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Birmingham, United Kingdom

Date: Thu, 14 Sep 1995 22:11:19 UTC


Birmingham is England's second city, and the one-time centre of the industrial
revolution in the Midlands. It had until about 1993 a well-known red light
area in Balsall Heath, about a mile and a half south of the city centre and
adjacent to the Pershore Road.  Extended and diligent efforts by the police
and local residents together with major reconstruction and modernisation of
the whole area have now substantially eliminated prostitution as the main
activity in the area.

However, Birmingham does have a reasonable supply of massage parlours, mostly
in the Selly Oak area not far from the University.  Go to that part of the
Bristol Road between Bournbrook and Selly Oak where the road rises towards
Selly Oak traffic lights; there's a parade of shops on one side and block of
old buildings on the other, next to a car park.  You will find four or five
parlours in this area, though they do close and re-open from time to time.

Consistently best in my experience is Penny's Tonal Therapy, but I think it's
called just Penny's now. It's on the left facing South, almost at the end of
the parade of shops.  On the right hand side of the road there is a block with
two parlours one on top of the other, and the entrances can easily get
confused. Both are OK.  The other one on the left hand side but further
downhill gave me rotten service the only time I went there, so I just never
went back.

There are other parlours in other parts of Birmingham, look in the classified
columns of the local papers to find them.  Key headings: Personal, Personal
Services, Sauna, Sauna and Massage.

For straight prostitution from private premises there is a certain amount of
individual initiative as girls advertise their services in newsagents' windows,
also in National (and International) magazines like Men Only and Club
International. I have found that these latter girls, in Birmingham and
elsewhere, usually have more custom than they need and get very disdainful
unless you are really loaded financially.  (But maybe I was just unlucky).  My
own preference is to stick to the massage parlours.

Date: Tue, 10 Oct 1995 11:49:07 UTC BIRMINGHAM Birmingham has one of the highest concentrations of working girls outside London, as befits the UK's second-largest city. Many of the massage parlours are fairly seedy, even the city centre ones. Over the last few years, the city council has attempted to "control" the use of massage parlours for prostitution by insisting that all girls who work in one sign on for, and complete, a proper massage qualification. The result is that if you get a girl who has worked in a massage parlour for (say) more than a year, the chances are that the massage you will get as part of your overall sexual encounter will be both professional and erotic. There is a group of reasonable massage parlours within a few yards of each other in the Selley Oak area - including Cuddles, Penny's Tonal Therapy, the New Manyana and a couple of others. Of these, I've found Penny's (0121 472 1626) to be consistently the best. The girls are very friendly, and although the premises are not nearly as nice as the previous place across the street (which burnt down in 1993) they're better than most. No one rushes you, and a full hour's session (including jacuzzi, full body massage and hand relief) will cost you about #50. Most things are available as "extras" and a 2-girl session with bath, spine-tingling mass age, oral and sex with both will be about #120. Highly recommended! My favourites are Emma, who is tall and wicked(!) and Yvonne who has a great sense of fun. If you fancy some domination, try Paula on 0121 454 6901. Her prices are very reasonable (#40 for a full hour last time I visited) and she has an extremely well equipped dungeon, in a very respectable part of town! There are lots of adverts in contact magazines for girls working throughout Birmingham - in general, I've found them less attractive, more hurried, less erotic and much worse value than those working in the parlours, with a few notable exceptions.
Subject: Penny's Birmingham England Date: Fri, 18 Apr 1997 22:42:18 +-100 hi Blackbird just to let you know all the staff from penny's have moved to the "place" down the road (Good Lookers) where you had a rotten service. The Wicked Emma says hello and hopes to meet you again soon
Date: Sun, 18 May 1997 01:05:39 -0400 Birmingham - England You will not get class in this town, but it all available at a reasonable price. The trick is to look in the local paper for massage places. You can get a massage, but nobody ever does I would think. I tried two places close in to the city center, The Blue Bell (above a porno store near the bus station) and another nameless place about a mile away. Both places cheerfully admit over the phone that their ladies are not young, but don't let that deter you. Blue Bell: 7 UKL for a massage, and then an extra 35 UKL for a 'full personal service' Anal was offered (and declined - I just got off a plane from Chicago and had some rigidity concerns(!)) Instead I asked for a full BJ, and that is exactly what I got. After a full 20 minutes or more, I asked the lady (who by the way was about 35, but well-preserved) to let me come on her. Without asking for extra (I would have paid), she whipped of the condom, licked my balls and talked some really nasty shit to me. As my eyes rolled back into my head, she lowered her face and took a full load from nose to chin. God love her, she even licked her lips! I thought that this was exception al until I got basically the same service from a chunky lady at the other place. This one swallowed!
Date: Thu, 04 Sep 1997 00:37:21 -0400 Birmingham, England Massage scene still in full swing. On the right down the Hagely Road into Edgbaston in a second floor walk-up with a cream canopy over the door, I got a disinterested BJ and fuck from a wall-eyed dirty blond. I know that this doesn't sound attractive, but she was the best on offer. Total was about $85, so I guess I got my money's worth. Two girl with the blond a former East German shot-putter (my guess, based on size) was offered and declined as being poor value at nearly $200!
Date: Sat, 13 Sep 1997 13:49:46 -0400 (EDT) Subject: hi update to birmingham in england hi i would like to update a part of your site. It is birmingham in england I visited an excellent place with beautiful women in birmingham, it was just a nice flat with different girls working on different days. The telephone number for the place is 0121,5250927 i asked the girls if i could put this up being as i was so impressed. The girls were very beautiful there was one in particular an asian girl called shortie she was 21 tall and very fit she also does anal. There was also another asian girl called raj she was a little smaller but also very sexy. All the girls do a full service including anal, and the prices ranged from 30 to 60 pounds. What a terrific service for such a small price, i would definately recommend a visit.
Date: Sat, 13 Sep 1997 15:34:12 Subject: Pleasure report from Birmingham, UK GENERAL : The following original research performed by Dylan DePolignac. (C) 1996- 97 by Dylan DePolignac. Last update: 13 September 1997. Permission is granted to freely copy, modify, and distribute this document in whole or in part, provided that it is not done for profit and that this entire copyright notice remains attached. If you find these reports useful or if you wish me to research a city of your choosing, please write to me ( ------------------------------------------------------------------------ House of Pleasure: Sabrinas Location : North Birmingham, UK Telephone : (0121) 4343845 Facilties : 3 rooms, variously equipped with Jacuzzi, costumes, torture instruments etc. Prices : 15 pounds entry (for massage), then extras approx. #30 hand job , #40 blow job, #50 full sex, #50 to #60 half and half, other service depends on the girl. General : The brothel looks from the outside like a set from a Horror Movie. Set high above a parade of disused shops in a downbeat Birmingham suburb. You might expect swirling vampire bats and some stunted ogre to answer the door. However it gets a lot better. The girls are genuine Birmingham nymphomaniacs. They love sex but are also good on basic manners - nice greetings, chit-chat and cup of tea - very homely. Open 10 am till midnight. Usually 2 to 3 girls working, choose your visit time to avoid waiting because they're not well set up for that. Format: You pay your 15 pounds then you choose the girl of your fancy - they are happy to show you the wares first - no hassle. Then you choose your room - basic, jacuzzi, dress-up - no extra charges there. You then get on with the massage or anther business. If you stay with simple massage, you'll be out within 30 minutes, paying for extras will easily take you to a full hour. I've always had more than 60 minutes - no rush. You pay the girl for extras afterwards which is also nice but tends to lead to excess when it comes to tips (totally discretionary). I think the girls know this and they play to it. Hostess Reports : Lea : Personality:8,Body:6,Face:5,Technique:8, Overall 6 to 7 Older than most who work at this pleasure house, Lea is about 35-40, very slim, small long tits and a tight shaved pussy. She is not so pretty but is an extremely friendly woman. I spent 40 minutes just chatting to her, watching porno movies and rubbing each other up in a Jacuzzi before we got down to business. This was my first time and she went out of her way to make me at ease, making me a cup of tea and folding up my clothes, etc. There certainly is a lot to be said for experience - I was so nervous that at first I couldn't even crack a hard and she realised this. As she started kissing me up and down the stomach and thighs, she slowly got a rise out of me and without any effort, she slipped a condom on me by using her mouth - class act! I settled for oral only as by that stage she had me begging for it and could have finished me in 20 seconds. She was smarter than that though and playing for the repeat visit, she blew me for about 10 minutes till I caved in (or is that "out"?) Imani: Personality:6 Body:8 Face:7 Technique:7 Overall:7/10 A few months later back in Birmingham on business, I turned up without phoning. When Imani opened the door, I truly believed that the place had turned into a health club and that she must be their receptionist. She is built like gym instructor, and whilst she was pumping me, she admitted that she taught aerobics in her "regular job", smallish, very slim but perfect shape, she has very small pert tits, dark nipples, very dark shaved pussy and light creamy coloured smooth skin. Deep "brummy" accent which I usually find amusing but was starting to find quite sexy on Imani. Impeccable body, quite pretty but not so "at ease" with her body as Lea is. Experience - that's what Imani needs to work on. I was ecstatic when she told me that she wasn't the receptionist and that she would "take" me right away - just about blew my wad there and then. I was going to go for the cup of tea and jacuzzi routine but was so eager I asked to get down to business - starting with a massage. This was not so great - and when I offered to reverse roles she agreed easily. I rubbed her down for 45 minutes. First the back, then the front, finishing with her fingers and her toes in an Eastern "strip" massage. She loved it - moaning and wriggling slowly and purring like a kitten. I loved just holding her body - it was like being lent a fine navigation instrument to work with for a while. Imani is a little on the selfish side and would have been happy to call it a day after her massage (at which point this would only have cost me 15 pounds) but I had a hard-on the size of a baby's arm so I asked her for the works. Oral was perfunctory so I switched to doggy style which was great - you need to imagine what an aerobic instructor's pussy can be toned up to!! She is quite small and doggy was obviously hurting her, so she rolled me belly up and showed me what aerobic meant. If I'd moved at that speed for so long they'd have had to take me out on a stretcher. I actually came about half way through but she seemed to have another agenda so I let her go for it. Good value for money. On the way out, Imani introduced me to Julie who was so gorgeous (punk spiky blond hair, young, large tits, nympho pout) that I almost contrived to firm up once more. They offered me a twosome for "next time", Imani giving me some credit for a good massage. I resolved to extend my business trip and come back the following day. Shelley: Personality:9, Body:9, Face:7, Technique:9, Overall 9/10 I rang back the next evening to book Imani and Julie and was told that they were "out". I guess they do hotel calls. I asked who was working and was told a few names I didn't recognise but the prospect of a twosome had made me so expectant that I decided to just turn up and chance it. I can't remember the name of the girl who answered the door but she was a non-starter and seemed to know it. I asked to see the other hostesses and was told that they were working. Indeed, whip cracks and cries from the torture room at the right of the stairs landing seemed to confirm that for at least one of them. I got the feeling that my hostess was hassling me to take her. I was going to leave as I cannot abide hassle nor waiting, when a tall, mellow half-caste girl (Shelley) showed the cut of her jib and miraculously a spare room was found. Shelley got started on the massage, maintaining her smock and her shoes. Even when I asked her to loosen up a bit she just took off the smock and kept her lingerie and shoes. She didn't seem to want to do more than that and as it was gone midnight, I guessed that she was tired and had taken me as a favour. As the reverse massage had worked well with Imani, I told Shelley to take a break and that I'd massage her instead. She was not too enthused by this but agreed. This gave me a reasonable premise to get her lingerie and shoes off though, and at that point things turned up for the better. Shelley is tall, quite busty, some Indian or Pakistani blood mixed with Caucasian which has definitely worked in her favour - coffee coloured eyes, good tits. By "good" I mean on the large side but entirely self supporting - very dark aureolae with immaculately rippled edges like the bullseye of a dartboard and then jet black nipples. You need about a hand and a half to do justice to one breast and they feel like mother in the mouth. The rest of her body is excellent - again shaved pussy seems to be de rigeur - which was nice `cos it gave me a chance to appreciate the finer detail of her labia - very clearly marked out from the rest and finished in that same nipple black. When I rolled her over, I noticed that the ring of her ass was marked out in jet black as well. As there was a porno movie playing at the time with a guy boning some chick's backdoor, I asked Shelley if this was possible - that little black "o" was just so pretty. Alas this particular adventure was not to be - she turned me down politely - we carried on with the massage. This was the first time that I'd seen a coloured girl naked and I guess it must have shown. She is a stunner and as I was going through the massage I was telling her how different her skin smelt, how her erogenous zones were so much more pronounced than Euro girls and I think she found this quite amusing. She certainly loosened up considerably and told me that her "real job" was a dancer/stripper in the summer season in Norway and that the Norwegian boys went drop-dead crazy for a "bit of black" as well. Well after having an aerobics instructor the previous night and now an exotic stripper, hearing her speak like this, I jut started creaming myself while I was massaging her - couldn't help it. She just reached out, took hold of my balls and helped me through this slight excess. Giggled a bit. This was the beginning of a journey into paradise. As I was temporarily taken care of and she seemed to be enjoying the massage, we just rolled right on. I got to touch or lick any part of her I wanted and I must have used half a bottle of Baby Oil - she was shining like a polished baby grand piano! We went well over the hour and so far I had paid 15 pounds. I was very happy with this and just laid down to hold her a bit. She was almost asleep but roused herself to ask me if I'd be taking "any of the famous house extras?" I thought that I was pumped out - so I just jokingly said "sure - the works" and that's what I got. She had to stroke me a lot to get me hard enough for a condom and then she gave me few minutes of wonderful head, real strong movements of roof of mouth, cheeks, tip of tougue and tiny powerful lip pulls. This girl has a Phd in fellatio - she could suck-start a garden-vac. I would have blown in an instant and she figured that out, so moved over to "lady on the top" where she paced herself for a good 5 minutes - keeping me on the edge. This is where I got the best and lasting memories of her gorgeous tits and her long crinkly black hair. Her nipples were so engorged, moist and black that every time they touched my chest or lips I expected them to leave a stain like ripe blackberries. She watched me come and made it as slow as she could, smiling with kind determination - wonderful little pussy squeezes and something I've never experienced before nor since - a sort of tail-shaking routine like the final movements of a Retriever as it sheds water emerging from a lake. A short series of very rapid and very powerful shakes of the haunches and tail - I had died and gone to heaven.
Date: Wed, 31 Dec 1997 13:42:25 +0000 (GMT) Subject: Birmingham, UK I do a lot of travelling in my type of work, and it usually involves going through Birmingham. My favourite place is Penny's Tonal Therapy (0121 472 1626) which has been mentioned before in the Guide - they are always friendly and provide a great service. I have been going there for about 2 years now... The whole place has been renovated, so that it is much more homely and comfortable. The prices still remain at 10ukp (shower and massage), 12ukp (jacuzzi and massage) and 40ukp for whatever service you like. Someone mentioned earlier that the girls had now gone to "Good Lookers", but they decided not to. I have sampled quite a number of girls and here are my favourites: Emma - Tall, dark hair. She gives a wonderful massage, with great head. Nice tits too. Sasha - frizzy hair, coming from somehwere in Wales. Slim body with small tits. Good head and a tight pussy. Sarah - blonde babe. Gives good head. Nice tits. Pierced bell button, and a tattoo on her bum. Paula - Lovely blonde, giving excellent massage and a good all round service. Works there occasionally. Dee - Small girl, but with amazing tits (big nipples) who loves to have fun. Talks dirty and full of fantasy. Chelsea - I only ever had her once, but wow - she is great. She is very small, petite with not a great body, but her personality and performance makes up for i! Great massage, loving attention to giving head, and she screws and squirms like she ws on fire. I already had Emma just before, and she had worn me out. I thought I wouldn't be able to cum again but Chelsea managed it! Of the other girls there, I don't recommend any. They were either unattractive (well, not my type), or their personality lacked a little something. I have been to "Good Lookers" and Blackbird was right - they didn't give a good service - I felt uncomfortable and not at ease with the girl I had. Cuddles is an okay place, but I haven't been for quite a while. They have girls of types, and I mean just that! For other places round Birmingham, you could look up the Personals section n the local evening called "Birmingham Evening Mail". There is also a Personals Section at the back of the "What's On" magazine to Birmingham, which lists small print ads and picture ads of escorts and massage places.
Subject: Fw: Birmingham England Date: Thu, 15 Jan 1998 16:30:38 -0000 Pennys telephone 0121 472 1626 location Bristol Road Selly Oak car parking public car park just down road. Pennys is the best massage parlour in Birmingham that I know of. The fee is UKP10.00 or UKP12.00 depending on whether you want a room with jacuzzi or not. There are usually at least 3 girls to choose from and at more popular times over 5. You should ask to choose if the girl who answers the door is not to your taste. The girls tend to be mature but are all attractive. The pick of the girls are Yvonne a very nice lady, Emma (who is not at Good Lookers now...Jan 98), Kirsty and Jodi though all the girls are pleasant. The girls are very versatile and there are several who will take a spanking and even the cane (UKP2.00 a spank or UKP10.00 a cane stroke) which is rare in Birmingham. Obviously they will provide all the more normal services prices around UKP40.00. The premises are comfortable, very clean and the atmosphere is friendly. Altogether definitely the first parlour to visit in Birmingham Lena Masang telephone 212 9797 location 4b Lionel street ( under a railway bridge) parking on street or car park next door. This is given 5 stars by McCoy but I am not so sure. You are not offered a choice of girls. This is a big a rabbit warren. The decor is comfortable but not outstanding. The girl I saw was friendly enough but seemed in a bit of a hurry and oral was only average. Price UKP40.00 for oral. However if you are in the city centre and pushed for time this is ok. Lucy Palmers telephone 772-2417 location 399 Coventry Road parking outside Do not be put off by the elaborate security. On arrival you will be led into the parlour where the manageress introduces you to the five girls on duty at any one time. There was a good range when I visited - one Asian, one half-caste and three white the latter youngish. The fee for the room is UKP15.00 for an hour plus UKP10.00 to the girl before extras. I saw Sonya a bubbly Asian girl who gives wonderful oral and Fay a very attractive tall half-caste girl. Fee for oral was UKP35.00. The room was comfortable but just a couch not a bed. Had jacuzzi and shower. The only minus point is that the girls have to keep strictly to the time limits. This is a managed parlour. Second best after Pennys. Ambassadors Telephone 622 4642 location Bristol Street (near City Centre) parking on street outside This used to a dump years ago but has been totally redecorated. There is a wide selection of rooms. I had the VIP which has a four poster bed and a mirrored wall. The walls are hung with drapes. It is very pleasant. On arrival you wait in a small bar and the girls come in separately and you choose. There were 4 present when I visited..a good range, one black, 3 white. I saw Andrea a pleasant older woman. The massage was quite good and there was no rush. But a little pricey at UKP60.00 for a spanking and oral. However this is the best place to go if you are in the City Centre and pushed for time. Others. Burbank as your previous correspondent says is a horrible dump with disinterested girls. There are claims that it has been re-decorated in the local paper but I advise giving it a wise berth. McCoy says that the owner of Buirbank also owns Good Lookers so you can draw your own conclusions. Although I have not visited them it is worth noting that McCoy is dismissive of the Blue Bell Suite and Park Avenue. As I think he tends to be generous this is hardly a recommendation, particularly when the parlours I have commented on above are all of at least a reasonable standard and in the case of Pennys excellent.

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