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Belgrade, Serbia

My work send me to Belgrade for several weeks and I decided to visit the
wsg site to get all the information I needed to make my stay worthwhile.
Unfortunately former Yugoslavia was not listed in the wsg, and neither
were Serbia or New Yugoslavia. Therefore me and my colleagues decided to
send you our experiences to update your site.

Belgrade is a beautiful city with an incredibly beautiful female
population. The way of life has a lot of the savoir-vivre of the French
and if temperatures come above 20 degrees celsius you should run for the
nearest terrace to see all the loveliness of the city pass your
eyes. Having had two days of this, we decided we should look for the
places where we could buy our way into the firm bodies of these Belgrade
women. We were able to make an almost full excavation of The Sexlife of
Belgrade since it is rather limited: there are basically only two to
three places to go to, even after thorough verification with several
taxidrivers. In order of increasing fuckability there are:

1. The Lotos Club.
Situated in a side street of the main street of Belgrade, the Knesa
Michaila leading to the Kalemegdan fort, the Lotos Club has a lovely
entrance and a promising layout: all chairs and seats are covered with
red cloth and a pole in the middle of the dancefloor gives a nice idea
about what one can see over here. Indeed a dancer will give away a
fairly good show, but for the fucker there is nothing to buy. The Lotos
Club once started as a striptease bar, but is now a disco with only some
limited stripping until the crowd starts to dance, therefore a very low
fuckability. Still this might be a good place for the occasional
pick-up, just like the bar "Barfly", only two streets closer to the fort
on the same side.

2. The Metropole Nightclub.
Next to the Metropole hotel is a nightclub that works very hard to be
exclusive. There are nice shows, including some tits, but also with
magicians and stuff: it's all quite entertaining. Some of the dancers
are of a rare beauty as seen only in Belgrade. This nightclub has a
small entrance fee (20 dinar, about 4 usd) and is filled with classy
hookers. They are everywhere, but will not come to your table on their
own initiative. Apparently the nightclub management does not find their
work exclusive enough, but if you move first, there is a wide range of
cunts and arses available to choose from. The dancers will sit in the
nightclub after their work, but were not for sale when we visited. One
of the main advantages in the nightclub is the fact that YOU choose,
which is not the case in the Monte Carlo Nightclub.

3. Monte Carlo Nightclub.
Quite a few miles out of town is the last resort for fuckers that do not
want all the windowdressing of false decency. The Monte Carlo Nightclub
sells sex and does not make a very big secret about it. From the moment
you sit down you will find a nice looking chick sitting next to you,
begging for a drink. You will have all the time in the world to play
around a little and get drunk at awful prices. With a few drinks of
which we can't remember the names we ended up with a bill of over a
hundred us dollars. The prices for a fuck are even worse. When asking
the girls, the fat pimp owning the place will come to your table and sit
next to you making an offer in DM. The local dinar currency is not
accepted. The first offer was 200 DM (about 100 usd), bloody expensive
for a country where a month's salary is about double the amount. After
several broken off negotiations we were offered a price of 150 DM. If
you want her in your hotel you will pay an insane 650 DM for less than
three hours. You will have to pay the pimp in advance before you go
upstairs to a well laid out room, considering the limited comfort of
windowprostitution with which I am more familiar. You will be sure of a
wonderful fuck that is well worth the incredible fee: kissing, sucking
and fucking without a condom with a girl that will do everything to give
you the impression she is madly in love with you and enjoying every
second and poke. If filled with enough booze you could actually start to
get caught in this romance as I did. When you have come and are back in
the bar you can ask for a taxi. The only problem you will have to tackle
is the taxidriver who very well understands that it is a long way back
to Belgrade and there is no alternative transport.

Although the years of war have got the better of Belgrade, there is
still enough left to enjoy as there are good restaurants, nice terraces
and reasonable discos. Only Belgrade's sexlife needs to grow before we
can start to take it seriously. Happy poking for all those visiting

Date: Jan 1998 Belgrade has about 70 escort services, all controlled by the mafia that rose to power after the war. Prices/services unknown.

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