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Bangkok, Thailand

Alt.Sex.Services Thailand FAQ
A primer on what is happening in the City of Angels.

Version 1.2  March 1995

Revision History:

Version 1.0a  Posted January 24, 1995
     First attempt
Version 1.1   Posted January 30, 1995
     Fixed typos!
     Expanded General Bangkok section
     Expanded Money section
     Expanded Thermae description
     Expanded Nana Plaza description
     Expanded Patpong description
     Added subsection on escort agencies
     Added subsection on Soi 33
     Added subsection on discos
     Added hotel listing
     Added gay bar listings
     Divided into three parts due to the length
Version 1.2   Posted March 1, 1995 to and
     Added info on blow job bars to Patpong
     Added tips for saving money at your hotel
     Added section on short time hotels
     Expanded the description of bars on Soi Cowboy
     Added section on how to behave (after several requests to do so)
     Clarified massage parlor pricing
     Added section on "lady houses"
     Added information of interest to Japanese readers


People ask, what is the deal in Bangkok, Thailand?  What
services are offered and how much do they cost?

This FAQ was developed to help answer those questions, and
recognizes that probably less than 1 in 1,000 readers of this
FAQ will ever visit Thailand.



 1  General Thailand and Bangkok Info
    -- Getting around
    -- AIDS
    -- Money
    -- Guidebook recommendation
    -- Hotel list
    -- How to behave [This is really important!]

 2  Bangkok
    -- Patpong
       *  Sex Shows
       *  Falling in love
       *  Blow Job Bars
    -- Soi Cowboy
    -- Nana Plaza
    -- Soi 33 -- Famous artists!
    -- Grace Hotel
    -- Thermae
    -- Massage
    -- Discos
    -- Escort agencies
    -- Short time hotels
    -- Lady houses
    -- Japanese Clubs
    -- Gay Bars Listing

 3  Pattaya

 4  Phuket

 5  Northern provinces



The grid below will help you get an idea as to where things are
located in Bangkok.

The city center is basically located at grid 4B.  I have marked
it with an "X"

Sukhumvit road begins at Grid 5E and runs diagonally down to
Grid 6G.  The Soi numbers increase as you move away from the
city center. Z marks the spot where Soi Cowboy is located.

Patpong is located just about at the intersection where Grid 5
C+D meet Grid 6 C+D.  Look for the letter P.

The airport is way out at well beyond 1D.  Look for the letter "W".

 :  A :  B :  C :  D :  E :  F :  G :  H :  I :  J :
1:    :    :    :   W:    :    :    :    :    :    :
2:    :    :    :    :    :    :    :    :    :    :
3:    :    :    :    :    :    :    :    :    :    :
4:    :  X :    :    :    :    :    :    :    :    :
5:    :    :    :    :   Z:    :    :    :    :    :
6:    :    :    :    :    :    :    :    :    :    :
7:    :    :    :    :    :    :    :    :    :    :

Traffic is as bad as everyone says.  Might even be worse.

If you stay at a hotel along Sukhumvit, you can easily walk
between Soi Cowboy and Nana and the Grace Hotel.  It is a bit
too far to comfortably walk from Sukhumvit to Patpong.


AIDS is real, and if you are not smart about it, you are both
stupid and dangerous.  Stupid to yourself and dangerous to

Please, please, please, practice safe sex.

If you go to a massage parlor, they WILL require the use of a
condom.  Most of the girls who work the clubs also require
them.  You have to have second thoughts about anyone who

While on the subject, there is a great restaurant and bar
called Cabbages and Condoms.  It is off Sukhumvit Soi 12.  It
has a condom motif, and instead of after-dinner mints they
offer after-dinner condoms.  If you've ever been slightly
embarrassed by openly discussing condoms, this place will cure
your embarrassment.


The unit of currency is the baht.  The exchange rate hasn't
changed too much in the past 20 years.  You'll get between 24
and 26 baht to the dollar.  Think of the baht as being worth 4
US cents.  Twenty-five baht to the dollar.  A five-baht note is
worth 20 cents.  A 10 baht note is worth 40 cents.  A 20 baht
note is worth 80 cents.  A 100 baht note is worth $4 and a 500
baht note is worth $20.  Don't worry about figuring out your
currency exchange to the fourth decimal point.  Also keep that in
mind when fighting with a taxi driver over the fare.  The
difference between a 40 baht fare and a 50 baht fare is 40
cents.  Relax.  Enjoy.

At virtually every bar, you will be given the opportunity to "run
a tab."  Order your drink, and the waitress or bartender will
put a slip of paper in a glass, mug, cup, or something that
sits in front of you.  Some places will give you an additional
drink slip for every drink, most just keep adding to the total.

If you are smart, you will periodically take a peek and see
where you stand.  This can eliminate unpleasant surprises
later on.  I usually look right after my first drink.  Then I know
what my drinks are costing.  If I buy a drink for a sweet young
lady, I check as soon as they put the slip for that drink in my
cup.  Now I know how much the lady drinks are.  Now mind you,
we are talking about relatively small amounts of money here.
Is a beer 30 baht or 35 baht? Is a girl's drink 45 baht or 55
baht?  I have never been shocked by an outrageous drink price,
so it is not like the "B" joints in the US, where you can sip
on a $2 beer, offer a lady a drink, and end up paying $10 for
some watered-down tea that she downs in a single swallow.  I
have never run into a "bottle" scam in a Bangkok bar either.

The exception to all of this can be at the sex shows upstairs
in the patpong clubs.  There, check your bill after every
drink.  More on that in the Patpong section.


The best guidebook, in my opinion, is Bangkok Handbook, by
Michael Buckley, Moon Publications.  It was first published in
January 1992, and even if you cannot find a later edition, it
is still worth buying.  It has an entire chapter on nightlife,
along with maps, and doesn't offer any patently wrong
information.  No, I don't make any money if you buy it!

There are other good books, Cityguide:Bangkok by Insight
comes to mind, as does Baedeker's Bangkok, but neither does as
good a job of openly discussing the true Bangkok nightlife.


If you are disinclined to spend $10 to $20 on a guidebook, but don't
mind spending a small fortune on telephone and fax charges,
following is a list of hotels in The City of Angels that may or may
not come in handy.  I've found that travel agencies are good at
identifying the $225 a night busines hotel like the Hyatt or the
Sheraton, but not so good at finding the $40 a night hotels hidden
on the back sois.

Here is a good strategy for saving some money on hotels while
in Bangkok.  Go ahead and make your reservation wherever you
want.  The first morninggn you are there, walk around and if
you see a hotel you like, walk in, ask to see a room, and ask
them what the rate is if you check in within an hour.  You may
find them offering you a 50% discount!  Don't check in, tell
them you will be right back, and go to your hotel and tell them
you are checking out.  If you mention that you are getting a
killer deal somewhere else, they may offer you a discount to
stay. If they offer you a deal, you may want to stay, if not,
leave and go to the other hotel.  In any event, you will have
saved some money on your lodging, which you can then use at

The list was reasonably current when last updated in February,
1994 -- but things change, so don't flame me if a phone number
or hotel name has changed.

Can't find a hotel?  Try adding or subtracting the words "New"
or "Royal" from the name.

The letters (GH) stand for guest house.

Hotel              Phone         Address or Approximate Area

Airport            566-1020      333 Chertwudthakas, Rd.,
Airport Bangkok    522-8921      88/117 Viphavadee, Rangsit
Amar Inn           235-7182      1450 Soi Shangri-La Hotel,
                                   New Road
Amari Airport      566-1020/1    Near Airport
Ambassador         254-0444,     8 Soi 11, Sukhumvit Rd.
Aquarius           286-0217      234 Soi Hatayana, Suanplu Rd.
Ariston            259-0960-71   Sukhumvit, Soi 24
Asia               215-0813-7    296 Phyathai Rd.
Asoke Place        258-3733,     4/49 Soi Asoke (21), Sukhumvit
Baiyoke Suite      253-0362-8    Baiyoke Tower
Bangkok Centre     238-4848-57   Rama 4
Bangkok Inn        254-4834-7    Sukhumvit, Soi 11
Bangkok Palace     253-0500-25   1091/366 New Pechburi Rd.
BKK Christian (GH) 233-2206      Silom Rd.
Baron Hotel        246-0250      544 Soi Huaykwang,
                                   Ratchadapisek Rd.
Bourbon St.        259-0329      29/4 Soi 22, Sukhumvit
Boulevard          255-2930      Sukhumvit
Business Inn       254-7981-4    155/4-5 Soi 11, Sukhumvit
Carlton Inn        258-0471-3
Centaur Inn        237-1405,     488-488/1 Surawongese Rd.
                   234-9408        Sipraya
Central Plaza      541-1234      1695 Paholyothin,
                                   1/2 way to airport
Century            245-1755      Near Pratunam market
China Town         266-1267-92   Chinatown??
City Inn           252-1552      Ploenchit/Phetchaburi/Siam Sq.
Classic Inn        255-3988/9    120/51-54 Rachapraprop Rd.,
                                 Pratunam, Phatathai
Classic Place      255-4444-9
Comfort Inn        251-9250,     153/11-4 Soi 11, Sukhumvit Rd.
Comfort Promenade  253-4116,     18 Soi 8, Sukhumvit Rd.
Continental        278-1596-8    971/16 Phaholyothin Rd,
                                 Near weekend market
CP Apartment       234-0991-3
Crown              258-0318-9    Sukhumvit, Soi 29
Crystal            277-8221,3    65 Soi Nathong,
                                 Ratchadapisek Rd, Huay Kwang
Dorchester         270-0904      Pratipat, Soi Kotoey
Dusit Thani        236-0450-9    Silom/Suriwong/New Road
Embassy            279-2641-1    Sapankwai
Eve House          233-0101      18-18/1 Surawongese Rd.
                                 Thaniya Corner
Federal            253-0175      Sukhumvit, Soi 11
First	           255-0111-20   2 Petchburi Rd.
Florida            245-3221      43 Phyathai Rd, Siam square
Fortuna            251-5121-5    Sukhumvit, Soi 5
Golden Dragon      589-5148      Near airport
Golden Gate        251-5354      Sukhumvit, Soi 2
Grace	           253-0671      12 Soi 3, Sukhumvit Rd.
Grand Hyatt Erawan 252-9100      Ploenchit/Phetchaburi/Siam Square
Grand Inn          253-3380,     217-8 Soi 3 Sukhumvit Rd.
Hilton Int'l       253-0123      2 Wireless Rd., Nailert Park,
Holiday Inn        238-4300      Silom/Suriwong/New Road
Honey              253-0645-9    Sukhumvit, Soi 19
Impala             258-8612-6    9 Soi 24, Sukhumvit Rd.
Imperial           254-0111      6 Soi Ruamrudi, Ploenchit Rd.
In Town            253-5474-5    40/6-7 Soi 3, Sukhumvit Rd.
Indra regent       251-0111,     Rajprarop Rd.
Jade Pavillion     259-4675-86
Jim's lodge        255-3100-3
Kabana Inn         233-4652,     1147/2-3 New Road, Bangrak
Landmark           254-0404      138 Sukhumvit Rd.
Le Meridien        253-0444      135/25 Gaysorn Rd.
Liberty            280-1924      Pratipat Rd.
Madras Lodge       235-6761      92/1, 31/9-10 Silom Rd. Trok 13
Majestic Palace    281-5000      97 Rajadamnern, near UN offices
Malaysia           286-3582      Rama 4, Soi Ngam-Duplee
Mandarin           238-0230-59   Silom/Suriwong/New Road
Manhattan          255-0166,     12 Soi 15, Sukhumvit Rd.
Manora             234-5070      412 Surawongse Rd.
Menam              289-1148-90   2074 New Road
Mermaid's Inn      211-8530,     447/2 Sathorn Tai Rd.
Mermaid's Rest     253-5122-5    39 Soi 8, Sukhumvit Rd.
Metro              314-4741      New Petchburi, edge of BKK
Miami              253-5611      Sukhumvit, Soi 13
Middle East Sahara 252-5081,     21/22 Sukhumvit, Soi 3/1 Nana
Mido               270-0447-8    222 Soi Santisaewee, Pradipat
Miramar            221-1711      Mahachai, at Chinatown
Monohra            271-0880-1    Suriwong Rd.
Montien            234-8060      54 Surawongse Rd.
Morakot            314-0761      New Petchburi, edge of BKK
Narai              233-3350      222 Silom Rd.
Narai Inn (GH)     258-0601      Sukhumvit, Soi 53
New Nana           252-0121      Sukhumvit, Soi 4
New Empire         234-6990      Chinatown
New Fuji           234-5364-6    299-30 Surawongese Rd.
New Peninsula      234-3910-7    Suriwong Rd.
New Trocadero      234-8920-9    Suriwong Rd.
Niagra             233-5783-4    26 Soi Silom 9, Silom Rd.
Novotel Bangkok    255-6888      Soi 6, Siam Square
Oriental           236-0400-20   Silom/Suriwong/New Road
Park               255-4301-7    Sukhumvit, Soi 7
Plaza              235-1760-79
PR Union           437-0420-38
Pradipat           278-1470-8    173/1 Pradipat Rd, Sapankwai
Prasuri (GH)       280-1428      85/1 Soi Prasuri, Dinsor Rd.,
                                   Rajdamnern Ave.
President Inn      255-4230-5    155/14-15 Soi 11, Sukhumvit Rd.
Prince             251-3318      1537/1 New Perchburi Rd.
Princess           281-3088      Democracy Monument
PR Union Inn       439-2311-30   296/1-9 Soi 10, Issaraphap Rd,
Quality Inn        253-5393      Sukhumvit, Soi 19
Quality Inn        253-7705      Sukhumvit, Soi 9
Rajah              255-0040-83   8 Soi 4, Sukhumvit Rd.
Rajah Palace       277-6331      234 Ratchadapisek Rd. Huaykwang
Rajsubhamitra (RS) 281-3644      Larn Luang, near UN
Rama Gardens       579-5400      9/9 Viphavadi-Rangsit Rd.
Ramada             234-8971-5    1169 Charoenkrung Rd.
Regent Bangkok     251-6127      155 Rajdamri Rd.
Regina             277-5581      1-9 Soonthronsiri, Ratchada-Pisek Rd.
                                   Huay Kwang
Reno               215-0106-7    Rama I, national stadium
Rex                259-0106-15   762/1 Sukhumvit Rd, Soi 32
River City (GH)    235-1429,     11/4 New Road, Soi 24.
River View (GH)    234-5429,     768 Soi Panurangsee, Songwad Rd.
Rose               233-7695-7    118 Suriwongse Rd.
Royal              224-1907
Royal Asia Lodge   251-5514-6    Sukhumvit, Soi 8
Royal Garden Home  253-5458-62   63/1-4 Soi 3 Sukhumvit, Rd.
Royal Hotel        222-9111-26   2 Rajdamnoen Rd.
 Orchid Sheraton   234-5599      2 Captain Bush Lane, Siphya Rd.
Royal Plaza        234-3091      Naret Rd.
Royal River        433-0300-19   Krung Thon Bridge
Ruamchit Mansion   254-0205-8    1-15 Soi 15, Sukhumvit
 Travelodge        252-5081,     11/1 Soi 10, Sukhumvit
Sathorn Inn        234-4110      37 Soi Suksavithaya, Silom Rd.
Shangri-La         236-7777      89 Soi Wat Suanplu, New Road
Siam               252-5081,     1777 New Pechburi Rd, (Soi Asoke)
Siam City          247-0130
 InterContinental  253-0355-7    Ploenchit/Phetchaburi/Siam Square
Siam Orchard Inn   255-3140-3
Sri (GH)           381-1309,     No. 1 Soi 38, Sukhumvit Rd.
Silom Plaza        236-0333      320 Silom Rd.
Stella Place       251-8255-8    120/359 Rachaprarop Rd. Phayathai.
Suriwong's         233-3223-5    Suriwong Rd.
Swan               233-8444      New Road
Swiss Inn          255-4522-3
Tara               259-2909-19   Sukhumvit
Tarntawan Place    238-2620-39   119/5-10 Surawongse Rd.
Tawanna Ramada     236-0361      80 Surawongse
Thai               282-2831-3    Prachatipat Rd.
Thavorn house      278-2121      17/33 Ruamsirimitr Soi 3,
                                  Vipavadi Rangsit Rd.
Tina Tower Inn     234-9409,     55/12-14 Soi Wat Suanplu, New Road.
Tower Inn          237-8300-4    533 Silom Rd.
Trocadero          234-8920-9    343 Surawongse Rd.
Union Tower        314-1964-73
Victory            233-9060-9    322 Silom Rd.
Viengtai           282-8672-4    Tani Rd, near UN
Wall Street Inn    233-4164-7    37/20-24 Soi SurawongsePlaza,
                                  Surawongse Rd.
Wattana Flat       252-9697/8    19 Soi Wattana (19) Sukhumvit
Welcome Place      234-5402-4    30 Nares Rd. Bangrak
White Orchard      226-0026
Windsor            258-0160      Sukhumvit, Soi 20
Woodlands Inn      235-6640-1    1158/5-7 Soi GPO Charoen Krung
World              314-4340      New Petchburi, edge of BKK
YMCA Collins House 287-1900,     27 South Sathorn Rd.
YMCA Hotel         286-2329      Silom/Sathorn Rd.


It is a shame that this FAQ needs to have a section with this title,
but the fact of the matter is that a lot of people simply have no
idea how to act when they encounter a place like Bangkok.

The author of this FAQ has been visiting the Kingdom of Thailand for
25 years, and has made a lot of mistakes, and been with friends who
have made a lot of mistakes.  Please, park your ego for a few
minutes and learn from the mistakes of others.  Doing so will help
let Bangkok remain the wonderful place that it is.

Rule # 1.   Laugh and bring toys.  If you can't laugh, don't go.  Bangkok
is a great place to have fun, and you have to be willing to laugh to
enjoy yourself.  Be prepared to laugh with the girls and to try and
make them laugh with you.  You will have a much better time if you
can do this.  It may sound stupid, but if you know coin tricks,
sleight of hand, card tricks, or anything similar, practice up
before you go, and you will have the time of your life.  I've seen
guys who can make a coin disappear surrounded by 15 or 20 half naked
bar girls as he made coins disappear and reappear is some very
unusual places.

My last trip, I bought some note pads that looked
like huge $100 and $500 bills.  Gave them to the bar girls and the
mamasans.  Lots of laughs.  One of the bar owners in Soi Cowboy
taped one of the large bills directly over the cash drawer.  Later
that night, when I fell in love and it came time to pay the bar
fine, the owner shook it off because I had made him laugh.  If
nothing else, bring a big bag of individually wrapped candies.  Toss
a handful on the stage and watch the reaction.

Rule #2.   Make love, not war.  Bangkok is a great place to get
blasted.  The girls, the music, the girls, the beer, and the girls all
add up to a very intoxicating environment.  BUT, if you are a mean
drunk, or like to fight when you get drunk, do us all a favor and
stay home.  Go to Bangkok to have a great time, not to have a great

Rule #3.   Don't be a cheapskate.  No, you don't have to act like an oil
worker with money to blow, but keep things in perspective.  Bargain
away, but don't insult a bar girl by offering her 100 baht for all
night, or by never buying a girl a drink.

Rule #4.   Be nice to the girls.  For the most part, these are just simple
country girls trying to make some money for their families up
country.   One of the great things about the Thai women is the fact
that they are warm and friendly.  They are not whores in the
American or European sense of the word, so don't treat them like
whores.  Treat them like a girlfriend. Treat them with respect. They
deserve it.  Don't spend half the night in the bar buying one girl
drinks and they try and take a different girl home.  You have just
terribly insulted the first girl in the process.  If you go in the
club and buy a drink for girl "A", and fall in love with girl "B",
leave the club for a little while and then come back and buy a drink
for girl "B".  This way girl "A" saves "face" and you avoid a scene
(not a scene in front of you, but a scene in the back room betweek
the girls and the mamasan).

I was in a small bar early one evening and there was a terrible
commotion in the back room.  Seems a guy had come in every night for
a week and bought drinks and paid the barfine for this one girl.
Then, out of the blue, he walks in and pays for a different girl to
accompany him to the beach for a week.  The first girl was trying to
slash her wrists, not out of love, but out of shame because all of
the other girls thought she must have treated the guy "number 10" to
make him choose someone else like that.  She had done nothing wrong,
it was simply a case of raging hormones on the guy's part.

Rule #5.   Don't be an ugly American (or German or Aussie, etc.)
Certainly, we all like to wave our respective flag.  Just don't be a
jerk about it.  If you take a moment, you might just find that the
German, Aussie, Brit or Yank on the next bar stool is basically just
a horny dude like yourself, and if you buy each other a few beers
you might find you've got a lot in common.  Over the years I have
gained many "best friends for life" whose names I never learned and
who language I couldn't speak.  We all share a common love for Thai

Rule #6.   Respect the few taboos.  Never touch a Thai on the head.
Never point your feet at a Thai. Avoid public displays of
affection.  Yes, I know she was hanging all over you in the bar, but
that was in the bar.  When you are walking down the street, keep
your hands to yourself.


Lots of times when I get to Bangkok, I am coming down from
Tokyo on a US airline, which means I don't arrive until about
midnight.  Figure it takes an hour to clear customs and
immigration and another hour to get to the hotel.  It is now 2
a.m.  In most of the world's cities, you are lucky to find a
cup of coffee at 2 a.m.

But this is Bangkok!

Grab a cab and head for the Ambassador Hotel on Sukhumvit
Road.  When you get there, pay the cab driver, walk out to
Sukhumvit, turn left and go up half a block.  There will be
food stalls on the sidewalk and a lot of people milling around.

Turn left and walk up the dark alley.  Make sure you don't get
run over in the process.  Turn right as soon as you are past
the building and look for the door where people are going in
and out.  Go in the door, past the unisex bathroom, down the
stairs and through the narrow hallway. Watch out for the
waiters carrying the trays of hot food!

You are now in the Thermae coffee shop.  You will NOT find a
place to sit down.  Force your way to the bar and order a
beer.  Mind you, there is barely enough room to turn around
with all the people.  This is the main gathering ground for all
the off duty bartenders, dancers, masseuses, freelancers, and
horny guys.  Do not be surprised if you get "groped".  If you
do, gently grab the wrist of the groper and follow the arm
until you reach the person.  If you like her, great!  If not,
just smile and move along.  If she is a he, don't go
homophobic.  The same rule of thumb applies.  If you like him,
great!  If not, just smile and move along.

There seems to almost always be a group of deaf mute girls
hanging out and working the Therme.  Look behind the juke
box for them. They'll be signing to each other.

Nothing beats the Therme for variety.  You will find 16-40 year
olds.  Beautiful to ugly.  Fat to skinny.  All are looking to
hook up with someone for "a good time".  The "price" at the
Therme varies greatly.  Of course, there is no bar fine, but
I've heard stories "long time" dates running as low as 300 Baht.

Rumor has it that the Therme is owned by the Chief of Police of
Bangkok.  The bartender, is reported to be a corporal in the
police!  Neither is probably true. Usually you are very safe in
the Therme, however, be careful on the streets around it late
at night.  As happens anywhere, tipsy, foreigners often end up
giving up their wallet and its contents very easily.

As a general rule of thumb when out partying in Bangkok,
never carry your Credit Cards and only enough $$$ that you can
afford to loose.  Standard precautions....I've never had a
problem, but you can't be too safe.  Don't carry your Passport.
Carry a photo copy of the double page with your picture!  Yes,
I know if you are an American it says right on the passport
that it is illegal to photocopy, but, the potential hassle for
doing so is miniscule compared to the major hassle of having to
have your passport replaced when you have a 6 am departure

One of the great(?) things about Thermae is the single
bathroom.  It adds an all new aura to using the bathroom when
you don't know if the person in the next stall is male, female
or transvestite!  It gets doubly interesting when they try and
start up a conversation with you, or when the next stall has
more than one occupant. My recommendation is if you venture
into Thermae, use the bathroom, even if you don't have to use
the bathroom.


This is a totally fictional (wink-wink) story about the massage
parlors of Bangkok.

The action took place in Bangkok, where I was mixing a bit of
pleasure with a lot of business.  I had spent the better part
of the day stuck in the notorious Bangkok traffic  in a car
with marginal air conditioning. I was pretty pooped and I
didn't want to do the nightclub scene because despite being
horny as hell from looking at the gorgeous Thai women all day,
I didn't have the energy to deal with the fast-paced action at
the clubs.

So, I asked my driver to take me to one of the better massage
parlors in Bangkok.

I went in and was greeted by one of the managers who
told me that I should go to the viewing area and select one of
the girls.  Having visited establishments like this around the
world, and had every conceivable "con" run on me, I figured
that I would see if I could get the ground rules and costs
established -- before I made my selection and started thinking
with my "little brain".

The manager, who was wearing a nice suit and tie, told me that
the price was 2500 baht, and for that price I would get the
girl, the room, a bath, massage, blow job and fuck.  I thought
that the price was a tad high, but figured that if this place
was one of the it might be worth it.  I asked if the price was
negotiable and he laughed saying that I could pay more, but
certainly not less.  He also told me that if I was not
satisfied in any way, to let him know and he would make it

I figure that I had just received as much assurance as
I was ever going to get, and told him to point me to the
viewing area.

He directed me to the other end of the room where
behind mirrored glass they had at least 50 girls, sitting
around, wearing what looked like togas, and watching
television.  I could see them but they could not see me unless
I wanted to step up to an area where the glass was two-way.
Each lady wore a small plastic button with a number.

God, what a selection, there were small girls and there
were tall girls, there were big tits, small tits, medium tits.
There were big asses and small asses and there were asses that
you just wanted to bite.  The one thing in common was long jet
black hair and perfect complexions.  There were no Harley
Davidson tattoos to be found, no needle marks, no gum chewers,
no inch-thick makeup, no old women, and no ugly women.

The deal here was to pick a lady on the basis of looks
and give her number to the manager.  the ladies, in turn, use
different methods of getting attention.  some just face the
glass and smile, not knowing if they are being observed or
not.  Some make a point of being in the front row, others are
more content to sit towards the back.  Some of the ladies knit,
others watch the television, others just talk to one another.
If someone steps up to the area where the glass is two-way,
many of the girls will try and establish eye contact while
nodding or pointing to their numbers.

After about 10 minutes of just standing there in front
of the one-way glass, staring with my mouth wide open, my dick
getting hard and my heart throbbing because I wanted them all,
I decided which lady I wanted to spend some time with.  I gave
her number to the manager who went to a small telephone and
paged her.  While waiting for her to come out of the room, I
paid the fee and was soon greeted by a beautiful young lady who
had a name about 3 miles long.  She laughed when I tried saying
her name and said that I could call her Nit.

Nit put her arm around me and guided me to an elevator,
which we used to get to the top floor.  There we went down a
long hall and entered the room.  What a room!  It was about 12
x 12, had a double tub, a wide, nicely made bed, a padded bench
and a large open area that was half carpeted and half done in
ceramic tile.  It was also immaculate and smelled clean and

We were followed in the room by a waitress who took our
drink orders.  Nit told me to sit on the end of the bed while
she got the tub ready -- and proceeded to full the tub with hot
sudsy water.  A few moments later our drinks arrived, and so
did an old woman carrying an inflated air mattress.

Yes, this was the type of air mattress you use in a
swimming pool to lie on and get a tan.  The type that is made
up of about 8 long vertical tubes filled with air, and topped
by a similarly inflated "pillow."

At this point I had absolutely no idea what the air
mattress was for, but figured "what the hell, you pay your
money and you take your chances."

By now we were alone in the room, I had my drink, a
mysterious air mattress, and Nit. She turned on some music and
told me to stand up.  When I did so, she proceeded to undress
me is a most sensual manner.  Sensual when it wasn't funny.
Nit stood about 4'10" and I'm a bit over 6', so I had to bend
over to help her get my T-shirt off.  None the less, she made
full use of her hands throughout, rubbing my nipples, caressing
my sides, tickling my balls and scratching my ass.

By now I had a raging hard-on, which she mostly
ignored, other than to pantomime that it was truly huge and
would possibly split her in half.  Nit was a good actress, and
I appreciated her effort to make me feel special.

Nit had me sit down and went over to check the tub.  At
this point, she slipped out of the toga and took her black bra
and panties off, while she splashed around the tub getting the
water ready for me. What a body!

Nit called me over to the tub and helped me get it.
She then proceeded to join me.

Nit then washed and scrubbed every inch of me, while I
used the time to explore every inch of her body -- a soapy tit
here, a smooth thigh there, a handful of nearly hairless snatch
in between.  I figured I was in pussy heaven -- and still had
no idea what the air mattress was for.

After about 15 minutes of rub-a-dub-dub, me-and-Nit-in-a-tub,
she had me stand up while she rinsed me off.  She then got out
of the tub and put the air mattress on the floor and hand me
lie down on it.  She then dumped a whole bottle of shampoo into
a tub of warm water and made a real soapy mixture.  Nit then
poured some of the mixture on my back and proceeded to wash me
again, this time sliding her body up and down against mine,
using the soapy water as a lubricant.  She turned me into a
big, white, bald, slip and slide, where  she slipped and I was
the slide.  She did this on every part of my body for about 15
minutes, and it was one of the most erotic episodes I've ever
had in my life.

Alas, we eventually ran out of her soapsuds mixture, so
Nit had me step back into the tub where she rinsed me off, we
then went up to the carpeted area, where she dried me off and
had me lie face down on the bed.

Nit then went back to the tub, rinsed herself off,
dried off, and joined me on the bed where she proceeded to
spend the next fifteen or twenty minutes giving me an
absolutely thorough massage.  She worked every muscle in my
body, popped all my finger and toe joints and gave my scalp a
working over that makes me tingle just thinking about it.

At this point I really faced an emotional dilemma.  I
was still incredibly horny from the "slip and slide" and wanted
to fuck anything that moved -- especially Nit.  On the other
hand, the massage was so relaxing that I felt like I could drop
off to sleep at any moment.

Nit, however, resolved my dilemma by giving me the best oral
sex I have ever had.  After I was fully aroused, blind with
passion and ready to die and go to heaven, she climbed onto me
and we made love.

After we finished, Nit lay beside me for a while, kissing me
and playing with my balls, and then went over to the tub and
turned on the water.  I watched as she washed herself off, both
on the outside and the inside.  She called me over and
proceeded to give me a full shower, scrubbing every inch of me,
as if she hadn't done the same thing about an hour earlier.

She then dried me off using a big fluffy towel and told
me to go lie down on the bed again.  I watched as she cleaned
up the tub area, washed off her air mattress, and put all of
her soap containers away.  She then put on her toga and had me
get up then helped me get dressed.

--------------end of story------------

I have a few final notes:

First, it was not overpriced.  We spent about an hour and a half
together and it was everything the manager promised.  the 2,500 baht
price is the price that the average tourist can expect to pay if
taken to a massage parlor by a taxi or hired car.  The walk-in
prices range from 1,200 to  2,000 baht.  The better you speak Thai,
the lower the price.  Mid-aftgernoon is cheaper than 8 p.m.

Second, if the service is good, tip the girl 300 to 500 baht.  Don't
be embarrassed, just fold up the money and hand it to her saying
"for you".  She will understand you.

Third, I'm still not sure when she slipped the condom
on me.  In the last 5 years, I cannot recall a time at a major
massage parlor when condom use was not required.

Some massage parlors call the routine with the air mattress a
"tora tora" or "B Course" massage".

Don't confuse the inside managers at the massage parlors with
the touts mentioned elsewhere in this FAQ.  They are totally
different, and you should work with the massage parlor managers.

Remember, this is not a recommendation for that particular massage
parlor.  There are several dozen in the city that can serve you just
as well. Some of the better massage parlors are Mona Lisa, Darling,
James Bond, Chao Phya, and La Cherie.  How do you find them?  Ask.
Ask at the front desk of the hotel where you are staying and they
will refer you to several close by.  Don't be embarrassed.  If you
ask a taxi driver, the driver will take you as well, and will follow
you in to get a commission.  Many of the massage parlors print
full-color brochures that the cab drivers have.  If you are staying
at a nicer hotel, ask as the transportation desk.  Do not get
suckered in by someone stopping you on the street and showing you
the massage brochure.  They are touts and will get paid a commission
for bringing you in.


There are legitimate discos all over Bangkok.  If you want to
hear some great music and dance the night away, by all means
head for a disco.

Most have a cover change that amounts to $2-$5, and it
sometimes includes your first drink.

This is great, you might be saying, someplace to go where there
is no sex for sale.  Wrong!  Freelance "entertainers" hang out
at virtually every disco.

How do you find them.  First, open your eyes.  Look around,
make some eye contact.  If you are in a disco unescorted, they
noticed you.  Some may even just sit down beside you, or even
ask you to dance.

If you are really having a difficult time with this, go move to
one of the darkest corners in the disco.  True love wil come to

Beware!  Transvestites can and do hang out at the discos.  Make
sure that the she you are picking up is really a she!  As there
are no bar fines or mamasans at the discos, everything is up to
you and your powers of negotiation.

Remember also, that if the lady you picked up does not work at a
regular nightclub, she may not be getting regular, weekly, VD
checks.  Hanging out at a disco does not qualify as working at
a nightclub in this context.

I've been told by some wide-eyed Bangkok newbies that they
would never go to a nightclub to met a "professional", they
would only go to a disco and meet "amateurs".  Yup, they are
right, I have it on good authority that the Easter Bunny
personally delivers a dozen virgin amateurs to the discos each


This is quite simple.  Yes, escort agencies do exist, and they
are reputable. If you absolutely hate the bar scene they are an
acceptable alternative.

Try to visit, rather than call, and you will be allowed to look
through a photo album and choose your companion.  The risk is
that the photo is more than a year old, or that she speaks
virtually no English.  Now, for those of you from Germany or
France, I realize that not speaking English is probably an
asset, [just kidding!] but rest assured, at an escort agency, it is
virtually impossible to find a girl who speaks anything orther
than Thai, Laotion, Khmer or English.

However, if you are a western female, and are looking for an
escort, you should absolutely call an escort agency.  Call and
make an appointment for a visit.  It is a safe bet that your
escort will be either the owner of the agency, or one of his
best friends.


Scattered throughout the city are short time hotels.  These are
the places that you can rent by the hour or the evening, no
baggage is required and there is no hassle.

Don't think in terms of some seedy motel wsith soiled sheets
like you would find in the US.  These are (usually) smaller
hotels or guest houses that simply cater to the "entertainment"

You can get a room for an hour, several hours or all night.
There are a great number of these hotels near Patpong because
the girls don't want to go to your hotel -- and probably can't
get in.

There are also a couple by the airport.  I have a friend who
ofent makes his internatinal flight connections through Bangkok
when heading to Europe.  He always looks forward to a 6 or 8
hour mechanical delay, bacause it gives him a chance to head
for one of the short time hotels near the airport.

But, you might ask, how does he have time to find the girl?
Easy, many short-time hotels come pre-stocked with a selection
for the visitor to choose from.

How do you find one?  Simple, every bar girl knows where one
is.  Every taxi driver knows the words "short time hotel."  Or,
because this is Bangkok, just stop some tourist-looking person
in the company of a young lady and ask.  Chances are that
either he or she knows, and if they know, they will tell you,
or even escort you there.


[The following is extracted from a article posted on CompuServe that
was written by Tom Boswell and the original, full length document is
Copyright, 1993.]

I have saved what I consider best for last, the Lady Houses.  These
institutions are rather like a finishing school for young
prostitutes, and I imagine that many of these girls do go on to the
other establishments as they get older.  Most of them are
young -- usually about 18 to 22, and they are usually not hardened
professionals but relatively new to the business and often new to
Bangkok as well.

You are driven to the Lady House, which is located in a suburb of
Bangkok, by a taxi driver once it has become clear to him that you
are not satisfied with the places to which he has taken you in the
heart of the city.  You drive up to what looks like an ordinary
suburban Bangkok home.  These neighborhoods are very different from
an American suburb, more densely packed, with drab colors and high
walls that give it a slightly claustrophobic but mysterious kind of
feel. There are usually several men who open the gate for you,
although sometimes it might be one or more of the girls.

You leave the taxi and enter the main house where you are greeted by
the Mama-san.  She usually knows some English, with which she
offers you a seat and asks if you would like a drink. As you wait
for the drink, young women begin to enter the room and sit down on
couches or benches around the periphery.  They may be laughing and
giggling, they may be doing their nails, they may seem bored or
anxious to get back to whatever they were doing before you arrived,
or they may seem as though they hope you will choose them.

You sit and drink your drink and talk with the Mama-san while you
look back and forth around the room trying to decide which girl you
want.  The Mama-san asks you how long you will be in Thailand, and
she will encourage you to take a lady for the whole trip--with the
right to exchange her for another, of course.  In any case, though,
these girls never go out for less than an entire evening.  They are
not on an hourly. If you just want one night, until late the next
morning, the price will be about 1500 Baht ($60) or up.  If you are
interested in the whole week, it drops to about 1200 Baht ($48).
In addition, it is proper to tip these girls after the night or the
week or whatever--about 500 Baht ($20) per night will make her

[Remember, all prices mentioned are 1993 prices.  Your actual price
may vary.]

Tom also asked that I mention:
COYOTE (Call Off Your Old Tired Ethics) is an organization that works
for the
rights of sex workers, including prostitutes.   If you agree that
should be de-criminalized and that sex workers should have the same
legal rights
and protections as all other citizens, please make a donation, large
or small,
to COYOTE,  C/O L'Ecole, 1341 Ocean Ave., #151, Santa Monica, CA


If you are Japanese, and choose not to socialize with Westerners or
non-Japanese Asians, head for Soi Tantawan and Thaniya Road.  These
two streets, which run on either side of and parallel to Patpong I &
II, feature very expensive Japanese- style hostess bars which
usually bar non-Japanese from entering.  One Thai I know explained
the high pricing this way:  "The Japanese think they are superior to
the Thais, so we make them pay for their superiority."


The following information was taken from a collection of
advertisements in the "Angel City" tourist magazine, volume 8, No. 3,
February 1994.

The author has no firsthand knowledge of the places listed herein, but
provides the information in the belief that diversity in lifestyles is
but one factor in the fabric of a rich society.

Colour 645/25-26 New Petchburi Road, Bangkok
(Opposite the Indonesian embassy)
Phone 252-9221
*  Open 7 p.m. to 1 a.m.
*  More than 40 hosts
*  VIP rooms
*  Karaoke & sing along
*  Thais and foreigners welcome

Midnight Cowboy Lounge 1407/13-14 Soi Laleewan,  (Opposite V-Star
cafe or turn left at Stax, before the Embassy Hotel) Phone 279-5712
*  Go-go dancing from 9 p.m. to 1 a.m.
*  Cabaret show at 11 p.m.
*  40 "Cowboys"

White Horse 645/53 New Petchburi Road,
(Opposite the Indonesian embassy)
Phone 255-2679, 252-9715
*  Classic Decor
*  More than 30 hosts
*  Karaoke & sing along

K*Nude 11407/8-9 Soi Laleewan,
(Near Midnight Cowboy)
Phone 279-4960
*  Live Music
*  Electric Organ
*  Go-go boys
*  30 hosts
*  Cabaret show 3 times a day
*  Open 7 p.m. to 1 a.m.

Stax 9 Soi Ko Toei Pradipat Rd. (5-9 Soi 20 Pradipat Rd.),
(Near the Embassy hotel)
Phone 278-4018, 278-1512
*  Laser Disc system
*  Open 6 p.m. to 5 a.m.
*  No cover charge.

Tawan 2/2 Soi Tantawan, Suriwongse Rd.,
(near Patpong)
Phone 234-5506
*  Cabaret show
*  40 hosts
*  Go-go show
*  No cover charge
*  Open 8 p.m. to 2 a.m.

King's Heaven 235/18 Soi C.S. Apartment.,
(opposite Prasmmitr University)
(Near Julie Hotel, Asoke Rd)
Phone 258-3832
Klongtoey, Bangkok
*  Open 6 p.m. to 2 a.m.
*  VIP room
*  Safety locker
*  Karaoke

Girlaxy Boy 161-161/1 Surawongse Rd.,
Phone 233-7901
*  VIP rooms
*  Guide service
*  Music


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Note:  This FAQ is not maintained by the original author any more. If
you are knowledgeable enough, you can take it over and send me an
updated version. 
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