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Barcelona, Spain

SPAIN. In Barcelona visit the Bagdad cabaret for the best onstage
fucking in town. Waitresses will sometimes turn to be also hookers.
Avoid sex on the Ramblas area (famous but violent and low level). In
Barcelona it's better to go to a nice, clean brothel. There are many
and you can find them in a number of nightlife magazines. Prices are
very high in Spain. News stands are open all night.

Subject: Spain - Barcelona Date: Sun, 28 Apr 1996 11:04:05 UTC At Calle Rio Rosas there are two interesting bars, Titos and JB. Between Rio Rosas and Calle Balmes (I have forgotten the name of the street but there is only one street between the mentioned streets so you will find it) there are several bars with fantastic ladies. Specially I will recommend Evas. The girls are honest, beautiful, and will please you in any fashion you wish. Prices: A drink around 10 dollars, a girl 120 (negotiable). The places mentioned above opens between 6 and 7 pm but little action takes place before 8pm. Clean and nice rooms are available at the same streets as these bars for approximately 30 - 35 dollars. All bars at this Rio Rosas-area are much more trustworthy and quality oriented then other whore-bars in this city.
Subject: Cafe Internet (Barcelona) Date: Mon, 3 Jun 1996 05:37:12 UTC Live from the Cafe Internet in Barcelona Spain is an update for the Barcelona entry. As mentioned check the news papers for the relax section, also Guidio del Ocio. Prices are not cheap, but also not expensive by US standards. Don4t pay more that 10,000 pesetas for a half hour (US$80 at the moment) inclusive even at the best places. Negotiate very aggressively on the street as you are likely to be taken as a turist. You will pay extras if you meet someone in a bar. A bar - club with out food open before 9pm is most likely a front for prostitution, but be carefull as discos are not. I give a very high reccomendation to Lemno4s on Comnte Borrell for value and enthusiasm. It is open 11am to 9pm.
Subject: Submission Date: Sun, 6 Apr 1997 16:11:07 -0500 Spain = Barcelona (12/96) Finally, good sex at good prices. I went to two massage parlors near the Rambla - check in papers for the addresses and phone numbers. My first was Carina - a 30ish, full figured, green eyed brunette for Argentina who gave a half-hour of "girlfriend sex" for PTA7000. I was so pleased I gave her a 2000 PTA tip. The next was an 20-year old Cuban, Lucia. She was truly beautiful with a perfect body. She spoke NO English, so our conversation was limited. This cost me PTA10,000. Barcelona is definitely on my return list.
Date: Mon, 8 Sep 1997 14:51:05 -0400 (EDT) Subject: prostitution/spain/barcelona I'm just returning from a 4-day visit to Barcelona and I must say that the information provided on your site proved extremely helpful. Here is my report. I picked up several places in the "Guia de Ocio" Relax/ Escort section. On the first night, I went to the one at 6, Paseitge Valeri Serra (not far from Plaza de Catalunya), where I was swiftly shown into a small cozy room. The madam (a lady in her 40's) first described the kind of "servicios" provided: the basic price is 6000 Ptas (about 40$) for a "full service" lasting half an hour; 8000 Ptas for 40 minutes, 10000 Ptas for an hour and 15000 ptas for "dos servicios" (coming twice). I was then offered a choice of 10 to 12 "chicas", who came in one after the other to say hello ("Que tal?") and show what they had to offer. All of them where in their 20's; many originated from Latin America, and most would deserve a 6 to 9 rating. As it took me some time to make up my choice, the pretty Columbian I had finally choosen had been called out to a hotel, so I picked up Mait=E9, a 23-year old from Cameroon, for the 6000 ptas "servicio". She spoke French and gave me a very relaxing massage, after which I licked her all over and fucked her in various positions. She never hurried me nor refused to satisfy any of the wishes I expressed. On the second night, I went to a place at 17, carrer Violant d'Hungria, not far from the Sants train station. Their advertising, organization and offerings are so much like those of Paseitge Valeri Serra that the owner must be the same. Again, 10 to 12 girls work there, mostly from South America and Africa. That time, I chose the 10000 ptas servicio (1 hour), whith an astonishingly beautiful 25-year old Columbian called Lorena. I speak no spanish, but we soon discovered that we could commu- nicate pretty well in italian. She started blowing me heartily, then went on to somewhat more subtle tongue games between my thighs and around my balls, while I licked her pussy. She seemed a bit surprised when I started licking her asshole, but responded with fingering me while still sucking. We then proceeded to more classic fucking. The overall quality of the "servicio" is astonishing when compared with what you normally get from a French whore. On the third night, I thought of going back to Lorena, then decided to be more professional by visiting a third place. This one was on 66, carrer Enrique something (the street is located in the Eixample part of the city, and crosses the carrer d'Arago). The place is extremely clean and comfortable, and the manager very professional. The rates were much the same than at the other two places, but the pricing list included a "dos chicas servicio" (two girls) for 20000 ptas and a "griego" (anal sex) for 25000 ptas. Jacuzzi was also available. As I had expressed somewhat specific wishes to the manager (long black haired latinoamerican), only 3 chicas came to say "Que tal?" . One of them however, called Sarah, was so fit to my taste that the restricted choice didn't matter. However, the 15000 ptas servicio that I elected proved disappointing. Sarah was in fact from Egypt (not that I care) and (more importantly), disclosed after 30 minutes of action (shower, talking, licking all over, blowing) that she just had her period and that fucking was painful to her. As we couldn't even talk (her spanish being only slightly better than mine) I decided to make it short and headed for one of the numerous tapas bars still open. On the fourth (and last) night, I decided to visit again the place on Paseitge Valeri Serra, mostly in the hope of meeting the pretty Columbian that I had missed the first night. My description, however, was probably as poor as my spanish, and the madam couldn't identify whom I was looking for. She suggested that I review all the chicas again. I agreed, on a no commitment basis. The first to visit the booth was Andrea; she looked very proud, didn't say "Que tal?" and hardly smiled, but she was so stunningly beautiful that I hardly took a look at the others. However, after the disappointing experience of the night before, I decided to rein in my enthusiasm, and limited myself to the basic 6000 ptas servicio. Andrea is a 28-year old Chilean, with a university degree from Canada. She is very intelligent and has a good sense of humor. Her English is fluent. But the best about her is that she has an exceptional sense and mastery of erotic pleasure. She first massaged me all over with her big round breasts until I got a hard-on, then suddenly asked me to lay on my stomach; before I understood what happened, she pulled my cock from behind and started to blow (without a condom) in that strange position. As I expressed surprise (and, for sure, satisfaction!), she smilingly replied that "there is always something new under the sun". Given this -and what she did after-, I truly wonder what comes with the more pricy schemes. I think Andrea herself was enough to make the trip to Barcelona unforgettable, but of course tastes may vary. I took a look at the bar scene (especially La Habana) but didn't try. It seemed very expensive (1000 pta for a drink + 2000 for the girl's drink + 3500 for the room + at least 15000 for the girl); I think you can get much better deals in brothels. I also saw some streetwalkers down the Ramblas (ugly, and possibly unsafe), as well as on the Rambla de Catalunya and Carrer d'Arago in late night (same remark). Everything considered, Barcelona seems to me a sex paradise in Europe, at least when compared to the other European scenes I know (France, Italy, GB). Please dont't spoil it !
Date: Tue, 30 Dec 1997 07:34:21 -0700 Barcelona. Two key places: 1.- "El 240", address Aribau 240. Lovely and beautiful girls quite expensive, about 30000 pts. I have been able to negotiate reaching 20.000 but this takes some time and speaking perfect Spanish. Forget negotiations if there is a trade show in Barcelona. Lots of Argentine, Colombian, Brasilian and of course Spanish. You can take them to your hotel or they will take you to nice and clean apartments but you will have to pay more for that. The place has an entrance fee of 2300 pts that includes the first drink with alcohol. The best time to go is since 22.30 to 01.00 after that time most of the girls will be "working" and only the older and uglier remain. 2.- "Kiss me", address Mallorca with Viladomat. This place is unique in Spain. Is a very small Night Club full with girls (range 6 to 9). You pay 1000 pts more or less for your drinks and 5000 for the girl's drink. With the first drink, the girl will top less, touch every part of your body and allow you to do the same. With the second drink, the girl will take your dick and masturbate, finishing the work if you don't want more, but with the third drink, she will make a blow job in the bar !!!. They also have "reservados" (small rooms) and an apartment, but in the bar there's a lot of fun. They open 11:00 AM and close 3:00 AM. It's crowded by night.
Subject: some more info on Barcelona (Spain) Date: Sun, 03 May 1998 06:22:39 PDT As usual your site as been very useful during my last trip to Barcelona (Spain) and I thank you for being there. I would like to share my only bad experience in Barcelona with the other readers of your site in order for them not to make the same mistake: I went to Barcelona, Spain, with a friend and we stepped in a lot of places where we enjoin a lot, following the advice found in this site and written by previous visitors, and also reading the "guia del ocio" which you can buy for less than one dollars everywhere in Barcelona. So, for the third night in this paradise of sex, we wanted something else than just choosing one girl out of the 10 or 15 girls working in each place, just after seeing each of them 10 seconds. We have seen the ad of a place called "Pub liberal LA AMISTAD" where it was said that we could just have a drink looking at all the girl present without commitment and then ask a girl to have a drink and eventually go to the room for fucking her. When we arrive, the owner told us that the place was just for couple (this statement did not correspond with the ad), but as we were disappointed he advised us another place, owned by a friend of him, which was exactly what we were looking for. As the man was really very kind, we trusted him. He even explained where the place was to the taxi driver. The place he advised us is called "BRESTON Mariano Cubi". When we arrived, two girls went to greet us and we accept to offer them a drink. After less than 10 minutes, they asked for another drink. At this point we have been very stupid, I know, but we were in the ambience and we bought her another drink. When we ask the price for going to a room, they told us Ptas 20'000 for half an hour (US$ 133.--). That's mean US$ 266.-- for an hour, i.e. four time more expensive than all the other place. We decided to go in another place. The following bad surprise was the price of the drink. Each drink offered to the girls was Ptas 5'000, our drink Ptas 2'000 (It was not Champagne, just regular J & B whisky) that mean a bill of Ptas 12'000 each (US$ 80.--), more than the price of an hour fucking in any other place in Barcelona. In conclusion, Do not go to the following place : - Pub Liberal LA AMISTAD, Ausias Marc 145 - BRESTON Mariano Cubi (I did not write down the address) and do not trust the friendly advice of people working in bars. The rest of our week in Barcelona was excellent, we learn from the above lesson and did not make other mistakes. Go to Barcelona, you will not be disappointed. best regards

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