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Baltimore, Maryland

[regarding Baltimore's Red Light District:]

The area is called "The Block".  Anyone in Balt can give directions.
Unfortunately the BLOCK is literally a block from the main Police

Subject: Re: Anybody know anything about Baltimore? Date: Wed, 12 Jul 1995 03:56:39 -0400 try cruising the patterson park area, but be careful, cops usually have one or two "working" to arrest the Johns.
Date: Mon, 22 Jan 1996 13:08:31 UTC BALTIMORE, MD. THE BLOCK has some places where you can get pussy if you are willing to pay $250.00 and up. I will not say which ones because I do not want them busted. The procedure is to ask the girl of your choice if you can "get a bottle". She may say no. Go to another place. If she says yes, ask the price and then ask the price of her tip. The going rate for the bottle is $150.00 and her tip will be about $100.00. You cannot win by haggling. If she agrees to a lower tip, she may not deliver at the time. If all goes well, you will be led into a dingy room where you will have about half an hour. If you live in the area and begin to be known at a bar, the bartender will steer you to the best girls. Needless to say, they expect a tip of no less than $10.00.
Subject: Re: private shows Date: 23 Mar 1996 23:17:49 -0500 >I was at a strip club in Salsbery Ma. They were advertizing private >shows in the "VIP room" Could I expect sex in a place like this? Very unlikely. Now if you really want good sex in a night club, find yourself a time machine and hie yourself back to Baltimore in the 1970's. My Uncle Jake (not his real name) says that those were halcyon days. Those were the days of sexual liberation and flower power, and dancers tended to be friendlier and more interested in sex than they are today. Many of the nudie bars had back rooms or downstairs rooms. If you and a dancer were willing, you could buy a bottle of champagne (actually cold duck), which was your ticket to go in the back. And of course one would never leave a dancer friend without a proper honorarium. Uncle Jake says that one of the Baltimore bars had nice accommodations, with two simply but attractively furnished rooms in the basement. One had a sofa and a small stand-up bar with two bar stools, and the second, larger room had a sofa which folded out into a double bed, also a bathroom with a shower, soap and clean towels. He delights in telling us younger fellows, "Yes, those were the days."
Subject: Baltimore, Md Info. Date: Sun, 2 Jun 1996 13:37:56 UTC I'm from Baltimore, MD and have done some travelling. I have been to a few cities where I have entertained some ladies. In Baltimore though we start with the... Street scene Locally the street scene is a little dangerous. Not because there aren't women around, but because the cops make it a habit to harass the women. (and the Johns for that matter) There have been many sting operations where female officer decoys have baited unsuspecting clients. These are usually on 40 east. (Pulaski Hwy.) This area also has at least 1 woman who will bait you out of any money she can without providing you any service. She is a young white girl (24-29) and will tell you any story to make money. Mostly she will say she needs a ride and will offer a lot of services for some money and a ride. If you get her, kick her out of the car early or you will get ripped off. Stay clear of the Pulaski HWY area at night. Around Patterson Park there are many women (as early as 5:00 pm) around the park. (Baltimore St., Patterson Park Ave., Eastern Ave.) These women are mostly rated below 5 in looks and a lot may be coke whores that will rob you. I only offer these places as places where women work the street. Unless you know the women and they know you as a regular, you are taking a giant risk. Even if you do get your half and half for $40-$50 you will still feel dissatisfied. Look for the services elsewhere like... Incall places I have had some experience with a few of the incall places. They usually offer to have the girl call you back. This is a good procedure and you can feel comfortable with the voice and the demeanor of the girl before you say OK. There are some other incall places (advertised in the City Paper - a free weekly that comes out every Wednesday) that will not offer a call back. Either way don't worry, these places seem to give good service (full) and for a pretty good price. (120 for a half hour - 180 for an hour. No tip required) I don't want to give away the place names in case there are any cops looking for places to bust. The girls range from 6-9 but the general attitude of the ladies is very comforting. Most of the girls work out of private homes or apartments. If you want to spend more money (and take a few more risks) then call an ... Outcall place. These are mainly overpriced although you will get full service. There are some in the yellow pages under massage and escort. (Usually if they are in both places they are full service) They range from agency fee (40-65+) plus tip (100+) to flat fee (200+). I don't use outcall locally often. Other avenues for affection are... Massage Parlors Most of the massage parlors are hand job joints. They will give you a decent massage and will give a hand release. These places have fees of 45 for 30min to 120+ for deluxe. Deluxe usually means nude with some mutual massaging but not anything but hand release. (I know of at least one girl who if you are discreet in asking will give you a BJ for another 50 but this is not the norm.) Overall I have had better success and a better time in the incall places. Maybe other people prefer something different but I have spent a lot of money finding out that the incall places give me a better feeling when I leave and always seem to have you coming back for more. As a side note, the "Block" is another place you can go to get some service. However, for the most part the girls are pretty low (2-5) and not all will do the nasty. If you have time and money (beers are 4.50 - 5.00) you can find a place and a girl on the block which will help you out. The way to do it is to buy the girl a drink. (Usu. 20.00 - Oh and you can avoid buying a 5.00 drink sometimes by getting a drink for the girl. Just ask.) Then you talk and find out if you could do more. Usually a "bottle" (Little Champagne) is what is needed and will cost from 75.00 to 150.00 (The girls tip is more. This is just to get you into a back room.) Usually a liitle closet is used that has no fan and is cramped. The girl will do everything, but you take your chances with attitude and looks. If you do go to the block, one of the best women to see (attitude not looks) is Lisa at the "Hope Diamond"(?). She is very sexy and sensuous. She will rub up against you and play with your dick. And even though she is not the best looking, she is one of the nicest people to be with. But again remember it's the "Block" and not some upscale strip club.
Subject: Baltimore area massage parlors Date: Sat, 11 May 1996 09:21:54 UTC There are a number of massage parlors in the Jessup/Elkridge area of Maryland, just outside of Baltimore. Most of these places are not good for full service but they do give massages, table showers, and handjobs. Rates are standard $60.00 for an hour massage, $40.00 for 1/2 hours. Some places also have a 45 min time. In my experience a tip of $20.00 to $40.00 is sufficent, for a hand-job. All of the places I discuss here are listed in either the Washington, Northern Virginia, or Baltimore Yellow pages. My guess would be any of the nearby areas will list mostly the same ones. Lotus & Shiatsu Massage: Take 95 to exit 41a (175e to Jessup) 1/4 mile on the right behind the shell station in the Jessup Center. Has the advantage of being in a well lit area. I have tryed this place only once. I got an asian girl who gave me the name Sandy. She was alright looking, maybe a 6, with breasts "enhanced" by sceince. When I came to the door Sandy greeted me and asked me if I wanted a massage. I said yes and she took me to a room with a massage table. I paid for a half hour massage. She then proceeded to give me a rather perfunctory massage. A shower was never offered to me and she seemed to be in a hurry the whole time. On the upside she give me a topless hand job, during which my hands were free to roam, without ever asking for a tip. She never did ask me for any money at all. I did tip her the same as I usally do. She seemed please with the money and asked me to return. Overall I was not very satisfied with the experience. Of course it is also possible I just got her on a bad night. With all the other places in the same general area, I have never felt the need to give them a second chance. Oriental Spa: Take I-95 to exit 43 (rt 100 East), left first light (rt 1 north), 2 miles on right in the Elkridge shopping center. This spa has mostly older staff. There are a couple of younger women working there but unless you are a regular and know who to ask for it is just luck of the draw. You can get a handjob, but I have never gotten anything else. On the other hand they give the best massage I have ever gotten. I have had most of the women working there and have only had one bad massage. The girl who gave it was new and she was gone the next time I came in. I did not say anything about her giving me a bad massage but somebody must have complained. Osaka Spa: 8950 Rt. 108, Suite 118. I recently gave this place a try. The facilites are quite nice. They have both a steam room and a suana. I was allowed to try out both. The massuse I got was resonably attractive, say 7, but a little older than I like, somewhere in her late 30's. She gave me a decent table shower, followed by using the steam room and suana. She gave me a good massage and an excellent handjob. The only drawback to this spa is its location. It is in an industrial park that is dark and deserted in the evenings. I never saw another person the entire time I was in the area. There were a couple of cars parked outside so there must have been some people around, but I never saw them. Other than the creepy location it is a decent spa. Hanna Spa: Take 95 to exit 38B (32W) to 29 north, to RT 40W, 2.5 mi rt on Pine Orchard Lane, Rt or Corporate Ct, around back of 3221 Corporate Ct (Ellicott City). This place is similar to the others but has the distinction of having a young and attractive staff. Call first they were closed last time I was by there. They apperantly keep rather unpredictable hours at this place. I have called a number of times when they claim they are open and not gotten an answer. After driving out there and finding them closed I am very leary of going unless I have spoken to someone and know they are open. Alberto Spa is on the other side of Baltimore from Washington in Highland town. 3827 B Eastern Ave (accross from rite aid), Exit 59 W-I-95, Highland Town. Same deal as the others. You maybe able to get full service here. My massuse hinted at it. Unfortuantly she was a rather unattractive woman and I did not try. I did however get a look at some of the other girls and there are a couple of knock out asian girls working there. Unfortunatly, like many massage parlors you pretty much have to be a regular to be able to chose. This place is rather out of the way and the area is not the best on the other hand it is worth a visit if you are out that way. I have not been out there again as it is over an hour away from me and I have to pass every other place on this list to get there. Connie's SPA: 95n to 695 exit 15B, 4th light between the VW and Toyota Dealership, around back. This place is different than the others. This is the only place in town were I am sure full service is available. The girls very from 5 to 8. Unfortunatly it is the luck of the draw. You have to bring it up but hand jobs, blowjobs, straight and half and half are all available. They are much more open about negotiations if you can name the last girl you saw there. I have had mixed experiences here. On one occasion I got a girl who nogotiated straight sex for $60.00. She was maybe a 6 and a little older then I really care for. The next time I was in there I got a new girl, whose name I can't remember, she was a real knock out. I would rate this girl as a 8 or 9. She was young with long black hair that went down to her waist. The only draw back is that she seemed to be rather unenthusastic about the whole thing and demanded $100.00 for a blowjob. She was firm on this price and would not come down a nickle. I have been around a few times and this is the first time I have ever not been able to get a girl to take off at least a little. The point of this is that Connie's is very unpredictable. I have gone there several times and have never had the same experience twice. If you are in town it maybe worth a try. I have only discussed Spas that I have personally tried out here. There are at least a couple of others that I have not yet tried. Any of these places can give you a decent massage and a handjob. Oriental spa is the best for massage, IMHO. If you want full service try Connie's or possibly Alberto. The massage staff in the Baltimore seems to tend torward the older side but there are still some attractive women to be found. I hope you will find information useful.
Subject: Baltimore out-call experience Date: Thu, 11 Jul 1996 06:32:54 UTC I've learned a lot from these discussions--thanks. Here's my contribution: Baltimore: from my convention hotel, I called several places listed under "massage" or "escort" in the Yellow Pages. Prices ranged $120-$200. I chose Caribbean Escorts, which offered a "$150, full service, no tipping" policy. I asked for someone with good breasts--my personal pleasure. 10 minutes later, "Bonnie" called. She described herself, including telling me that Caribbean Escorts is an all-black service. I don't particularly care. She sounded fine, so I told her to come over. 45 minutes later, she knocked on my door. She was a little heavier than the "medium build" she had claimed, but not so much as to be really overweight or unpleasant. A 5-6 in looks. She asked me where I was from (out of state), then asked for picture ID to confirm. This was all very pleasant. I paid her, she invited me to undress, and immediately started to do so herself. She'd paid attention: she commented on my interest in breasts and offered hers to me as we sat on the bed. I enjoyed them, licking, sucking and fondling them. They were full but not ponderous, a little tough rather than soft, but plenty of fun as my tongue flicked across them and my hands wandered from them to her clit. By now, she was laying across the bed, commenting on my technique, moaning at appropriate time, and praising the size of my cock (none of which I believed, but all helped make me feel at ease). I asked if I could lick her clit and she agreed, so I proceeded to eat her. I love the taste of cunt juice, the sweaty salty smell, my head between a woman's legs, my hands wandering between her ass, her tits, and her cunt, spreading her lips to let my tongue dive deeper and flick up across the clit, finger-fucking while my thumb plays with the clit, all the while the woman starting to buck and moan. By now, my cock was straining, so I moved over her. She pulled a condom over my cock and I quickly entered her now dripping cunt. I pumped a few times, then withdrew for a few more tit and clit licks. But I couldn't hold back much longer, so I roller her over, pulled her ass up, and entered doggie style. A short time later, I came, with all the release that offers. She dressed quickly and left. She gave me what I paid for, no more, no less. I hope that telling the story in this much detail helps others wondering what happens when you call these kind of places. A few months later, I was in Philadelphia--but I'll describe that in a separate message.
Date: Fri, 19 Jul 1996 12:48:10 UTC Baltimore- There is a place on York Road, in Towson, called Sunshine Spa. It's an Asian joint where you pay $40 up front, and then another $40 to $120 depending on what you want. I hooked up with a young (21 or so) Korean girl named Jennifer who sucked me off sans condom for $70. There is another place a little further north on York Road that is called the Russian Spa. You can get a handjob for $60. I have never been able to get anything else there. Check out the huge-titted redhead, whose name I can't remember (its something Russian and she does not speak great English). She will give you a great handjob while licking your nipples and letting you suck her phenomenal tits. It's a great time. There is very little street action in Baltimore. The Block, that's where a bunch of strip clubs, bookstores, etc., are located, is pretty much a rip-off. There are only a couple of places where you can get laid, and they will end up costing you a few hundred bucks by the time it's all said and done.
A site with listings of Baltimore establishments is at
Subject: [ASP] Baltimore Massage Date: 24 Nov 1996 01:35:28 GMT Pamper Palace Ellicott City nice place! a little pricey though. get to choose your girl and most of them are quite nice with a few drop dead babes. 45 min mutual (meaning you get to touch) is 145 + tip but i found the experience to be worthwhile. 10-15 min being washed by a pretty woman 10 min massage and 15 min massage while you feel her breasts and ass not a bad deal if you get one of the lovelys
Date: Thu, 15 May 1997 01:27:35 -0400 Subject: WHores in Baltimore In Baltimore... Falls Road and 36th I-83 north at Falls Rd exit or I-83 south at Cold Spring lane exit.... these two streets have about six working girls that I know or two maybe decent looking,but beware all the girls working this area have drug problems.I see these girls on the street when I go to work at 6am and when I go home at 3pm.But the best time is probably between 4-6 am.
Date: Thu, 19 Jun 1997 10:51:57 -0700 Subject: Baltimore info 6/18/97 I was recently pleased to make a discovery about services in Baltimore, MD. I spent some time trolling the strip bars on "the block" only to come out with a lighter wallet and some real agonizing frustration in my pants. I talked to one of the bouncers, giving him a 10 spot, and he told me to look in a specific bar in the middle of the block (a regular bar, no strip club) and talk the girls hanging out in there. There were several good looking blondes hanging out and I enticed one to come sit down next to me. She asked what I wanted and I told her "some company". I had to pay her bar tab of $20 (maybe a kick-back to the bar, I don't know), got a bottle of vodka and some sprite for carryout ($10),we then went to a hotel ($30). She was incredible, I came 3 times as we stayed up all night fucking and sucking. At the end I gave her $80 (all I had left, and what we had agreed upon), and got the room to myself to sleep off the burdons of the evening. So, for about 140, I got the whole damn night with a beautiful blonde, big tits, firm ass, nice face. Much better experience than with some escort services in other cities, for which I have paid up to $250 for only one hour, one orgasm. So if your in Baltimore, forget the strip clubs, go to regular bars within or near the block, most women hanging out there will be up for it, at least thats what this bouncer and this woman told me.
Date: Mon, 24 Nov 1997 22:55:33 -0800 Subject: baltimore Fellow Travelers: Since there hasn't been a posting abou Baltimore, I figured I'd chime in. Sex-for-cash is alive and well on the streets of Bawlmer! I've cruised Patterson Park, mostly Baltimore Street, and have had great experiences with a petite redhead named Norma. Very personable, GREAT at her job (esp. her orals) and enjoys it. Great body - about 5'3", solidly built, firm breasts, great hips and ass. Nice face, too. And will do you right for $50. Can't beat that! Incidentally, the hype about getting busted by cops is, IMHO, overblown. Hardly ever see them. Always best, of course, to do your business in private... Another fine Baltimore native is named Rose, who (unfortunately for you, fortunately for me) doesn't walk the streets that often since she has a lot of "regulars." When she does, though, she can be found on lower Pulaski Highway - actually Orleans Road - by the Amoco on the eastbound side. She can't be missed: tall (about 5'8"), lots of curly brown hair, voluptuous mouth, full breasts. She has awesome oral skills and really enjoys what she does. Having become one of her "regulars," I've learned a lot about her, and the more I know, the more I like her: she's a single mother and has basically sworn off relationships with men, preferring to earn her keep and satisfy her sexual needs - which appear to me to be considerable - in the sex trade. Again, for $50, you'll have an awesome time.

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