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Aruba, Dutch West Indies

Date: 07-02-2001


Two things to start. First, I am changing to paying status as this site has proven to be an excellent source. I started on a freebie with a review but this is well worth paying for and I would like to see the site continue to succeed. Second, 1,000 expressions of gratitude to the fellow who shared his tip about bringing small vibrators with him when traveling. I bought a couple before going to Aruba and it led to one of the best sessions I have ever experienced!!

I appreciated the suggestions of hopping a short flight to Venezuala, but it wasnít possible this trip. As it turns out, I really donít think it would have been worth it. I spent $50 per trip for four trips to the Los Vegas Bar which included $40 for services and my drinks. While in Aruba I tried to contact the ďonly legal escort serviceĒ Yap Yum. There was one telephone number in the paper and a different one in the yellow pages. Although I placed a number of calls in the morning, no one ever answered. Anyone ever use the service?

I headed to San Nicolas each of the 4 evenings and cruised the area social bar area. Minchiís, Caribbean, and the others were all operating, but I headed for the familiar Los Vegas Bar. There were 4 girls working while I was there. I only saw 3 (Fernanda 2x, Carolina 1x and Lucero 1x) until the last evening after the session with Carolina. Michele was the 4th and struck me as the least attractive of the group. I chatted with the bartender - Frank - who has been there something like 15 years. There are 3 televisions, 2 of which are usually on sports and one with American shows.

Fernanda was the first to approach. She was quite a cute little thing (they all had awesome asses) and I enjoyed 2 sessions with her. Each was long and quite enjoyable. I brought the vibrator for the second session and although she enjoyed it, it didnít really rock her world. I was a bit apprehensive and concerned that I wasnít using it to full advantage, but that changed with the next session with Lucero.

Lucero had beautiful, large, too-firm-to-be-real breasts and an ass that you could bounce bullets off of. Once we got familiar in her room I brought out the vibrator. She laughed and pulled out a vibrating dildo that had broken at some point. I put my tongue and vibrator into action and after a while the moans started. She had a series of smaller orgasms over the next 5 minutes or so and then the big one hit. She practically threw us both off the bed. She took a few minutes to catch her breathe and then turned into super girlfriend - deep french kissing, her hands & tongue everywhere and it ended up being one of the longest lovemaking sessions Iíve experienced in these circumstances! After it was all over I made a gift of the vibrator to her and she could hardly believe it. She was practically insisting that I come back the next night, but I explained that it wouldnít be until the following evening. (I have got to learn some spanish - these girls are typically from S. America and speak very little english).

Unfortunately, I returned the last night and she was just on her way upstairs with someone. Carolina also had a gorgeous pair of large natural breasts and a terribly cute bum, so off we went. Nothing like the experience with Lucero, but most enjoyable.

Thanks again for the recommendations. Next stop, Detroit!

Date: 06-05-01 Subject: Aruba, Dutch West Indies

As a regular visitor of this tiny island I want to contribute about what is going on here. Basically Aruba is a holiday island with tourists, couples, tourists, couples..........These you will find in Oranjestad which is the capital. For a good latin atmosphere go to the Mambo Jambo.

For good sex go to San Nicolas which is on the eastern tip of the island 20 minutes driving from Oranjestad. Just follow the main road up to a small roundabout and follow 'downtown'. Just drive through untill you get to a square and follow the signs downtown untill you enter Main Street. This is the hot spot. Park your car near or in front of Charley's Bar. This joint is famous in the whole Caribbean and is good to use as your starting point. Just get a beer and enjoy the interior.

OK, this street and the area around it is the RLD of Aruba. There are small bars with three or four girls, all of them Venezolan or Colombian. Unlucky you can not see them from the outside due to the darkened glas. This makes it difficult to make your choice but anyway just go in one of the bars, get to the bar and wink the girl you like or they will come to you themselves. Now they allways want a drink....oops they have to from their pimps. Ok just relax, talk to them (spanish) and treat them well. Now pay appr 10 USD or 20 Florin for the drinks and the condom and go upstairs. For USD 80 or 125 Florin you can get one hour massage, strait sex etc. Half an hour is USD 40 or 60 Florin but for me that's only 'wham bam thank you ma'm' if you know what I mean.

Ok, my own experiences here. One saturday afternoon sept 2000 around 5.00 I was drinkin' a beer in Charley's when two girls came in. Man I immediately had eye contact with one of them being around 30, when girls are at their best, blond and an intermediate figure. As it was still early I was not really in the mood for a bang so I just sat there and watched them go out again. Appr. 15 minutes later I got out and walked the same direction as they went and in one blink I saw them sitting on a street bench around 100 m further down the street. And in one blink 10000 volt went up and down with the chick I eyeballed earlier. Speaking about animal magnetism!! i just walked to them and they asked me to join them. Then they started to make certain gestures which I pretended not to understand.....hahaha....but which are the same all over the world. To make a long story short, I went upstairs with the blonde in one of the buildings and we had great sex for an hour. Because it was early, the Minchi's bar where she worked opens at 20.00, I did not have to pay all the crap for drinks, rent of the room etcetera. All the money just for her and her kid in Colombia. Remember I said, treat them well, they have a heart too!! I went back there that same night and we screwed like animals. Great!! I even took her for a ride around the island on sunday. Nice companionship.

That same period I had some other bangs with other chicks. Last may when I returned for a business trip I went to one of the other bars and got another colombian girl, this time a slim brunette. First one hour, as usual, very relaxed. i gave her a massage which she liked a lot. She told me latin boys never do this. A few days later I went back for an hour. Now when this hour was over I asked for another hour. She was embarrased to tell me that then we had to go back to the bar for the drinks and the crap and then return. We did this and we both were cursing because we had such good time together. She showed me the pics of her kids and told me her husband ran away. man, this world is just crazy.

OK, the area here is relatively safe. There are some 'chollers' who pretend to watch your car or ask for a dime. Just ignore them. It is best to go to this area relatively early and be away around 22.00. Your rental car has beautifull stickers which makes you a sitting duck. Man, the imbecile who invented this........ just behave normal and don't do things you normally would not do. treat the ladies well and .............................................come!!!


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