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Barrie, Canada

Hi... great work on the World Sex Guide...  Here's an entry for
Barrie, Ontario, Canada.

Barrie is a small city an hour north of Toronto.  Local paper is the
"Barrie Examiner" and it listed three escort services, and a couple
indy's.  I randomly chose "Starlight Escorts" (705)728-4772 and got a
nice casual voice tell me it was $150, full service... and stressed it
was for a full hour, no strings attached (no extra tip for girl, no
transortation fee, etc.)

I chose C****** (no, I'm not going to give her name), who was
described as 22, dark haired, 5'6", 110lbs, firm, atheletic, fun,
open-minded... and guess what, she was!  Kudos to this outfit for
honesty.  She was damn cute... not a 10, but cute in a girl-next-door
so I'd rate her an 8.  I went for two hours and paid $300... but it
was well worth the cost.

She was one of the first girl's I've had who looked, smelled and
tasted fresh, clean & "au naturel", and not just masked with
deodorant... no wonder, C****** says she only does one visit a night,
since she attends the local college during the day, so comes after she
bathes.  She was oral and playful, doing wonders with her mouth and
tongue, and sighed oh-so-nicely when I went down on her.
One-and-a-half hours of cuddling, stroking, massage, and caressing.

The condom went on only when we finally got around to humping, and she
was hotter than me... ;-)  Spent remaining time cuddling afterwards.
At two hours, she called her agency to report she was done.  Then she
took her sweet time dressing, chatting, and hugging for another half

C****** definately put out far more than any other escort I've ever
been with.  And definately seemed to enjoy her work.  Attitude rates a
10, especially since she openly gave complimentary recommendations on
a few of her co-workers.   I found it also nice that the agency
provided her with business cards!  Which she gave me with a
"personalized" note... very cute.  She says agency takes $55, she
keeps the rest.

All in all, price is average, but agency and girl I'd rate extremely
high, and "Return On Investment" was definately there.  I'm heading
back up to Barrie again very soon!

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