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Belvidere, IL

Date: Wed, 21 Feb 1996 04:51:32 -0600

> There is a "C'est La Vie" massage parlor in Belvidere, IL. I am
> wondering if anybody has any experience with this place.

First of all, C'est La Vie is one of two Massage Parlors in Belvidere,
the other one is Thee Executive, both are quite similar in price and

When one enters C'est La Vie, the foyer is as follows: you see a
female attendant behind sitting behind a desk.  She tells you the
rates and the names of the girls, and makes sure all available girls
come into the foyer for your perusal.  Also in the foyer, is a
television, some general magazines and two couches -- upon which are
seated female masseuses.  All the masseuses are women, ranging in age
from about 20 to 50.  Depending on the time of day and such, there can
be anywhere from 1 to 6 available girls.  Once you settle upon a
favorite, I suggest making an appointment with her in advance.

After an hours massage, I generally spend a total of $85-$105.  Since
I have a breast fetish, I always choose the masseuse with the biggest
boobs, and base my opinions and requests accordingly.  The massage
room is small and private, with a shower.  A hot tub is at Thee
Executive, and there may be one at C'est La Vie though I've never been
in it.  You are asked to undress, the masseuse leaves and comes back
in a few minutes, whereby you have to physically start to undress her
to allow her to strip.  She then proceeds to massage you and asks you
questions.  In three visits with three separate girls, I've always
received a nice breast massage.

Personally, I prefer Thee Executive a bit, because there is a favorite
of mine there called "Sharon".  She's a 44Dcup I'd guess, black, about
30, and lovely.  I don't know if one could receive oral, anal, or
vaginal sex from either place...  I've never asked.  I do know that
both places are nice, clean, relaxing, comfortable, professional

Subject: [ASP] REVIEW: Belvidere, IL massage Date: 19 Nov 1996 00:00:46 -0500 I was driving by Belvidere, IL ; a depressed and depressing town near Rockford, IL known for it's massage parlors featuring trailer-trash babes. There were some recent posts here that there was full service to be had, so I decided to check for myself. On a Sunday at 9pm I cruised the State St. strip and found only "C'est La Vie" was open. I went in and found the *usual* lineup - 3 butt-ugly lardasses and one fairly attractive one - "Vanessa", 5'1", 34, 110# brunette. The entrance fee is $85 for the hour (the Korean places usually charge $60). You go back, shower, and get a topless rub-down. After a while, you get asked "do you want anywhere else", etc. I tried to get full service - was told no. Even getting fully nude was a hassle. Maybe you need to be a regular? She did let me oil her up and rub off against her. Ordinarily, I wouldn't bother. But, I'm tempted to make another pass to see if I can get more that just a rub-a-dub. Cheers, Just a Regular Joe
Date: Tue, 7 Jan 97 19:37:15 EST Hi, I have been browsing the net, and looked at A.S.P. What a shame, just chock full of SPAM. I did read your FAQ, unfortunately, posting to the newsgroup seems like a waste of time at this point. I really appreciate your site at Paranoia. Very infomative. I would like to help you update your information about some of the services in the Chicago area. Most of the time, I take the drive to Belvidere. It is well worth the effort. From the OHare area it is about 50 miles to Belvidere, all easy Tollway. I am very familiar with one of the places in Belvidere in particular. C'Est La Vie. One of your previous posts describes the place quite well, sufficient to say that it is clean, and well managed. The staff is all american girls ranging in age from early 20's to late 40's. Some of them are very attractive. All are friendly. An important thing to note, is that the price quouted at the door, 85 for an hour is all inclusive of a massage, and a manual release. Tipping is not required, and it is not asked for. I do, however, usually leave a $20 tip. If you are looking for something special, role playing, domination, etc., you should call first and ask, then make an appointment. Not all the girls do everything available. Some of the girls will give you anal digital stimulation, not all do. I will not mention any of the girls in particular, since this would 'spot' them out. Keep in mind, however, that some of the older girls are very experienced at what they do. Some of ! ! my best releases have come at the hands of the 'older' ladies. In fact, one of them worked my so well, I actually shot over my head! That had not happened since I was about 20. Contrary to an earlier posting, I have never had to ask the lady to undress, or help her undress. Nor, have I ever had to ask for a manual release. They just do it. Some of them like to start teasing between the legs when the customer is face down. I find this to be quite stimulating. Generally I do not make an appointment, because I have found almost all of the girls to be very good at their art. In the five years I have been going there (average twice a month) I have only had two so-so experiences. And I note that the girls involved were not there very long. One of the best girls recently left, she had been there 13 years. A very cute blonde, about 39, with an excellent body and sense of humor, and very well skilled. I highly recommend C'Est La Vie. It is a class place, not full of 'trailer park trash' as someone indicated. Down the street is a place called the Executive, you will be quouted about $45 at the door, do not be misled, you will need to tip at $40 to receive a manual release. So the price is about the same. They are also very nice at this establishment. But it does not seem quite as friendly. Nor do they seem to deliver the little 'extras' like anal stimulation. The girls in this place tend to be a litte younger than at the CEst La Vie, so if that is what flips your switch, you may be happier with the Executive. There is a place in Rockford, almost downtown, just a little East on the main drag, I do not know the name of the place, but it is easy to recognize, it sits on the point of a triangular intersection. Before finding the places in Belvidere, I frequented this establishment. Once again, the service was excellent, and the girls were extremely good with their hands, though there were usually only two or three girls on duty. All in all, the Rockford/Belvidere area seems to have a very good attitude with respect to these businesses. I have heard of no crackdowns, or problems relating to any of them. Something that is very comforting, is the fact that most of these places have been in business a long time, and have built up very good repeat clientele. That says something about them. When I travel to other cities, I am generally disappointed in what they have to offer, compared to the businesses in Rockford/Belvidere.
Date: Sat, 02 Aug 1997 13:26:55 -0500 Subject: Update I wanted you to know that the Belvidere Ill. newspaper on 8/1/97 said that the city council found some websites on the internet about the massage palor there "C est La Vie" and was going to get the F.B.I. in to help them shut the parlor down! Nothing was said about " Thee Exective" [Never mind that prostitution is not even a federal crime... --Atta]
Date: Wed, 31 Dec 1997 09:26:11 -0500 Subject: report on Belvidere, IL Been going to C'est La Vie for a few years, when I can get up that way. It is TRULY a very satisfying experience. The girl, Vanessa, mentioned in one of the earlier comments, is not there any more...she was my regular. (She was OUTSTANDING...very beautiful, petite, lean body and sexy legs. Now, I go to Darleen, another beautiful, petite girl with a tight body, with incredibly beautiful legs. The fee is still $85, and includes full nudity and a manual release...this isn't just any ol' manual release is probably THE most sensual manual release I've ever had. Darleen KNOWS what she is going, and brings you to a stunning climax. I highly recommend her. She also does a wonderful breast massage, and, for a tip, wil let you eat her while she releases is SENSATIONAL, not to mention delicious. You will not be disappointed. Make an appointment, though, because Darleen IS the most attractive girl there, and is usually the first one picked, so she's not always available. If you do see Darleen, tell her the "soapman" said "hi"...she'll know who it is. I've been to the Executive down the street, and found their models to be overweight. The service is about the same. There has been NO crackdown, and I was there in December during a Christmas parade, with cops everywhere, and they paid no attention to the parlors, so I think it's still very safe. Having been to places all around the country, I can tell you that this is the classiest, most satisfying places to go for this action. Best looking girl, too.

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