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Bern, Switzerland


Although Bern is the captial of Switzerland it's a very tiny and
sedate town. So the sex industry seems to be very non-existant.

i) Street Action
I was in Bern for business last month, and was looking for
some action. So I wandered around two nights in a row looking
to see if there was any street action but I found nothing
(and I mean nothing). I also asked in the only sex shop in
town (down in the Altstadt around the corner from the Federal
Parliment) but they couldn't tell me of any action either
(BTW the sex shop has many jerk off booths where you can
watch videos etc. in case that's your bag).
So I think this option is out of luck

ii) Studios
There are some studios that have sex shows etc. - they're listed
mostly in the back of Berner Zeitung (BZ) the local paper. I think
that Der Bund (the Bernetr Mitteland paper) has some too but I
can't remember rightly. However, as I can't read/speak German
I was hesitant to call any up since I couldn't understand what the
ads said or converse to people on the phone (supposedly everyone
knows some English but you could have fooled me....). However, native
German speakers will have no troubles.

iii) Movies
There's a porn cinema called Cine 6 in the  Altstadt (around
the corner from McDonalds in an alleyway) in case
anyone is looking for that.

Date: Sun, 18 May 1997 23:08:38 +0200 (MET DST) Subject: Bern, Switzerland There are always some street-walkers in the area between Schwanengasse and Bundesplatz (Bundesgasse, next the park "Kleine Schanze"). On a fine day you'll meet about ten or fifteen girls at this place. Most of them seem to be foreigners from Africa or Asia. Be careful, the drug scene is also situated in this park. So most Swiss in this area might be drug addicts. There are no ads in "Bund". Buy "Berner Zeitung" and look under Studios. Don't try the 156 xx xx phone numbers promising you cheap sex with housewifes or students. They are all rip-offs. You will be able to find some brothels in Bern. e.g. take the tram Nr. 3 to Fischermaetteli (last stop, about 10minutes from city-center). Just across the tram station (Weissensteinstr. 27) there is one or walk 100 m further uphill (Weissensteinstr. 22). There you'll find an oriental-one. Further houses are located at Sandrainstrasse or Chutzenstr.15 (ask the taxi-driver). If you have a car, you could find some girls opposite the Wankdorf Football Stadium on the dark parking (Papiermuhlestr.) I've never tried one of the pros in Bern. So I can't give you any information about prices and quality. But like anything else in Switzerland it might be quite expensive. Have fun!
Date: Wed, 23 Jul 1997 12:25:49 +0000 Subject: sex business bern hi buddys i read your letters about the sex-business in bern/switzerland. i was born in bern and i can tell you, that we have A LOT of street girls, salons and sex shops. street girls (minimum 30 girls total) you will find at the following places: Allmend (near from the Icehockey-stadium), Bundesgasse, neue Murtenstrasse. Large salons you will found at: Sandrain (at least 15 salons), weissensteinstrasse 18 (thai and swiss), aarbergergasse, gerechtigkeitsgasse, wasserwerk (domination). sex shops you will found at: breitenrain, münstergasse, neuengasspassage, rathausgasse. have fun !

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