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Athens, Greece


     I lived in Athens, Greece for a total of four years in two tours in
the military.  Following the closure of Hellenikon AB, Athens in 1990, I
travelled frequently to Chania, Crete on temporary duty assignments
through December of 1995.

Prostitution is legal in Greece, but the illegal business is where it
all happens.  In Crete, rumor has it that the only girls who work
legally are the ones who have tested positive for AIDS or have other
incurable or treatment resistent diseases.  Locals who don't know you
will recommend them though.  As a point of interest, the Greek
government will not release any statistics on the number of Greek people
with AIDS (or any other VD's for that matter).  All the girls I've known
always insisted on a condom.


     First, avoid streetwalkers.  All the ones I saw were males with
tits, some of them it was hard to believe they weren't female, but they
all (that I talked to) were upfront about it.  The main hangout for them
was on Singrou avenue on the Athens end near where it joins into
Syntagma Square (Platia Syntagma).  There you will see them standing
along the road and opening their shirts to attract passing cars and
pedestrians.  If you're into that sort of thing, the asking price was
usually considerably cheaper than women ($5 to 10 US).  I was never
interested, so I can't say about the service.

     The women were either in "nightclubs" or houses in back alleys and
just off the main streets.  The houses are mostly marked with only a
light outside the door.  I think they were all red at some time in the
distant past, but a lot of them are faded to white now.  There are
probably a couple hundred of these places in the Syntagma Square and
Amonia Square area.  Once you've seen one, it's pretty easy to pick them
out.  The normal price in 1989/90 was 10,000 to 15,000 Drachmae ($40 to
60 US) for foreigners.  As you walk in there is usually an old woman and
sometimes a man (usually with a definite feminine demeanor) who will ask
if you want to look at the girls (usually there is only one and waiting
lines of 2 or 3 men are common for the attractive ones.  Locals usually
only pay half the price they insist on for a foreigner and they will
give special deals to the Greek military if there are a lot of them in
town at the time.  I would usually just walk in and take a look, but not
go for the service, because of the complete lack of any pleasant
atmosphere or friendliness.  A guy might as well masturbate as go to
these places.  The more willing you are to  pay in some places, the
faster the price will go up, but I guess that's standard about anywhere.
I never heard of anyone having their wallet stolen or being mugged in
these places though.

     In the nightclubs it's not all of the "hostesses" will sleep with a
customer, or the amount of money you would have to spend to get them
could be prohibitive.  The best way to know is to ask one of the
"managers" (read here bouncers).  They are usually very helpful in
pointing out which of the girls will go with a customer.  Some of the
clubs have booths and/or private "party" rooms where you can take the
girls and do whatever you like (provided you have the money).  All
nightclubs are ripoff joints and the girls get a commission on the
drinks.  If you have a few hundred dollars to waste, you can sit and
talk to the girls until well past normal closing time and then take them
back to your hotel, or go to hers, and then expect to pay her another
$100 or possibly more.  $100 was pretty much the standard though.  The
more popular way of doing things, was to meet the girls in the club and
buy them a few drinks and talk to them for a bit and watch the show (if
they have one), then ask to meet her for coffee the next day.  Then you
usually meet her at her hotel and either arrange for a room of your own
that she can meet you in, or go to her room.  Again, expect to pay about
$100 US.  If you're too cheap the night you meet them, they most likely
won't agree to go for a "coffee".  In the bars the girls will tell you
anything that will keep the drinks coming, so ask one of the managers
before wasting too much money.  Also, the women in these places can be
very protective of "their customers" and won't let the other women near.
Be wary of "tag teams" though, some of the girls will double team you on
the drinks.  Most teams  like that are only there to make money off the
drinks.  I did find exceptions to this on two occasions and had an
exceptional time going for "coffee" with two Romanian girls, and another
time when I was invited to the dancing troup's (7 Dominican Republic
girls) apartment.  That's another story, and one you probably wouldn't
believe, but I have the pictures and some fantastic memories of that

     The women that work in the nightclubs can be from anywhere.  Most
of them are on contracts from "modelling agencies" in poor countries.
Predominant were the former Soviet Union, Thailand, Philipines, and the
Dominican Republic.  There are a lot of Greek girls too though.  They
usually travel a lot, especially the ones on contract.  Most of these
places cater to the very well off that don't mind spending.  A lot of
Arabs, and well to do businessmen from all over.  The contract girls
will also go to many of the Arab countries and some of their customers
will follow them back to Greece.  Many of the contract girls are looking
for husbands too, so if you're that type of guy, it's fairly easy to
take advantage of them with promises, but I did just fine by being
honest but letting them know I was single.

     A couple of places I remember:  Maxime's was a large nightclub in
Syntagma Square, usually a very good striptease show with beautiful
women, but VERY expensive.  There was a Korean nightclub on Syngrou
avenue near where the shemales were, and very close to the Olympic
Airways offices.  All women inside the bar, and they treated me very
well.  It was also one of the least expensive of the nightclubs and they
had a karaoke machine, and some of the girls were excellent singers.  I
don't know if the girls were actually pro's or not, since none of the
ones I took home ever asked me for any money.  I wasn't the only
customer they left with though.

Subject: Athens Date: Sat, 24 Aug 1996 13:36:10 UTC I haven't seen any info. on Athens, but there are english-speaking escorts available there. Pick up a copy of the 'Athens News', an english-language daily, and check out the classifieds. There are usually ten to twelve ads from brothels and independents. I recommend the 'young English girl', whose name changes from time to time. She's an absolute knockout, a small and slim brunette with a beautiful body and face. She's also very nice, if not terribly vocal. An hour is 35,000 drachmas (or was in Spring '94).
Date: Fri, 16 Jan 1998 13:13:57 +0200 Subject: prostitution in Greece Dear Atta Some information about pro. in Greece Age of consecion 14 1.Street Girls They are mainly tranvestites or transexuals price 7000 GRD for intercource in their appartement nearby or 5000 GRD for sex in the car. Usually they hang around in Syngrou Ave. Real women can be found outside cheap hotels in Athinas str. or Aiolou str. short term intercource including blow job from GRD 5000 excluding the room. Brothels Packed with Greek and East European girls they will charge 3500 to 4500 GRD for a short term intercource payed in advance, full service including blow job plus sex. If you walk in Filis str. in the downtown you will find a lot of brothels with the light on at their frond door to descriminate them. 1 US$ is 290 GRD approx.
Date: Tue, 03 Feb 1998 16:31:47 -0700 Subject: Prostitution in Athens I live in Greece the last 5 years and I think that the best place to go for a good hooker is in Athinas str. It is near Omonoia square and it has lot of girls which change almost every three months. The majority of the girls are black, also there are some greek girls, which seat inside old hotels. When you pass with your car you can see them seating inside, so you can choose easily the girl that suits your needs. The price is 5.000 drachmas (almost 20$). The black girls are the most sexy and the most hot, the other girls will do the "job" and then leave you unsatisfied thinking why you have spent your money. As it concerns the girls in athinas, if you give them 5.000 drachmas more, they will "do it" with you again, and they will let you play more with them (at least the girls that I have been to). Another good place for finding a lot of whorehouses is at Zinonos str. That is also near omonoia. There you will find many whorehouses with many foreign girls especially russian and from Ukraine (it is impossible to find greek girls in there). The price is 3000 drachmas (10$), and the whole thing is been done in a quarter or something. So it depends on whether you want to have something more, or just get a "quicky". And the last place which you will find for sure Greek girls is Fylis str. If you take a taxi he will certainly know where it is. The girls here treat you the same as in Zinonos str. and they are in whorehouses also. The price is the same also and you must not expect too much. The only thing that you will get is oral and straight sex for about 15 minutes. Anyway the best solution is the black girls in solonos and sometimes some other girls in the same area. Be carefull not to go to the hotel in the second turn to the right in Athinas str. they are all man although they seem like very hot ladies. Hope you enjoy your stay in Greece like I'm doing.
Date: Sat, 14 Mar 1998 17:35:02 -0500 Subject: Athens, Greece - Sex Paradise $1 US = 330 Drachmas (March 1998) I would like to offer you great sex news about Athens, Greece. The prices have fallen very low and with the recent devaluation of the currency prostitution in Athens has become VERY VERY CHEAP with an enormous variety of girls to choose from. The best way to find girls is to buy the newspaper. You can find almost 200 ads every day for all kinds of places, from escort girls to high class brothels ! The girls range from Greeks, East-Europe Russia to even Japanese. There are literally thousands of all different kinds and nationalities in Athens right now. Now the best part : PRICE . Escort girls (you can order them everywhere you like) now cost 15000 Drx / Hour which is $45. Even better you can go to a nice place where the girls are inplace and fuck them for only 10000/Drx / Hour = $30 ! or 2 girls for $45 / hour. These are the starting prices so you can always get ask for better prices or more time !!! Athens is flooded with incredible girls from Eastern Europe and mostly Russia so you can fuck some incredible looking girls for a very low price ! If you like Strip-Shows (where almost everything is permitted) you have many places to go (Million Dollar Club (center), Tessera (Pireos Avenue) but the best kept secret is Star Club (1 km from the Olympic Stadium) where you can find some fantastic looking girls from all over the world and lick them while fingering them for 3000 Drx ($9) for 10 min. Drinks cost only $6, no entrance fee and the music is great ! So come to Athens and ENJOY CHEAP AND GREAT SEX !!
Subject: Prostitution in Athens, GREECE Date: Sun, 22 Mar 1998 19:41 +-200 Hello everybody. I am a 26 year old Greek male living in Athens and I would like to inform you about the prostitution in Greece today (March 1998). First, I have to say that until 1992, visiting a prostitute in Greece was a very dissapointing thing to do. All prostitutes were Greek women, over 40 years of age, ugly , and charged an expensive fee for a boring service. Young Greek girls (who have amazing bodies, I must say) were (and still are) impossible to find working as prostitutes. But, after 1992 a wonderful thing happened: The "market" was flooded with young eastern european girls; always pretty and never over 25 years of age. Those girls are not available at the legal brothels at the red light disticts, since they enter Greece as tourists and work without permission (and because of this, their health status is unknown). Legal brothels are still full with ugly old women, and it is better to masturbate than have sex with them! Eastern european girls work in luxury "massage parlours". These "massage parlours" offer sex illegaly. The police checks those places from time to time, but the law is enforced rarely (only if underage girls are found working as prostitutes). Foreign visitors in Greece will find it difficult to locate those places since they are only advertising in Greek newspapers. So, here is my advice for the foreign visitors: AVOID the bars that are luring tourists with "show girls" etc. They will send a young girl to sit at your table and then will charge you an incredible amount of money (according to how rich you look) for drinks you never ordered. You will HAVE to pay but you will not have any sex with the girl!! Your best bet still is the "Athens News" newspaper (in English) that has ads of escort girls that speak English. Those are usually very good looking girls, but since their customers are mostly foreign bussinessmen be prepared to pay an expensive fee. That is all for now; please wear a condom.

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