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Australia FAQ

I noticed that your information on Australia is somewhat scanty.

Herewith some information on the Sydney (New South Wales) situation with
some sidelights on other states.

Personal qualifications - I have been using prostitutes for sex on a regular
basis since 1978.  (I am also in a permanent heterosexual relationship at the
moment and have been (with different women for about 50% of the time.)  I
just enjoy having sex with prostitutes.

I will try to keep this updated.

Please keep it anonymous if you decide to publish.

Please acknowledge receipt if you can.


Sydney/New South Wales - the legal situation is that prostitution in its
various forms is either legal or tolerated.  The only busts that go on are
by the Federal police/immigration looking for Asian women working as
prostitutes who have overstayed and /or breached tourist visas.  There are
no stings as in US.

Melbourne/Victoria - legal brothels

Brisbane/Queensland - girls working on their own account are legal

Canberra/Australian Capital Territory - legal brothels

Adelaide/South Australia - probably legal - at least tolerated

Perth/Western Australia - probably legal - at least tolerated

Hobart/Tasmainia - not known

Darwin/Northern Territory - not known

Sydney Scene


Full French = bj
Part French = bj without the blow
Greek = anal sex
Sex = fucking


Apart from two exceptions I haven't fucked a prostitute without a condom
since 1987.  The girls are very aware of AIDS and other STDs and insist on
condom usage.  Occasionally, a girl might give part French without a
condom.  The girls who let me fuck them without a condom knew me well - I
was a regular.  Vaginal dams (Femidoms) are not unknown but I have never
fucked a girl who used one.


I have never had a problem or even a worry.

What you can buy

S&M and all fantasies
Oral Sex performed by the girl on you
Oral Sex performed by you on the girl - usually
Anal Sex - very rarely

Where do you get it?

There are several types of places that you can go:-

a) Street - this is mainly around Kings Cross (ie. tourist area).  Street
girls also work on Canterbury Road and at least until recently on the Great
Western Highway near Blacktown.  I have not been with a street girl for
about 10 years so I cannot provide any information about pricing etc.. The
ones I have seen recently would rate -3 in looks and most seem to be working
to support a habit.  These girls usually patrol the street and take clients
to a nearby room.  They will generally insist on condoms.  Some may be TV.

b) Massage Parlours/Studios (that is brothels) - there are a number of types:-

1) "Private situations" these are usually flats but can be private houses in
suburbs or city with one or more girls working.  Some are genuinely private
whilst others have been around for years.  The common feature with them all
is that you must book.  Prices range AUD70/80 to AUD100 for 30 min and
AUD120/200 for 60 min. Some charge more.  Some will take credit cards others
cash only.  Some will only give you an address when you ring to confirm 15
mins before the appointed time.  They provide a full service and bookings
are necessary.  Prices are not negotiable.  They usually have full bathroom
facilities.  Will usually offer drinks.  If you do not like the girl you
have booked over the phone you may be able to see another.  They will not
take your money if you do not want to stay.  Condoms are compulsory but you
make be able to get part French without a condom.  Try to establish what you
want over the phone.  Girls usually deflate age by 3 to 4 years but
otherwise are fair dinkum (ie. give good self descriptions that can be
relied on).  Locate through adverts in Daily Telegraph-Mirror (Adult
Services in Classifieds), and local papers (especially Wentworth Courier

Some Recommendations

"A Woman of Pleasure", The Rocks - mostly younger girls but all very
intelligent, 8+, doubles available, very good surroundings, no rush, pricier
but worth it. Try to see "Susie".
"Shaelenes", Petersham and Concord West - has operated for years (- run by
an ex-pro who used to have 6 six "situations" 10 years ago but according to
the girls has gone nuts), variable quality of girls, OK surroundings, less
"City Apartments", City - same sort of place as "A Woman..." but more
rushed.  Nice asian girl - Jasmin

2) Massage Parlours/Studios - no appointment necessary but otherwise much
the same as "Private Situations" but much more variable in quality and more
time aware.  Worthwhile ringing up to sound out if you like the tone of the
place - will give prices and types of girls over the phone.  Usually at
least 3 and up to 15 girls available but this can vary according to time of
day, day of week etc...  No negotiation on prices.  Insist on condoms for
everything.  Girls either sit around room or meet you in a small room. Some
will do out calls.  Locate through adverts in Daily Telegraph-Mirror (Adult
Services in Classifieds), Yellow Pages (Escort Agencies), Naughty
Sydney/Sydney Under Cover (from newsagents), hotel tourist guides,  and
local papers (Classifieds)

Some recommendations

"Liasons", Paddington - expensive but young beautiful girls - plenty of choice
"Harem Palace", Leichhardt - good surroundings but variable girls
"Gateway to Pleasure", Petersham - always seem to have lots of choice -
"Vamps", Surry Hills - good quality tarts
"Claudias", Parramatta and West Ryde - cheaper range - sometimes nice girls
"A Touch of Class", East Sydney - a Sydney institution - expensive but high
Name not known, Cabramatta - cheaper but nice asian girls

c) Escort

Can be either agencies or single girls doing outcalls.  Tend to be more
expensive and charge a minimum of an hour (at least AUD140) and will charge
taxi fare if not local.  (The taxi fare will be quoted when you book.
Expect to pay this at least if you decide you don't like the girl for any
reason.  Also you will have to pay it even if she drives herself from the
the next suburb.)  All except a few solo girls will accept all major credit
cards.  All will visit hotels but not all will go to private homes.  Girls
are usually good quality.  Descriptions tend to be reliable. One lie they
will tell is that the girl will be with you in 30 mins.  This has been true
in my experience sometimes but you can wait for two hours. (If you ring back
and ask where the hell she is they run through a standard list of excuses.)
If the girl doesn't show within a reasonable time they will usually agree
not to charge anything.  Avoid girls from studios doing outcalls. Locate
through adverts in Daily Telegraph-Mirror (Adult Services in Classifieds),
Yellow Pages (Escort Agencies), Naughty Sydney/Sydney Under Cover (from
newsagents), hotel tourist guides, and local papers (Classifieds)



The best escort agency in the world was an outfit called Sporty Girls that
ran here in Sydney for about ten years until 1984.  It was run by women for
the benefit of themselves (naturally) but also for the girls who got an
unprecedented 80% cut.  Minimal taxi fares were charged.  But there was
more... the prices started at AUD100 seemingly expensive but that was for
two hours!  But there was still more... all the girls were gorgeous and
great fucks and gave great French and this was all in the days before
condoms were mandatory. And there was still more - if it was inconvenient
for you to have the girl come to your home - why they had this snug little
flat you could use at no extra charge as a courtesy to their regular
customers.  Needless to say I was a regular.  The girls were as I said all
lovely - at least 7.5+, they were bright and because they could pick and
chose their jobs (they could even refuse the job if they didn't like the
look of the customer when they arrived) they were very relaxed and happy.
They had real orgasms. I had some amazing things happen for me including one
girl who took my cock out of her cunt just as I was coming and took it her
mouth.  More than one stayed the full night for the two hour charge.  After
an escort agency like that how could I recommend another one - all others
pale into insignificance.  It was a sad day when the ladies who ran it
decided that they had made enough money and closed it up.  (Another reason
was that the paper that carried the Escort adverts, the Murdoch owned Daily
Telegraph, when Rupie baby got religion in 1984, he ordered them not to
carry sordid ads for escorts and it became very hard for escort agencies to
get steady business - nb as mentioned above the DTM has put finances ahead
of god once again in recent years)

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