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Legal Situation:

Prostitution Status: Prostitution is illegal, but tolerated. Only pimping and trade in women is prosecuted. Until the fifties, there was an official prostitution policy with registration and health checks etc. That was abolished, but certain cities have reimplemented this policy unofficially.
The age of consent: 16.

Finding Women:

Magazines with information: unknown.
Newspaper/Phonebook Keywords: unknown

Sex shops and peep shows have been tolerated since about 3 to 5 years in larger cities.

Finding prostitutes: Around the borders with The Netherlands, Germany, Luxembourg and France operate (on both sides of the border) so-called sex-farms. Brothels having a bar with a small strip scene or XXX-videos, several rooms (depending on the club luxurious or simple), only a few operate SM 'cellars'. Some of these advertise as sex-club, saunas or massage parlours. Get your addresses from magazines such as Flirt/Contacts, Super 2000 or other Belgian contact-ad magazines (from any newspapershop and sex-shop).

On the main roads (not on the motorways) you can find Bars often their windows illuminated in pink, red, blue and or purple. Many of the bars are NOT in the brothel/prostitution scene. The girls are there to chat with, they'll drink a lot on your bill (often champagne or stuff that should make you believe it's the real thing) sometimes they will dance with you. But apart from that the girls won't go any further then a cuddle. They're there to look at chat to but DO NOT touch! They are often in demand of the business people looking for a chat, beer, dance or entertainment of their foreign guests. Be careful: you can lose a lot of money in these places, so stay away from them if you're after sex. They'll often charge you more then you ordered and on credit cards they might just charge you twice or more. (a bottle of champagne for a girl might cost you here anything upward from 3.500 Bfr).

In the contact-ad magazines or in some newspapers (regular from the newspapershop and free distributed local ad-papers) you will find boys and girls advertising personal services or escorts. An escort will come to your hotel, personal services (unless specifically mentioned that they will do escorts too) will rendez-vous at their appartment. Escorts will request most of the time credit-card, personal services might most often not accept them. Very few agencies work the escort scene because of the prosecution of pimps (and as an agency is considered a pimp they get quickly prosecuted). For an escort a basic price is around 5.000 bfr (with or without taxi-fare) extras are to be negotiated. For personal services a basic price is around 3.500 bfr. Negotiate for an hour (or half an hour) the girl might ask more between 5.000 and 7.500 bfr but she'll take her time for it. For specials (Anal, SM) ask when contacting the girl by phone (only 1 out of 3 will agree).

In the red-light districts of larger cities a number of streetgirls and windowhookers operate. These girls that operate at rates from 500 bfr upward or from 1.500 bfr upward will not take a lot of time for you. Streetwalking girls will quote you a price including the price of a room. None of the Streetgirls will go with you in a car or to another hotel then that they usually operate from. Except when a hotel porter sends a particular cab to pickup such a girl for a job in his hotel the girl will come to your hotel, but then you didn't have a pick. Count that for a suck and fuck you will always pay at least 1.000 to 1.500 bfr. These girls will hardly ever do anything special.

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