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Binghamton, New York

Anyone know where I can find ladies of the night in Binghamton.NY?

The cops used to round up hookers around Court & Carroll Sts. and near
the main post office. Don't know if they are still there.

Subject: [ASP] Report Binghamton Street Scene Date: Tue, 17 Jun 1997 15:11:16 -0600 I've been partaking of the street action in Bingo for longer than I care to remember. It's still centered in an eight to ten block area running from the main USPO south about two blocks and including the parallel and side streets. While the incidence of wacked out crack heads has risen sharply there are still some old fashioned heart of gold types around. See the WSG for general rules of thumb regarding street hookers and cops. On a recent sunday afternoon I picked up a fairly attractive 28 year old blonde, clean and sober, who agreed to all my fantasies, including much rimming and anal intercourse for $80 for 90 minutes in the back of the van. She was not long on experience but very willing to follow instruction, and appreciative enough of my patronage and manners to show me her apartment and invite me to drop in rather than looking for her on the street. I'm looking forward to many return visits.

Prostitution, Prostitutes, Escorts, World Sex Guide

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