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Boca Chica, The Dominican Republic

A travel report from Boca Chica, Dominican Republic - It's True !!


There's good news in the caribbean ! Most of the rumours about Boca
Chica are true !!  The following is a detailed report about my trip
to DR, which I took around Thankgiving last year.  From here on,
I'll be referring to the Dominican Republic as DR. If my report is
a little lengthy, I apologize, but if your going to DR take the
time to read this, you'll be glad you have this information .....

   I decided I wanted to go on vacation, but with that decision,
there were two things I had to consider: first, that I didn't have
alot of money to spend on such things, two, that availability of
sex was VERY important !! On the money side, the caribbean made
sense: It's close, so it doesn't cost alot to get there. With that
decision, though, there are alot of islands to choose from !! That's
when availability of sex came into the picture. I started with doing
a search in Netscape. The two keywords were "SEX+VACATION". The
results of that search spanned the globe from Thailand (of course),
to DR, to Amsterdam. After coming across quite a few articles about
DR, I bought a couple of books about DR in general: the people, the
country, etc..  DR seemed to be the right choice (at least on paper).
I went to the travel agent, and got a pretty good deal: $747.00 (all
prices are quoted in $US) for 5 nights, 6 days in the BOCA CHICA
RESORT including all meals (3 a day) and drinks (!), and included
airfare.  Upon getting to the airport in Santo Domingo, getting
through customs was easy, quick, and painless. As soon as you get
through customs you exchange your bucks right there.  Then, with a
30 minute taxi ride (which costs about $11.00), I went to resort.
The Boca Chica Resort was fabulous !  Large clean rooms (with AC),
good food, and pretty good service. More about where to stay later.
The first night there, I went looking around: Boca Chica is a very
small beachfront town, whose only income comes from tourism.
There's only one "main drag", which runs parallel to the beach for
about 3/4 of a mile.  It's amazing how many bars, souvenier shops,
and girls can be crammed into such a small area !  Since it was my
first night, I decided not to spend any money yet: just walk, and
take it all in.  I got more propositions in that 3/4 of a mile, than
anyone could imagine !!  And, the women doing the propositioning !
The range was from absolutely stunning, to "okay".  I found no
unattractive girls whatsoever.  This is a very rough estimate,
but I would say there were (between the streetwalkers) and girls
in the bars) about 150 women in that small stretch of street.
The only small surprise, was that the girls were darker than I
expected, but color was also very wide-ranging.  The age range
was basically 16 (some), to 20's (most), to 30's (some).  Another
very noticable thing was how friendly all the girls were.  There
was none of that "hard ass" attitude, so commonly seen here in
the states.  Most of the girls speak a little English, but even
if you don't know very much Spanish, you (and they) can pretty
much get the point across.  The prices are pretty good: generally
around $20.00 - $40.00, depending on the girl & what you want. Once,
I had 2 BEAUTIFUL girls (ages about 17 & 19) for a total of $65.00.
Most of the girls use small, cinder block built "motels" dotting the
street and the "room charge" is about $10.00.  The prices I'm quoting
are for "get in, do what you have to do, and get out".  That's not
to say I was ever hurried by anyone in any way !  As a matter of fact,
one girl who I met in a bar, after discussing price, hung out with me,
danced, talked, and was great company for about 2 hours before we
actually went to the room and did anything !  Being with these girls
was a thoroughly pleasant experience.  One thing I read was to
negotiate prices BEFORE doing anything, which I did, so I don't know
what would happen, otherwise.

     The resort would not allow these girls in the rooms with you, as,
I believe, is the case with most of the resorts in the area.
Although, the resort was in my opinion very good, once there, I
realized that there were several smaller resorts with much lower
prices. One place right across from my resort was only $20.00 a night,
and the rooms seemed perfectly reasonable.  An all-inclusive like the
Boca Chica Resort is a good idea if you have no experience with a place
like I did, but the next time (and there WILL be a next time !), I
will probably opt for the less expensive place. The restaurants are so
inexpensive, that you can eat 2 large meals a day for about $20.00,
so, basically food and lodging can be had for about $40.00 a day, if
you know about these smaller places.  One thing of interest: I was the
only American that I saw !  90 % of the tourist are German, the rest
are Brits, Italians, Canadian, etc..  That being the case, the beaches
(which are beautiful, and kept very clean), are filled with topless
European women ! Commonplace where they come from, but a rare treat
for an American !

     I also went into Santo Domingo for one day.  The city was very
nice, with alot of history (alot of which is related to Columbus),
and was a very interesting nice day trip.  I've heard the nightlife
can be pretty exciting, but I don't have any experience with it:
Boca Chica was enough for me !

     The only thing I found NOT to be true was this: I read in an
article about Boca Chica's girls, that they are basically throwing
themselves at you because males are a rare commodity there, and
the article implied that they were non-professional women.  I saw
no evidence of that at all.  That's not to say you couldn't hook
up with a local (non pro) girl, go out and have a great time, but
it's not like they look at you, and say "A man !!", and fall over
themselves to get to you.  As far as picking up other tourists, I
didn't try, but there were definitely some single female vacationers
there as well !  Some very beautiful !

     Well, at the risk of putting you all to sleep, I'm ending this
report, although given the chance, I could write even more, with
the wonderful time I had !  I'm absolutely going back there !  In
closing, let me say: If you are considering going on vacation to
the caribbean, and availability of sex is a concern, stop
considering, and book your flight to Boca Chica ! You won't
regret it !


Date: Mon, 22 Jan 1996 13:08:31 UTC BOCA CHICA DOMINICAN REPUBLIC: THIS IS A GOOD PLACE TO GET TEENAGE BLACK GIRLS FOR ABOUT $50.00. The place to stay is Pedros Guest House. Pedro is a Canadian pervert who can arrange what you want. I stayed for three days in 1995 and the total bill was $45.00US.
Date: April 1996 Some practical information: * American Airlines has the best connections U.S. -> Dominican Republic * Car rental is best done at the airport, not in Boca Chica. * Rent yourself a beach bungalow near the discos for a week ($150). You can have visitors there. * Everything is cheaper after April 15 * When changing money upon arrival at the airport, keep your receipt. Otherwise you can't change back (except on the black market).
Date: Wed, 12 Jun 1996 23:50:23 UTC Boca Chica, DR -- My Experience ----------------------------------- Time: March 14-19, 1996 From: USA Airline Used: American Airline from Miami Sex Related Issues: ------------------- (A) WHERE TO FIND: At two discos on the main street ( which is actually a partially paved road ), eating places along the main street, bars. The discos are actually meat market, whole bunch of girls are there. Girls usually appear along the street after 7-8:00 PM but some of them hang out along the street during the afternoon.I went to Hamaca's disco but didn't find a lot of girls there. (B) HOW MUCH: I pay at most 400 pesos. My German friend told me never pay over the amount unless you meet the best chica - you may like to pay 500 peso. BARGAIN! BARGAIN before you take your chica to your room!! It took me 20 minutes usually to play with girl and bargain to 400 peso. (C) WHERE TO TAKE: ---- cheap small motels along the main street, 200 peso. You have to do this if you stay in Hamaca, Don Juan or Boca Chica Resort, etc. big hotel/resorts. ---- your own hotel, at "Sunset Beach Hotel" I stayed they charge 300 peso for room fee for the girl. (D) GIRLS: ---- know very little English, can say something like: no problem, amount of money, "suukii suukii = suck" and "fuckii fuckii = fuck". ---- spanish phrase book is useless with those chicas because they don't read very well. ---- my German friend told me his watch/T-shirts, etc were stolen by girls so do WATCH YOUR BELONGINGS! ---- very money oriented, no romance. ---- mostly dark skin look like mix-blooded, some black. ---- the girls I had all told me they are 20 years old but I never know their real age. ---- generally no ugly-looking girls and almost all have nice looking bodies. ---- pretty open, I usually get into the main-girl disco, many girls approached to me, I pick one, buy her a beer, then put her on my lap to play with her, they always allow me to play their tits, loose their belt to let me put my hand into their pants/skirts to play their pussy. ---- chicas allow me taking pictures, some are shy but some are very open, so I took their pic when they lay on my bed naked, doggie, etc. ---- as my experience, all single mothers with kids! Amazing. ---- I noticed some girls hang out on the beach in the afternoon, chasing those fat, 40-50 years old look-like men with gold stuff on hand/neck, to put sunburn lotion on their body and hog them, seems girls are not interested in young men:-) (E) OTHER SEX: ----- I noticed that Germans are more open than American like us. In my hotel, I happened to see local black hotel boy have sex with German woman in empty hotel room. Practical Issues: ---------------- (A) GET THERE: The first thing is you need to do is to buy a " Tourist Card" from DR's counter in Miami Airport, which is a two- piece paper and will cost you $10. Fill it before you reach DR. When you pass the custom in the DR's airport, they will stamp it, take one page, then leave another page to you. Keep it carefully because you need it when you leave. (B) MONEY CHANGE: Do it in the airport because you can get best exchange rate. My experience was: $1 = 13.40 peso at airport, $1 = 13.25 peso at a bank in Santo Domingo, $1 = 13.20 peso at Bank Popular in Boca Chica. From my experience you better change more pesos because it is cheaper to pay in peso to buy T-shirts, etc at local shop and pay girls. Keep the receipt because you need it to change back to your $s. Remember change your $$ back BEFORE you check in with the airlines because the bank is outside the custom. Keep $10 at hand to pay departure tax when you board the airplane. No pesos will be accepted inside the waiting area. (C) CUSTOM and INS: Very easy provided you have a US passport or a US Greencard. They even didn't check my bag at all. (D) CREDIT CARD: I found one thing pretty amazing. "Taking Credit Card" at Boca Chica's small resorts and the "Sunset Beach Club" where I stayed actually means: they take your credit card, make a slip; then you go to local bank's ATM, withdraw peso from the machine; you come back to pay him and he give the slip back to you! Since I never pull money out of my credit card I didn't remember the PIN, which make me fairly trouble. The bank in Boca Chica close on saturdays so please remember your PIN. (E) BEACH: It turns out that Hamaca is the only one which has its own private beach. Other hotels/resorts guests must use public beach. From the east (where Hamaca stands) side to west side, the quality of beach goes from best to worst. (F) LANGUAGE: Can be a little problem if you also want to travel around besides fucking chicas:-) In "Sunset Beach Hotel" I stayed, all Germans. In other hotels, mostly British, Italian or Candian from French-speaking Quebac. So if you only know how to speak English you will feel lonely. Outside hotels people speak Spanish. (G) BIG/SMALL HOTEL: Actually most "resorts" in Boca Chicas are simple small motels or private houses turned into motel, charge $20/30 a night. One thing when stay in those small "resort"s -- noisy. Power break in Boca Chica is very common so everyone has his own generater. So when the power was cut (this happens several times a day) all the generaters started to "sing":-) you imagine how noisy it is. Next time I go there I will stay in Hamaca -- the only one that has private beach. There are also some small "guest house" which charge $15 per night but I didn't try. So wish you guys a nice vacation there:-))
Date: Sun, 2 Mar 1997 07:02:58 -0800 (PST) Subject: Update on Dominican Republic Please don not post my email address.... Update on Boca Chica. I travelled to the Dominican Republic and the the Hamace Resort in Boca Chica from 10-17 Feb 1997. Im not into paying for something that is readily available for free, as Im more interested in the vacationing single women than paying some hooker. But, I want to share my observations about the country and what I found to be available. I found the Domincan Republic to be much more developed than most third world countries as far as the infrastuctive (roads, electricity, comminunications) and probably one of the better in the caribbean. I never felt afraid to walk around the streets and generally found it safe and minimal hassle compared to places like the norder towns in Mexico, or Jamaica. The Hamaca is a big resort and they have their own private beach. The rest of the resorts have their own private areas away from the ocean, but share the beach with the rest of the locals and the many bars and restraunts that are along the beach. One of the previous posters decribed it as 750 yards long. with torn up streets and on its way to decay. I disagree with this as it is probably more like closer to a mile long, and the streets were being repaired with new surface and sidewalks. etc. and I think Boca Chica will be here for a long time to come. For some reason not many Americans go to the DR. I guess that they would rather go to Puerto Rico which is only a 30 minute plane ride from the DR, and pay four times as much, and face all the street crime that is prevalent in San Juan. Most of the tourists were German, Brit, French, Italian, and many French Canadians. Many of the French Canadians were soldiers stationed at the oppisite end of the island in Haiti, trying to restore peace there, and would come to the DR for a few days to get away from it all. The beaches are full of topless European and Canadian visitors, and the locals bring their families over to Boca Chica on weekends from Santo Domingo (which I never got to). The Hamaca operates a casino that opens in the evening. This is the casino in town, and is the only place on the resort that the locals can visit. The rest of the resort is off limits to the locals unless they pay a charge to go the the disco, etc. The minimum bet at craps or 21 is 25 pesos (official exchange rate was 14.80 pesos to the US dollar when I was there). You notice a big variety of young, generally good looking Dominican women (some with fantastic bodies), and they it very clear to you why they are there. I speak a little spanish and was able to carry on a conversation with them as long as they spoke slowly, and kept it in the present tense. The protocol here is that you meet a chica, ride on the back of a motorcycle for 15 pesos, to a hotel nearby. Here you get a room for les than $20 US, and then for another $40-$50 she is yours for an hour or so, or until you feel satisfied, and then ride back to the resort on the back of another motorcycle. I talked to many who had done just that, and they never felt like they were in a dangerous situation. I think its mostly the single mother routine. I talked to one chica, who was trying to get me to get me to go with her. She told me about her children, and thats she worries, and that there was no food in her house, and that she had to pay the school some money the next day, etc. I found Lise to be intelligent, funny, and I enjoyed just talking to her every night in Spanish. I did notice the next night that she did find someone who gave her some money and she promptly went the the roulette wheel, making bets all over the place, and soon had well over $100 US in front of her. I told her to take the money, cash it in, and use in on her kids. Within ten minutes she was broke, and that was the last of me feeling sorry for these women and their stories. I ran into some obnoxious American pervert, who was 65 yrs old and accordingly to him didnt give a fuck. He was showing me pictures of some lovely young local female with a body you wouldnt believe in all kinds of porno poses. Sure enough whe shows up that night at the casino, and she was a beauty. 20 years old with a body, and a set of tits that almost convinced me to change my mind. She wanted me to meet her 23 year old girlfriend, and for the four of us to go over to the perverts hotel room and have a party. This was going to cost me $60 for anything I wanted to do, and any pictures that I may want to take. I met the girlfriend, but still.....hookers are just not my thing. I was told that they will give you a BJ without a rubber, but insist on a rubber for intercourse. This certainly is not a bad idea, and recommend to all that they do use one. I was propositioned many times on the beach, and several times at the entrace to Hamacas by the local young ladies. Since they dont speak very much English, they are very good at using their hands and mouth to desribe to you what message they are trying to get over to you. I would not hesitate to go back, as I enjoyed the beach, and the people that worked at the resort. I think next time that I would try another of the resort places along the beach. Good luck to all!!!!!!

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