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Australia Northern Territory

I noticed that your Australian Section had very little on the Northern

Well here are a few basic facts.

Prostitution is legal here.
You may work as either a single girl or through an agency. However with any
establishment with more than two girls requires a licence.

The prostitute associateion up here is called PANTHER (wow what a name!!!).

Of course Darwin being the gateway to SE Asia you can get all kinds of girls
(and guys).

Most common being escorts costing from 110/hr (strait sex) up to 500/hr(kinky
stuff). Massages cost between $80/hr up to $130/hr (usually no sex).

Girls range from butt ugly through to acceptable and for the higher prices
young nubile aerobics instructors who knock your socks off.

All types of sex is tolerated including anal.

But enough of this come and see for yourself.

Prostitution, Prostitutes, Escorts, World Sex Guide

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