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Bochum, Germany

Date: Fri, 23 Feb 1996 15:42:38 UTC

Hi there,

I just tested another of those famous nudist clubs in NRW (Germany), the
one in Bochum Wattenscheid, Lorheidestraße 63.

[  FKK Club 50
   Lohrheidestr. 63
   Seems to have some connection with the Herne club as well.
   12 girls
   no entrance fee, drinks, tanning, sauna free
   Tel.:(02327) 322627 bzw. 320544
   Mo-Sa 10-23 Uhr

The girls are 20-30, almost all foreigners (non-Germans, but one), What I
never saw before in these clubs, is that they suggest you to come over to
them. It was a rule in all other clubs, that they wouldn't talk to you or
take any notice of you, if you'd not give them a sign.

First I chose a young Polish girl, but she wanted to come to action and
end a.s.a.p., which disturbed me quite a bit, so I decided to stop it. I
don't know why, but these chicks feel disappointed if you leave them
without shooting liquid off your cock.

Next I got a girl from Cuba, very pretty, and quite handsome, but she had
a professional touch, too. Nevertheless, I spent about 1.5 hours with
her (she calculated the double price for it) and all in all it was good.
I'll not go back since I do like to approach the girls a bit slower, not
to hurry, to know the chicks prior to fucking them, and to get the
feeling that they might be happy to be with me, too.

Let's see what the next club (I guess I'll try the Herne club next) will
bring up.


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