Just got back from Zoraida's place where some Colombian friends took me. Wow, never in my life have I seen such pretty and energetic girls. Not only they did me and my friend (we ended up with 3 girls) but they also did each other! And they were georgeous, beautiful and young!

Total cost for the 3 girls, a bottle of Black Label and room rights and 3 hours of great sex = US$ 500.00.

I will travel back to Bogota as soon as I can!

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