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Dear FAQ/Prostitution,
I notice that you have very little information of sex-worker rights
organisations in Australia.

I am the coordinator of the South Australian Sex Industry Network(SIN)
which is a program run by sex workers for sexworkers. We carry out peer
education within the South Australian sex industry, pressure for
progressive law reform in SA, produce a quarterly magazine (SIN
Magazine), network nationally with SCARLET ALLIANCE (National Sex Worker
RIghts Forum), sell a wide range of the "tools of the trade" (condoms,
lubricants etc), maintain a clipping service of local news about
prostitution and much more.

While selling sex itself is not a criminal offense in South Australia,
receiving money for the purposes of prostitution in a brothel is, and
being on premises is. Effectively almost all forms of prostitution in SA
are therefore illegal. Escort workers frequently manage to avoid problems
with the police, but massage parlours are visited regularly and workers
fined or prevented from returning to their place of employment. SIN
strongly advocates the decriminalisation of prostitution in South
Australia so that sex workers will no longer be subjected to police
harassment and so that sex workers improve all aspects of their lives (eg
pressure for better working conditions in parlours and brothels; be able
to invest their money, and seek financial guidance and protection as
would any other worker).

The South Australian Sex Industry Network can be contacted at this
address:PO BOX 7072, Hutt St, ADELAIDE SA 5071, AUSTRALIA.

Prostitution, Prostitutes, Escorts, World Sex Guide

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