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Bennettsville, South Carolina

Subject: Bennettsville, SC

An update on an old favorite, the Trucker's Motel.  Located 6 mi south of
Bennettsville on hiway 15, the truckers has been here forever. Go into
the bar and order a beer, and in a few minutes one of the girls will come
over and make small talk, finally asking something to the effect of "Are
you looking for company?" After an affirmative, you go our of the bar,
back into the motel lobby, and into the Men's room, which has two doors.
Go out the other door, and you will be in an outside hall, where your
girl will meet you and take you outside to one of several cabins or
trailers where there are bedrooms.  Pricing as of 12/96 was $60 for 1/2
hour, $100 for an hour.
Condoms are used always, and the girls usually take you into the bathroom
and wash off your dick and balls with warm water, and soap using a small
basin.  Depending on the girl, you can always get straight sex, sometimes
they require a tip of $20 and up for 69, anal, etc.
An excellent old time whorehouse, girls are all at least 5's sometimes up
to 7's

Subject: Re: [ASP] : REQ: Bennettsville, SC Info Date: Sun, 6 Jul 97 01:34:45 GMT I stopped by "Buddy's Trucker Motel" last week. I had a hard time finding it, and directory assistance does not have "Trucker's Motel"! But from I-95, you take Highway 38 to the city, then take a left on Highway 15/401. It will be on the right, past a bunch of other motels. I walked into the bar and there were about 10 guys there and one attractive girl. She was wearing a vinyl skirt with a garter on one leg. She got up to mess with the jukebox and I sat near where she had been sitting. She came over to me and made small talk, I told her I heard about the place from the internet, and she asked me if I had enough time to "go out back". As reported, you walk through the men's room and meet her in back of the ladies' room, then out to one of the trailers. Her name was Kelly, and she was very beautiful, olive skinned brunnette, hard body, 36 C or D breasts, a sweet southern accent, and very friendly and outgoing. She explained the prices were $50 for a hand job, $60 for 30 minutes of half and half, and $100 for an hour (why would anyone take the hand job?) I signed up for the 30 minute plan, and she delivered the money to the bar while I undressed. I showed her my ID and business card to set her at ease about a possible sting. She mentioned that she has not been married, and enjoys kissing during the encounter, but this was $5 extra (!!) and was for her. She will ask you to gargle with mouthwash if you wish to enjoy this favor. She also has you wash your hands, and warns you if you touch yourself you will have to wash them again! She washes and inspects your dick, then sends you in the bedroom while she douches. Once in bed, she takes charge, rolling around on top of you, kissing and putting your hands all over her body. She immediately sheathed me when she sensed some seepage, and started in on an enthusiastic blow job. She moved into 69 positioning, and after a while rolled over on her back, grabbing me to climb on top of her. During sex she reached under to play with my balls, and after it was over she cleaned me up. Kelly explained that she was an escort from the Myrtle Beach area, and that girls would rotate in for 2 week stints at the Trucker's Motel. Kelly says to check back often to enjoy the variety, and if there is nothing to your liking, come back another time. Apparently there were 2 12 hour shifts of 3 girls each and it is open 24 hours. When I went back into the bar, the other 2 girls were there as well. The two other girls were not appealing to me, and had they been there instead of Kelly I would have left! And instead of telling you about the best time I have ever had for $65 I would be telling you what a bummer the place is! I will go back, and hopefully there will be someone there almost as good as Kelly! The number there is 803-479-XXX5 in case you want to call for a description of the girls there.

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