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Subject: Guide to Georgia Services 2/24/96
Date: Sat,  2 Mar 1996 21:04:47 UTC

Guide to Georgia Services 2/24/96

It's been a while since I last posted anything, but I've got some juicy new
tidbits to share.  If you're ever in Athenstown, I've got some
recommendations.  One is for a massage parlor, the other for an escort
service.  I'll denote the new entries with a *.

Strip Clubs
	1) The Cheetah III- I only went once and frankly didn't like it much.Pretty
girls and all, but there's a heavy emphasis on dining (yeah, like Igo to
strip joints for the food!).  $10 table dances.  Corner of Spring St. &8th.

	2) Goldrush Showbar- Recently remodeled, it isn't as dark as it once was.
This is the place to go for shows by some of the most amazing-lookingwomen
in the world.  The Gold stage gets the most attention, though there
aresmaller stages scattered through the place. Table dances are only $5.
Thewomen are 7+ and generally friendly.  Each week there is a feature act.
Someacts are strippers only, some are playmates or pets from different mags,
andsome are porn stars.  Really, if I had only one bar to choose in
Atlanta,this would be it. South of exit 23 off I-85, on Stewart Ave.
	3) Boomer's- Cobb Pkwy @ Windy Hill Rd.  NW of Atlanta, this is a fine
little place.  NO ugly women, NO flat-chested women (well, awright,
maybeone).  Two stages, one front and one back, it almost feels like two
separate clubs.  $10 table dances.  I understand the food is good, but I
didn't try it.  It's about 2-3 miles north of exit 14 off I-285.  It sort of
reminds me of how the Goldrush was before they remodeled, nice and dark, and
maybe a little sleazy.  And check out This, That and the Other, a shop
across Windy Hill that sells lots of toys, the kind you don't find under the
Christmas tree!
	4) Tattletales- on Piedmont Ave., between Peachtree St. and I-85.  This
place was packed to the gills.  $10 table dances.  Women ranged from 9+ to
meybe 6 1/2.  A few looked underage; I don't think they were, but I'm not
really partial to the innocent waif look.  Two stages, and something a
little unusual; two girls share the stage at a time.  This has the
unpleasant effect of running you through your money in half the time it
normally takes.  I think they do that on purpose; clean out them suckers and
get a fresh batch in, QUICK!
	5) The Gold Club- I CANNOT begin to express my disgust.  Never I havebeen
so shabbily treated at a strip club, and I've been in everything from
five-star to redneck hellholes.  Trouble started at the door.  The ladies at
the front desk were too busy talking to notice me. The night manager saw
this after about a minute and got on to them about this, shook my hand and
led me to a table.  Nice recovery on his part and I was going to let it
slide.  Now, I had cash on me, but not any small bills for tips.  No matter,
thunk I, I'll just get some Gold Bucks on my credit card and use them.  Just
as soon as a waitress came by my table.  I waited... and waited... and
waited... Dancers came and went, and here I am, looking like a complete
dick, 'cause I can't tip them.  Finally, I get the attention of one of the
BOUNCERS (!) and ask him if he couldn't PLEASE get me a waitress.  He
immediately got someone to serve me.  FINALLY, I think.  "I'll have a
rum-and-Coke, and..." "Rum-and-Coke, be right back!"  Nevermind that she cut
me off in mid-sentence.  So I'm left cooling my heels, waiting for her to
come back so I can get some tip cash.  Another dancer goes off the stage
without a tip from me.  The waitress shows up with me drink; I hand her my
Visa and ask for $30 in Gold Bucks, which added to the big bills in my
pocket, should be decent.  I wait... and wait... and wait...  She returns
and tells me that there is a FIFTY DOLLAR minimum on Gold Bucks!
	First, I'm ignored.  Strike one.  Then, I'm told my money isn't good
enough.  Strike two.  Finally, I'm made to look like a class A-One jackass
because I'm not tipping.  Strike three, and I'm out of there.  Folks, this
sort of treatment isn't just unacceptable for the Gold Club's formerly high
service standards; it's not even unacceptable for strip club standards.
It's unacceptable by fucking BURGER KING standards!  I can't complain about
the men working there, nor can I fault the dancers (who are STILL the most
beautiful in the South).  The blame lies entirely with the service staff.
	Don't e-mail me telling me how wrong or unfair I'm being.  And don't tell
me to "give them another chance".  If Siskel and Ebert give a movie two
thumbs down, the director doesn't phone 'em and say, "Watch it again, I'm
sure you'll like it better the second time!"  What about the folks in town
for conventions (the Gold Club's target audience)?  Do THEY get a second
chance? Nope, it's thanks for the money, and if you don't like it, lump it.
I have no intention of going back until I'm convinced they've done something
about their pathetic service.  That's my story and I'm sticking to it.
Located at 2416 Piedmont Rd. in Buckhead (look for the North PiedmontExit on

	Cafe Erotica- this is part of a chain of nude truck stops along
I-75,starting in Florida and running up to Tennessee.  $5 to get in.  Food
is good but, of course, overpriced.  Dance booths are available, $35 for the
firstsong, $10 for each additional song up to 15 minutes.  I'd avoid this,
because it really is overpriced and they are paranoid about getting shut
down, probably justifiably so.  They sell lots of sex toys, again very
overpriced. I-75, exit 45 at Warner Robbins.  The girls tend to be average
and are bared off from customers.  Basically, not much of a place.

	Commotions-  North of LaGrange on U.S. 27, GA 1.  $5 table dances, one
stage.  Before dark, this place is astoundingly dull (people don't want to
be seen going in).  The girls range from 5 to 8.  Large local redneck
population, so I usually wind up listening to some drunk yokel hollering,
"Take it off!"  As if that weren't the point...      	My major problem with
this place is getting the girls attention. Many would rather sit at the bar
or a table and talk than make money. Makes you wonder why they even bother.
For example, one extremely attractive ladyspent her entire time with a fat
trucker with no money rather than give me atable dance.  Go only if you're
ready to be ignored.

	Platinum Club- Exit 5 off I-185, GA 85.  Turn west, look behind theWaffle
House.  UNREAL!  The women here are in every way equal to the best in
Atlanta, the club is nice, middle class, and table dances are only $5.  This
is also Columbus' show bar, with a feature act every week.  It has an
upscale air to it.  And with every drink, you have a chance to win a free
table dance.  Don't park at the Waffle House unless you wanna get towed...

	Traffic Light Lounge- corner of Victory Dr. and Benning Dr.  Exit 1N off I
-185, about two miles on the left.  Think of this as Mons Venus Lite.  OK,
Extra Lite.  OK, Extra-Extra Lite.  Still, this is as close to an
honest-to-Gawd lap-dance as I've found in Georgia.  The girls aren't up to
par, ranging from 5 to 8.5, but what they lack in looks, they make up for in
sleaze.  A couple even ran their fingers along their slits; not  inside, you
understand, but good enough.  Table dances are ten dollars.  I got two from
the best looking blond in the place, and it's a hands-on experience.  You
can't touch everything, but legs, arms and back are friendly territory.
She'd even rub her ass along my crotch, but not hard enough to make any
real, ah,  IMPRESSION. There is a "champagne" corner, but nothing I sawgoing
on there made me believe it was worth the $100 they charged.  Yes, I sed
$100.  All in all, this place is dumpy, frumpy, and sleazy.  Not the kind of
place I usually hang out in, but some- times, ya gotta get dirty to have
	Aside:  Columbus has a lot of clubs, massage parlors, escort et. al.  Most
are on Victory Drive, which runs from Columbus to Fort Benning.

	Stage Coach Cafe- Previously, I reported this place being closed.  Sorry,
my mistake.  Originally, it was open 24 hours; when I saw it closed during
the day, I though they were out of business.  Actually, they changed hours
of operation to nights only.  This is very similar to the Cafe Erotica
listed above in Macon; they are in fact owned by the same chain.  The review
above applies here as well.  Its only saving grace is that it is the only
place for miles around.  E. Oglethorpe Blvd. @ U.S. 19 S.

	1) Toppers International - 100 North Jackson St. Downtown; from the
arches,go one block south, then 1/2 block west, across from the Red and
Black's (thecampus paper) offices.  I got there early, and it was SLOW!  The
club looks nice, the girls were attractive, but there was nobody there.  In
fact, when I came back from the restroom, they'd quit dancing.  Table dances
are $7 (yes,seven.  Don't know why...)     I ask the bartender if it was
always this slow; she said things don't really start cooking until late
(11:00 pm).  Now, I know Athens can be slow on the weekends, since half the
students are from Atlanta and usually floor it home to do laundry with the
parents, but I found this hard to believe. Still, the girls were pretty
(7-9), if slow to undress.

	2) Chelsea's - 1051 Baxter St.  About two miles from campus.  So, weekends
are slow in Athens?  Ya wouldn't know it here!  It was packed even before
6:00pm, and so were the girls!  Most ranged from 7 to 10, and I can't
remember when I've seen a more fun place.  Several times, customers would
send dancers up on stage to give a dollar to whomever was currently dancing.
Nothing unusual there, you might think.  Ah, but you're WRONG!  Several
times, the girls got into simulated lesbian threesomes that were extremely
erotic and just plain damn funny!  Table dances are $10.  $400 a year gets
you free entrance, free drinks, the V.I.P.  room, even limo service!  If I
lived in Athens and was made of money, I'd seriously consider this, just
because it takes care of the old drink-and-drive problem.  Hell, if this
place had been around when I was a student, I probably never would have

Massage Parlors
	Fees are pretty much the same in all the places I've been.  $40 for half an
hour, $60 for an hour ($50 for some places if you bring a newspaper ad).
$80 for the VIP room, if they have one.

	1)  World Health- on Cheshire Bridge Rd.  The first place I tried.  $50w/
coupon for an hour and I didn't know what to expect.  A girl with a
greatbody and 6-7 face put me in a sauna, then gave me a body shampoo.
Basically, you lay on a water-proof couch that's in a shower.  You're naked,
she isn't. She scrubs you down with a wash- cloth, showers you off and dries
you, front and back.  This is non-sexual.  Then you go to a massage room.
Being my first time, I didn't dare ask straight out.  She gave me a fair
massage, which took about half-an-hour.  I was hard but didn't try anything.
I was beginning to wonder if that was all when she asked me, "Would you like
me to take care of that?" Of course, I did.  She took off her top and gave
me a hand job, which was about $25. Not a bad place, but I really was too
nervous to enjoy it, so I'll have to go back again one day.
	Aside:  all these massage parlors have Asian staff.  The girls speak fair
English, but communicating can be a little difficult.  I've yet to see
aparlor that wasn't staffed by non-Orientals, no big thing, but sometimes
I'd prefer an American girl.  Also, the shower and massage are routine in
all these places; again, the shower isn't (generally) sexual.  To date, I've
never been to a place where you could pick out the girl; but if you know the
girl's name in advance, you can ask for her specifically.

	2)  V.I.P Health Spa- in Buckhead, on the corner of Peachtree Rd and Maple
St., next to Maier and Berkele Jewelers.  This is a major zone for
high-income Southerners, but the spa was decidedly middle-class.  The first
time: $60 got me in. The girl was very attractive and well stacked.  I was
also much more relaxed knowing the routine.  She let me suck her tits and
gave me a tit-bang.  She wanted $60, I talked her down to $50 (don't be
afraid to negotiate).  Extremely pleasant.  The second time: $40 for a
half-hour.  This girl was kinda thin; not waifish, but thinner than I like.
No matter.  She wanted $120 for a blow-job.  I was only able to talk her
down to $110. Lying on my back, she started massaging me.  Only a couple of
minutes went by before she started playing with my balls.  I was getting
good and hard while she rubbed her body up and down my back.  Then she had
me turn over.  She quickly dropped he rmouth down on me while I fingered her
pussy.  Didn't take too long before I reached the point of no return.  I
grabbed her head and forced her down on me.  Only about ten minutes had
pasted since I walked in, and I was afraid she was going to show me the
door.  Instead, she started massaging me again, only this time, hard.  She
popped about every joint in my body and even massaged my face.  She didn't
let me go until the half-hour was up.  I found that very nice and
professional.  On the way out she asked me if I'd remember her (her name was
Candy; yeah, sure it is!) She asked if I'd remember her face, her body, her
weight.  On that last one I laughed and said, "Wait, lemme see how much you
weigh!" I picked her up and she wrapped her legs around me.  Needless to
say, I forgot all about her weight!  Then she goosed me out the door.
	3)  Palm Tree Spa- 6815 Peachtree Ind. Blvd. (Winters Chapel Rd exit).
They have a V.I.P.  room here, where the body shower, whirlpool and massage
table are all in the same room (no dashing from the shower to the room in a
too small towel!)  This set me back $80 dollars.  I tried to get things
going early, but she held back, probably because I was new.  She wanted $200
for a cunt- fuck; I talked her down to $140 (though I  think I would have
had a better time for $200).  She left the room and came back with a condom.
She let me suck her tits, lick her body and finger her cunt.  To tell the
truth, I got too carried away and wound up having sex far quicker than I
expected.  If you rush the girl, it isn't as pleasant an experience.  Still,
I plan to go back (after all, I fucked up, she didn't)  I'll also bring more
cash!        	The second time: Yep, I brought more cash.  I requested the
V.I.P. room again and was "assisted"by a woman named "Katie".  We started
off in the shower.  Lying on my stomach, she soaped me up and ran her hands
over me.  She took extra care to clean my buttocks.  Then over on my back,
and she washed my cock; not hard, you understand, but more than perfunctory.
She then showered and toweled me off and let me to the hottub. Typically,
the girls will leave you by yourself in the tub, but "Katie" wasn't gone
long.  She came back and sat beside the tub, dipping her fingers in the
water, making sure it wasn't too hot, and worked a few kinks out of my left
hand, the closer of the two.  She dried me off and led me to the massage
table. I asked for a hard massage, and she worked on me slowly.  She was OK,
but not great, moving her hands over me, starting with my neck and working
down, then repeating herself.  Then she hopped up on the table and started
walking on my back and legs.  She was much better at this and my
hands"slipped" down onto her calves.  Then she pressed her knees into my
Forest Gumps. Maybe she likes guys asses; if so, I'm glad she does!  Then
she complained about being hot and sweaty and turned on the fan.  I turn
over onto my back; she sat down beside me.  Time to negotiate.        She
came back in, took my money, and started to undress.  She was very shapely,
neither fat nor thin, but just right, with a shapely ass and two perfect
breasts.  She ask if I'd give her a massage, and I readily agreed.  Then she
was lying on her stomach while I started rubbing her body.  That didn't last
long as my hands were replaced by my tongue.  She moaned softly while I
licked her up and down.  I licked her pussy; She turned over and started
sucking my cock.  This CAN'T be right, I thought, as my fingers felt where
my dick and her mouth met.  But, my golly, there she was, sucking my dick,
sans rubber!  I felt my balls tightening up on me; I tried to pull back and
save it for a cunt-fuck.  But she and I both knew it was too late for that.
She took my cock all the way in and pumped me dry, and after I came,
swallowed it on the spot!  This really took me by surprise.  She took me
back to
the shower and bathed me again, and pointed out I wouldn't need another bath
for at least a week.
	4)  Sky Blue Spa- take exit 37 on I-85 N, right on Jimmy Carter Blvd.Spa is
3 1/2 miles on the right.  God, what a fuck!  $80 for the V.I.P room.  I
indicated right off what I wanted; she said, "Well talk about it later."
Five minutes in the sauna, then the quickest body shampoo in history.  She
actually washed my cock for me, a first!  But it was more for hygiene than
sex; at least, it didn't turn me on.  Back to the V.I.P. room and into the
whirlpool.  About 10 minutes where I nearly fell asleep.  Then she came back
and dried me off.  15 minutes of massage, real, muscle relaxing massage,
including walking on my back.  By the time she was done, I was loose enough
to serve as a substitute for WD-40. Now we talked price.  I asked her how
much "for everything".  She said,"You can pay $80, or you can pay $120, or
you can pay  $160."  I took $160 and didn't dicker; it seemed a very
reasonable price!  She undressed (YOWZA!) and started at my feet, rubbing
her hand up along my legs to my crotch.  Then she moved up and wrapped her
mouth around my cock.  I thought I'd died right there and gone to heaven!
All the while, she talked about how she loved to suck cock.  She worked on
me till I was almost to the point of shooting my load, when she stopped.  As
she pulled away, I saw the condom.  She had actually slipped it on me while
giving me head, and was so smooth I didn't even notice!  Can you spell
p-r-o-f-e-s-s-i-o-n-a-l?  I sat up and started licking her body.  I reached
around and put my fingers inside her; I'd forgotten what it was like.
Suddenly, she started saying "Ouch!" I pulled my fingers out quick.  She
said she'd do the work.  She dropped down on me and we started to fuck.  We
kept up the dirty talk and she moaned like she wanted it as bad as I did.
She fucked my brains out!  I grabbed her ass and forced myself into as far
as I could and came like a chainsaw.  Afterwards, she let me sleep about 20
minutes; she left.  I suppose she had another customer.  Later, the manager
(a woman) came and woke me up.  The girl's name was Penny, but was Japanese.
Unlike some other girls,her English was pretty good, she talked to me, and
laughed at my jokes.  The best I've had to date.

	5)  Thee Executive Spa- this place is such a rip, I'm not even going to
give you the address.  $80 for half-an-hour, $160 for an hour. That should
have been the warning, but fool that I am, I proceeded.  This place
advertised in both the Atlanta Constitution and Creative Loafing along-side
ads for "Oriental Massages".  Bullshit!  You get a lousy massage and kicked
out on your ass if you suggest anything more. Don't waste your time, don't
waste yourmoney, and maybe we can put these rip-off artist out of business.
Complete fucking waste.        	6)  A-1 Spa- take exit 30-B off I-285, go
east 1 mile towards Athens, R on Brockett Rd.  First shopping center on the
left, on the far left end. Well, what can I say?  While they have a V.I.P.
room, it really isn't all that special, so I wouldn't take it.  This place
looks a little run down; not a dump, but not first class, either.  The lady
was a little old, maybe late thirties-early forties.  We started with a
shower; very perfunctory, very fast.  Then off to the room, where she gave
me a rub-down.  I'd really have preferred a massage, but, com'on, its not
like that's why I was there!  After about ten minutes she asked me if I
wanted to "do something".  I did, and it was $100.  Off she went and came
back with a condom.  She massage my cock, slipped on the condom and started
giving me head.  I reached around and felt her ass, and guess what!  She
might have been forty-something, but her body was as fine as any twenty-five
year olds!  I was impressed!  Then she laid down on the table and I got on
top.  The entire time, she held onto my cock, but I think she was mainly
making sure I didn't take the condom off (some guys must be real jerks).
Didn't take long before I came, then she cleaned me off and gave me another
rub-down.  I've had better, but given the price, you'd be hard pressed to
find a better bargain without working the streets.  All in all, not too
shabby (in fact, I was so mellowed out I missed my turn on the way back;
people have been known to get lost in Atlanta and spend the rest of their
lives driving the interstate, stopping for gas and food every couple of
hundred miles or so...)

	 * 7) Tokyo Health Spa - 195 Commerce Ave., about half a mile north of
Georgia Square mall on the Atlanta Highway.  Maybe this is the "Love Shack"
the B-52's sang about on their "Cosmic Thing" album!  Maybe not... Toyko Spa
is located in an industrial park and I'm afraid it doesn't offer much.
However, it's cheap and you don't have to drive to Atlanta.  I was met at
the door by an older woman who I figured was the mama-san.  WRONG!  She was
the masseuse.  First the  steam room, and I do mean steam!  I could barely
see a foot in front of me.   Only one chair, of the plastic garden variety.
Then off to the shower, where I got good and clean.  I had a hard time
talking to the lady, as her English was way below par.  I asked if anyone
else was on duty but couldn't get her to understand.  Oh, well.
	The massage itself wasn't bad at all, nice, long, relaxing, neither hard
nor soft.  With about ten minutes left in the hour-long, $60 session, I
decided to go ahead and get some action.  A hundred for a standard suck &
fuck.  She took the money and came back to undress.  Not good.  Not ugly,
but not good.  Her breasts were sagging and she was several pounds
overweight.  She did a good job of making up for it, thought.  First, she
had me turn on my stomach, though I couldn't understand why.  She showed me
as she licked my ass for me.  This was a new experience for me, and I did
like it!  "Rimming", I think they call it.  Wonder if that's what gets gays
off... SHUDDER!  Well, to each his or her own.  After a couple of minutes, I
turned over and she went down on me without a condom.  Pretty good at it,
she was.  I pulled out of her mouth before I could come.  She rolled the
condom on me.  She got on me, then she got me off, then she got off me.  As
I left, I saw several of the other ladies in the front room.  All were
older, though most look to be in better shape than "my" girl.  This place is
OK, but just that.  Looks like I'll have to drive to Atlanta for some grade
A pussy.

Escort Services


	* AAA Service Co. - their in the phone book.  $180 for a ninty minute
session and oh God, worth every penny!  I should note, however, they stay
very busy and weekends are just a horrible time to schedule an appointment.
I got up close and personal with "Elizabeth", a tall (5'10"), slender
blonde.  What did we do?  What DIDN'T we do!  She sucked me, she fucked me,
I licked her, I dicked her.  That long, blonde hair danced over my cock as
she licked my balls. I got on top, I got behind her, she got on top, she
dropped to her knees.  And her body... normally, I don't care for thin
girls, but she clearly works out; not an ounce of flab on her (and I check
her out, inch my inch).  I wish she was here right now.  My only complaint
was that she left after I came, even though I still had half an hour to go.
I didn't expect to come again (not without an extra payment, that is), but
I'd have settled for some post-coital attention.  Can't wait for my next

Jack-off joints
	These are not my favorite places, mainly 'cause I can buy a magazineand a
bar of soap for much less.  Still, if you want cheap, they're the placesto
	Girls 'R' Us- $75 for half an hour with an admittedly attractive blond.
$100 for the "full package", which ain't worth shit. If you do go, get twenty
minutes for $55, the body rub for $20, and be prepared to jerk your own
meat.  The girl will take you into a room with a table, couch and leather
bed.  She'll show off for you, let you lick her body, suck her tits, run her
hands over you, get horizontal on the bed with you, even masturbate while
youwatch, but will under no circumstances touch your cock or let you touch
her pussy!  For the same $75 (well, just a little more) you can get a hand
job at a massage parlor.  Still, if you don't mind, you can get two women at
once (but you'll still have to beat  your meat).
	Baby Dolls- $15 for half an hour, $25 for 45 minutes.  This is a lingerie
parlor.  The girls are pretty, but the place is very dirty. No touching
allowed.  Tip the girl about $25, see if she'll get completely nekkid
(Southern for naked), add more if that doesn't get it.  The only real
advantage about it is that it is located right next to the Platinum Club
(see above), so after you get loaded up there, you can stumble next door
and"relieve the pressure".

	 I'm not going to give out phone numbers, but you can find them in
"Creative Loafing"'s classified ads under "Therapeutic Massage".  I called
ahead to schedule an appointment.  The girl who met me at the door was
"Rachel", in her early twenties, with dark red hair and pale skin.  She was
quite attractive, medium height, maybe 110-120 pounds (I should point out,
I'm not very good at judging weight).  She and another girl work out of a
Northside apartment near exit 22 off I-285. She took me upstairs; $125 for
an hour of "European" massage.  She disrobed and started on my back.  Oh,
heaven!  A long, slow massage left me quite relaxed.  She moved around to
the head of the massage table, leaned over me and rubbed my shoulders and
neck.  I reached around her a held on to her shapely rear.  After about 15
minutes, I turned over.  Pretty soon, she had her hands on my cock.  Now,
$125 sounds like a lot for a handjob, but it was worth it.  Afterwards, she
massaged my feet, which was itself quite a sensation (pounding on the
Stairmaster three times a week can do a lot of damage!).  She escorted me to
the shower, where I got cleaned up.      	When I dressed, I asked her if she
did more than hand-jobs; sadly, no.  A real pity, since I would have gladly
paid double.  Still, I can't complain and would recommend her highly.  The
ad is a drawing of a woman's lips and right eye (I guess it suggests a
wink).  Sorry, I forgot the name of the other girl, but she was quite
attractive-looking, too!

Tips & tricks.
	There are three good sources of information on the Atlanta sex scene;the
Atlanta Journal and Constitution, Creative Loafing and Xcitement Magazine.
The Atlanta Journal and Constitution are the local newspapers.  Turn to the
last page in the sports section and there will be a section of ads for local
massage parlors and strip clubs.  Creative Loafing is a free weekly with a
special section called "The Adult Scene".  It has ads for phone sex, massage
parlors, individual prostitutes, bars and the like.  Xcitement is an
underground, similar to the "The Adult Scene" but more comprehensive; it
costs$2.00.  It is also harder to find, but has information on all of Georgia.
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