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Legal Situation:

Prostitution Status: Prostitution is legal in all but one provinces (Vorarlberl); the mayor of a city can (and usually does) allow it in certain parts of town. Prostitutes have to be registered and need to undergo biweekly health checks and have to pay income taxes.

The age of consent: heterosexual: 14, male homosexual: 18, female homosexual: not addressed by law, but in practice as heteros.

There are still three discriminating paragraphs concerning the legal situation of homosexuals ("advertisement for sexual deviation", "age of consent", "prohibition of organizations"); prosecutions only for age-of-consent, the other two are considered dead law.

Finding Women:

Magazines with information: "SOZ" and "Maenner Magazin" both include pictures, phone - numbers, addresses of prostitutes in Austria and are available in approximately 30% of all newspaper stores.
Newspaper/Phonebook Keywords: unknown

Travel Reports:

  • Salzburg
  • Vienna
  • Vorarlberg
  • Der Österreichische Sexführer, a collection of prostitution related information about Austria (in German)

  • Prostitution, Prostitutes, Escorts, World Sex Guide

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