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Bloomington, Indiana

Indiana (Bloomington)

Bloomington is a college town, pop. ~60,000, the home of Indiana University.

Street action - none that I've ever seen.

Massage/incall - none that I know of between Bloomington and Indianapolis
(50 miles Northwest).

Escort/outcall - there is some but overall lame.  3 or 4 places in local
phone book.  Agency fee - $90-$100.  Model's tip extra.  Agency fee
includes nude dancing and massage.  Tried 2 different services; couldn't
get any model to do full service.  Best I got was handjob for extra $50
tip.  Models won't even discuss full service, not it seems for any
price.  Big waste of money - drive to Indianapolis and visit massage
parlors in Plainfield/Claremont.

Prostitution, Prostitutes, Escorts, World Sex Guide

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