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Austin, Texas

I will give some past experiences (last 3 years) in the Austin
area to get things going...First, the mechanics of it....

I have gone to two pseudo-massage parlors in Austin.  Both
were on Guadalupe north of campus.  One is now defunct (I
think that they sell software there now), the other is still
going.  I am not too good on names, one is Vicki's Retreat,
and the other is ...???  Both were run in such a way that
they are indistinguishable in my mind, so I will just go
into a description that is generic.
  After going into the front "lobby", I was greeted by one
or several women.  Their modes of dress varied, but were
not terribly revealing.  One would ask me if I had been there
before (I usually replied "no") and then explained the rate
  Their described business was nude modeling.  You could
pay for 30, 45 or 60 minute sessions.  I think that the rates
were about $45, $60, $80 ... this is at least pretty close.
According to the description, the session would be fully
nude (both) ... there was very little, if any description
of what we would both do while we sat around in the nude.
Some of the time they would also explain that any tips to
the women were optional.  Since I already had a pretty good
idea what that meant, I never really dug into it.  You paid
the "session fee" out front.
  Then I would be presented with 2 - 4 women and told to
choose which one.  None were ever ugly, but their beauty was
definitely pretty variable.  Out of the five times I have
gone to one of these places, only once did I get a woman
who was not very attractive (fat).  In retrospect, I should
have just backed out then, but I didn't.
  After going to a private room, containing a massage
table, a chair, and mattress on the floor, the girl would
instruct me to get ready and leave.  After a few minutes
(during which I would disrobe), she would return, usually
dressed in something flimsy.  We would then discuss her
"tip" and what it entailed.
  I have never tried to get lowball pricing at this point,
figuring that good will is worth an extra few $$.  Since I
wanted to fuck, I would give the girl $75 - $100 at this
point.  I think you could get by with a little less, but the
money was not that critical to me, as this is a pretty rare
event in my life.  From one experience (when I drunkenly
went in with very little money) I learned from one woman
that a $10 tip would get me a handjob, and $40 would get me
a blowjob.
  I believe that the $$ figures are quite variable.  I just
never really tried to find out the pricing structure.  It's
not like they will give you a price list.
  After paying the "tip", the woman would always wash and
inspect my dick (which I take as a good thing).  After that,
we would lay on the mattress (covered with a sheet) or the
table and fondle for a while, and then fuck.
  All of the women I encountered would let me fondle and kiss
their tits and ass cheeks, and most would let me fondle their
pussies.  Some would let me lick their pussies (no lectures,
please), but some wouldn't.  None would kiss on the mouth,
and all would require that I use a condom before any oral
or vaginal sex.  All were willing to suck my dick.

  So much for the mechanics of the transaction.  How was it??

  One of my experiences (the last) was disappointing.  The
choices of women were not great (too thin, too ugly, too
fat).  Instead of doing the smart thing and backing out, I
took too fat.  In my defense, her chubbiness was not totally
obvious from the way she was dressed.  I sucked her tits,
she sucked my cock, we fucked.  Even though she was not very
attractive (she wasn't ugly), I came.  A waste of money.  My
hand was available that night, and it would have been
  One of my experiences was only a little more fun.  This was
due to the attitude of the woman.  She was pretty attractive,
and after the obligatory short-arm inspection, she slipped
a rubber on my cock, sucked it a little, and laid down for
me to fuck her.  She was noticeably un-enthusiastic, and seemed
to expect me to come like a rabbit.  She basically complained
that I was taking too long to come (which put me right off).
She then apologized and offered to suck me off.  Her blowjob
was more hand than head, but I got off.  Not a fantastic
experience either.
  One experience was just OK.  The woman was attractive
(although her hair smelled like an ashtray).  She was blonde
and had nice tits and a shaved pussy.  She was fun to play
with, sucked cock pretty well, and was a decent fuck.  The
only real negative thing about it was that she did the
worst job of faking an orgasm that you could imagine.  Her
stupid moans were annoying, but she did make up for it a
little by talking dirty in between moans.  Worth the money,
but marginally.
  One experience was significant fun.  The woman was dark
haired, pretty, and had a very likeable (lickable) disposition.
Her tits were big, too. After the inspection, we fondled a
bit, and she then dropped to her knees and put my dick between
her tits and began a slow tit-fuck.  She was making little
noises of pleasure and genuinely seemed to like what she
was doing.  This was confirmed moments later when she withdrew
my shaft from between her tits and began to lick and suck my
balls!  She moaned that she really liked sucking hairy balls,
and I believed her.  After a while she said that she would
like to suck my cock too, but that we would have to put a
rubber on it first.  Sounded like a plan to me!
  This woman got me really worked up...after she sucked and
played with my cock for a while, I asked to eat her pussy.
At first she demurred, but while stroking her cunt I pointed
out that there was no risk to her in the process (almost true),
she let me.  After a while we enjoyed a nice fuck.  This
was definitely worth the money.
  One time I had a woman who was absolutely a great fuck.
She was blonde, gorgeous, and had very very nice tits (not
extremely large, but very nice in shape and firmness).  Her
ass was perfect.  She also was the most fun to fondle and
frolic with...she was in a very good mood, and seemed to
be having as much fun as me.  The only two negatives were
that she wasn't a great cocksucker (teeth), and I couldn't
kiss her on the mouth.  We played around for a while, both
standing and laying down.  She asked if she could suck my
cock (who am I to say no?) and after a while we fucked with
her on top, then me on top.  She seemed to come, although
it was not certain (if she faked it, she's a great actress).
She really seemed to like fucking, and I thought she was
great.  She did everything I like - she wrapped her legs
around me, bit and tongued my ears, scratched (lightly) my
back and butt, and fingered my asshole lightly.  She was
great!!!  We fucked until she came(?), and then fucked until
I came.
  If every woman in a sex-service job was a good as her, I'd
be broke.  She was fantastic.

  Bottom line: getting laid in a "modeling studio" in
Austin is a fairly pricy, 50/50 deal.  Your mileage may vary.

Date: Wed, 28 DEC 94 01:25:10 -0500 Try looking in the yellow pages under "Escorts" and "Massage", and also in the back section of the Austin Chronicle (the Statesman stopped printing ads for these places years ago). For an outcall, try to determine the price before she gets there, and make sure that if you don't like what you see, there's no fee. For the parlors (that one at the end of the Drag comes to mind), get the time you think you'll need - once you're through, you're through, whether you paid for an hour or fifteen minutes, if you're through after six the sessions over. The Korean places aren't all that good, but are cheap. Try to stay away from the east 11th walkers, APD likes to run stings there. Those are the best ideas I've got, based on experience. Most of the good places have been closed down, unfortunately. (Too bad the incredible Cody is no longer around!)
From: Date: Mon, 5 Jun 1995 14:45:24 UTC Subject: Austin, TX trip report Here is a report on a recent trip to Austin, TX. Austin is definitely not what it used to be. During my latest trip it turned out to be a major disappointment. All of the massage type places like Vickie's Retreat and such have been closed down. Also the streetwalker action on both Congress and East 11th is almost non-existent. I saw 1 or 2 stray uglies out there. As far as the modeling and tanning places; well these are just "jack shacks". There is no contact no matter what the price. This includes the Asian places south of the city on I-35. Definitely not worth the money. I tried calling a couple of escort places from both the Chronicle and the yellow pages. I didn't pursue this as I either a) didn't get an answer, b) they couldn't get me a girl for 2-3 hours, c) didn't have a girl that met my description. I also thought they were a little pricey so I didn't pursue. I think that your best bet would be to get in contact with or get a referral to a lady who works independently. If you ever have any luck down there get as much info on the lady as possible. If she is from an agency ask if she does independent work and if you can share her info with friends who visit Austin and would like to use her services. This way we can all benefit from direct personal experience and we will know what to expect and that we will get our money's worth. If my info is incorrect then please send email and provide me with the proper information. Happy hunting and hope you have better luck than myself. Please share any info that you may get. Thanks.
Subject: Austin Prostitution Situation Date: Tue, 24 Oct 1995 04:44:47 UTC Hello, The streetwalker situation in Austin is pretty depressing as is the massage parlour scene. Last spring, streetwalkers were fairly common on South Congress Ave., but they seem to have disappeared. This may have been due to heavy policing, some of which I noticed. There were some streetwalkers seen on East 11th and Red River at Symphony Square on a weekend, but none are to be found at any other time, and I don't even think that they're there regularly. I've seen some on far East 11th across 35, but they were fairly scary looking. I may have seen one on Congress at 5th at the bus stop, but couldn't be sure. I've heard that they hang out at the bus stops, but if so, they're few and far between. As for the massage parlours, they appear to be strictly jack-shacks and nothing more. There must be some action somewhere in this town, what with all the lawyers and politicians and all, but in my visits I've seen very little. Any info would be appreciated. Please keep the source of this information anonymous. Thanks for maintaining this service. Best wishes...
Date: Sun, 7 Jan 1996 08:23:37 UTC On a recent trip to Austin, I could find no streetwalkers anywhere. It appears your best bet is the Chronicle. I found a nice girl in one of the personal ads. She did 1+ hours for $140 and was very good. She operates on her own, not through an agency. Look for the ads which are not tied to an agency. After looking at the ads it becomes pretty clear which one are for real and which ones are not. They are typically smaller, do not accept credit cards and use a pager. Good Luck.
Date: Thu, 8 Feb 1996 03:52:04 UTC Report on an establishment in Austin, TX Place: Excellent Tokyo Lingerie/Tanning and Massage Open 24 hours/7 days a week Location: East 6th street, on block closest to IH-35 (near waterfall) Warning: on Weekend nights 6th street is VERY crowded and blocked for traffic. You may have to park FAR away on a weekend night. There is a $60 hour house fee ($40 half hour). You will be escorted to a small cubicle with a metal frame bed. Your model will visit you. If you ask for a "massage", she will say we can skip massage, what do you really want? Tell her what you want. She will ask for $100 straight sex but will negotiate down. Also, you can have 2 girls for an additional tip. The ladies are not the best looking in the world but are EXTREMELY friendly. In my opinion, you definitely get value for your dollar.
Subject: Re: Austin, Texas Date: 24 Mar 1996 00:01:37 -0500 Just look in the phone book under massage or spa. They are all over the place. The Oriental places are normally about half or 2/3 of what you'd pay for the American girls. The Sunday newspaper used to have coupons, 10 dollars off your first visit!
Subject: Update on Austin Date: Fri, 28 Jun 1996 23:00:54 GMT Here's a brief update on the scene in Austin. The streetwalkers here have been all but eliminated. You won't find them on South Congress anymore (maybe an occassional one or two late at night, but nothing worth checking out). The cops have really cleaned it up. Someone mentioned East 11th street, but it's a dangerous part of town and I haven't checked it out yet... For massage parlors, most have been closed down. The cops just recently busted one on 6th street that was located above a tattoo parlor at the far end of the street. Others around town have been closed too. There is one sure hit still open though. Right in the middle of 6th street is the Midnight Cowboy Modeling studio. I can't figure why this place hasn't been closed yet, it's in a pretty high profile place. When you go though, don't go to the door on 6th. It's a VERY high traffic area, especially at night, and it's a sure sign that you're new. (you're not likely to get much action that way). Instead, go around to the alley behind the studio. It's located halway down the block. The back of the studio is inset from the rest of the buildings and has an awning. There's usually a car parked there. Ring the bell at the barred door. An old korean woman runs the place, and she'll usually answer the door. She'll escort you past her little kitchen and into one of the four or five rooms they have there. Inside is a bed, surrounded by mirrors, a chair and a little table with a radio and other things on it. Usually a little dish of candy or mints. Fairly nicely furnished actually, considering.... The old woman will call to one of the girls working there (you don't get a choice) and she'll come in. The turnover there is tremendous and you won't often get the same one twice, but they're usually decent looking, between a 5 and 7. She'll probably not ask you any questions (maybe the usual "have you been here," but nothing more). Since she's probably new too, you may as well say yes. Take out your money and offer her $100 to $130, (she'll usually ask for the higher one, but you can claim that's what you paid before for "full service"). There's no money up front to the house, so she just gets a cut of that. Then she'll leave to give the old woman the cash. Get naked while she's out and relax on the bed. She'll come back usually just wearing a swimsuit or even just a light robe. Occassionally they'll try to just give you a hand job or head, but if tip them the extra then, they'll do more (especially since they get to keep all of that). Sometimes you'll get a good massage first and excellent treatment, but once in a while the girl will just get undressed, stroke you to get you hard and get on with the straight sex to get you out the door. I've had great experiences there with great looking women, and I've had lousy ones with not so good looking women. It's kind of hit and miss and they're not often too busy (occasionally they'll ask you to come back in thirty minutes, but hey, you are on 6th street, so enjoy!). Though personally I'm just waiting to see when they close this one down too..... oh well, when one closes, another will open. It's a supply and demand economy after all..... Of course you can always check out the classifieds in the Austin Chronicle.... they're more expensive, but pretty consistent.... "It's not a fetish..... It's a hobby"
Subject: Nude Modeling Review Date: Sat, 13 Jul 1996 21:29:27 UTC I'd like to describe a recent experience with a nude modeling service in Austin. If you think it would be useful to others, feel free to post it. Here is some objective information prior to getting into my subjective impressions. Date of visit: June 1996 Company name: Silk Stockings Phone #: 512-918-9898 Price: $75/hour plus I gave a $75 tip Model's name: Sierra Height: 5' 6" (approx.) Age: 20 Weight: 110 lb. (approx.) Coloring: brunette, brown eyes and nice tan Overall beauty rating on a scale of 1-10 (10 = gorgeous) Sierra rates about an 8 Overall Service Satisfaction Rating (SSR) on a scale of 1-10 (10 = everything I had hoped for and more) Sierra rates about a 4-5 A service satisfaction rating (SSR) of 4-5 may seem too severe for Sierra. However, ratings of 6-10 are reserved for those women who go beyond the call of duty in their attempt to satisfy the customer. Sierra's approach to the situation had a nice rhythm to it. Though apparently quite young (approximately 20) she has the calm composure of a veteran. Her face is somewhat broad with fine features. Her comfortable way of making eye contact helped put me at ease. Her lips are nicely full with interesting outlines highlighted by light make-up. I enjoyed the sensuous pursing of her lips as she talked through the various stages of our one hour visit. Sierra is a very attractive woman with a pleasing personality. She has a slender, tight body built for speed (as they say). Her breasts are lovely and well proportioned with her size. Her most striking feature is her well rounded and perfectly shaped butt. The t-back she initially wore, disappeared between two gloriously shaped "glutes." Her thighs are slender and nicely muscled. Well, I enjoyed my visit with Sierra. It's hard not to enjoy being naked with a lovely personable young lady. I wish I could give her more than a 4-5 SSR, however, she was somewhat reserved in that sense. Sierra is truly a visual delight and a pleasant person. This is the kind of information that might be of use even in Austin, Texas. I hope you will consider posting it and encourage similar information from others in Austin. I know of two working ladies in Austin with SSRs of 7-8; one is attractive, the other not so attractive. I thought I would first try the above conservative posting about Sierra. If the process goes smoothly, I'd be happy to forward postings about the other two ladies.
Subject: RE: Austin Date: Sun, 14 Jul 1996 22:48:17 UTC Tokyo Tanning was raided by APD several weeks back they are now gunshy, at this time also the property is up for sale. I went there less than a week ago, met nice looking girl. I should have saved my money. Weak massage no touch no hand job no blow job no sex! Massage and Oil sessions places are no touch as well. This can cost you $60.00 for the half hour and all they do is dance if you want to see more pay $$$$ no touch. This can run you as high as an escort service! Escort services are your best bet some are no sex some are full service it also depends on the girl. Service is weak at best. Expect to spend $150.00 to $200.00. My spen: Austin is a waste land when it comes to adult services save your money every time I'm let down at the lack of pros in this town. P.S. If you are in politics in Austin I'm sure there is no shortage of services. after all this is the state capital.
Subject: Vickies Retreat Date: Sun, 25 Aug 1996 04:21:35 UTC I am a model who used to work at Vickie's Retreat. I would like to ask so kindly that my real name be withheld and if you have a reply that you just post it on your page and not email me since this is a touchy and private matter. First of all to all of you guys out there, we are still around! Its just a little harder to find us. Some have gone to topless bars, some go through the Austin Chronicle, but most of us have just stuck to our long-term regulars and word of mouth. I personally have cocktailed at a few of the men's clubs about town and I've been able to meet up with some old fimiliar faces(even some new ones!). I also have kept up with about half of the Vickies girls. A couple of them are working at Mystique and Studio M, which are, I think, the last of the modeling studios. The rules have changed a bit, there isn't much contact going on there, at least at the actual studio. You can however make private contacts to which you can visit outside the parlor. I would love to here if anyone out there remembers me!! Love, Tiffany
Subject: Austin Pleasures Date: Mon, 19 Aug 1996 09:06:30 UTC I've been exploring the "Live Entertainment" adds of "The Austin Chronicle" with mixed results. Some information about one of the adds might be of interest to others, so feel free to post it - anonymously. First, some objective information. Date of visit: August 1996 Actual add run in "The Austin Chronicle:" "Busty Blonde Hard Body Lots of Fun! Call [censored]." Price: $125 / hour plus I gave a $20 tip Name: She may have given me her real name so I will just refer to her by the first letter of her name, "D" Height: 5' 4" (approx.) Age: late 20s (approx.) Weight: 150 lb. (approx.) Coloring: blonde, whoops forgot to check eye color, tanned though shoulders a bit red and freckled from playing outdoor sports Overall beauty rating on a scale of 1-10 (10 = gorgeous): "D" rates about a 4 Overall Service Satisfaction Rating (SSR) on a scale of 1-10 (10 = everything I had hoped for and more): "D" rates about a 7+. Ratings of 6-10 are reserved for those women who go beyond the call of duty in their attempt to satisfy the customer. "D" is a punctual, reliable person to do business with. She arrived on schedule, and we had a brief pleasant discussion as we reviewed prices and services. "D" is not a pushy, abrasive sort who attempts to establish dominance. She comes across as a level headed person willing to interact on an equal footing with the customer. She has the willingness and ability to make the entire session a pleasure. As my beauty rating of 4 indicated, I didn't find "D" to be a raging beauty. However, I'm a leg man and "D" does have marvelous well shaped legs. Seeing her from behind in the "doggy" position really got my hormones hopping. What sets "D" apart from many of the other "Live Entertainers" is her reasonable price combined with her relatively high SSR of 7+. If you are interested in having some healthy, safe pleasure, I recommend giving "D" a call.
Subject: Prostitutes in Austin, TX Date: Fri, 30 Aug 1996 03:09:17 UTC Fairly recently, a friend and I decided to try a hooker out at our own house. We looked in the Austin Chronicle towards the back under the live entertainment section of the classifieds. We looked at the ads for a while, then decided on a girl to call. When I called, she sounded very nice and eager to please. She wouldn't say over the phone if she gave sex or not, but she did say totally nude and that she does masturbation shows. So we agreed for her to came over to my house for $135 for one hour for the both of us. But when she got there, I was definitely disappointed. She had failed to mention that she ws overweight. Not just a little, but she was at least 30 pounds over. I didn't even bother to let her in the house. Then as she was leaving, I looked through the peephole and saw her steal something off of my front porch and drive off with it. It wasn't important to me, but I just couldn't believe that the bitch stole my things. She got away before I could do anything about it. And what would I tell the police anyways? So I just decided to blow it off. So my friend and I looked for another number. We found the name of an agency and called that. We asked what kind of women they had, and they started reading off a list of all sorts of women of all races. So we chose a Hispanic girl and asked for a desription of her. The hostess said that she was 5'6", 115#, and had long, brown hair. She also said that her measurements were 36-24-34. So of course we said yes. We waited about half-an-hour for the girl to arrive. When she got there, she did look nice, but not exactly what was described. First of all, she looked like she was half black. And, her tits looked much smaller than 36 to me. They were just a small handfull. But nonetheless, we kept her. She stripped and danced for us and gave us lap dances. We took turns massaging each other with oils for a while, front and back. Finally, the girl and I went to the back bedroom where she said that she couldn't screw, but she could give a handjob. So I said OK and took my pants off. She poured the baby oil on and started jerking away. I played with her tits while she did this and I finally came. She went to wash her hands then left. She said to mention her name next time we called and we could get an almost 50% discount. So she left. I was a little disappointed because we were looking for sex in the first place, but I only got a handjob and my friend didn't get anything but a dance and massage. So my advice to others is to get a private girl only. Don't go for the agencies, because they are a little more costly and not as flexible. Private girls can be talked down in price a little, and will usually go all the way. Happy Hunting!
Subject: Jewel of the Colorado - Austin, Texas Date: Thu, 31 Oct 1996 00:03:16 -0500 The "Jewel of the Colorado" is probably not as famous as the "Jewel of the Nile" but she is certainly worth getting to know. I first made contact with Randy - the "Jewel of the Colorado" - through an ad in the "live entertain- ment" section of "The Austin Chronicle." This collection of ads can be a wasteland of exploitation. It was so refreshing to contact someone who combines beauty, brains, business sense, professionalism, customer service, pleasure and sensuality all in one petite alluring frame. From the very first phone contact, Randy provided a different and welcome alternative. In exploring other ads, the typical procedure was to leave my name and number. Then an hour or two later my call might be returned. One Wednesday, when I had the day off, I called 16 of the ads and eventually was called back by four. I've done this two or three other times with similar results. That's why I've been impressed with Randy. Three of the four times I've called to schedule a session, she picked up the phone and we scheduled a session right then. And it's not like she's idle; she once mentioned receiving 70 - 80 phone calls in a typical day. Randy works hard, I have a hunch she makes a lot of money, and I know she provides an excellent service; and did I mention she has great legs. Her latest ad to which I responded reads "RANDY Red & Hot! Petite, young female. Available for modeling & domination. [censored] Incall Available." She charges a flat rate of $150 dollars for an hour; I usually tip $20 - $40 and consistently leave with a smile of satisfaction on my face. She seems to prefer incalls which enables her to see more clients without her having to travel all around Austin. On one occasion, I made an appointment a few hours in advance. As a shrewd business woman, she was available at the appointed time with no need for re-scheduling or other hassels; and what great legs. My experience with other women in this business is that they use time as a way of establishing dominance. They keep their customers waiting or don't even show up as way of showing how little they care about their client's time. Appointments only have about a 50% chance of being met. I have a hunch their dominance role play has become second nature. They seem inclined to exploit their customers as much as possible without concern that the customer will probably not return. Randy, on the other hand, has been very considerate of my time. It has been easy to arrange sessions and she has been reliable about being ready. Though it may be more work for her to be so timely, she seems to get a lot of return clients as a result. As a business woman she seems to have learned that more money can be made by offering reliable satisfactory service that results in return customers. Not to mention the fact that her great legs reach all the way up to her perfect butt. For incalls, you will be invited to a very up-scale, well kept apartment. Randy lives in one of the more luxurious apartment complexes in Austin; her business is that good. In addition to the luxury, it provides her with a fair number of security features which are important for her business. When she opens the door, you'll see that her ad was accurate. Randy is a petite red-head. I'm guessing she is about 5' 2" tall and carries about 100 pounds of sensuality on a very slight frame. As the sesion progresses you'll learn she has lovely natural breasts, a tight waistline and slender hips. As you may have already noticed, I think Randy's legs and butt are marvelous. Last time I visited she had just the right amount of tan and really got my hormones going. As to the details of her show, it's best to let Randy introduce you to her procedure. I'm continually reminded of how exceptional Randy is for her combination of beauty, sensuality and a cooperative attitude. It's unusual in this line of business, to find someone who will meet you half way or maybe more than half way. Beautiful women in this business have a tendency to take you for all your worth, kick you out the door and wait for the next unsuspecting bloke to come along. Though I have a hunch Randy can be tough as nails, I've found that if I treat her nicely, she responds in kind; a very sensual erotic session can result from such mutually cooperative interaction. And my gosh, she has such great legs. Funk & Wagnalls dictionary defines the adjective "randy" as lewd and lustful. Mr. Funk and Mr. Wagnalls must have already responded to Randy's ad and experienced one or more of her delightful sessions. Randy may well be lewd and lustful in all the positive senses. Treat the "Jewel of the Colorado" nicely, and you'll come away beaming.
Subject: [ASP] Report: Austin Scene Date: Tue, 19 Nov 1996 10:37:28 -0800 I have been researching the entertainment options in Austin, Texas. I have lived here for quite a while, and have seen the massage parlor scene decay to the point of being almost worthless. There is one exception that I am aware of. It is the Asian Spa south of town on I-35. Full service is available for around $100. The attendants are older, fairly skilled, and rate around 5 on the popular 1-10 scale. All are Asian, but I have only met two different women in several visits there, so the staff seems very limited. For the guy seeking other alternatives, one must get to know individuals. The Austin Chronicle is a good resource, although there seems to be a limited pool of advertisers who change their ads with some frequency. We have met with several with a variety of results. For manual release, Alexis is an acceptable choice. She's tall, thin, with very small breasts, and red hair, perhaps a 6 on the 1-10 scale. She often calls herself a "Sassy Classy Redhead" in her Chronicle ad, and her phone number is 444-XXXX. (To prevent crank calls, you'll have to find her actual number yourself.) Alexis does domination and erotic dancing, and has no aversion to giving handjobs. She was not willing to discuss other services, though. She is an interesting, intelligent young woman, the type you would expect to meet in one of Sixth Street's alternative bars. In addition, some of the massage therapists in town offer "special services", but they seem to be much more discreet. Research in this area continues at a slow pace.
Subject: [ASP] REVIEW: Austin - Gentleman's Pleasure Date: Thu, 21 Nov 1996 07:12:41 -0800 I had made a note to research Gentleman's Pleasure, a service in Austin which advertises incall services. I called, and spoke to a pleasant-sounding young lady on the phone. She asked me what sort of girl I was interested in meeting. I gave her a brief description, and she mentioned five girls. She quoted a price of $100 flat rate for the fee; I assumed this was the agency fee. I selected A, she was described as 5'5", 22 years old, 36b-22-36, with brown hair and eyes, 117 lbs. I was told to drive to a particular convenience store, and call from the pay phone for more details. The pay phone was in central South Austin, and I was directed to a nearby house. The location was spartan, but clean. I was met by A, a very attractive hispanic girl fitting the description. She was wearing a sexy dress that accented her nice figure. She ushered me in, and asked me if I thought she was attractive. She was, and I told her so. She then asked me to get comfortable, which I did. A immediately began to massage my back and shoulders, and worked fairly quickly down to my buttocks. She asked me what I was interested in, and I commented that this was very nice (which it was). She massaged me a bit more, and then asked me to turn over. The massage continued, all over except the parts that really needed the attention. She asked if I was satisfied, and I told her that this was nice, but I was interested in more. A was very concerned that I was a member of the law enforcement community. I convinced her that I was not, and we negotiated an extra $50 for additional services. I told A that I wanted a handjob, and it was performed with skill and enthusiasm. It was obvious that she enjoyed her work. We talked about this, and she confirmed that she greatly enjoys this aspect of her work. A has a wonderful, fun personality. During the session, we talked and joked; I told her of some of my experiences, and she related some of hers. She has a radiant smile. There were only two negatives with A: she doesn't enjoy giving oral, and she doesn't like working with two girls. If these limitations are not problems for you, I can recommend her without hesitation. The service was very good. A was not in a hurry; we ran over by a few minutes, but I never felt rushed. She reported that many of her customers cum twice in a session, and that one regular can cum three times, all in an hour. Gentleman's Pleasure can be reached at 445-XXXX. They are open from 7 AM until 3 AM, and they report that they do a considerable business early. From somewhere in Texas, TexasGuy
Date: Sun, 1 Dec 1996 09:37:20 -0800 Your faithful researcher has continued the grueling task of visiting various entertainment establishments in Texas. After the Thanksgiving holiday, it was time to get down to the business of serious research. Since my current assignment is in Austin, I decided to meet with more local talent. Austin's massage parlor scene is a near-total bust. The city is filled with tanning salons and modeling studios, but they seem to be of the look-but- don't-touch variety, and significantly overpriced for what they deliver. With this knowledge, I set out in search of an independent service provider. I set an appointment with R. She advertises in the Austin Chronicle, with such tag lines as "Enormous Ta-Tas". Her phone number is XXX-6043. She described herself as 27, very attractive, with large breasts and a nice figure. I arrived at the agreed-upon time at her South Austin location. It was a nondescript house in a middle-class neighborhood. I was greeted by R, and went inside. She led me to a nicely furnished bedroom right by the door. It had conservative decor, a big quilt, and lots of family pictures. A comfortable place for our encounter. R seemed a bit older than 27. Mid 30's would be a good guess. She was dressed in a robe and lingerie. She has long dark hair, a nice face, and a good figure, including the advertised large breasts. I handed over her fee ($130). She then helped me undress, which is always a big turn-on for me. She was very polite and friendly. After I was nude, she sat me at the end of the bed, and began a very erotic dance, much as one would receive at a topless bar. She removed her robe, and danced very close, touching me and encouraging me to touch her. As she danced, she removed her bra, revealing two large (36 D) breasts which sagged a bit, but were topped by lovely (and erect) nipples. She moved me up the bed, and continued her dance above me. She moved very close, and made the experience quite erotic. My response was evident, and she touched, cuddled, and caressed my sensitive spots. She procured some baby lotion, and told me to stroke myself for her. Bad sign! However, when I asked for assistance, she gladly joined in. She was both skilled and enthusiastic, and I enjoyed the session. She stayed close to me, and didn't object when my hands wandered. I climaxed quickly, and she retrieved a hot towel and proceeded to clean me up. During our encounter, she and I chatted. She is married, and her husband is aware of her activities. She is bisexual, and enjoyes entertaining women and couples as well as gentlemen. She does not have intercourse with clients under any circumstances. If her restrictions are acceptable, I think you will enjoy her company.
Date: Sat, 01 Feb 1997 05:03:09 -0600 Subject: Austin Texas Update Recently just visited the "gentlemen's Paradise"! Well, it is just like the person discribed, however, $ 50 tips was just for a hand job. If you expect to have a full service, you have to paied an additional $ 300.00, not accounting the $ 150.00 agency fee. The "A" is very pretty, however, with bad knee, therefore, you wouldn't satified with any of your position. Since, she is very famous now due to this gude, she acts like she is the Queen. So, why not go somewhere else where is cheaper and don't have to paied $ 450.00 for a hour with "finished" Sincerely, The Austin Guy
Subject: [ASP] Austin, TX Research Date: 6 Feb 1997 22:21:30 GMT I've been in Austin for over 4 years now and thought I'd share some info on the Austin scene. Streetwalkers: Police have been cracking down hard on 'walkers, so finding them has become a real problem. They used to hang out on South Congress between Oltorf and Ben White, but I haven't seen any there in quite some time. Massage parlors: I've been to several of these. Vickies was great while it was still open. Studio M, Mystique, and Exotic Tan are all totally legal and the girls won't touch you at all. The girl at Mystique did let me play with her breasts, though. Tokyo Tanning and Massage is all legal since they got busted. Midnight Cowboy Oriental Massage is probably the best I've tried so far. For $100 I got a pretty good full body massage for almost half an hour, and then the lady let me screw her breasts to finish. She wasn't very attractive (no choice of girls) or I probably would have had sex with her. Escorts: I've used 2 escort services in Austin. Holiday escorts charged $150 for hour, no extra tip. The lady they sent over was older than I normally like (30's), not very great looking, and she was very paranoid about getting busted. She kept telling me I looked like a little cop, which didn't do much for getting me excited. The other service is Affordable, Adorable Angels, which I have used twice. They charge $170 an hour, no extra tip. The first time I called I got a tall blond. She was fairly attractive, though a little larger than I like. She told me she had done a couple joints on the way over, and she accepted my offer of a beer. She was very flexible and we switched positions several times. The second time I used AAA I got a 18 year old redhead. Very cute, and nice. She told me she loved sex, and seemed to actually enjoy herself. I know I did!
Date: Fri, 18 Apr 1997 17:22:25 -0600 Subject: Brief report on Erotic Nites Escorts (Austin, TX) In February I noticed a new escort service advertising in the Austin Chronicle called Erotic Nites. I was calling pretty late, about 1:30am. A woman picked up the phone and told me that the agency fee was $50, and "anything else" would have to be negotiated with the girl. She took my phone number and about 5 minutes later was called by D. D. qas Asian (Korean, I think), about 5'3" with a nice-looking body and and tits. She had a rose tattoo over her left breast, long, dark, and thick hair, with a pleasant smile and personality to go with that. She told me she was 22 years old, and asked for $250 plus the agency fee. Although this seemed pretty expensive, I agreed to see her anyway. She took about 30 minutes to get to my place, where after taking the money, she removed her clothes and gave me a hand with mine. I told her I wanted full service, but she said that "Mother Nature had visited" her. She gave me a blowjob instead, but said she was willing to have sex with clients--in fact, she told me to call her back in a week. So this was pretty expensive, but they do operate 24 hours a day. Still, I'd like to see what other girls they have available. I'll update this if I get the chance.
Date: Tue, 29 Apr 1997 13:26:08 Subject: Modeling studios in Austin, Texas, USA I have lived in Austin, Texas, USA since my college days (about eight years) and have had many adventures at sexually-oriented businesses in the Capitol City. Lingerie Dreams: I have visited both the North Lamar and South First locations and have been severely disappointed on both occasions. Firstly, both places average a $40.00 door fee. Both times, I got very unattractive models (late 30's or 40's, out of shape, smelling of tobacco smoke). The choice was between bad and worse! Despite tips in the $120 - $150 range, only light touching occurred; I masturbated myself to very unfulfilling orgasms while my models very indifferently toyed with their own breasts and cunts. I recommend anyone who has considered visiting Lingerie Dreams to avoid it! Jade Modeling Studio: I have only been to this Hwy 183 establishment once. The selection was okay; out of five girls I saw in the lobby when I entered, one was a knock-out, one was profoundly unattractive, and three were in the 3 - 5 range. Of course, the knock-out got snatched up as soon as I spotted her --- by another guy. I ended up with "Candy," a bleached blond who looked to be between the ages of 38 - 45; she was attractive enough, looking rather like an exotic dancer gone to seed. After paying the $40.00 door fee, I went into Candy's bourdoir and took my pants off. For $120, she gave me a very good time: Candy stuck her tongue in my ears, licked and nibbled my face and neck, and let me hands roam all over her breasts, ass, and legs. I lightly brushed my fingers against her pussy, but she drew back, so I decided not to push things. My favorite parts were when she turned her back to me and let me fuck her ass-crack for a while (with plenty of hand lotion, it felt quite nice), then turned and sat, splay-legged, on my lap and proceeded to lick and suck my neck while I humped my dick against her stomack. When I was ready to come, she sat in a chair in front of me and rapidly rammed three fingers in and out of her cunt. All in all, it was a good experience, although I do wish that I had gotten a more attractive model. X-Tacy Tan: I have visited this North Lamar joint many times. The girls are always very pretty (6 to 9), although out of seven visits, one girl was very bitchy and mercenary in manner. However, she was one of the nastier girls I've seen at a "jack shack," so what can you do? The door fee is $40; for a full-contact show, the model receives $130. All models have let me feel up their tits, asses, and legs to my heart's content. One let me hump her ass-crack; one played with my nut sac; one ("Ginger") spread lotion on her big tits and rubbed them back and forth, back and forth across my chest. Ginger also licked and sucked MY nipples, which I always enjoy. I like models who will rub up against me as I shoot my wad into a washcloth, and the models at X-Tacy Tan seem to specialize in this. For the modeling scene novice, this would be a good place to lose your "jack shack" virginity. Pleasurable Delights: This Burleson road establishment recently underwent a change in management, and, despite only having visited once, I think this might become my regular "jack shack" hangout. My model was a statuesque Hispanic girl, tiny-waisted and slim-hipped, with small but well-rounded breasts. I'm partial to tiny, child-like women with delicate features, so I developed a hard-on the size of Florida when I saw her. After plunking down a $40 entry fee, I tipped my model $140 for a "full contact" show --- it was worth it. My hands were allowed to wander freely, and she even let me suck on her nipples (one of my personal fetishes). My orgasm that day was one for the record books! In summary, I believe that a number of excellent and *basically* legal "jack shacks" exist in Austin for any fellow seeking quick sexual release without the hassle of finding a street walker or looking for a decent massage parlour, or paying the $300 - $500 Austin escort services charge. Good hunting!
Date: Fri, 22 Aug 97 19:22:38 -0700 Subject: world sex guide, austin tx August 1997 I have lived in Austin for the past year and have probably had close to 50 strippers, both incall and outcall and wanted to share my experiences with everybody. The Yellow Rose of Texas strip club is a rip off. I was there in Jan 1997 and they charged $5 cover at the door, and $5-6 for watered down drinks. The strippers come up and do dances without asking or being asked and then expect to get tipped $20 minimum. They hit the customers up for free drinks and meals. Yes, you have to feed them also! The Crazy Lady Strip Club is a cool place. Most of the time there is no cover and the women are friendly without being pushy. I had $10 lap dances and enjoyed them. Lingerie Dreams Modeling studio. There are 3 in Austin. I have been to each of them and had good shows only about 30% of the time. The best shows I had were with Mina and Katrina. When you go in, they charge you $40 at the door. When you go in the room, they ask what kind of show you want and you should never give more than $40 extra. If they are going to give a good show, then they will give one regardless of whether you tip them big up front. None of the women will have sex, no matter how much you pay, but some will get cozier than others. One drawback, the shows are supposed to last at least 20 minutes, but are usually over in 12. When I challenge them on this, all tell me that their music is timed, but I have a watch that is timed also, but that doesn't matter to them. It doesn't pay to argue with a stripper. Stay away from a mexican girl named Jay, she tried to gouge me my last time in there. The Doll House is a rip off. They charge $65 at the door, and then expect a big tip when inside the room. They don't have sex and arent that good looking. X-OTIC off of Hwy 35 and 290 is probably the best place for nude modeling. You pay $40 at the door and $20 inside the room. The women there have never tried to rip me off and they are pretty friendly. Studio M Mystique is too pricey and the women really tried to milk me for all I was worth. Xanadu. I was ripped off at this place. I paid the door fee and then once inside the room the girl (Melissa) told me I needed to pay another $100 just for her to take off her clothes, and all the while this big hairy bearded dude was sitting right outside the door listening to us. I walked out without arguing. When you know you are being ripped off, that is the best thing to do. Pleasureable Delights--another rip off. I had a coupon out of the Austin Chronicle for a $30 dollar show and the girl wouldn't take her clothes off for less than $100. Isn't it funny how they think of all these extra charges once youre in the room without your clothes on? Midnight Cowboy Oriental Massage--this place is a handjob factory. One of the women told me while she was stroking my cock that she wasn't doing it because she liked me. All the women I had massages with were Korean and in their 30's and 40's. None had personalities, and none spoke very good english. I asked one if she would take off her clothes and she got upset and told me not to come back. They do give decent massages, though. But the handjobs are passionless. This is the only modeling studio that I have been in in Austin where the women will have sexual contact. Advertising in the Austin Chronicle Kara XXX-8068, an interesting 48 year old lady that gave the best bodyrub I have ever had. I usually have alot of tension in my neck and behind my shoulders, but after my visit with her, about 80% of it vanished. She told me she used to do geriatric therapy. She has a nice place and will let you shower when she is finished. She charges $100 for an hour and has half hour rates. She gets naked but she won't let you touch her vaginal area. She is a nice lady, though. A good conversationalist and a positive attitude Serra 373-6249, a 23 year old half Irish, half Indian. She does outcall and charges $100/hr.She does half hour shows too.She doesn't have sex, but she let me kiss her ass, tits, and rub my cock up and down her buttcrack until I came. She is the cousin of Berlin, another stripper who has an add in the Chronicle, but doesnt like to get as close as Serra. Both have nice personalities though, and they wont rip you off. Alexis XXX-1744. For $125, I got to rub my cock up against her butt and she gave me a handjob while she stuck her ass and beaver in my face. It was a fun hour Naughty Italian Pixie XXX-5508, an early 30's lady with a nice personality We didn't fuck or suck, but she is not afraid to get up close and personal and give a handjob. She charges $100 Fun, Attractive Blonde XXX-9251. She likes to suck and fuck for $100 for a half hour. She is 29, fair skinned, average looking. Doesnt really look like a hooker. Took me by surprise when she started sucking my cock without a condom. She then put one on and sucked some more. She is nice. Her name is Amanda. She let me give her a nice long massage before we had sex. Use protection with her. She travels alot and I get the feeling she works in more than one town. Arian XXX-4291, from California, is nice but doesn't have sex. She does a $100 show and won't try to rip you off for extra money. Busty Blonde Hard Body XXX-6222. She'll suck and fuck for $100. I think her name is Dana. Gentleman's Pleasure. I had an hour long massage and handjob from the famous A. for $190. She likes to hug in the final minutes Randy, Jewel of the Colorado--gives a lackluster handjob for $150, and forget about the show being an hour. Its over when you shoot your load. If you see her at all, try to negotiate a half hour show for $100, because she is going to do everything she can to make you cum fast. She also uses hand lotion that stings if some of it gets down the urethra Jessica XXX-8513, 30 something. Will give a handjob for $100 Kerrie XXX-6620, about 23, gets naked but wont let you touch her. Charges $100. Not worth it Tanya, Austin's most notorious nymph,XXX-2557. Havent seen her, but one stripper told me she is full service. Charges $150 an hour. Beware: she has a phone temper--she'll hang up if she doesn't like the tone of your voice or what you say My advice to thrillseekers: Stay away from the agencies and patronize the independents. It is not wise to pay over $150 for a show, regardless of what the woman does. All my greatest shows have been for $100 or less. If a woman has her hand in her vagina or asshole, then don't let her touch your penis with it unless she washes it. Also it is best to use your own grease when getting a handjob. There is no telling how many other guys' dick germs are on the women's grease bottle
Date: Thu, 16 Oct 1997 18:18:55 -0500 Subject: A Major Rip-Off in Austin, Texas I'm not really sure if this is the e-mail address I should be reporting this to, but I'll trust you to get the word out. I can't begin to tell you what an idiot I feel like as a result of this story. A couple of nights ago I got the idea that calling an out-call escort service would be the thing to do. I called a number of them, but it wasn't until I looked in the Austin Yellow Pages that I finally got an answer. Under the heading "Escort Services", there are about 15 different phone numbers listed under either "Girls Girls Girls Girls" or "Hanky Panky". It turns out they are all the same company. Anyway, the man who answered explained that the agency fee was $180.00 for an hour, and he had 32 different girls available. I told him I was interested in "a young blond", and he assured me that one would call me shortly. She did, and identified herself as "Vivian". She arrived at my apartment in about 45 minutes, and she was very attractive and friendly. Her first request was that I pay her the agency fee, which I did, including an extra $20.00 as a tip for what I thought would be upcoming (a total of $200.00). We sat and talked for a while, and I was really enjoying her company, although I thought at some point she would get to the point of her being there, and although I was told from the beginning that "no touching would be permitted", I certainly expected her to be naked before too long. The end result of all of this is that we talked for a while, and the phone rang... it was her service checking up on her. I have no problem with that, and appreciate the fact that they are protecting their ladies. "Vivian" told me that she had to make a phone call, so I offered the use of my phone. She said that she needed to make it from her car phone, and left my apartment. Those of you who are smarter than me know the rest of the story. That's the last I ever saw of her, the result being that I spent $200.00 having a 45 minute conversation that I could have had on a city bus or anywhere else. There was absolutely nothing sexual about any of the episode. I'll admit I got "screwed", but it was out of $200.00, and nothing else. I called the service the next day, and spoke to the man who I originally talked to the night "Vivian" came over. His attitude was basically that I could call the police, the Better Business Bureau, or that I could simply shove it, and he hung up on me. Thanks to modern technology, I have caller ID, and "Vivian's" real name and home phone were recorded for me. That amounted to nothing, and now that it's two days later I really fool like a total idiot, out $200.00, and didn't see a bare foot, let alone what I had hope to have happen. Let's call this expensive tuition for a lesson well learned. I just hope none of you go through the same thing, and if my experience can prevent that, I'll feel like it was worthwhile after all. "Vivian" was a sweet young lady, even if she was a thief. It's the guy she works for that I would like to spend a couple of minutes in an alley with. Please don't make the same mistake... if you know of a service in Austin or central Texas where you get treated like a human being and get your money's worth, I'd sure like to hear about it. If you know where the knucklehead who runs "Girls Girls..." and "Hanky Panky" lives or hangs out, I promise to take care of business for all of us. Regards, Me, in Austin, Texas
Subject: Incorrect Information. Date: Sat, 06 Jun 1998 21:37:49 PDT Please remove any reference to Adorable Affordable or Adorable Affordable Angels. This company was sold to a reputable firm very recently. The information contained in there is false. We would appreciate you making this change as soon as possible. Thank you.

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