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Billings, Montana

Date: Sun, 24 Sep 1995 23:01:58 UTC

I noticed that you didn't have any items for Billings, Montana so here is
some info on it.

There are two oriental massage places located in Billings. The first one
is Tokyo Sauna and it is located on the east end of downtown. It is open
24 hours per day. The women here are all oriental and range from a 4 to
7. When you first go in they tell the price is from $60 to $100 if you
tell them that you haven't been there before. If you know the routine you
usually just pay them when they escort you to your room without talking
about price. They always start out with a trip to the sauna and then a
full body shampoo (and it is full). After that you are taken back to your
room and get a body rubdown. After that the service you get depends on
what you paid initially; $60 for a handjob, $80 for a blowjob and $100
for half and half. They all use condoms for everything except the
handjob. I have enjoyed the service here and have never felt ripped off.
When you arrive you won't get a choice of girls but can ask for one if
you know their name.

The other oriental massage parlor is called the 34th St Spa, I'll let you
guess were its located. The service here is similar to the Tokyo Sauna,
as are the prices. Its open from 10am till midnight.

Billings also has two massage studios that also offer extras. They are
California Massage and  Sunset Bay Massage. The service at both of them
is very similar. You start out paying $25 for a half hour or $40 for an
hour. They start you out with a short rubdown and then discreetly ask if
you'd like anything else. A half and half tends to run another $80, and
of course less if you only want a blowjob or handjob. The women at both
are real hit & miss, some days they have some attractive ones, other days
they are all overweight and unattractive. The advantage here is that when
you walk in to either one you are greeted at the desk by all the women
working, there are usually 2-3 at a time. All use condoms for intercourse
and about half give blowjobs without them.

Street-walkers are also real hit & miss. If out, they can be found on the
south end of downtown between Montana Ave. and 1st Ave. South and between
27th and 29th Streets. I have seen a large range in them, from overweight
and unattractive to attractive but not gorgeous. Prices seem to range
from $40 to $80 but I haven't had much experience with them to know for
certain. The police will occasionally crack down on the girls but I
haven't heard of them running any sting operations to catch johns, still
be cautious and use common sense.

That's about it in Billings.

Subject: Billings, MT Date: Tue, 14 May 1996 15:52:16 UTC On a recent trip to Billings, I tried the 3 escort services listed in the Yellow Pages; two never answered the phone. The third described a "girl" in her early thirties for $150/hour. When she showed up, she could have been my mother -- older, wrinkled, and wanted another $150 for full service! Face it guys, you're going to have trouble in Billings. Enjoy the view, and get your action elsewhere.
Date: Tue, 3 Feb 1998 02:18:55 -0700 Now I am married to a wonderful girl, but she does not at all enjoy anal sex, as I do, she however has always fantazized about being with another girl, so we agreed to fulfill our fantasies together, and visited the California Bay, in Billings, and asked spcifically for a bi-girl into anal sex, and we got our wish, she was a beauty, about 19-20, 5'5" 105# nice breast, clean, and intellegent, she was more than willing to be with my wife and give me the anal sex at the same time, this was a huge turn on for us both, and has much improved our sex life, we visit Bridgett about every 2 or 3 weeks, and have started to see her in our home, instead of the studio.

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