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Beijing, China

Date: 06-30-2001

Just back from three weeks in Asia, including two weeks in Beijing.

My Beijing experiences included two sessions at which were just great GFEs, two two-girl sessions at the Crystal Palace Health and Entertainment Center which were enjoyable slightly nasty entertainments, and ten days with Liu Yan, who I guess has become my steady Beijing girl friend.

The costs at Elle and the Crystal Palace were more or less the same, 1500 RMB, which I know is on the expensive side. I gave Liu Yan US $ 1000, not for the ten days, but as part of her annual support which will end up costing me something like $4000 to $6000 for the entire year. Basically our deal is that she lives with me while I am in Beijing, which is three months a year, and otherwise lives in Tianjin with her parents.

While I enjoy whore mongering, having a Chinese mistress has also been just great, so far. I would very much like to exchange information with anyone else who has had such an experience, so let me know if there is enough interest and experience to start a common thread.

In the mean time, let me recommend the Crystal Palace as well as Elle for my fellow hobbyists. Elle seems to serve primarily the foreign expat community. The manager tells me that business is booming and that he now has over twenty young ladies. The Crystal Palace by contrast probably largely serves ethnic Chinese since it is in Zhongguancun, not downtown. Their phone number is 6256-0022. Elle, of course, has far higher quality girls, but the same price at the Crystal Palace will get you two girls instead of one.

Date: Wed, 28 Aug 1996

I am very happy to provide some information about Beijing. I am a Chinese, and seeking a girl is illegel in China. So please DO NOT PUBLISH MY NAME.

At Beijing's very famous Coffee - Hard Rock, every night from 9 to 12 you will meet girl seeking for man. However do not go with them! If you go after her, you will later found you would pay 1000 yuan(USD 120) maybe for a cup of drink. Let them go with you.

Another good place is The Great Wall hotel's Disco. You will found many pretty girls in there. The price for foreigners is about 1000-1500 a night.

In fact, at every five stars hotels coffee, disco you will found some of them. However, becare of policeman. So girls just make appointment at night, and go to bed with you at daytime. They said it much safter!

If you want found some cheapers, go to Disco like JJ, Nightman, or other public disco.

Although generally the price is not cheap, you will found seeking a girl in Beijing now is not a problem. The easiest way to found a girl is asking the Taxi driver at night, the will bring you to the right place. Don't forget pay him tips, 50 yuans is enough. Remember, you much keep you self a free man, always asking prices before order anything.

( the exchangs rate is 1 USD=8.3 RMB yuan)

Date: Sun, 11 May 1997
Subject: Beijing, China

I have been traveling to China on business for about 8 years. There have not until recently been any indications that sex was available. In fact, many people have told me to be very careful because if you are found with a Chinese lady you can be asked to leave the country and have your passport stamped so you can not return to China. Not a pleasent thought for someone doing business there.

When in Beijing, I stay at the Yangjing Hotel on Fukingman Rd.. It is a 3 star hotel, relatively clean by Chinese standards and is much cheaper than the western style hotels ($40.00/day). On my last visit in February they had remodeled the hotel lobby area and put in a very fancy Massage/Mens Club. After a long day of negotiations with CNTIC I decided to try it.

The entry was well decorated and a very attractive girl provided the basic information. The price for a one hour massage was 350 RMB (8 RMB to $1). The change room had lockers etc. and two young male attendants. The attendants provided a pair of silk shorts and towels. The shower facility was small but clean. They then directed me to a small room with an elevated table. In many parts of Asia, the massage tables are elevated and the ceiling has a handle bar arrangement. This gives the girl something to hold onto when they walk on your back.

Soon a very pretty young chinese girl entered the room and directed me to lay down on the table. She began the massage and asked me a few questions in Mandarin. I told her that my Chinese was limted and asked if she spoke English. She said yes but in saying it she used up 20% of her vocabulary. I was unsure as to what to expect from the massage as I had never had any "sexual related" experiences in China before. I just layed back and enjoyed a wonderful massage.

As she worked her way down my body she began to pay particular attention to the genital area. No direct contact but she began pushing on pressure points around the lower pelvis and beneath the scrotum. This of course stimulated the tell tale signs of a mans interest. When she finished the massage, she went to the door and moved a clothes rack over to cover the window. She lowered the lights then returned and immediately lowered my shorts. She put her hand on my crotch and smiled at me. She then used another 20% of her vocabulary by saying "tip ok?". I replied yes and how much but she did not answer. She immediately took off her clothes and invited me to explore her body as she began giving me a hand job. I ask her in my poor Chinese if she would be able to go to my room so we could be more comfortable. She said that she could not at night as it is not allowed but she might be able to visit me in the day time. I was gently working on her clit as she continued the HJ. She was getting excited and she stopped what she was doing and leaned back against the table that was next to the bed. I continued and in a matter of a few minute she began to moan and her knees started to buckle. I honestly believe she had an orgasm. She returned to her work and proceeded with some excellent hand and oral stimulation. I don't think I took as long as she had. She wash me and led me back to the locker room. I changed clothes and moved to the lounge area. She greeted me there and I gave her a 500 RMB tip. She gave me a phone number. I was leaving the next day for Thailand so I was not able to contact her. I am going back in June and I will let you know how the story progresses. I believe that straight sex would be possible in the Massage Club and possibly more. I will report on my return.

Date: Thu, 4 Dec 1997
Subject: Beijing

I recently returned from a vacation in Beijing. I stayed at the 5 star Palace Hotel. Across the street from the hotel is a "Disco" called House. ( As in Whore House) I went in there the first night just to get a drink & was supprised when dozens of beautiful young girls started to surround me and try to talk to me. I do not speak Chineese and theyre English was very limited, but I soon figured out that they wanted me to buy them a Coke. I sat down with 2 girls, wrote my hotel name & my room number and then I left, due to circumstances regarding my friend who was with me.

At 3 am "Susan" called & woke me and asked why I left. I told her and we arranged to meet the next nite at the House and she would come back to my room. After a complicated arragement, we ended up in my room the next nite. I told her that I wanted to give her a gift, and how much would be appropriate? She said that that was up to me. She was 19, a college student, and wonderful. I gave her $120 us dollars and she was happy. So was I !

Communication is difficult, but Chineese girls are the greatest. They love Americans. She indicated that male body hair & over 3 inches of penis make chineese girls super horny. That was probably just to get more of a gift, but it was a very pleasant experince, even so.

Go to Beijing,be careful, & use a rubber ; you will come home with a smile on your face & no suprises.


Date: Sat, 03 Jan 1998
Subject: Beijing, China

A couple of weeks ago I returned from Beijing. It was a very good trip. The only experience that I had was in the hotel that I stayed, The Holiday Inn -- Lido. Everyone will know it as the Hotel Lido or just "The Lido". The Pub in the Lido was a great place to find "working girls". While I was on my two week stay in Beijing, I slept with two different girls. Both were very nice.

The first was 24 year old Chinese girl. About 5' tall, slinder and great tits. She was a professional and very good, but expensive, asking price was $150/hr or $300/night. I was only able to get her to come down to $120/hr or $300/night if I liked the first hour. There is a 22:30 curfew at the Lido. That first night it was after 22:30 and she would not go to my room. We agreed to meet the next evening and she did show up. As we went to the room, the hotel had security guards at the elevators. The girl freeked out when the guard ask me for my room number. I told him and the girl and myself quickly got on the elevator and went to my room. The girl was really frightened! We showered together and went on to have terrific sex. After being to gether in the room for about an hour and a half, she got very restless. She was afraid that the guard would call the police. Because of that, she didn't want to stay the night. She asked me if I would walk her to a taxi. We got dressed and I escorted her out side to a taxi. She was so frightened that she went to three different taxi's before she finally found one that she got into.

That girl was so frightened that she would not stay the night and left the balance of the $300 on the dresser.

The other girl that I experienced in Beijing was from Mongolia. It seems that groups of these Mongolian girls come to Beijing to work the hotels and bars. For the most part they are amateurs that are down in Beijing for a few week to earn money and then go back to Mongolia... most likely they will return again in a few months to start the process over again.

This girl was, also, 24 years old, short, very slinder with small tits. But very attractive (I like the short, young and petite type). As I said above, the Mongolia girls work in groups of at least two to four girls. So what they do is rent a room at the Lido, make the deal with you and call you at your room (just to make sure that the deal is real) and then come over to your room. This way they don't have any problems with security. It worked great.

The money deal was $100/hour or $200/night. She stayed all night and I throughly enjoyed it all. Because she wasn't a professional, I had to take the lead and tell her what to do (shower each other...).

The only advice that I would give is get all the money agreed upfront, be aware of the police problems and don't be a dummy like me and give the correct room number to the guard. If I would have given a different room number, I'm sure the first girl would have stayed the night and we would have had a better night than we had.

As you can see, both girls were picked up at the same location but had very different prices. Just work that best deal you can with the girl and don't listen to the other guys at the bar. They will always tell you that the girl over-charged you, but I, for one, think I got a great deal both times.

One more comment. I truely believe that these "working girls" are honest people. I did make sure I locked my valuables up, but I did run my own test (leaving things a special way...) and nothing was touched. Everybody told me that I would have nothing to worry about with any of the girls and I think they are right. However, do take normal precautions, this is a poor country and it is full of poor people. Don't tempt fate.

Date: Fri, 09 Jan 1998
Subject: Report on Beijing, China

I can't believe those other reports. China has a 5000 years old history, inclusive prostitution.

I was in Beijing in Winter 96. I stayed in the Kempinski (a 5 * Hotel). I was too busy to look around much. Anyway, one night I went to the small shops opposite the Kempinski main entrance. I went in to barber shop in a side road. I though I might need a hair cut.

In the shop where 2 nice girls (and 2 other persons). They ask me immidiately if I like a massage. Yes was my answer. They showed me a little room behind a curtain. I declined. It was sub zero outside and not much warmer inside the room.

I ask the girl to come to my hotel. She said they can not go through the lobby. I said there are some ways through the back, directly to the lift. Just follow me in a distance. This was basically OK. Then the girl got scared to go alone with me (uuhh a foreigner). Well I suggested, why don't you come BOTH. There was then lots of internal discussion between the girl. I had to give 200RMB or so to the shop owner. ...and of we went.

The way through the hotel was no problem. We went to our room and both gave me a nice massage with a hand job. We stayed for a few hours in the room. I paid them about RMB 400 total. They don't wanted to have sex because of 'womens sickness'. I guess it was only an excuse. But it was nice anyway and we all had fun.

They wanted to leave at about 23:00. I then invited them for dinner in a Korean restaurant opposite the hotel. We went together. It was a nice evening.

--------------- General about China:

There is not a big price difference between local prices and prices for 'westerners'. There are very low cost prostitutes (construction workers need love too) and better ones. If you go to a high class disco you get better girls. Chinese (locals, HK, Taiwan etc.) like to spend money and don't mind to spend a bit more on girls.

The local Hash House Harriers are usually a good source of information.

Date: Sat, 21 Mar 1998
Subject: China

I've been reading your guide and find it a really informative source of information. I'm now doing my part by contributing what I know of the scene in China. Please keep this e-mail anonymous.

In the past few months, I've been spending my time travelling between 4 cities - Beijing, Shanghai, Guanzhou, and Tianjing.

To start with, in all the cities of China, there are "hairdressing" salons where you can get a girl for about 300-500 Yuen for a short time in the back of the salon. I've never taken a girl back to the hotel with me so I don't know the price for an overnighter. As well, pros always hang out at the local discos and can be had between 1,000-1,500 Yuen for the night (the way you recognize them is that they are always the ones with the most make-up and the sexiest clothing and usually carrying a little knapsack for their overnight kit).

Also are the Sauna/Massage places but the only thing you can ever get there is a HJ (unless you really know where to go and go with someone local that can talk to the boss on your behalf). The cost for a HJ is generally a 400 Yuen tip to the girl. For this, you get to feel the girl all over under her clothes.

I generally stay in 4 star hotels and have never had a problem in bringing a girl up. If questioned, just say that they are coming up to sit for a while but you do have to escort them to your room.

Personally, I like the amateur action that can now be found virtually everywhere as they are 1) free and 2) usually better looking.


The premier disco for amateur action is Banana Disco and on Friday nights, it is just jammed packed with young women in their 20's looking to get laid.

Another one that's good is the Success Club (only open on week-ends but closed right now for renovation until April 98). This place is also jammed packed with women but contains more foreigners (particularily French women) who are also looking to get laid. As well, there is an abundant supply of pros in this club (look for the knapsacks).

Date: Mon, 22 Jun 1998
Subject: beijing update

I am now in Beijing, feeling really bored so decided to follow the recommendation of going to the Men Club at Yanjing Hotel. Indeed the massage is good as for the handjob there is no such thing..... I even make a fool out of myself..... It is not worth going... I will be trying my luck tommorow, I made friend with a cab driver and he is going to show me around, so guys I will be back to report more.

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