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Auckland, New Zealand

Aukland New Zealand has a respectable sex industry.  In the city centre
there are several strip club/ brothels. Asianphiles are well catered to
with at least two clubs that are Bangkok transplants (minus the razor
blade action) and an equal number of geisha bath houses.  In addition to
variety of service, the New Zealanders (Kiwis) are generally very
friendly, an attribute which extends to their sex practitioners.

Subject: Pros' in Auckland Date: Wed, 20 Dec 1995 22:13:51 UTC Prostitution is legal in New Zealand and is widely advertised even on the Radio. Most parlours have a 'door fee' of around $35 US. Then you either pay the girl or some places charge a all inclusive fee of around $115 US. Many parlours give you a choice of girl. The daytime guarantees more choice as they get busy at night and you have to wait. Many of the girls are solo mums. The best places to go are Famous Floras, Penthouse, Casablana. They advertise in the white and yellow pages. Most of the girls do the same thing. Get you in and out fast. But if you pick one girl and visit her two or three times you'll get a better fuck. Once they get to know you, you can get them to do more. Some girls are poor at massaging and get to the fucking quickly, but if you tell them you want a good long massage and you will give them a tip, usually things get real good. If you try two girls you get a choice of either straight or lesbian. I've tried both. There are many women who go out on their own and you can usually get a better service for less money. Most of the girls are 25+. Its hard to get any younger, although they advertise as young as 18.
Date: Sun, 23 Mar 1997 00:59:33 -0700 Subject: The definitive Auckland guide I recently returned to north america from a 3 month trip to New Zealand for business. While there, I was pleased and amazed at how good the sex scene in Auckland was compared to the US and Canada. There are, however, some tips that it took me a month & a half to figure out that I wish I knew when I arrived. So come on the journey with me as I list my experiences in chronological order. Act 1 : The FAQ had mentioned "Famous Flora's" as the best place to go, so I figured it would be a good place to start. It's close to downtown, in a safe area, and accessible from a back door for discretion. I was extremely apprehensive before going, and procrastinated. Finally, I got the nerve to go and went in the side/back door. The way they work in NZ, sex for money is legal, but living off the profits is not. (does that mean if you're a hooker but you give your money to charity it's ok, but if you keep $20 it's not? ... ha ha). In other words, they bust street hookers or violent johns, but nothing else. At the top of the stairs, an older lady in a booth gets your agency fee ($55 NZ) which gets you in the door. The lounge is a swanky but small bar environment. The girls are all pretty hot compared to escorts in other countries, as a lot of really "respectable" girls do this for extra cash on the side after their normal day jobs. I was immediately attracted to a blonde with very short hair, great legs, and... well, she had porn star quality breasts, at least 40D and natural (as i found out later). Her name was Lee. We started with small talk and a drink, then migrated to a theme room (ie theme decor). I had no idea what was coming next, as I had never been to an open, low stress place like this before. Lee ran some water into the Jacuzzi, and invited me to get in (I did). She slipped in behind me, but not before I saw how hot her body was. She started giving me a good quality massage, then casually slipped her hands down to my cock. During all this, price was not even discussed. I later found out it was because the prices are all standard, there is little or no dickering. After noticing I was getting hard, Lee suggested I massage her. She slid in front, with her back to me. I started appreciating her massive boobs, and then she abruptly turned around and stuck them in my face. She started to grind her pussy against my chest, and suggested we get into the bed a few feet away. Of course, I was ecstatic to oblige. She then gave me a full body oil massage with her boobs. I was in heaven, and began to realize she had a very nice ass as well. I turned over, and she gave me an amazing tit-fuck while nibbling on my nipples. I felt ready to finish up, so she climbed on top and screwed me so hard, I just went insane. Afterward, she laid down next to me and cuddled for a few minutes till I could breathe normally again. I left tired, happy and extremely satisfied. Rating: A Cost : $55 for agency, $100 for Lee's fee for 1 hour = $155 NZ (damn good) Act 2 : Decided to go to "Casablanca's" because it is the most discrete place in Auckland. Nice big mansion in residential area. Bouncer lets you in, go to a smoky lounge full of Japanese businessmen. I was disappointed with the quality of the girls. There were some cuties, but mostly girls I wouldn't fuck if it was free. I picked a good-looking, tall blonde named Cindy. We went upstairs, and I found out their fee didn't include massage or jacuzzi. She wanted to get it on immediately. She was cute enough, so I said OK. She did a little erotic dance for me, then gave me a long blowjob. Did several positions, she at least pretended to be real horny. The verdict : only average service, above average price, shitty selection. Rating: B- Cost: $175 for 1 hour Act 3 : Went back to Flora's. Even more selection this time, and couldn't decide among the babes. Unfortunately, just because a woman is cute doesn't mean she's good in bed. The girl I picked (Mandy I think) was very fit, with a great ass and legs. When she got undressed, I saw she had a sexy belly button ring. But I soon found out that she just wasn't into it. Her massage was short and showed little interest. Her blowjob was lifeless, and the fuck was less than memorable. I got the hell out of there. The moral : one previous great experience don't mean shit. I'ts always hit or miss. Rating : D- Cost : Same as Lee ($155) Yuck. Act 4 : Decided to phone for an escort. Also felt like some exotic pussy. Phoned an oriental escort service, but being afternoon, there were no drivers available. The owner (a nice old chinese lady) told me I was welcome to come down to the private club, an unmarked building on Queen st. (74-76). I went there, but when I arrived, the owner apologized profusely that since I phoned, all three girls who had been on call were picked up. I chose to wait in the lounge for one to come back. I got to the lounge, and there was a woman playing with a little baby. She attempted to make small talk, but her english was bad. She seemed about 25, reasonably cute, and chestier than the average oriental girl. She was obviously not an employee, though, as she was very conservatively dressed. I sat there for about 5 minutes, then the woman left and talked to the owner in another language, glancing over at me. Then the owner came over and said the young woman worked there nights and was off right then, but that she thought I was nice and wanted to take me upstairs herself. I was completely agreeable with that, so I paid my way. There was the first surprise : It was only $130 for a full hour! Also, it became apparent that the woman (whose name was Jenny) had more than a professional interest in me. She actually seemed to want to fuck me. She grabbed my crotch right there in the lobby and gave me a sexy little smile as she led me up the stairs. Through great difficulty, I was able to determine she was from Bangkok, and had relatives who helped her emigrate. I showered, then so did she. Strangely enough, she was shy to show her pussy before getting into bed. I later heard it's just an oriental idiosyncracy. I noticed she used mouthwash while in the shower. I thought it was considerate, but wondered why. I soon found out. After a brief massage, she rolled me over on my back and gestured for me to feel her body, and I obliged. Then, surprise #2: As she was licking my nipples, she unexpectedly slid up and started passionately french kissing me. Now, you guys know prostitutes NEVER do that! Before I could get over my amazement, she was all over me. Then, surprise #3 : Jenny grabbed my hand and guided it down to her pussy, where I started finger-fucking her. That's supposedly another thing that's usually taboo.(she was very wet, by the way). I was amazed, but so wrapped up in the moment, it felt more like I had picked up an incredibly horny chick at a bar or something. Then, like that wasn't enough, surprise #4 : she dropped down and gave me a condomless blowjob and licked my balls. Once she saw some pre-cum, though, a condom came out. We then had some of the most volcanic sex I've ever had. We did damn near every position in the book, and rattled the rafters. When I finally came (with Jenny riding me like a bull-buster), we looked at the clock and realized we had gone 1 1/2 hours. She didn't care. I left on such a high, and it was only 3:00 in the afternoon! (funny side note : met Lee (#1) on the street as I walked home. She didn't recognize me..) Rating : AAA+ Cost : $130 (amazing) Act 5 : After being away on business for awhile, got back to Auckland. Called Jenny for an outcall. Sort of a mistake. She came over, we fucked like crazy, but with a driver waiting for her, she wasn't as relaxed and wild as she was on incall. Still one hell of a lay. Act 6 : Heard about a parlour that was way better than all others. I was skeptical, but decided to try it out, as I only had 3 days left in New Zealand. The Pelican Club, on Newton Rd., was a small bright blue house, and reasonably quiet and discreet. I entered and went into the lounge. There were 5 women, all very good looking, and different ethnic groups. I picked a gorgeous model-type girl who looked part black or hispanic. I went to the desk to ask to see her (different procedure here), and then stopped. I was speechless. There was a stunning woman behind the desk, putting away towels. She gave me a dick-stiffening smile and walked away. I picked my jaw off the floor and asked the girl behind the desk if I could change my mind. She said the knockout was available, and called her over. She introduced herself as Nikki, and we went to one of the suites. We got talking, and she told me none of the girls at the Pelican Club had worked anywhere else, because the owner wanted girls with the right disposition and no bad habits. Nikki was about 5'7 and about 44DD-26-38 - VERY voluptuous. - and very pretty. As we got in the shower, she told me I was in for a workout since she was very horny and really got into her work. I hoped she was telling the truth, but for the moment, soaping up her ass was holding my attention. After a sensual massage, Nikki told me her ground rules : "You can't cum until I do first.". After this, she proceeded to deep throat me, almost daring me not to cum. I barely held on, and she then tit-fucked me. Then she climbed onto me. I thought we were about to do some hard-core fucking, but I was wrong. She sat there, and got me to help her play with her clit as she slowly moved back and forth. After about ten minites of this, I thought I was going to explode, but it was plenty fine by me. She finally had a violent orgasm, and then got up. I had to make a detour to the shower, as my whole bottom half was drenched with the results of Nikki's big O. When I got back, Nikki was on her hands and knees, waiting to be doggy styled. We fucked like crazy, but ran out of time. The buzzer sounded, but Nikki gave me an extra 5 minutes to cum properly. Could have screwed her all night. Man... Rating : beyond words Cost : $150 Act 7 : The final frontier Ah, my last day in New Zealand, and one last chance to experience the vastly superior sexual service this country offers. Went back to the Pelican Club, only 16 hours after Nikki. I went in (daytime) and realized there were less women than at night. That might have been a negative, but my mind was made up immediately upon entering. Nicole's face made her look like she was 16, but she had one hell of a woman's body. Natural blonde, 38D - 25 - 36, 5'9, and model-quality gorgeous. She said she was 20, but I don't believe it. I guess 18, but what an amazing doll. She allowed finger-fucking, so I did. We did several other things, all very hot. But, tragically, the previous night sapped my stamina. I came early, and was kicking myself that I had an amazing beautiful nymphette lying there and I ended it early. But, to my amazement, she said "You paid for an hour, I'll give you an hour. Wait here." She came back a second later with a bag of toys, and I spent the rest of the hour pleasuring her with various dildos and exotic toys. Then, with about 5 minutes left in the hour, she dropped down and started giving me head again. I responded well, and we had a quickie fuck in the shower that made my trip complete. Rating : A- (my fault) Cost : ($150) The verdict : As of March 1997 at least, The Pelican Club is by far the best I tried. The girls are stunning, and the owner insists the girls be genuinely hot (or at least act like it. either way, who cares?). Around 6:30 pm is the best time, from what Nikki said. Not busy, lots of girls.I would still recommend the asian place at 74-76 Queen for some variety. Flora's is ok for fantasy suites, but be warned, not all the girls are good at what they do. Casablancas is overpriced and should be avoided. All of the girls are more pleasant and higher class than their counterparts in America. The welfare cases and druggies work the seedier massage places on Karangahape Road (avoid).It sure opened my eyes. Some of the girls I fucked in New Zealand were so nice and smart and sophisticated, if you met them back home, you would think they were the kind of girls who would never be prostitutes. If legalization means the girls are this much better looking, then sign me up!!! Hope this makes future travellers' lives easier.
Date: Mon, 12 Jan 1998 13:13:51 EST Subject: Auckland, N.Z. Dear Atta: I would like to thank you for your guide which takes a lot of the intimidation about a new place and a new country. Reading the reports in your guide, I had decided to go to the Pelican Club. However, I was not in the mood to get in a taxi and I was staying at the Hyatt Hotel. So, I went thru the yellow pages under Massage and saw that the "Penthouse" was walking distance - about 10 minutes - and a nice neighboorhood so no fear about walking at night. I went there two nights in a row and both were really nice. The first night - a girl who said she was 28 - I thought she was younger - her name was Kelly. She has a full time job as a computer analyst and works about 7 or 8 days per month for extra spending money. She was very pretty with a nice shape if you do not mind small breasts. She was extremely intelligent and we chatted for about 30 minutes in a very low pressure lounge and then I asked her if we could go to one of the rooms. She filled the bathtub with water and bubbles and we had a very nice chat while she was doing her best to please me. Actually, I have had many similar experiences over the years in Asian countries but meeting with a very intelligent lady was confusing. This was the type of girl that you would want to bring home to mother. Of course I have been married a long time so that is only a figure of speech. She was a pretty good performer and I was a little jet lagged. As I thought about her, I was more interested afterwards in inviting her for dinner than in having sex again with her but... The 2nd night, I was with a girl who was older - her name is Julie - She is 35 years old and part French and Irish and something else. She has a wonderful body and they were not crowded so she gave me a tour first of the 8 or 9 different theme rooms. Western or Jungle or Bondage - etc.. - Actually all rooms have a bathtub and wall decorations - nothing so serious. She is a mother with two kids and divorced. Very sweet, not so bright like Kelly, but an intelligent conversation during the bath part makes this seem nice and it is relaxing. She was a terrific performer. All blow jobs and fucking was using condoms and who can argue with that these days. Overall, the experience at this place was very nice. The cost - NZ$55 to enter - NZ$100 for the girl. - NZ$ for drinks although the girls will never ask you to buy them one. I gave both girls a tip of NZ$20 and they were both shocked. Tipping is just not needed but I had such a nice time and so with the weak New Zealand dollar - it was 30 minutes in the lounge. 20 minutes in the bath tub - 15 minutes of massage and the rest of the time with sex and all of this for US$100. I'd go broke if they had this type and quality in the states. Thanks
Subject: AUCKLAND Date: Fri, 20 Feb 1998 18:08:20 +1100 A couple of months ago I visited Auckland for the first time haveing fist referred to the "Sex Guide" for the tips. I visited a parlour called "Feme Fatale" ("FF")in the city. The city is well stocked with parlours, it takes about ten minutes leafing through the yellow pages and cross referencing to the tourist map to find the the location. Most of the parlours will tell you in a phone call that there is a cover charge, NZ $50 - $55 plus a maximum tip of NZ$100. The guide is right about time, you check in at a counter at the front of FF and they log you in, taking the $50 enterance fee and confirming the maximum tip of $100. Once you've paid its indside to the bar. The inside is well decked out, in the bar you are offered a drink and introduced to the ladies, who are all assembled, about twleve the night I went. You can take your time to chat and when you're ready the madam takes the girls out and you make your selection. Each of the girls have their own room, I chose Dallas, a young Mauri girl, about 22 with a great figure and firendly personality. She took me into her room and we chatted for about five minutes (its here you pay the $100). I jumped in the shower and and stripped (nice hold up stockings). She started me off with a light massage and pretty quickly moved to the stuff that gets interesting. Having rolled me over she sat on top off me a massaged my shoulders and chest and rubbed her pussy into my dick. Once we got into it she was fantastic and was either a world class actress or was really enjoying herself. We must have tried seven or eight position and she was keen to oblidge with out hesitation. We went for the full hour and had to be buzzed to finisg off. After we sat had a smoke and then showered together. It was a fantastic fuck and one I'll definately go for next time I'm over. Better than most of the Asian city fucks I've had, probably an 8 out of 10. Hoghly recommended!!!
Date: Fri, 27 Mar 1998 14:55:34 -0600 New Zealand, February 1998. Auckland: Through the I had heard of the pelican club. I had been thinking of this sort of experience all the way over on my long long flight from the USA. When I got to my hotel I instantly looked up and called the Pelican Club. Unfortunately it was 6:00 Am and they had no one available and suggested I call back at 11:00. I caught up on sleep and called back. The madam asked what kind of lady I liked and we settled on a European lady (As opposed to Asian or Mauri). About 45 minutes later my date arrived. Her name was Cloe, she was tall and thin with a hard body, a gorgeous face, and fantastic blondish reddish hair that was long and wild. As she walked in the door she gave me a kiss which was really a suprise, since when do working girls kiss? We talked for only a few minutes, got the money thing out of the way and then we started making out. Serious kissing, tongueing, groping and feeling. I was getting hot and so was she. I have been with enough women to say I do not think she was faking it, I think she was truly hot. She dropped to her knees and pulled my pants down and started to lick my balls. This had me hot as hell and she was really turning me on. Sine I love to turn women on and this one was truly hot I laid her down on the bed and ate her pussy. Afterwards I thought this was probably not a very safe action but at the time I was not thinking about it. This was over a month ago and my tongue has not fallen off so I guess I am ok. The fact that I can remember this working girl's name after more than a month is testiment that she is trully hot! Afterwards I sat on the couch and she climbed on top of me. After adorning a condom of course. She rode me for about 20 minutes, she kept cumming and cumming, my whole lap was soaked and each orgasm seemed to be more intense than the last. She would rub her clit. She was cumming hard! Finally she stopped and told me that she was here for me and she was getting all the pleasure. I told her I was getting plenty of pleasure watching and feeling her multitude of orgasms but she wanted me to be pleased so she asked me to get on the bed. I obliged and she went down on me...with a rubber on. She really got after it and was giving me some great head. Almost like a shark in a feeding frenzy...but without teeth. She was definately into it. I almost came and asked her to stop cause I wanted to fuck her doggy style. Doing her from behind was the final turn on that set me off. The view of her tiny waiste and the curves of her hips and her tight ass was beautiful. I came after about 5 minutes. I don't think she ever quit cumming. After that we talked a litle while and I found out that I was her first out-call. That she had been working just at the club. She said she had got into this business after a divorce to help her with her self esteem as she thought maybe something was wrong with her. She also mentioned she did not think that she was attractive. I had been telling her I thought she was gorgeous since I had opened the door and let her in. This may have fed her ego and maybe this is why I got such a good fuck. The bottom line, Cloe is absolutely the best sex I have ever had from a working girl. And quite possibly the best sex I have ever had. She told me the guy who runs the Pelican Club is very picky about who he hires. 4 days later I was passing through Auckland again and called and had Cloe visit again. We did it all over again and it was as good as the first time. We talked more openly like friends this time around and I found that besides being extremely sexy she is a whole lot of fun too. --------------------------------- That night I thought I was ready to go again and called The Pelican Club. I do not remember the girl's name but the madam said she was a red head. Also that she was a Mauri, a New Zealand native. She got there and was a really cute young girl. She had a great body with nice tits,a nice round ass and beautiful smooth skin. The red hair was dyed, I should have known. Unfortunately I did not realize how much of my stamina had been sucked dry by the morning's activities. She gave me head with a rubber. Not bad head but nothing special. Where she really shined is when she got on top of me and we started fucking. She wanted it hard and fast and started riding me with everything she had. I think she would have probably worked herself up to a great orgasm except that I came about 2 minutes into it. She's kind of young and squirley but if your looking for a really wild ride I would highly recomend her. Just call the Pelican club and ask for the red headed, young Mauri girl.
Date: 12 May 1998 22:33:22 +0200 Subject: Brothels in Auckland ,New Zealand Date 12th May 1998 I have just returned from a trip to New Zealand and took the opportunity to try out some of the local sexual services. Armed with my World Sex Guide I decided to try the Pelican Club on Newton Rd. I arrived at about 2 in the afternoon and was welcomed in a very friendly manner. Madam explained that there were 11 girls working at the time ( this went up to 17 in the evening) and there was a 50 NZ dollar entrance fee and a set fee of 100 NZ dollars for an hour directly to the girl. This proved to be the case with no argument. I then went into a small bar where drinks were available at reasonable prices and then into a small lounge where the girls were. There were a reasonable selection of all types with one or two 3s. After a bit of discussion I chose Jade. She was brunette, quite tall and leggy with small tits which is my type. We went straight into a reasonable room. She undressed me and herself and then proceeded to give me a shower, soaping me all over. We then got out and onto the bed. After some cuddling she got to my cock and started to give me a nice delicate blow job. After a few minutes I decided I needed a mouthful of cunt and she moved over me to a 69 position. We then spent 15 minutes exploring every crevice of her cunt with my tongue while she continued her BJ. After the warm up I put her legs up in the air and sunk my cock into her cunt at full length . We then fucked at high speed in 7 or 8 different positions for the next 25 minutes until I finally exploded. Since my hour was not up we lay in the room talking with no hassle to leave. Overall a very enjoyable recommendable experience at a very reasonable price. Having had a good result with my first trip I decided to revisit the following day. I arrived at 6 in the evening to find more girls than the previous day. Again I quickly chose Clair as being my preferred slim type. We went to another reasonable room but this time showered myself while she undressed. She then gave a massage followed by a blow job in a professional manner. I then went on top of her to give her cunt a tonguing. In the process of this I had my fingers right up her cunt to her womb AND right up her arse without argument. We then proceeded to fuck energetically in many different positions until we ended up doggy style with her arsehole winking at me. At this point, being an arsehole addict I asked her whether she took it up that hole. She reply that she did for an extra 50 NZ dollars. This was handed over. I decided to go for her lying on her back with her legs in the air. I put my cock at the entrance to her shit hole and slid it in FULL length. We then buggered energetically for 10 minutes until I came exquistly at full stretch. The finest arsefuck I have ever had. Again we sat and talked until time was up. A brilliant visit which I must repeat. Wellington. Experience only of CJs which had few girls, bored and uninterested and whos only merit was it was cheaper.

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