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Batam, Indonesia

Subject: Batam, Indonesia

BATAM, an island of 1/2 million inhabitants only an hour by ferry from
Singapore. Ferries leave Singapore World Trade Centre every 1/2 hour. Fares
costs about US$10-14 one way.

The main town of Batam is Nagoya. Being a relatively poor country, next to
rich one, Batam has a ton of hookers. English speaking ones can be found in
the expat bars: Sugar Pub (behind the Mandarin Regency Hotel) and Jungle Bar
(almost next to Wisma Roma Sera) are two good places to start.

The biggest choice is in Nagoya's many Chinese karaoke discos and bars. Some
of the largest (in terms of numbers of girls) include Maxims, Memory, Golden
Star and Dynasty 99, each of which has 60 - 150 girls, aged between 17 and
28. Prices are around Singapore dollars S$50 for a short time to S$100 for
an all night (to 6 am) "booking". (US$1 = S$1.45) Prices may be higher if
you arrive in a taxi, as the driver will demand a commission from the
managment. All hotels allow girls to be bought to the rooms. Very little
English is spoken.

STREET SCENE: Almost none. For a down market experience try the dreaded
"TOSS 3000" disco. (In Bahasa Indonesia, this is called the "Toss Tiga
Rebu"). Plenty of VD in the downmarket scene.

VILLAGES OF JOY: Batam has a filthy crime ridden village of joy called
Samyong. Stay away. Many other towns in this province have excellent
villages of joy, which are friendly and safe. The best include Batu Dua Pulu
Empat, 24km from Tanjung Pinang town on Bintan Island; Paya Labu, 7km from
Tanjung Balai town on Karimun Island, Buang Sampah near Dumei town (on
mainland Sumatra.) Each of these villages has dozens of houses, each with 2
- 10 girls, mostly from Java.

To find these places, do a keyword search under Alta Vista. Prices and age
of girls (and incidence of VD) is generally less than Batam.

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