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Birmingham, Alabama

Date: Thu,  4 Apr 1996 08:38:24 UTC

3/3/96  Visited the V.I.P Spa at 2423 Center Point Road at 1:00 in the
afternoon.  The V.I.P. Spa in Birmingham is operated by the same people who
operate the one in Atlanta.  Prices are pretty much the same ($40 for 1/2
hour and $60 for full hour).  This includes the Sauna, the shower and the
massage.  Although I had read the reports about the oriental Spas in
Atlanta, I didn't know what to expect here in Birmingham.  When I rang the
buzzer at the inside door, I was pleased that a very attractive Korean girl
named Jenny answered.  Jenny came to Birmingham from the V.I.P. Spa in
Atlanta about 4 months ago, so everything is pretty much the same.  After I
was naked and in the sauna, I asked her what "full service" would cost.
Just as I read in one of the Atlanta reports, she said we would talk about
it later. After about 10 minutes in the sauna, she took me down the hall to
the shower, lathered me up and washed me, giving a lot of attention to my
cock and my crack.  It seemed to be more than for sanitary purposes alone.

When we got back to the little room, she gave me a reasonably good massage
and then she asked what I wanted.  She asked $140 for "full service", I
countered with $90, but I could only talk her down to $120. Jenny is slim
with about 34B breasts.  She let me lick her seemed to turn
her on, and allowed me to lick her clit a little.  However, she said she
was horny and wanted to get on with she climbed on and we fucked
slowly at first and then more rapidly until I came.  I would have liked to
have had more foreplay and I told her so.  She said next time we would play
more.  She was very nice, very attravctive, and I will probably give her
another try.

There are two other Oriental Spas in the same area of town, which is Center
Point Parkway, Exit 134 of of I-20.  The others are the Fuji Spa and the
Pinetree Spa.  The V.I.P. is about 6 miles off the Interstate, Fuji is 2
miles and Pinetree is 3.5 miles.  I spotted the Pinetree Spa, but never saw
the Fuji Spa.

Be very careful of Outcalls in Birmingham.  The police have been
aggressively pursuing the girls and their clients.  If I knew where to look
I would try to look at arrest records and get names and addresses.  Several
prostitutes that were arrested were upper middle class married women who
were hooking for kicks....they didn't need the money.

If anyone wants to contact me at and can convince me
they are not connected in any way with law enforcement, I know a very nice
36 y.o., 5'7", 125#. BR/BR who operates on referral only, is
multi-orgasmic, into fantasies, B&D, can be dominant or submissive, loves
to suck cock, loves to have you eat her pussy and charges $125 full service
for as long as it takes. She really loves sex, moans and groans a lot, but
you can tell she actually gets off, becasue she really gets wet.

Date: Tue, 16 Jun 1998 10:23:37 -0500 Subject: Birmingham, AL The Fuji Spa is on Center Point Road in the shopping center behind Hardee's, another is the Health Spa on Chalkville Mountain Rd. at Old Springville Road, it is located next to a pizza place, prices and services are about the same as VIP and Pinetree Spa

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